Cardi B and Offset $1.45 Million Dominican Republic Home Review | Celebrity Home Shopping

– Welcome to “Celebrity Home Shopping.”
I’m your host Samir.
On today’s episode,
we’re taking a look inside Cardi B’s
new Dominican Republic home.
Let’s take a look inside.
Here’s what I love about this house.
We love all the Palm trees everywhere;
The back view is full of them too.
We love that there’s a golf cart,
that’ll drive you around if you need it.
There’s maybe nothing more Maximum Chill
than using a golf cart as your
main mode of transportation.
You’re going somewhere,
but not that fast because
you’re not in a rush.
You’ll get there when you get there.
And that’s Maximum Chill
and No Stress Living.
We love the nighttime
vibe of the property.
We love the entry courtyard.
We love this stone inside by the stairs.
It’s nice when you bring natural materials
from the land inside the home.
We love the view from inside the home,
and in the kitchenwe love
this full-size freezer
and fridge
and we love the location
and the microwave.
Having a microwave here,
instead of in a drawer
or on a countertop is optimal.
We love the B.M.S. in the kitchen.

extremely Cardi friendly.
– If you saw in the stats,
this home is an AirBnB
and they showed this mattress on there.
And, I just thought it was really funny
that they labeled it a
high quality mattress.
The bedrooms in this home are okay.
They’re Ted lasso, which means
they’re okay. They’re fine.
Nothing crazy.
This home has two pools, which we love.
Here’s the plunge pool.
The only thing better
than one pool, is two.
We love this H.Z.
Hammock Zone.
You never think about getting a hammock
until you’re on someone else’s hammock.
And you think to yourself,
“I should get a hammock”.
There’s a bonus Hammock
Zone on the side over here,
and we liked that.
We liked the back curb
appeal of this home.
In a moment you’ll see
we don’t love the front curb appeal.
A lot of things look better from behind.
I believe the main chill
area is on the rooftop,
so let’s go check it out.
We love the barbecue area up here,
and we love this griddle.
I hate to say it,
but a griddle may be a better
way to cook than a grill.
We love the infinity pool
especially these little tables.
They’re perfect places to
hold your wine and pizza.
We love this Palm tree.
We love the view.
It doesn’t get more bad
and bougie than this view.
And, we love this water fountain.
A water feature like this
can drown out the outside
noise and bring you to peace.
Here’s what we hate about this house.
We hate the curb appeal.
We hate that the home is also on a slant.
This is like our fourth home in a month
where the driveway is on a
slant, and that hurts my heart.
We hate how steep this staircase is.
Not the kind of thing
you want to walk down,
after a late night of fun.
Inside, we hate this picture of Einstein.
This is a vacation home,
and when I’m on vacation,
my broken brain is turned off.
I don’t want to have to think
about the theory of relativity
while I’m relaxing.
We hate all these ductless
units, like this one
and this one.
I know these ductless systems
can be very practical, but
something practical can still be ugly.
While we’re in here, we hate
the floors throughout the home.
They always look wet.
Since you’ll be at the
beach a lot in this home,
they probably put these floors,
because you’ll bring a lot
of sand in from the outside.
You’re going to need a Roomba
army to clean this place up.
These floors don’t seem like
they’d have great acoustics either.
If you’ve got a WAP
everyone else in this home,
that’s staying with you
is going to hear about it.
In the kitchen,
We hate that there’s this
invisible step to go into it.
They probably added these lights,
because this was so dangerous at night.
In this bathroom, we hate that
these aren’t circle mirrors
and we hate the privacy in here.
Here’s what it looks
like from the bedroom.
No thanks.
We hate this Euro style flushing
and these wall-mounted Euro toilets.
It’s like this throughout the home.
Here’s more of this flushing,
and this toilet is wall mounted as well.
If you invite me over to your place
and you’ve got a Euro toilet,
I’m just going to hold it in.
We hate the gym.
This is a vacation home,
and remember on a vacation
you’re trying to be Maximum Lazy.
You’re living your Lump
Life to the fullest.
You should be spending
so much time on the couch
that your body melds into it.
There’s no working out on vacation,
whatever you are when you
get there is what you are.
Outside, we hate these railings have
rust stains on the ground.
And, finally, we hate how
uncomfortable these
pool lounge chairs look.
This home ranked three out of five,
on the HOMEies Home Ranking Scale.
As always, welcome to
the “Stats After Show”,
where we take a deeper
dive into the stats.
Offset bought this home
for Cardi’s 29th birthday.
I guess they were talking
about investments together,
and she said she was interested
in buying something down here.
So, he surprised her with it.
I gave it a three rating,
because it was okay.
It seemed kind of cold inside,
but the location and
view seemed pretty good.
This place is on Airbnb already.
So, you could rent it for
$836 a night, if you want to.
I did the math. Let’s
say they put 200K down,
a mortgage without taxes or anything else
is about $5,700 a month.
So, they only need to rent this
for about seven nights of the month
to cover that mortgage payment.
So, it seems like a pretty good investment
if they could get people
to come and stay here.
As always, when you see them,
we’re really excited to review homes
that are outside of Southern California.
So, keep them coming.
What did you rate this home,
and what did you love and hate about it?
Let us know in the comments, as always.
See you all next episode.
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Oh, Hey, you’re still here. Picture this.
You spent all day at the beach partying,
and now you’re coming back home.
It’s dark and you’re a little bit tipsy
as you walk down these steps.
You don’t realize how steep they are,
and you immediately fall
all the way
the steps.
You keep falling
and falling
and tumbling
until you get up,
and you’re somehow in the kitchen.
You’ve broken every limb in your body,
but somehow you’ve managed to stand up.
You walk into the kitchen,
but you forgot that there’s a step here,
and you trip, and fall. You call for help,
but no one can hear you,
because everyone’s in their rooms
having a fun vacation event,
and the acoustics are too loud in there,
and they can’t hear anything else outside.
Two minutes later, you die.
No thanks.

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