so today we’re going to be checking out a newer 
discovery of mine that i’ve been loving a lot  
this is kind of uh what i’ve been enjoying a 
lot lately woody spicy fragrances for men i  
kind of go through these phases where you know 
i’ll get hooked on something for a while i was  
really starting to dive into the boozy stuff then 
the kind of tobacco vanillas and i still love  
all of that but now i’m kind of finding myself 
gravitating towards and exploring these woods  
heavy fragrances woods spices masculine you know 
strong fragrances and this one of course we’re  
going to be checking out is cartier declaration 
par thumb version so really really cool bottle  
love this stuff we’ll just take a quick look at 
it right here this is the 5 ounce 150 ml bottle  
one thing that is cool is that flips down and then 
you can spray flips back up prevents it from being  
sprayed stuff like that’s always cool it’s not 
that it really matters it’s probably gonna be  
sitting like this on the majority of your shelves 
99 of the time so you could really just leave  
it down like that at all times but if you’re 
like me this is fun so i’m

putting it back up  
now i did pick this one up from fragrancenet 
a little bit ago and they still have it at the  
same price again 150 mil for 114 dollars with 
the fragrance net 35 off code which is linked  
down below make sure you click through that 
and then that will automatically apply the code  
for this fragrance actually you know what i’ll do 
i’ll make a new link and have it go directly to  
this but also apply the code you’re welcome make 
it easy for you so that way you’ll get the best  
possible price currently 35 off is what they’re 
running if they were to change that back to 37  
off in the future my links will also apply that 
as well so those links down below always applies  
the best possible deal like always we’re going to 
be reviewing this one today i’m going to tell you  
how it smells how it performs when you can wear 
it and ultimately i think it’s worth picking up if  
that wasn’t obvious already let’s get into it so 
we’re going to start off with how this one smells  
went ahead and put it on paper too because i like 
to test things both ways i’ve been testing it  
a lot on my skin which is the most important but 
also i like to get a feel for it on paper because  
the reality is when you walk into department 
stores a lot of people spray them on paper  
and so i like to get a good idea and it has 
developed a lot on this piece of paper here  
so i’m going to go ahead and just tell you 
how it starts out so when you first spray it  
on you get this bitter orange note that is the 
only top note listed here and when you look at  
the rest of the notes you may not think that 
you would pick up on like an orange that way  
because there’s a whole lot of other notes in here 
all mid and all bass but up top you do pick up on  
it so i’m just going to go ahead and read it off 
here the entire thing we have bitter orange up  
top we have spices cardamom and cumin in the mid 
we have leather cedar wood benzoin vetiver tolu  
blossom and amber wood in the base i’m excited 
to break into this and break it down because  
it’s really quite cool so the bitter orange will 
stick around for a good minute minute and a half  
and then you’ll find that it moves almost just 
completely away like you really don’t pick up  
on the orange after a minute or two and what 
starts to come in is the woods is the spices  
so i get a good amount of that cardamom it’s 
giving it this somewhat oriental spicy kind  
of sexy appeal i also get the cedar wood i get a 
bit of the vetiver so it’s a very woods heavy base  
kind of settling down here i also pick up on the 
leather a good amount now it’s not a leather like  
ombre leather you know tuscan leather it’s not 
like a leather forward scent it’s more providing a  
base a foundation for all the woods here and the 
spices so you do get a little bit of the cumin  
note now it’s not crazy overboard super strong 
but i will warn you that you do pick up on it  
so depending on how sensitive you are to that 
note depending on if you despise that note or  
don’t like it or whatever that will kind of sway 
the direction that you would want to go in when  
purchasing the scent or sampling it or whatever 
because it is there now as that orange goes away  
you start picking up on the woods and the spices 
the cumin is going to be at its peak at that point  
now as it continues to dry down it will start 
to fade off in the distance a little bit again  
making room for all the other woods and the spices 
and that leather note but again i just wanted to  
throw that out there you do pick up on it if you 
don’t like that note then i would be cautious  
when looking into this one and a blind buy may 
be risky for you now if you could tolerate a bit  
of a human note if it doesn’t really bother you 
if you like that note then no worries here it’s  
not going to be a human forward sense so don’t 
get your hopes up too much if you love it but if  
it’s there a little bit you’ll be expecting it and 
you’ll enjoy it because it’s a nice nice quality  
you know it’s not screechy or synthetic or like 
super dirty or smelling or anything like that it’s  
really quite smooth even though it has that 
texture benzoin you get a little bit of it  
that’s kind of giving off this powdery ever so 
slightly sweet support in terms of the amber  
wood that’s listed in the base i really don’t get 
any of it that’s something that will maybe concern  
people you see amber wood and then maybe they’re 
thinking it’s a blue fragrance mixed with a bunch  
