Finally, now the Allstar event or yellow diamond promo event has been released on the original server, friends, where here we can get lots of free skins and we can also buy skins for one diamond using the yellow diamond promo. OK, this is the event, but Before that, don’t forget to like this video first and thank you for those who have liked. OK, first of all, here is a free skin from Esmeralda, this is the Allstar Esmeralda skin, yes, you can get it for free, friends, the fate will be the same as the Stone skin, where

tomorrow when Evan Allstar is ready runs out or next year it will be a limited skin so its fate will be the same as the stun skin, it will be a limited skin. So don’t miss it, guys, while it’s free, it’s beautiful , Esmeralda. OK, so the way to get it is like this, we’re told to collect fire- The fire is here, OK? And this quest is reset every day, guys, if we log in, we get 60 fire, we get 60, then we win one match, we get an MVP. We are told to complete the

quest every day here. If we get 200 fire, we will get the prize. Where is the Sparkle Glow stick? Later,

we can exchange the Glow stick for a free skin. Then if we already have 800 fire we can get a border. Well, here is the Allstar border which we can get for free and if we get 1600 fire, that’s new. we can get a free skin from Esmeralda. Then if we have collected 21100 fire we can get 250 Glow sticks. So don’t miss this quest. So you complete everything so you can get a free skin

from Allstar Esmeralda and then the next one here there’s Sparkle Melissa, let’s see what this is, guys. Okay, we can get a discount from the price of 1199 to 349 Diamond. Okay, what’s this, well, here’s the Allstar skin from Melissa too, okay, here we can get it, so here there are three rows for the top row or the first row. that’s the free one, where here we can get the glowtick, yes, this is where we are told to log in, log in from the first day, the second day, the third day to the seventh day,

guys. Yes, this is the free one, then the second line is the premium one, guys. Where can we get it straight away? We pay for the Melissa skin for 349. Then we can get the prize, glowtick and glowtick. Battle emote, glowtick, glowtick, then there is the third row. The third row costs 599 diamonds. Here we can get it painted. If I’m not mistaken, yes, if I’m not mistaken, it’s painted, guys. Later, we’ll see if it’s painted or not, then here we can also get Aurora crystals, yes, in the third row, yes, there are a lot

of Aurora crystals, guys, there are a lot of Aurora crystals, guys, the price is 599, but here we want to try buying this one first, so we want to buy it This one is 349 first, okay, get Melisa’s skin straight away, friends. So, for those of you who want to buy it straight away, please buy it. Don’t forget to top up at my shop, in the top up link in the description below or just search on Google, guys. Melissa Widih’s Allstar skin is beautiful, isn’t there a monkey too? Isn’t it a monkey, guys, it’s like

a child, guys, I don’t know what this is, isn’t it, Dexter, is it like Dexter, guys, it’s crazy, I got it straight away. Yes, if you go straight to the day you pay 300 Yes, pay 300 Diamonds, it ‘s instant until the first day, you don’t need to log in again, you get this straight away, you get 340 glow ticks straight away, but let’s just wait, don’t try instant first. Try it once first, guys, so jump straight to the second day, okay? friends, and then the next one here is also a free skin, friends, then

here is a free skin from Esmeralda. Well, for this Esmeralda skin, the price is 800 glowsticks, but my advice for glowsticks here is that you don’t take the Esmeralda skin, because If you lose, it’s better if you take Esmeralda for free from the quest that was just collecting fire, so don’t take it from here, okay? There’s a free skin here too, namely Lolita, the price is 800 glowsticks, so this is a free Lolita skin, so you can get it. it’s free and there’s a Recall effect guys, that’s the Allstar Recall effect, so our task here

is that we’re told to collect glosssticks, okay? Where do you get the glosstick from, bro ? Well, get the glosstick from here, guys. If for example you want to get a free skin, get the glowtick from here, guys, from here, guys. Well, from here you can get it. The quest is reset, yes, every day, yes, there are 30 of them. In 1 day we can get 30 glowsticks and the event resets every day. So, this quest lasts for 45 days, guys, from here you can get glowsticks. So you just complete all the quests and later

you collect the Glowsticks, just exchange them for free skins. I suggest you exchange it for a free skin from Lolita, guys, don’t take Esmeralda, Esmeralda, just take it from the previous quest. Well, for those here, my advice is to take the newest skin from Lolita, Coy, because it’s not bad, it’s free, it’s just a glowstick capital and also in Here there are free skins, namely limited skins, friends, yes, there are skins from Zilong, there are skins from Tamus, there are skins from Gatot Kaca, then there are skins from Natalia and there are also skins from

Esmer Alda and also Martis, so don’t make a mistake, guys. Don’t make the mistake of exchanging this, you need to know that if the price is three fragments, that means it’s permanent, guys, yes, this is permanent, permanent, permanent, but if the price is one fragment, the one at the bottom. Well, that’s a trial, OK, this is a trial, a trial, so don’t until it’s wrong So my advice is don’t exchange the permanent one, it’s better if you collect three fragments and then exchange them for a permanent skin, so get the fragments from here, guys, you’re

told to complete 6 matches, you’re told to log in, you’re told to log in on the 30th, so you just log in every day, then log in. Later you can get three fragments and just exchange them for the free skins here, that’s not bad, you can get limited skins for free, there’s Harit, you know, Harit is limited, guys, you can get limited guys for free, and then the next one is for Diamond promo. Well, for the Diamond promo, it turns out it hasn’t been released here yet. The new Diamond promo will be released on March

25, yes, March 25, guys, then we can collect the Diamond promo. Well, for the Diamond promo, I think we can only use it on April 9, I’m like that’s because there is a megaell here and there is also a Diamond promo image, it looks like the diamond promo can only be used on April 9th, guys, yes, then we can buy skins for 1 Diamond, so from March 25th to April 9th ​​we will complete all the Diamond promo Quests- later the quest will be something like this and that quest will be reset every day, friends, we

will collect the diamond promo and then later we can buy the skin in the shop for 1 Diamond. We can also buy recol bags. Tas or we can buy whatever is available whatever is in the shop yes guys yes we can buy everything for the price of one diamond including the Tasas Recall yes here the Tasas Recall hasn’t been released yet so there should be a tas tas Recall Maybe tomorrow when the Diamond promo is released the new tasas Recall will also be released yes and also we can buy all the skins here, the price

is 1 Diamond, friends, and next, there is the Estes skin, the ST test skin from Allstar and also the fedrin Allstar skin, which was just released on March 21, then there is the apa skin, Fekana Skin Fekana was just released on March 25th and here is another Allstar skin from Siim Moskop, well, here, guys, the effect is similar to the Legend skin, which is here. Later there will also be free tickets, yes, we can harvest Epic skins, we can harvest Stone skins or we can Pan limited skins, guys. from the Allstar simoscop event, it was

just released on April 6. OK, here’s the Allstar skin from Melissa, guys. Look beautiful, Melissanya. OK, let’s look at the basic attack first. Yes, the basic attack is good, guys. I’m a big fan. Skill S is the only skill, so this is it, guys. The doll guys are cute, the dolls are yes And this is the ultimate, guys, let’s try it like this, guys, the effect is guys for

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