Cast Of Scream Review 90s Fashion Trends

think they looked good i wore them a lot
on friends oh no there you are oh no
that’s very
mean it’s so mean
hi i’m neb campbell and i’m courtney cox
we’re with buzzfeed uk and we’re going
to be reviewing 90s fashion today
there’s a lot of denim it’s someone i
can see but i will say it’s a terrible
look what i’ve learned about fashion a
little bit not for myself the jacket’s
bulky and the pants are too baggy you
gotta have one or the other you can’t go
baggy baggy
i don’t like it
ah check skirts okay can you ever do
that i might have done that a little
little school girl kind of look yeah i
think i like that i think that’s pretty
i think that’s pretty timeless it’s
beautiful yeah i like that dress i would
wear that again now there you go my
chest would look so bad though it’s not
near as i got much more like freckles on
it is that the scream is scream premiere
gorgeous oh really wow there’s going to
be something of me and i have no fashion
sense i’m just you’re coming

up here and
i can’t wait
i really think that’s gorgeous and i
think slip dresses are timeless you can
even put a little turtleneck or a
t-shirt under it that kind of goes in
and out and i think she looks gorgeous
i’d wear it every day if i look like
that if i looked like that i might have
i don’t think i’ve ever looked like that
oh no there you are oh no
that’s very
mean it’s so mean why aren’t you wearing
sparkly gloves
i like that i don’t even know who put me
i mean that’s a reflection put me in
that my problem is people put me in
things and i just go okay because i feel
so clueless but i should have known
better i mean i’m sure it was good in
the timeline we’re not gonna go back
oh yeah yeah yeah bum bags i still have
a bum bag i love i love we call them
over here we can’t say what we call them
over here because over there
it’s something different but we call
them fanny packs and i’m sorry
i like a bum bag yeah so do i i like i
don’t care if it straps over the
shoulder or around the waist
all wrong no all wrong i think you look
beautiful first of all i love her hair
see the top like a ball sexy that’s a
slip dress with a little
sheer thing on top i like it
i had no idea i grew up with my dad and
three brothers okay that’s really i like
it i would not do that again i’ll tell
you that
we’re way too old for babydoll dresses
back in the day i mean she looks great i
would have worn it this definitely draws
some attention that i probably
didn’t want i mean she’s really barely
in there
but you a woman that’s not great about
fashion it’s okay it works it’s okay i
think i’ve got such short legs i’m not
sure that works but yeah it’s okay
i did dungarees a lot because they’re
just easy and comfortable and i think
i’m still doing hungry so dungarees are
our overalls i like overalls i don’t
wear them ever i don’t i don’t wear them
yeah but i do like them and i think they
look good i wore them a lot on friends
there you go stomach well now if you’re
adorable you’re wearing a kind of a
dungaree dress i like that she’s got the
the granny boots
i like to play pool um is that a furry
hat i can’t see you or you’re like no
yeah it’s just like a cord hat i feel
like kind of like my jacket ever yeah
it’s kind of like that exactly
that’s not bad
i would have back then i don’t know i
think i showed him i was doing some
midriffs and stuff i was feeling
confident back in the day what about you
i never had a flat tummy ever in my life
she looks like she has one now what are
you told me you’re a dancer yeah when i
was dancing but when after i stopped yet
it’s just not my thing i got good legs
but tell me she has great legs you
really do
we all got something
cargo pants are big now and then and i
like those yes they’re great i wear
neely lowton cargo pants we were just
talking about them actually
baggy clothes and beanies i mean look
look who’s wearing this outfit these
outfits they’re both so handsome and
beautiful that yeah yeah that looks
great now today yesterday and always
um that was really fun thank you for
bringing us back to the 90s mortifying
for me but i know i have bad fashion so
at some point you do not

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