of woods it’s not no worries so to me this one 
is a warm spicy woody fragrance very masculine  
somewhat traditional this stuff is great you know 
it’s classiness to the next level there are a  
lot of fragrances out there being released now or 
that have already been released that don’t convey  
the type of emotions and the type of feelings 
and and confidence that this one does you know  
a lot of fragrances are trending in the sweeter 
direction nothing wrong with that you guys know  
i love my sweet fragrances but with that 
comes something that is a bit more playful  
perhaps a bit more youthful sometimes a lot of 
times and so not everyone’s into that right i like  
it but sometimes i do want a fragrance with some 
power behind it i’m not even talking performance  
yet we’ll get there in a second but power in terms 
of its delivery this one punches through the air  
it’ll dominate other scents it’ll dominate just 
just people around you they’re going to smell this  
and they’re almost going to be compelled to say 
something because it’s so strong with its delivery  
the spices the woods the leather it smells great 
again we are looking at a par from concentration  
here so longevity on my skin has been consistent 
very very good at about eight nine hours being  
that it is a par from a higher concentration the 
projection is not going to be monstrous so this is  
more of a you know maybe arm’s length fragrance 
kind of semi-personal bubble maybe a little bit  
outside of your personal bubble depending 
on how much of a personal bubble you have  
it’ll get out there it’ll get you noticed it 
more or less does a better job at leaving a  
trail and also like i mentioned the the profile 
of the scent is very good at just dominating the  
space and so within that arm’s length distance or 
whatever it’s going to be all people will really  
be able to pick up on it does have that power 
you know it’s not light and wispy and musky  
and citrusy that can kind of get wafted away 
and get overcome and overpowered this one will  
push through so performance is good you wouldn’t 
really want this to be a projection monster with  
that usually a common theme is the more youthful 
and playful fragrances like we talked about and  
that’s not what this is this is for a confident 
refined man that doesn’t need reassurance that  
doesn’t need compliments he knows or at least he 
feels as though he smells good and that’s all he  
cares about what’s nice though is that other 
people will also think you smell good so even  
if you’re not at it for compliments chances are 
if you’re carrying yourself you’re dressed nice  
you look great and you’re wearing this you 
will pick up some and that’s really it for  
the compliment factor i mean people who are going 
to like this are probably really going to like it  
people who won’t like how it smells they’re just 
not gonna like it there’s really no gray area just  
kind of black or white either you like it or you 
don’t you either will get compliments or you won’t  
quality here is fantastic from opening to dry 
down there’s nothing synthetic there’s nothing  
unnatural about it some may think the cuban note 
really kind of strays it in a different way but  
again that’s kind of personal preference it’s 
not a quality thing all things considered it’s  
not terribly expensive either you may see 115 at 
discounters i think that is pricey and to be fair  
115 dollars is a good chunk of money but keep in 
mind we’re also talking 150 mils here so going off  
of the price per milliliter if you were to buy 
this as a 100 ml bottle it would be running at  
about 76. of course it could be a bit more could 
be a bit less but you get the idea 76 for 100 mils  
that’s not terrible again it’s not cheap but it’s 
also not chanel and dior and even victor and rolf  
like crazy expensive price per ml wise this one is 
right on target for me do i think it’s worth the  
pickup of course i do if you’re into this sort of 
thing if you’re a blue fragrance bro which i love  
my blue fragrance pros i’m one as well love 
my blue fragrances but if you’re one of them  
or an invictus bro or someone like that who 
likes the young playful stuff stay far away  
from this for a while until you work your way into 
it or sample who knows maybe you’ll just love it  
but i would recommend against that my 
guys that are watching this that are  
mid late 20s and above and you’re into wood to 
see spicy fragrances i would jump all over this  
now’s the perfect time to be busting it out and 
wearing it it is nice and cold outside at least  
if you live somewhere where it does cool off 
it’s a great time of year uh spring through  
i would say fall through spring spring through 
fall spring fall winter that time is when you  
would be best wearing alrighty that’s going to do 
it for me let me know your thoughts on declaration  
par fun by cartier if you’ve smelled it again 
i’m super happy with this stuff i think the  
bottle looks great the the color of the fragrance 
itself is very attractive it really does represent  
the scent a little bit woody smokey spicy all of 
that good stuff cool bottle cool details it looks  
ultra classy when it’s sitting on your shelf 
it’s going to look more expensive than it is  
remember you will find a link to this one down 
below along with the fragrance and that 35  
off link i will go and combine them but all 
that stuff is down there always use the 35  
off link that i post in my videos to get 
the best possible deal thank you so much  
for watching stay safe stay healthy we’ll 
see you tomorrow with another one take care

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