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hey guys thank you so much for joining me again today today we are going to be checking out Casino from 1995. and I’m really excited for this one it has Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone I saw Sharon Stone recently in Total Recall but I have not seen a Robert De Niro movie so I’m excited to check one out it’s three hours long so I think we should just get right into it let’s get to it here we go Casino I’m ready I assume this is about gambling which I’m not a gambler I don’t know

anything about the games in a casino like really at all adapted from a true story cool 1983. damn looking sharp when you love someone Pink Suit gotta trust them there’s no other way agreed for a while I believe that’s the kind of love I had did he just get Lindsay I don’t think I’ve seen one of his movies either awesome but whoa that was shocking right out of the gate it’s gonna be that kind of movie before I ever ran a casino at least Rothstein was a hell of a handicap whenever I bet I could

change the odds for every bookmaker I had it down so cold it was given one of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas I mean he had me

Nikki Santoro and he had Ginger woman he loved him she’s very beautiful but in the end we it all up Strip Las Vegas I’ve never been to Vegas anywhere else in the country I was a bookie hassled by cops like here I’m not only legitimate but running a casino and along with making us legitimate cash Cold Hard Cash we’re the only winners the players don’t stand a chance yeah

this is why I don’t go there guys inside The Counting Room all slipped in there to skim The Joint Drive they do short counts they lose fell asleep he would take cash right out of the Dropbox I was gonna say can’t they just like somehow somebody’s always looking the other way meanwhile you’re in and you’re out it’s okay it’s going straight to one place dad’s suitcases all the bosses ever won and they would mean the back of this produce market in Kansas City these are the guys secretly Control Las Vegas is that true I’m working

a casino while they’re processing the event working all you got to do keep changing your job time take your application we made a great pair I made book and Nikki made sure we always collected how did Nikki collect don’t ask yes that’s a nice comments well thank you so rude all right so you don’t be rude in the casino I see you beat Nikki with fish pen and if you and if you’re dead all right so you don’t mess with Nikki with me he made a fortune it was a money machine what Ace the casino

never saw so much money the bosses they couldn’t be happy but something’s gonna go wrong everything’s going too perfectly smooth he’s making money the bosses love him I had to keep the food Juiced in local Cowboys work you’ve got to keep a cleaner space these Mr Clean pitcher he’s a details guy I can’t get rid of him he’s the candy commercials because these yokos ran the state they passed the laws and the courts hey why not make them happy here’s our Sharon Stone oh load of hand s a lot of money for you all night

he’s on to her steal anything from you foreign are you allowed to do that oh true love I fell in love right there for a girl like ginger love costs money she likes the shiny things I’ve never excused myself to powder my nose should I be powdering my nose is that a thing I feel like that’s just something women say for I have to pee she was one of the best known most respected hustlers in town Ginger had the Hustler’s coat she knew how to take care of people if she seems generous with the Tipping

which is smart she took care of the dealers hit bosses law managers she took care of the valet Parkers who could get you anything and take care of anything but one thing that this could never understand she could have everything under control except for her boyfriend he’s slimy the ginger I knew wouldn’t even look at this creep why is she giving him all her money well nobody had to take care of Nikki he took care of himself only too well that’s why every badge back home wanted to nail him even after one vacation they hassled

him at the airport this time they wanted the pension for some Diamond burglary and they were ready to blame him for anything no matter where it happened what does she have something hidden in her hair Vicki enjoyed being engaged through him what is it what is it worriedly Nikki was about to be sent to Vegas they sent me out there to make sure that nobody donates after we ate we took a ride to talk we’re talking business what do you think about me moving out here I just got to tell you it’s no joke out

here you got to keep a low profile even the cop is not afraid to bury people on the desert here he doesn’t want him to come out look at this place it’s made of money oh he’s gonna know what we’re doing you really got to be careful running a licensed Place everything’s legit everything’s legit yeah right I saw Vegas one way but I saw another they had bookies drug dealers I could shake down they started getting everybody in line it wasn’t in quiet for a while especially at the casino it definitely did not work that’s

