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Today we have the brand new Cardo Packtalk
Edge in front of us.
And we will cover in this video what this
communication system can do and how to install
it in a helmet and to do this we will use
the Shoei X-Spirit 3.
Timon from Champion Helmets here, and before
we install the communication system in the
Shoei X-Spirit 3 we will go over some general
points of the Cardo Packtalk Edge.
The first thing we are going to mention is
the Air Mount, you attach the Edge by holding
it right in front of the mount and it automatically
pops into the secure magnetic mount.
The Edge uses the second generation DMC which
stands for Dynamic Mesh Communication.
The second generation DMC connects even faster
with other riders, you can connect to 15 other
systems and stay in contact up to 1.6 kilometers
In addition, the Edge uses Bluetooth 5.2,
which is the most advanced Bluetooth system
available today.
You can charge or fast charge the Edge using
a USB-C connection where 20 minutes of charging
will allow you to talk for 2 hours.
To fully charge the Cardo Packtalk Edge it
will need to be plugged in for two hours.
You can update the system over the

Wi-Fi using
the Cardo Connect app, so you no longer have
to connect the Cardo to the computer or laptop
to update it anymore which makes it a bit
more user friendly.
Now let’s go and see what’s in the box.
When we open up the box, we immediately see
the Cardo Packtalk Edge.
When we take it out of the box we see the
manuals, please read them carefully and keep
them in case you need them!
It tells you exactly how to operate the system.
Another important thing to keep in mind is
this piece of paper here, this reminds you
to download the app, pair your phone with
the Edge and to update it.
Looking further we see a small black box,
this contains:
• The Packtalk Edge holder
• A glue plate for under the holder
• A clamp for under the holder
• Cleaning cloths.
The clamp for the holder can be used for helmets
with an edge smaller than 5mm and the glue
plate for helmets with an edge thicker than
The wipes should be used to clean the helmet
before you attach the holder with glue plate.
• 2 round velcro straps for the speakers
• 2 speaker boosters to move the speakers
closer to your ears
• 2 speakers, one with a short wire and
one with a long wire
• 2 square Velcro bands for the microphone
• One wired microphone for full-face helmets
• A long hybrid microphone for system or
open face helmets.
Now that we have seen the content of the box
and know what specifications the Cardo Packtalk
Edge has we are going to install it on X-Spirit
3 from Shoei.
All we need to install the Edge are the speakers,
round Velcro for the speakers, Square Velcro
for the microphone, the microphone and the
First we need to take the entire liner out
of the helmet to install the system, and then
we start with the speakers.
As you can see here this helmet is prepared
for speaker pockets which makes it a bit easier.
Then we stick the round velcro pieces where
they belong, if necessary you can place the
speaker boosters over them to bring the speakers
closer to your ear.
Then we take the speakers and the short cable
comes on the left and the long cable comes
on the right.
If this is done we can immediately place the
square piece of Velcro for the microphone.
If you do this, make sure that you do not
stick it in front of the chin vent, we do
not want the helmet to perform worse by placing
a communication system.
Then you can also stick the microphone in
Once the microphone and speakers are in place
we hang the cables out for a while and we
can put the top liner back in the helmet.
Now that the inside of the helmet is completely
done we are going to glue the holder plate
to the helmet.
If you have used the helmet before clean it
first with the alcohol wipes that come in
the box.
Remove the stickers from the back and stick
it on the side of the helmet.
After attaching the stickers, let the glue
plate dry for 4 hours before attaching the
Connect the cables from the speakers and microphone
to the helmet mount, tidy up the cables and
place the cheek pads back into the helmet.
A tip: carefully replace the liner and don’t
push the cables if you have a inner liner
with push buttons.
Now that everything is installed we can place
the Packtalk Edge and as I said this is a
new holder.
It is a magnet that immediately clicks into
the holder as you can see here.
To remove the Cardo Packtalk Edge you press
the front of the glue plate and you can easily
slide it off.
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Let’s move on quickly!
Now let’s go and see how the Packtalk Edge
The best advice on how to use this system
is to read the manual.
We know not everyone does this but this will
answer almost all of your questions should
you have any.
For example, it contains all the voice commands
you can use when you don’t want to use the
buttons on the Edge.
To use the system for the first time you need
to go through a few steps.
You start by turning on the Cardo Packtalk
To turn the system on press and hold the arrow
button on the back part (>) and the bottom
button with the phone icon at the same time
for 2 seconds.
When you do this, a light next to the dial
will turn green.
To turn the system off, again press the same
two buttons at the same time for two seconds
and you will see a red light.
This means it is turning off.
When the system is on hold the bottom phone
button for 5 seconds while the bluetooth on
your phone is on.
When you have pressed the button for 5 seconds
you will see the Edge on your phone and the
Edge will connect to your Phone.
Download the app and follow the steps in the
app to be able to use it.
When all this is done you can hit the road
and for example listen to your favorite music
or make calls through the Edge.
But how do you use the Cardo Packtalk?
I’m going to explain some of the basic functions
that are most often used, namely calling,
music and how to connect to another rider.
When you start making calls through the Cardo
Packtalk Edge, there are certain actions that
are going to make your life a lot easier.
First, to answer a phone call, press the lower
button (phone) once, to ignore the call, turn
the wheel to the right and to hang up PRESS
the wheel once.
If you missed a call you can call back by
pressing and holding the bottom button for
two seconds.
If you want to listen to music you can turn
the music on by pressing the arrow button
once and to pause it you PRESS the wheel once.
If music is playing you press the back button
once to go to the next song or twice to play
the previous song.
The volume can be turned up or down by simply
turning the wheel on the Edge.
Turning the wheel towards the back is louder
and turning it towards the front is lowering
the volume.
The Cardo Packtalk is often used to talk when
riding in a group.
To connect with other riders, press and hold
the top button (Wifi Sign) for 5 seconds.
It will flash red and green when it is searching
and turn purple when connecting with other
riders successfully.
If after a while you are tired of all the
chatter, you can mute the whole group by pressing
the wheel for two seconds and unmute again
in the same way.
Or do you want to mute your own microphone,
then press the back button (>) and the top
button (wifi) once, and also in this way you
unmute yourself.
These functions are the basics and there are
many more possibilities and many more advanced
functions that will make the life of a rider
with a Cardo Packtalk even easier, such as
using a radio, switching from music to radio
and the other way around, how to share your
music with other riders and much more.
For this information, I recommend you read
the user manual!
We have come to the end of this video.
We have seen that Cardo’s new communication
system has improved on its predecessor Packtalk
Communication systems are not the easiest
piece of technology but the basic buttons
and voice commands make the use much easier
and more fun.
Are you interested in the Cardo Packtalk Edge
and do you want more information or are you
looking for a helmet that fits this system?
Then be sure to take a look at our web shop where we offer lowest
price guarantee and have great discount bundles.
If you have any questions or feedback we would
love to hear them.
Thanks you for watching, my name is Timon
from Champion Helmets, and hopefully until
next time.

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