hi guys welcome back to my channel so
today’s video is going to be something
i’ll be unboxing classified
collaboration with mba
they sent me some of their really unique
limited edition products
so yeah without further ado let’s get
right into it
so here is the kisi5 parcel when you
it comes with this really cool um kc5
hustle with these kissify woods
and it’s bubble wrap inside so all your
products are really really safe and
so i already opened it up so inside
actually looks like this
so because this is the nba and kissify
so it comes with this mba card and down
here it shows um
kc5 and behind um is this
i’ll show you guys a close-up so you
guys can read it as well
so basically this card shows that it’s a
collaboration between nba
and and it will be available for you
guys to shop on february 17th
but you guys can join our wait list on
your site as well to get a sneak peek of
the items
and get hands on it first so let’s get

exciting unboxing part right now so
this is a close-up of the kc5
mba collaboration card over here i
received the iphone cable and the
so it looks really cute and unique and
it’s the design that i picked out
so yeah let’s get right into it so
this is the iphone cover that i choose i
got it
in the iphone 12 pro because that’s the
i’m using so it feeds both 12 and 12 pro
so the packaging itself is really unique
with the mba logo right here
and over here it says state your case
and here you can see kt5
it’s um in this nice box and behind this
mba logo as well so it’s the officially
licensed cases of the mba
so then you slide it up and then you
have the phone
i’ll show you guys a close-up right now
so you guys can get a clearer idea
how the design looks like in detail so
so this is a close-up of the case t5 mb
iphone cover so it comes with the
really protective case with the nba at
the back which is really nice
and here is a close-up of the phone
cover you can see all the different nba
and logos on it i really liked it i
think it’s so cool
and when you flip it to the side it
actually looks like this
it comes with the i was made for you and
yeah it looks really cool
i love the bumper on the side which
makes it super protective
and i can watch it as protective because
i dropped my phone and my phone survived
so yeah
lastly i also received their wireless
from kst5 so this is also a
collaboration with the mba
so the packaging itself also come in the
mba logo
as well as kc5 and on the back we have
the mva logo again
which makes it really unique and i feel
like they really put much
effort in the whole collaboration and
showcase it even on the packaging itself
which makes it super worth the price so
yeah it’s gonna be my first
time trying wireless charging so i’m
pretty hyped up so yeah
when you open up it actually comes in
another packaging to protect your
wireless charger i’ll show you guys a
close-up right now so you guys can see
all the details of this wireless charger
so yeah so this is a close-up of the
wireless charger
it comes with the k25 protective case as
and mba at back you can see the output
they put in the collaboration
so this is how the close-up looks like
and yeah it also comes with the theme
and logos
at the front i choose it in a darker
color because i think it’s easier to
and scratches won’t get on it so yeah i
really look forward to using it
so if you put it side by side it
actually looks similar
and yeah it’s just so cool i can’t wait
to use it
thank you for watching infudian i hope
you guys enjoy this video
do let me know which one is your
favorite design and what do you think of
this collaboration
so i’ll see you guys next time bye

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