why the boss has sent me out he wanted me to make sure none of the other Crews robbed it they were going to try to bring us at a 200 Grand is he going to rough them up Mom for coming left sounds like Carmine left out of respect guys from other Crews got away with a warning everybody else watch out like these yokels here even after we catch them they try sneaking back if you can spot these by watching the way they bet I saw that the dealer was weak but he wasn’t in on it

he just wasn’t protecting his hand now here’s this guy reading the Dealer’s whole car and signaling his buddy at this table oh interesting give me Armstrong send out the muscle they’re surrounded did they really do that at casinos turns out this guy in his house we’re knocking this place dead for years what are they doing I wanted everybody to know things have changed we had to make an example these Pricks the party was over are you shuffling your checks with your right hand can you do it with your left hand I never tried all right

yeah they’re gonna cut off his right hand now you’re gonna have to learn with your left hand at least they didn’t cut it off so this really happened that’s not a good sign they’re gonna rough him up too look what they do to my head you need to have the money in the hammer or you can walk out of here I just want to get out of here don’t forget to tell your friends what happens if they’re around here they’re not gonna let them go are they you got it yeah get out of here within

no time everything was set in place and I I decided to complicate my life you can ask her to marry him you want to marry me does she I don’t want a fan a family you got the wrong girl yeah I think maybe he does I care about you but I just don’t have those kind of feelings for you oh brutal well he’s just being honest I can grow as long as there’s a mutual respect I’m realistic and accept that set up some kind of foundation based on that mutual respect it’s really trying I’d like

to live with that you’ll be set up for the rest maybe she’ll go for it she’s going for it proposed she said I don’t love you he said let’s do it anyway she said all right nobody ever got a free ride even Ginger they had to have the baby first before they could get married all right so they had a kid okay why’d she love this guy he can eventually kill her pimp talk to you later yeah since I was a kid yeah that’s the gross part I just wanted to say goodbye are you sure

yeah but is she she’s still gonna be like in contact with the pimp guy it seems like it all the jewels oh my God you think it’s too much if I wear these on the same day yes leave my promises look at all that jewelry that’s bananas stuff doesn’t mean anything without trust I have to be able to trust you in my life starting to wonder if the girl blows him up in the end or the pimp or Joe Pesci guy in my line of work is to have a lot of payoff cash so I

put 2 million in cash in Los Angeles and this was strictly my Shakedown kidnapping money Shakedown and kidnapping money since I need to be in jail locked in a closet when I needed the money I gave Ginger the only key to the cash uh oh I feel like he cannot trust her he wants to trust her because he loves her but I’m pretty sure he can’t trust her with ginger and the money in place I felt covered I mean Vegas was like a dream for me trouble was Nikki was dreaming his own kind of Vegas

I started busting out High stage poker players it was so obvious they were real signal happy signaling back and forth nobody was watching it and I didn’t want any of those ages near my place so what Nikki’s cheating let alone the good luck in this place Nikki’s stealing from him that’s not cool between my Innovations Nikki’s dedication to his job I soon had the best operation on the strip es I feel like I wish I was chewing on a toothpick for this reaction well it wasn’t long before Nikki managed to get himself banned from every

casino and from then I couldn’t be seen talking to him anywhere maybe it’s Nikki that bombs his car the casinos can be fined as much as a hundred thousand every time he shows up is there any way around this no there’s no way let’s see I want to go in the restaurant in the casino you can’t even set foot in the parking lot the chest didn’t sink into his head about the black book being in this book etched your name into the brains of every kind I mean you’re listed in there with Al Capone oh

well I started doing my own things started knocking over high rows Casino bosses anybody right here on town like robbing them are we gonna have a heist oh my God and I opened up my own jewelry store the Gold Rush that’s a good name for a jewelry store I used to go along on a house just for the fun if I ever go to Vegas I’m gonna be suspicious of everyone Nikki was grabbing everything he could nobody out there was expecting a guy like him I put some of the money into legitimate deals his Ace’s

bank then I put some order money and some legitimate places like my restaurant oh no uh he loved restaurants and over the years he always made money with it look at that lady’s shirt I love it oh my God I wish I was wearing that shirt right now every couple of weeks I used to San Marino to the bosses with a piece of what I made whenever they gave me little jobs to do I would carry things out to 18. like the time Tony dog shot up one of Remo cars here we go with the

guns this gun is just begging to be made an example does this kind of stuff really happen in Vegas in the end I had to put his hand they’re gonna come don’t make me have to do this please come on me you I don’t want to see his head gets questions Charlie yeah Charlie is yes Charlie and you dumb there was a real gangster Mickey was the new boss of Las Vegas three jackpots in 20 minutes what happened so quick this guy doesn’t know what’s going on what’s a casino people gotta win sometimes you know

