This time I will not discuss tutorials on how to make thumbnails
because there are so many youtubers who have reviewed how to make
thumbnails. This time I will review thumbnails to increase the clickthrough rate of your videos.
How do you stay tune, just stay here, don’t go anywhere. Thumbnails are the
initial display that the audience sees for the first time, so my advice is to try to design thumbnails
as attractive as possible and try not to be too crowded, for example, if you include
a lot of writings, which are actually not good, but if your taste is all right, that
‘s okay, my only suggestion to design a thumbnail is to include simpler words that
are simpler but can attract viewers to click on
your video. In designing a thumbnail, the first thing you have to do is prepare a background,
a good background that attracts bright colors, after that you can prepare
the writings that will be included in the thumbnail. Then after that you
prepare your photos that will be included in the thumbnail. Thumbnail design must display
important elements, the first must contain clickbait, after that it must make
the audience curious to click on your video, and don’t forget that the most important thing

in the thumbnail design is the text and images on the thumbnail. it must be
in sync with the video title, video description and content, lest you design
thumbnails that are different or out of sync with the content. because the audience
will feel less like and as if being lied to by the Thumbnail display that you created earlier
to increase the love click rate on your video. so try to make thumbnails or thumbnail designs
that are really interesting and my advice is to use simple, simple elements,
cows can contain bait and attract curiosity for viewers to watch your videos. the first thumbnail display
, the writing must be clear, not too many writings
that are actually less useful then don’t add elements that are not important,
focus on the main thumbnail display which is really simple but contains bait,
and contains the audience’s curiosity to click on your video , for example the writing is only one or
two words and then add your profile photo or photo Then after that you mix
and match the colors, for example, the tamel design has several colors. Colors are green, yellow, red,
now it’s quite simple, don’t have too many colors displayed in the design. your thumbnails
, my suggestion is to use bright bright colors. Because the
thumbnail display on the YouTube homepage is small, try to use clear colors
so that viewers can see clearly, whether it’s from the thumbnail writing, from the
bright colors so they will be curious to click on your video. The important role of
a thumbnail display is indeed not much at least around 20/25 percent, but
it still has to be made as attractive as possible in order to attract viewers and increase the clickthrough rate. Now
the remaining 75% is the content of your content, don’t let 25% thumbnails attract viewers
but after clicking on the video it turns out to be a little deviated from the thumbnail or from the words
listed on the Thumbnail so that the audience will definitely feel disappointed and
they will most likely leave the video We. Okay, that’s a brief review about thumbnails, so
try to make the thumbnail as attractive as possible, as simple as possible, but firstly, it contains
a second feed to attract viewers to click on your video. After that, try
to keep the thumbnail in sync between the title description and the content. Those are my tips about
thumbnail reviews, I hope this video is useful and for those of you who really like and want to support
this video, the method is very easy, you just press the subscribe button, like, comment
and share this video on your social media. Thank you, assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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