CARTIER LOVE BRACELET SMALL WITH DIAMONDS REVIEW | Cartier love bracelet small review with price

I’m going to review my love bracelet small with diamonds with you and I’ll share wear tear pros and cons sizing price everything that you need to know about this bracelet and I will tell you in the end if I still think this bracelet worth it everything will be linked Down Below in the description box for you and leave me a comment down below to let me know if you have any additional questions let’s get right into the video this is my love bracelet small in rose gold with six diamonds which totaling about 0.15 carats the

purchase comes with a screw driver in the Box the bracelet has a combo of these signature love symbols and diamonds the bracelet is in the oval shape to make sure it fits your wrist the better generally speaking the Cartier purchase come with a Cartier shopping bag a receipt and a travel pouch where you can store your bracelet while you are traveling with it a small travel pouch for your screwdriver as well wall a cleaning kit where you have a cleaning cloth or brush and a cleaning solution it should also comes with the love bracelet certificate

where it has your serial number stamp data purchase and the signature of your sales associate the purchase comes with the box here and another

red box where you can place this jewelry box inside this red box is usually wrapped in a white paper and sealed with the Cartier stamp like the signature packaging if your SA is nice enough they might give you some small gifts on the side like red envelope for Chinese New Year depending on the time of purchase or a Cartier champagne for celebration Etc the locking mechanism of my love bracelet small has

a single functional screw on one side of the bracelet a hinge on the other side it’s really easy to put it on and take it off to put it on all you need to do is just open up the oval shape bracelet from the screw side and put it on your wrist then you use the screwdriver to turn this particular screw 90 degree to make sure the screw is in the same direction as rest of the screw clockwise or counterclockwise doesn’t matter whichever way you prefer is all fine now you can see the screw is

in the same direction as the rest of the screw that means your bracelet is locked if you want to take it off you can take a look at the hinge side and the screw side so that you know which screw it is first all you need to do is just to turn this particular screw 90 degree and you can see the screw is different from the rest of the screw then you can open open up the bracelet to take it off I have a really thin wrist my love small is in a size 16 and

I could totally wear size 15 as well when I tried it on in the boutique since I already have a dedicated video to talk about the love bracelet sizing I won’t go into the details here if you want to know my wrist the size and how to measure and why I picked the size 16 over 15 I’ll link my dedicated Cartier sizing video down below for you to check it out after this video so I have this bracelet for about 10 months and sometimes I wear more sometimes I wear less but at least I waited

a couple of times every week and sometimes I stack it sometimes I wear this bracelet alone but I do stack more often than wearing this bracelet alone I never sleep with this bracelet and I either put it on in the morning or put it on before I leave home and I take it off by end of the night I did wear it with all these other activity except the sleep sleeping and I got it web before too it’s totally this is a close-up of my bracelet I cleaned it on myself once in a while with

the Cartier cleaning cloth come with my purchase you can see the small scratches on the surface of the bracelet inside as well this is totally normal especially I wear it together with other jewelry pieces as well there are some scratches on the side of the bracelet considering stacking it I really don’t think it’s better even the scratches gets worse over time I don’t mind it so my love bracelet is small and rose gold with six diamonds is retail for six thousand six hundred dollars and after tax the total is 7169.25 the plain love bracelet is

small in rose gold with no diamonds is 4 450 dollars so I basically paid 2150 dollars for these small six diamonds diamonds versus no diamonds and there are a couple of reasons made me purchase the diamond ones although the diamonds are small Cartier use really high quality diamonds that I can see the sparkle of diamonds when I wear the bracelet so Cartier only use diamonds between D and H meaning they’re all colorless only use diamonds with little or no fluorescent Cartier’s diamonds are only selected between if which is internally Flawless and a vs2 which guarantees

exceptional Clarity and the absence of the slightest inclusion visible to the naked eye the other reason I consider the diamonds version was because I was thinking if the scratches gets worse over time I get way more scratches and if the bracelet looks really dull then it at least don’t have some diamonds it will Sparkle if your budget allows definitely spend a little over two thousand dollars for the six diamonds to add some sparkle and if not the regular plain version is a forever classic piece as well the reason I didn’t get the 10 diamonds version

is because it covered all the love symbols that love symbol is what makes our love bracelet love bracelet in my opinion so personally I prefer the six diamonds more of course if there’s no budget or your budget is higher then go with the paved diamond it’s even more beautiful and it has the best of everything talking about the pros I definitely think this is a forever classic piece that you can never go wrong with and also sometimes you know love bracelet has some meanings like I got it from hubby as this year’s birthday gift so

it feels really special to me and it’s hubby’s love and symbol of love toward me and it also reminded me to love myself more since life is so short on top of that it is really dainty and stunning bracelet if dainty look is what you are going for the other thing I really love about it is it’s so easy to put it on and take it off and you never need to ask other people to help you to put it on or take it off the other Pro that I want to say is that it’s

actually a really lightweight piece and it’s really comfortable to wear you don’t have to wear like a hundred pound heavy bracelet on your wrist if you like things are a little bit lightweight it’s just really really comfortable when you wear it the other Pro is that it’s such a stunning piece to stack with other pieces together and it’s also another great piece to pass down to your future Generations the cons that I want to say is that if like I mentioned the bracelet is a little bit lightweight and if you are not going for the

dainty look and you like things more substantial and more stamen then I definitely think the regular love bracelet is a better option than this one because it is definitely has the dainty style the other call is not a big problem but I still wanted to mention to you I do notice that this bracelet leaves indentation marks on my skin sometimes from the screw inside it’s not painful or anything I also don’t mind it but I thought you might want to know this I actually got this love braces small as a birthday gift from Hubby at

the beginning of 2022 after wearing my love bracelet small with diamonds for the past 10 months I honestly really enjoyed this bracelet and every single time when I wear it and look at it it reminds me so much love and why I have it and it reminded me to love myself and it brings so much joy to me instantly in my opinion the love bracelet definitely worth it and I can totally see myself wearing it more decades to come and pass down to my future Generations if I were giving another chance I will buy this

piece with diamonds again let me know what do you think or if you have any additional questions and I’ll see you soon bye

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