God damn well somebody had to get into those machines and suck those reels on three machines in the roads into billions it cannot happen can you see if you set up on the second Wing I really think you’re overreacting look at your thing to get out of here you’re firing me I’m firing you can’t just fire him Webb’s his brother-in-law he’s County Commission oh I was like why would they have that guy in the first place seems Clueless money she needs money what do you need I need 25 000. for what why do you need

that much I have to turn this into a big deal it’s for her Pam who’s fighting I mean tell me what it’s for have I’ve been independent my whole life now you’re making me beg you for this she’s been weird about this why do you want to make me feel so bad she’s manipulating I want to just be able to trust you can I trust you answer me can I trust you good so then you can tell me what the money is for she’s not gonna she should have just lied and said like oh I

want a surgery or I want to know his job it’s for her pimp I mean I’m almost sure of it she took it out of the kidnap money all right I’m gonna follow me I did take mine too oh he’s screwed if you ever come back again next time bring a pistol that way you got a chance he probably has a pistol get out of here they’re gonna rough him up she really loves him well you know he’s been grooming her since she was 14. he had some guy from the hotel you stole his money

he doesn’t know kicking you down or taking advantage of you no I told him all about this guy before we ever got married no you didn’t the first time I ever saw you guys I never saw him so happy I think he’s crazy about you I mean he really loves you I think so too I went into this with my eyes open you know so we put aside some joy for me that’s worth about a million dollars maybe more does that tell you the guy is crazy about your Washington probably not well I’ll try to

find out what the hell is going on okay are they gonna Mr Rothstein County Commissioner Pat Webb is here to see you remember County Commissioner the dude that he fired his relative he’s not wearing any pants Mr Rothstein I’m Patrick Jefferson oh thank you sir Don Ward is very well-like man in this town maybe he did not deserve to be fired he knew about on getting hit on three big machines in a row that he was in on it he was too dumb to see what was going on I cannot have a man like that

working here that’s kind of true I would look on it as a personal favor I can’t do that this isn’t gonna be good any position farther down the trough sorry I can’t do any bottom line is he cannot be trusted you’re all just our guests to act like you don’t but that’s where we’re going to send you if it hair lips together oh thank you for your time isn’t it bad enough you’re drinking too much you’re taking all my pills too she’s still upset about that wow she’s really upset or she’s on a lot of

pills too I’m gonna get you don’t care about me I do yeah you don’t could you say that she’s hitting rock bottom oh God she should get some help after a while the boss has noticed the suitcases were getting a little light they put Artie pascano in charge of making sure nobody skimmed the skin nothing was going to stop what came up next at the casino what what comes up turned out Phil green had a partner nobody knew about it she showed up and started the Manny some money from the Tangiers sued him in court

the boys back home decided to settle the case out of court somebody sent me oh oh Jesus just shot her in the head now instead of the cops only looking at Mickey even started looking at green too so I had to start giving interviews everybody knew the casino was on the up and up so in Green’s absence then you’re the boss well in a sense you could say that I’m the boss did you really say that it’s right here has that man even filed for his licensure uh we have to check files would you do

that and kind of check closely you’ve got to understand my situation I got 100 million a year going to the place it’s all over if I don’t get that license did I plant my own flag out here you ain’t gonna need a license the more I talk to you I feel like you just don’t want to go alone I don’t want to be involved in anything you’re talking about okay I just want my license I want everything nice and quiet you’ve been treating a lot of people with disrespect even your own wife don’t bring his

wife into this well she came to see me she was upset about a lot of things all of a sudden you’re on the shoulder to cry on I would appreciate it if you stay out of my personal life okay all right so these guys are on the outs the coppers blame me for everything that went wrong out here they complained day and night because things don’t run smoothly as long as I keep sending money back yes I’m complaining I’m the one who’s here this isn’t gonna go well though things are gonna start to unravel I

