CANON EOS M50 UNBOXING | REVIEW | Affordable Vlogging Camera 2022 | MY FIRST | Joysia #vlogmas

what’s up guys welcome back to my youtube channel 
and if you’re seeing me for the first time  
my name is joycia so today i’ll 
be unboxing i’m unboxing my new
yes guys i’m so excited actually it’s my first 
ever camera yes ever ever and i’m so excited  
to have this so guys if you want to know what’s 
inside this you definitely need to keep watching
so actually i’ll be unboxing i bought quite 
a lot quite a few things together with the  
canon m50 camera eos m50 and well 
i’ll be showing you everything  
for me to be able to use other canon lens for 
this m50 camera i had to get this the adapter  
and i also got the 50mm 50mm lens so 
because basically i want to get i want  
to achieve or i want to get like a blurry 
background and you know just some nice  
basically some nice glory background i think if 
my because right now i’m presently filming with  
my iphone 11 i think if my if i would if i 
was able to get like a blurry background on  
my iphone 11 i probably wouldn’t have buttoned 
the camera yet because i love love love me about  

background okay yes i got this and i got 
um the rode mic yes and i got me a memory card
64 gig memory card and i got me extra 
battery for my camera of course yes so guys  
i’ll go into the unboxing now so we’re going 
to unbox this yes so there’s one amazing thing  
though normally i usually would box anything i buy 
like literally anything i buy the instant i pay  
like immediately i’m paying for it i’m opening 
i want to know what’s inside like i just want to  
start using it again but since i started youtube 
i have to always wait for you know the youtube  
unboxing like you change like you literally 
change when you start youtube you buy something  
and you keep it until you’re ready to like make 
a video and you know unbox for everybody to see  
so i really wanted something that would you 
know be um that would actually be affordable  
especially because i had to buy like 
the adapter the 50mm lens the road mic  
and you know every other thing i had to get 
so it was quite expensive but then it’s for  
a good cause so i shouldn’t complain and i think i 
would use it for a long time because i’m not even  
thinking about getting another camera anytime 
soon no no so guys let’s go this is the camera
oh my god i so much love how 
portable this is like so small  
and it shoots in for 4k but honestly i’m really  
well first i need to like know the basics like 
how to shoot anything before thinking thinking  
about how to you know shoot um 4k videos but i 
don’t really think i’ll need 4k videos though  
but then that’s it so nice okay 
this is like the edge hdmi slots
honestly i don’t know if you 
can see it i’m using my phone so
oh so that’s the mic
and this is another plus for this camera  
because i needed something that i 
could you know plug in an external mic  
so i could either use my boya mic on it and 
or if i want to go vlogging or if i have  
someone like a guest or whatever i can 
use this mic on it and just put it here  
so i think it’s a good buy it’s a good 
buy it’s really really cool i like
i love actually i love and 
it’s also got bluetooth wi-fi  
so you can you know transfer immediately you can 
take pictures here and transfer to your phone  
even if you don’t have your laptop with 
you or you can just immediately transfer
please don’t laugh i really do not know how 
this works i have to go back to youtube to check  
how to use it honestly
okay well i’ll figure you out so let’s unbox 
the other things so this is the adapter
ah okay nice
okay so this is nice so i 
already fixed the adapter
so this is the camera with 
the adapter the lens adapter
ah but it was so easy to fix now
one eternity later
ah does this didn’t have anything to 
do with it because i just pressed this
ah okay so this i think this 
is the key or whatever it is
so this is the kids
no honestly i really don’t think i can 
describe how how i feel about this i don’t know  
but yes also now this is the cute 
lens this is the camera and this is
see okay so let me try the adapter
okay so i want to try the adapter now and 
the 50mm lens remember i said the 50mm lens  
it’s like doesn’t work with 
this m50 and m50 camera  
without the adapter so now i’m going to try 
the adapter and see what difference it makes
okay so this is the camera and the adapter 
so now i’m going to fix the 50mm lens
okay you guys so that’s it that’s the 
camera the adapter and the 50mm lens
see isn’t it gorgeous it’s gorgeous i know
sorry guys i’m so excited i don’t know 
if you understand the feeling you know  
i’m so excited guys see just so beautiful this is 
so beautiful like this is literally so beautiful  
so beautiful so beautiful so yes guys 
this is all about the camera that i know
yeah so okay so this is the battery 
slots and inside there you have the  
sd memory dicks or whatever slots there 
yes memory card memory dates sd card  
so well that’s it that’s it that’s it guys okay 
so okay actually this is what they call viewfinder
is it please guys let me know which one is 
viewfinder this one up okay no i think this is the  
viewfinder this is the view okay no this is the 
flash this is the flash oh god this is the flash  
and i think this is the viewfinder oh my god i 
think this is the viewfinder and this is the flash  
okay so this is the screen this is the 
screen where you can see yourself like  
if you are making doing a video now and you 
want to be able to see yourself in the video  
this is where you see yourself like this is 
where you say okay now hey i’m understanding it  
okay guys guys thank you thank 
you for watching this video  
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so guys see you in my next video bye

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