Carbon6 Review – Aggregator Of Amazon FBA Software? ūü§Ē

Hey welcome to carbon6 review carbon6 is an 
aggregator for amazon fba software that means  
under one roof they have tons of solutions 
different types of amazon fba software for  
private label for arbitrage and for different 
parts of selling on amazon so in the description  
we’re gonna have links to all the tools that they¬†
can offer and since they’re growing really fast¬†¬†
they’re adding many new tools to their arsenal of¬†
tools for software’s that is we’re gonna have it¬†¬†
updated all the time in the description and i’ll¬†
do my best to get the best deals for the software  
that carbon 6 has under its roof today with me 
clayton he is from carbon6. he can explain to us  
a little bit what’s going on what is this carbon6¬†
thing that’s going on and what are they working on¬†¬†
what are they looking to do in the future clayton 
is an amazon seller as well so the guys over at  
carbon 6 are sellers so that’s really cool because¬†
they understand our needs our pains and all the  
good and the bad stuff so clayton welcome man 
how are you today hey thank you for having me vova  
i’m really good i appreciate you bringing me on¬†
yeah i can do my best to

explain carbon6. we’ve¬†¬†
kind of purposely been hiding we were in stealth 
mode for a while so now we’re out of that and¬†¬†
so now i can be open and transparent about what 
carbon 6 is and all its tools which is really nice  
but yeah thanks for having me how are you doing 
yeah i’m doing well man i just finished a gym¬†¬†
session man i’m i’m feeling very well i’m happy to¬†
record a video with you and yeah so you’re saying¬†¬†
that you like carbon six you guys have been quiet 
sort of and now i will see you guys here there  
sponsoring events and this and this and that so 
and you have different tools under your roof tools  
that i personally know for example is 
one of the softwares and many others which we’re¬†¬†
gonna talk about today so can you tell me about 
the idea of carbon6 like what’s the idea like¬†¬†
so we’re getting the softwares and then what’s¬†
going on yeah of course of course so um i’m sure¬†¬†
you’ve heard of like aggregators with like for¬†
amazon sellers right amazon companies we’re doing¬†¬†
the same thing but with a different approach we’re¬†
actually acquiring software tools that help people  
sell online so we actually have tools in like four 
different verticals we have them in private label  
wholesale merch by amazon and online arbitrage 
but our main focus is on private label and i  
know that most of your viewers are private label 
so i think that’s what we should focus on today¬†¬†
the general idea is to acquire tools in order to 
ultimately help sellers but a lot of times these  
tools like some of them that we’ve acquired you¬†
know seller tools for example the other ones we  
have in private label include amzalert zontools 
and pixelme these are really good companies with  
really good tech but a lot of times these software 
companies are lacking in some way a lot of times  
it’s money to you know do a bunch of marketing so¬†
maybe they have great tech but nobody knows about  
them other times they don’t have enough people to¬†
help support and really like scale the business  
so maybe the original developer is now also 
playing customer service or maybe that person is  
wearing the hat of marketer you know and and so we 
come in and obviously we invest money but we also  
get the right people in place to help grow this 
business that already has a really good foundation  
but just needs some help scaling and with the 
ultimate vision of course of helping the ecommerce  
seller bringing good technology to the forefront 
that otherwise might be kind of hidden behind  
better and well-known brands in the software space 
but that maybe aren’t innovating or doing as much¬†¬†
as they were years ago so that’s kind of the goal¬†
is to to ultimately help the the online seller and  
without with the at the risk of talking for too 
long i would just add the other thing we’re doing¬†¬†
is trying to help people along their journey so 
if somebody comes into this space and they don’t¬†¬†
have a lot of money to invest we’re not going to¬†
recommend that they go into private label just  
doesn’t make sense so instead we say hey maybe you¬†
start an arbitrage or maybe you start and merch by  
amazon where the capital investment’s a lot less¬†
you just have to invest more time and then maybe  
they can graduate up to wholesale and private 
label so we’re creating a training academy to¬†¬†
help people with every step along the way of their 
ecommerce journey but also a lot of our tools  
like they are built to grow with that person so 
our tools are built to help the individual but i  
mean we have amazon aggregators and agencies and 
all of our tools because they’re they’re really¬†¬†
sophisticated and they can basically you can 
grow with us and we can grow with you that’s the¬†¬†
idea pretty cool man yeah you’re saying like some¬†
software might be less known because different  
reasons maybe money maybe they just don’t know¬†
how to market themselves but they’re really good¬†¬†
sometimes there’s bigger software that dominates¬†
and people just don’t see the other ones so you¬†¬†
have i guess the resources you know people who can 
help and you’ve built a team you’re building this¬†¬†
project probably we can call it right carbon6 and then these softwares can be seen  
and can give help to sellers plus you’re doing¬†
education in the space so you’re helping sellers¬†¬†
to find the right tool for themselves and you 
have a lot of them and you have the way you  
teach them right like i guess lessons you 
guide them and that sounds pretty good man

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