think he was not only bringing heat on himself but on me too but he didn’t care he just didn’t care in comes bascano the Kansas City on the board mostly what he did was complain about his trips to Vegas now what happens next we can’t believe it the FBI and a wire in the place looking for some information about some guy he was whacked out God knows when they go and hear all this stuff about Las Vegas and suitcases I mean Toscano this guy sucked the whole world and when the day finally came I was

ready this commission is prepared to act on a motion denying the application Mr chairman a second promotion oh it’s just because of that powerful guy they always have it this hearing is adjourned you Senator you promised me a hearing you won’t allow me a hearing you should have just hired that incompetent guy back put him in the kitchen maybe you can run things with another job title however he runs things it’s got to be quiet doubt it ladies and gentlemen Sam Rothstein show what is this he has a show and Now ladies and gentlemen the

new entertainment director welcome to the Sam Rusty show we’re very happy to have you here our first guest this evening is Frankie Avalon Andy go see him tell him maybe it’s time you should quit I think he’s doing all right well apart from getting blown up later I want things to quiet down they want you to walk away you can’t be serious how can I walk away know my problems every time they mention my name in the papers they mentioned Nikki too he’s pissed them off so much now nobody can make a move anymore maybe

you should get lost for a while take a vacation would that be so bad I would just get out I can’t do that of course Nikki heard about our talk in the car getting a call from Nikki wasn’t easy anymore the feds can only listen in on the stuff involving crime they have to click off after a few minutes yeah give me a tree I just let the livestock until the click well at least the wives are good for something I guess in the middle of say a couple of hundred yards down the road I

gave myself 50 50. somebody’s suspicious he thinks Nikki might you said I’m bringing heat on you you want me to get out of my own house I said let the blow over for a while so I can run the casino you only have your casino because I made that possible you only exist out here because of me without me every Wise Guys go around I’ll take a piece of your face don’t ever go over my head again jeez all right well I think maybe he blew up his car Everything’s changed now you’re talking about a

divorce and now custody so we’re getting divorced we had a deal he said if it didn’t work out I could get my things and I could leave do you see anything in these eyes I would ever let someone in your condition take my child away from me you know that won’t happen as hard as I tried I could never make her love me after a while we just take breathing from each other at that time Ginger took Amy and went to Beverly Hills operated the Beverly hotel in Beverly Hills please I’m sorry Mr Mrs rostain

has checked out already she’s staying there with that guy that’s brutal my wife is an old friend of herself my daughter’s one of them too and I think they’re gonna try and kidnapples hello who’s calling I want to talk to Ginger put her on the phone she’s in here Sam yeah she’s just doing coke in front of her kid I don’t know where she is okay can I call you back in a few minutes right back you got what two million dollars not yeah I can’t believe she hasn’t gone to go get that money yet

we take the cash and the only other thing he cares about we go to Europe you dye your hair yeah Ginger it means he’s sitting by the phone like a dumbbell they’re so coked up feel really bad for this kid Ginger called me kid I think I think that you want your kid don’t you know of course maybe leave to another part of the house before you make that call you want to get rid of me I just feel bad for the kid don’t take the kid I’m such a psycho what she’s back if she

says I’m sorry and he takes her back the funny thing was after all I didn’t want it to go she was the mother of my kid I loved her well then you’re digging your own grave man she wants you dead I have to know where you and Amy are at all times he’s a peeper so I can call you whenever I have to well I was thinking maybe you know somebody in the back you can help me get my jewelry out there’s a lot of money in there think about that because you know he’s never

gonna give me another joke right he scares the out of me I never know what he’s gonna do I’ll take care of you yes I do not like her hair so would you go to lunch with Jennifer would you have I heard of salt what did Jennifer have she had the same I want you to call Jennifer and tell her to tell you what you had for lunch the line’s busy she’s not a good liar hello Jennifer just gonna tell the truth I knew she around but Nikki was the worst thing she could have done

