Cara Menggunakan Kompor Gas Portable Dan Review Kompor Gas Portable Hi Cook KC104 Yang GAGAL

Hello friends good evening How are you all yesterday I asked my husband.
hi There are
my guys ask to buy a stove portable and eventually I dibeliin equally he thank God
thanks for the husband of the log every foster who try to father Well and ah at the video this time I would love
to know all of you yes and reviews are very, very embarrassing Repentance clueless once friends
hehehe watch the video until it runs out, friends, thank you. Don’t forget to subscribe.
Hey, this is it, friends, after I uploaded the video and many times it turned out that there was
a backsound that was subject to a copyright claim, so I had to turn off the original sound from the
video I have Well to review the stove that fails then we watch on the video
until the end yes friends Now we try the stove Ups do not flame until I just laughed
myself out of friends and it was wrong insert the tip into gas canisters his portable
Hi Well let’s try it again, let’s justify, I was confused until I opened the bottom
and it turned out that it was the wrong installation. So there is a small hole i

that’s just above the
clamp, put it in and then we close the gas stove
then press down and press it until it reads
Hi and now I’m very happy after being able to use this portable gas stove Hi, when you’re
done using the stove, we turn it off, lift it up and open the gas cylinder then remove it
hi hi
hi and after that we throw away the gas that is still in the
gas stove so there is no gas left in the gas lines
on the stove, friends, then when we close the gas cylinder again
and save it, make sure first if the gas is completely exhausted
Hi if I save it in the previous tube holder
but in the reverse direction Thank you for watching my video don’t forget to subscribe

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