finally guys, the Legend Freya skin has finally been released, guys, wow, that’s crazy, really cool, guys. Wow, that’s crazy, crazy, so cool, guys, wow, this is the Legend Frea skin, guys, it looks like this, guys, but you can’t see the legs, guys, yeah, you can’t see the legs, guys. Wow, now you can see the legs Wow, like this, okay, before we buy the Legend Frea skin, don’t forget to like this video first and for those of you who want to top up, don’t forget to top up at my shop. Top up is 100% safe, reliable,

check the link in the description below, guaranteed if you top up diamonds just go straight in without you waiting, just go ahead and top up, you can top up the COF event or if you want to top up, buy the Legend Frea skin, you can also just go straight to the link in the description below , okay here guys, luckily I have 200 Magic Cores, or This is equivalent to one Magic Crystal. In the past, it was Magic Crystal. Well, now it’s changed, guys, to 225 Magic Core. Yes, I got this for free, just the

capital of the bottles, friends. So for this Legend Frea skin, you can get it for free or The cheap way for

you to save up for these bottles, guys, will try to exchange them later. Yes, I’ll show you first how to get the bottles, so don’t be trivial with these bottles, right? These Magic Well bottles, right? A lot of people can’t get bottles. It’s actually disappointing, in fact, if you don’t get these bottles, you should be happy, guys, because you can automatically get the Legend Frea skin for free or cheaper. Well, you can get it

from COV events from here, guys, so you just have to look at it. COV, you can save the tubes for the bottles, besides you can get the skin, you can also get this Magic bottle, Magic well, OK? Well, there are bottles here, guys, so if you don’t know, you can definitely get these bottles. and you should be happy that you can automatically save up to buy the Legend skin or the Legend Frea skin from m bender also the same for m bender don’t know if there are any bottles or not guys Oh no there aren’t

any so the bottles aren’t there so they are at the cov event here So for you guys, don’t forget to top up the COV event, guys. There are tickets here too. Automatically here, if you don’t know, you can get bottles, guys. Well, later you can get bottles. You just save the bottles later. There’s already a lot , if I’m not mistaken, up to 200, you have to collect up to 200 bottles, so 200 bottles should be enough to get 200 Magic Cores, friends, that should be enough, cool. Well, here I have 59 bottles, but here

I won’t It’s not good because I already have 225 Magic Ce so I’m not going to go wrong and if for example you ask the price of this Legend Vara gaca skin, how much is the price if you use diamonds, 100% use Diamond from zero, the price is around 8,000 to 10,000 diamonds, friends. Yes, so you have to top up 8,000 to 10,000 Diamonds, but if you have a lot of these bottles, I don’t think you need to top up that much, you don’t need to top up that much, you can just skip using the

bottles, guys, that’s quite a bottle, guys. – the bottles, guys, are not bad, you don’t need to use Diamond, guys, you get 10 guys. So you collect the Magic Cores up to 200, yes, up to 200 guys, the bottles also have to be 200, so 200 bottles are enough to get 200. 200 Magic Cores get a bottle, you get Magic Core again, right? Try again, don’t look a little more, you can’t, guys, you can get 10 more, guys. It’s easy to get the Magic Cor, so don’t forget, top up, just top up straight away, guys,

buy the Legend frea skin, okay, just go straight here, okay? let’s exchange it, luckily I already have a Magic Core, guys, yes, we can immediately exchange the Legend SK, it’s a mess, guys, yes, free capital, capital in bottles, but for those of you who are Sultans, you can do it, guys, yeah, we’re crazy, really cool, guys, wow, I swear it’s really cool, it’s cool, but to be honest, in this animation, there are animations that are cut or cropped at the same time, guys. So, if I’m not mistaken, yesterday when it was leaked, or on the

adv server, the animation wasn’t like this, guys, the frea looks like it’s flying like that, it’s flying away, but this is it He doesn’t fly far, guys, but he seems to be close I see, so to be honest, this animation has parts that have been removed, some have been cut, yes, there are parts that have been removed. So, for example, if you see the animation is different from the animation that used to be on the AV server, yes, there is indeed an animation that has been slightly changed with the monton, maybe that’s the reason why

the Legend Frea skin yesterday’s release was postponed, maybe that’s the reason because we’re watching the process of changing the animation changes, okay, I got it, guys , crazy, crazy, crazy, it’s like this, guys, picture of Captain, Captain Frea Wow, this is the border, guys, the border is like this, guys, there’s this, yes, there are wings, and then there’s light- That’s the light, guys Wow, I swear the border is really cool, Coy, that’s good, the border is okay, like this, yes, for the loading display, it’s really cool, Coy, the skin is really good, Wow, here it

is, guys, crazy, wow, Crazy, really cool, guys, Legend prea skin, guys, yeah Wow Wow, look guys, look guys, it’s really cool, guys, it’s really cool, the back view looks like this, guys, it’s like what’s going on, it’s like there are rockets like that, Coy Wow, this is the animation, Wow, you can ride, you can ride a shield, guys, it’s like GOR, you can ride a shield, Coy OK, let’s look at the basic attack. Wow, this is the basic attack. We’re crazy, really cool. Anjay is really cool, guys. Try it. Try it. Skill one is for

men skill du . OK, the second skill is like that, guys, you see the weapon, that’s the weapon, if we do skill two, OK? Look at the weapon, it looks like there are electric auras, guys, I swear. It’s really crazy, both of them look at their weapons, it looks like there are electric auras. It’s really cool, let’s try the ulti. Uh, here it is, wow, the wings just opened, guys, so you have to ulti First of all, then the wings open, coy. Crazy, really cool, the wings are really cool. Well, when you finish ulti, the

wings go down again, so the wings look like this, but when you ulti, wow, they all open, guys, I swear, it’s really cool, bro. Wow, crazy, guys, really cool , really cool. Buset, really cool. wow Crazy Crazy Crazy really cool guys cool cool cool cool try try try try let’s have an ultiah Wow this is the bastard guys I swear really cool really cool set crazy coy Crazy coy look at the ulti yes Look at the top of his head it looks like there’s a monster like that Crazy Damn that’s really cool Coy, crazy bomb,

cool, cool, guys, yeah, crazy, crazy, this is really cool, guys, give it a try, ulti, yeah, crazy, really cool, cool, cool, cool. OK, let’s see the recall, guys. OK, this is the recall. OK, so the recall is that a plane is coming to pick you up. Frea guy, try it with an ulti , wow, okay, it’s still the same, whether you ulti or not, the effect is the same, the reloading effect is like this, guys, I swear, it’s really cool, guys, it’s really cool, it’s crazy, I like both skills, it’s really cool, right? It’s really

crazy, really cool, Crazy, look at the ax, guys, look at the ax, guys, the ax is glowing, yeah, the ax is really crazy, really cool, OK, that’s all, guys, for those of you who want to buy this Legend Frea skin, don’t forget to top up at my shop, OK, top up 100 % safe and reliable, what are you waiting for, just go ahead, guys, buy this Legend Frea skin, it’s really cool, 1 to 10 rating is 10 guys, really cool , guys

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