I mean it could get us both killed I mean it got to the point where they couldn’t even talk in the Gold Rush anymore and even when they talked outside they had to cover their mouth he asked me again about you and the Jewish wife you think he’s going home making a beat behind my back I don’t trust him anymore but they never okay anything you know I got a funny feeling he’s going to start a war or something definitely get a couple of guys that dig a hole in the desert dig a hole and

when I’m ready I’ll say the words go see the Jew and you make it disappear you know what I mean what’s wrong with the kid yes what happened who did this to you Mommy the mom she’s such a psycho when did this happen honey I don’t know poor kid who’s this Nick I just wanted to talk to you man well Ginger’s missing and she tied me up with me she’s there with you yeah I’ll be right over this isn’t gonna be pretty I feel like everybody’s gonna wind up getting shot that’s our child I was

just you know I should be out for a little while she’s a terrible mother although she thought she would be right I just want the key to my joy I want you to let me go I want to let you disgrace me let her go get up and get your mother get in the car go to the house you can’t force her to be a good mother she’s not going to be get up and go home right now she’s such a psycho you wanna have someone kill at least be freaking discreet I might know this

guy 35 years I’m gonna whack them for you how the am I gonna get your money now yeah you out of your mind thank you she’s a loose cannon it’s just a question of who kills who at this point we know Sam ends up dead here she comes she’s crazy none of your business Mr Austin I’m sorry we get some complaints about about the noise we just let her in the house and get a few of her things well escort her and then fellas if you scored her out if she happens to not want to

leave what’s she looking for if you guys could just follow me out of here he’s been threatening I’m gonna do that right in front of the cops I just need to pick up a little cash inside you’ve got it you gotta stop her she has the keys I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do like he had to foresee this I mean he’s the one that made it so like she could get money and even he couldn’t and he kind of shot himself in the foot by trusting her so much and giving her so many chances

um I’m gonna need a bag if you can foreign didn’t tell him anything the feds didn’t need her anyway they had all the pieces they know all right so everybody’s going down right away I got winded finches coming down so I took off almost everybody else the books have been cooked and at the end of the day they finally came to see me with the pictures but I didn’t want to look at them when the bosses were arrested they needed doctors at their Arena when it looked like they could get 25 years to life in

prison you knew people were going to get clipped it’s always better with no Witnesses oh popped them everybody went down anybody knew anything wound up getting wet slow life in a few months they went through all the money and all the tools really I mean I’m not surprised but is she dying after they found a body I had a private doctor do another autopsy he said they gave her what’s a hot dose like they overdosed her on purpose oh yeah and then he blows up but who did it was that that model was made with

a metal plate under the driver’s seat it’s the only thing that saved my life it took months for everything to calm down so I set up a meeting with the guys way out in the sticks just in a cone field I mean what’s right is right they don’t give a about oh my God they’re gonna kill Nikki stop breathing the word was on the boss has had enough for Mickey so they made an example of him and his brother they buried them while he was still breathing they had other ideas for me the town will

never be the same big corporations took it all alone still pick winners and I could still make money for all kinds of people back home and why mess up a good thing and that’s that and that’s that okay guys well that was casino and that was pretty epic and uh it reminded me a lot of like The Godfather kind of a gangster movie I liked Robert De Niro a lot in it I liked Joe Pesci too I mean Sharon Stone was good obviously as an actor but like man what a psycho character um crazy and

I didn’t expect Robert De Niro to get away from that car fire alive so that was very surprising MVP we’re gonna give to Robert De Niro this is his movie and I liked his character a lot and it was really interesting to watch him I would like to see more movies so if there’s more Robert De Niro movies let me know below and we will definitely give his character the MVP Loki MVP will give it to his best buddy Nikki I liked seeing their friendship evolve over time into an enemy situation it was a cool

like lifetime story for those two friends and they came to very different ends in the end of it all so yeah it was really interesting to see and I thought Joe Pesci did a good job so we will give him Loki MVP overall I put this one in my gangster crimey genre movies and uh definitely glad I saw it I know that this one has been compared to Goodfellas which I haven’t seen so I’m wondering like I think it’s Robert De Niro in Goodfellas is that right or or is it Scorsese so anyways let me

know what the deal is if I should check out Goodfellas as well thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciate it I had a great time I hope you had a great time too and I will see you next time bye guys

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