Cartier Ballon Bleu 28 Steel Rose Gold Diamond Watch W3BB0005 Review | SwissWatchExpo

The Cartier Ballon Bleu. Now. This is a watch 
that technically we come across pretty much every  
single day. It is one of the, they consider it to 
be like an entry-level piece within the Cartier  
collection. Of course, there are a couple of 
things about this watch that are going to set  
it apart and make it not an everyday watch. 
For starters, you can see that the hour markers  
have a Cartier factory set diamonds, as well 
as a full diamond bezel here. And of course,  
all of those precious metal that you’re seeing, 
the, the off silver color is going to be rose  
gold. Now they do have the guilloche dial. It’s 
going to have, you know, the engravings that are  
done by hand with the watchmaker, of course, what 
really separates this watch from the rest of our  
collection. This one’s in an unworn condition. 
We don’t come across too many Ballon Bleus that  
are going to be unworn. We’ll get a lot of 
mint conditions and excellent conditions,  
but if you’re looking for something, that’s not 
going to have been on someone dressed before,  
this is the perfect watch to get for 
special someone for holiday season.

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