CARDANRO | Cardanro Mininalist Slim Wallet [REVIEW]

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another wallet for our wallet series
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new videos drop all right so today
we’re going to be talking about another
wallet for our wallet series now this
i picked up on amazon because the price
and it just looked really cool so this
one i know i’m going to butcher the name
but it is
cardanya card
on row you can’t really see it on here
you can’t really see how it is but it’s
on both sides
it’s c-a-r-d-a-n-r-o
i don’t really know how to pronounce
that but we’re gonna just get through
so the wallet is nothing
but nylon elastic
and leather okay so that’s it
this is it so you have one pocket here
or you have two pockets here and then
you also have
pockets here they go all the way through
you know you guys

know i’m not usually
carrying cash but i did have cash
yesterday and i had to spend it
i wanted to hold it hold on to it to
show you uh how i carried cash
while i carried this wallet for about
two weeks
so first off with cards i put my cards
let me just find one here i put my
cards in
i didn’t bring any of my fake cards out
here so
i just slide my cards in just like that
in the top
all right to hold them right there it
holds them really nice
or you can put multiple cards
on the opposite side and to be even
if you need to separate any you
can put one there and some on that side
so it is really cool in that now the way
i have
mainly carried this for the last two
weeks is just carrying all of my cards
like i showed you at the beginning of
the video
all in there and just leaving that empty
all right so i’ve carried up two
one two three
i’ve carried up to eight cards in this
now it will hold more because it is just
elastic all right it will stretch now
with the cash
what i have done carrying cash is fold
it in quarters
and just slide it in there and it works
out perfect
with the number of cards that i had it
was tight enough that the cash wasn’t
going to fall out
it fit in there really really well so
it’s really i mean it’s
not hard nothing it’s just like i said
elastic strap
and leather around it now these come in
four different colors
and at the time of filming this let me
get my cheat sheet at the time of
filming this it was
six dollars six dollars for a wallet
and i would say it’s pretty minimalist
pretty lightweight
pretty minimalist and uh and slim line
so dimensions on this three and a half
from side to side 2.2 inches
from top to bottom and 0.6
inches thick while empty so it’s a
really cool wallet
really minimalist and however it’s not
rf rfid protected if that’s a big thing
for you
then this isn’t the wallet for you but
if you are not worried about rfid
you need to check this wallet out like i
said six bucks
it is leather they come in four
different colors
and i just like it because it’s just
super unique
uh where you can put your cards you can
put your cards in here
and here or in here you’ve got a couple
different ways you can do your cash
so i really really like this card it was
easy to get the cards
out i’ll show you an example here
to get the cards out you just go to the
and you just push up and then you just
fan what you want and you pull it out
worked out really well highly recommend
this wallet especially if you are on a
or if you just want to try like a front
pocket wallet and you’re not sure
if you want to spend a lot of money for
it check out
this one so i will have links in the
description below
you get over and check it out on amazon
i know whenever
right before i filmed this video i
checked the listing and they were down
to two colors that were available
that doesn’t mean you know how amazon is
that doesn’t mean the other colors won’t
come in stock but they do have
four different color options so that’s
it guys
another wallet for the wallet series if
you’ve missed the wallet series i will
put a card up top
one side or the other i can’t remember
and um and you can go check that whole
series out and check out all the wallets
and yeah that’s it guys until next time
stay bearded get outdoors and god bless

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