Catalunya | iRacing | Ricmotech SportsCar Series Race Review | S16 R8

hey everyone it’s Elvis ranking and
welcome back to a race of you here yes
we’re finally back for another race of
you I apologize this one took a little
bit longer to put out and thankfully
it’s not the longest wait you guys have
had for a race of you but today we are
here for round number eight of the Rick
motek Sports Car Series here in Spain at
Barcelona de Catalunya so yeah
we’re getting ready to go here at
Catalonia now unfortunately a smart man
over here forgot to save his replays so
unfortunately I had to grab a reprieve
from somebody else not who I you would
usually grab the reply from he had to
use a backup and um yeah it does not
have the qualifying so no queue for me
unfortunately which is very unfortunate
because I really want to show you guys
queue lap qualifying in p2 here at the
Catalunya and I think it’s only right as
we gonna jump into our race of you here
today that we’re gonna start off with a
cockpit camera so we’re gonna start out
on the restart with the cockpit camera
angle here in the number 54 little King
racing guard right beside us the man the
myth the legend with 10000 I reading all
want me so yeah here we go
come to the green flag here at de
Catalunya and green green green here we
go a Catalan I get a little bit better
if I get away
then Robert Harley out of the gate but
he’s gonna hold even with me there now
turn one hectic at Barcelona now here we
go into turn number one onto the brakes
gonna file in behind the number three x8
car and start to thing out in P number
two ninety minute endurance race here at
the Catalunya got a lift a little bit as
we go up the hill after coming through
turns one and two now two turns
now coming into the doll right-hander
very tricky in third gear gonna hold it
very tight to that grass we’re gonna
thankfully be able to get a good exit
here at the Catalunya now here we go
through here down into second gear
through the hairpin getting a little
loose off the corner nothing too major
though able to save it I’m now coming in
to one of my favorite sections on the
track you get to throw it into the left
you get to run over the curb on the
right oh it’s just so fun through there
and now coming up the hill very tricky
corner you can get very loose and you
can see hardly executing it perfectly as
he goes up the hill but he’s gonna get
an incident if you drop those tires off
you do indeed get an incident point so
Robert Hartley and myself gonna try to
pull away with the lead here not coming
into one of my least favourite turns on
the track the left-hander coming through
this left-hander now comes into the
right-hander I don’t remember the turn
names it’s been a little bit since I’ve
ran this track but you really want to
hold it nice and tight through there and
then let the car kind of wash out and
now coming down all the way tiny a
little bit of a breath of the throttle
not gonna split the curring there but
later in the race you will see that it
might happen so now gonna go a little
bit wide there on the exit thankfully
not pick up an incident point but Robert
oh he’s gonna go all the way down to the
bottom to try and break the draught here
at de Catalunya come back up see if
anyone will talk got a line and lose the
draft now here they go into turns number
one and two we’re gonna switch on over
to the TV one camera angle here as you
can see DJ Alessandria
he’s gonna slot into that third spot gin
list he’s in fourth we’re all three
starting to kind of break away now from
that lead pack starting to see a little
bit of breakaway there as Jim lists
obviously gonna leave a little bit of
space there GG Allin sandrini but behind
them it still is anyone’s race they’re
all about still within about a second
and a half of each car so still about
anyone’s raced after a lap one
now a little bit of a funny story at
this track actually as we’re gonna come
through one of my favorite corners on
the track is that they actually forgot
to make it a rolling start so yes we did
start on the grid and we had to do a
full pace lap so that was a little
frustrating but fuel numbers went out
the window there at the Catalunya cause
is now thankfully with our calculated
timing system compared to some of the
guys Prix time stuff I was able to
figure out what was the right fuel
number to use so now as we come down
into my probably my least favourite
corner on the track actually no second
least favorite corner on the track it’s
just really light to this track it’s
very hard to pick but I definitely do
indeed know what my second and least
favorite tracks are at this time so now
as we can see here DJ on Santorini he’s
might try to put the pressure on but
still us three keep it very close as try
to shrink he gets by Jim list but he
looks a little bit out of reach from
everyone and now not really knowing my
entry point not really trusting what I
had been doing in practice
neiha hello santorini oh wow driver
shrinky i don’t know if you guys could
see that in the background but he went
way wide there at that turn and now
there we go again go for the swerve DJ
is there no Travis shrinky has spun
Travis did spin in the background I
didn’t catch that for a brief moment now
as we come into turns one and two
and now as we come into our least my
least favourite corner on the track this
turn right here and this turn it’s not
you just have to breathe off the
throttle and it’s like what that in real
life you could easily take this flat but
obviously sometimes I racing does not
correlate as we believe it should do so
so now Robert Hartley in the number
three excite car is leading the peels
I’m in second the white machine the man
the myth the legend himself DJ Alice
Andreini my qualifying partner
unfortunately we did not get to see us
qualified tonight
a little bit unfortunate there and DJ on
Santorini he’s looking for a little bit
on opening there he can sense that I’m
starting to leave lose Robert hardly
just a tiny bit there obviously the son
of partners no secret anymore
Robert Hartley and myself really still
trying to keep the pressure down and you
can barely hear on the front
straightaway the TCR class coming in for
the breath now here has become still
keeping it nice and clean
DJ lisandroni he wants the spot am I
gonna give it up too and that is the
question coming into the corner and I’m
gonna go way deep into the corner and I
was head ready he’s gonna have a free
line to take the position they’re gonna
obviously check up a little bit there on
the brakes to let him go and now we’re
gonna switch on over to the chase camera
angle here and watch as I try we try to
now pursue the number three of Robert
Hartley obviously letting him get out in
front not the most ideal but now going
back to the regular strategy of
splitting those curbs
now we’re gonna as we end out our lab
here at Catalunya for lap number three
of the race we’re gonna fast forward all
the way up to lap number eight here and
now we’re gonna just keep on going now
as you can see me going a little bit off
the line and now the reason for this is
we’re just doing some private chatting
just communicating with some of the guys
up in front just to see hey when are we
pitting why don’t we not how much fuel
will be taking just kind of get that out
the window straight because obviously
this thing start all of our fuel numbers
out the window because you had to do one
slow lap instead of maybe a half a lap
which we will see play out maybe
possibly later in the race so now as we
come up the hill here we’re gonna just
get a quick rear shot and now as you can
see nobody in sight there no T see ours
no nobody so so far so good we’re pretty
clean so far here at Catalunya
now coming into the braking zone here
down into second gear now we’re all
starting to get pretty tight tighten up
and getting nice and close to each other
now this one will all start to feel the
as we can see DJ Alessandria knee
starting to get a lot closer than when
we last saw him starting to put in those
most consistent laps on the track
obviously with the help of a little bit
of Drive from Robert Harley but nothing
too big now as we come up the hill here
at Catalunya it’s a three-man race now
between Robert Harley DJ house and
Rainey and myself and a few guys are
enjoying the race reviews here and you
want to see more race reviews because
the season is ending we unfortunately
have two more races
for this series so if you guys want more
race reviews smash the like button and
we will continue this series for season
18 of the Rick motek sports car series
and yeah I’m excited they’re gonna be
changing up a little bit here we’re
gonna have a new category of car and we
are going to get rid of the key CR for
the months for the Mazdas its hallelujah
the TCR is its hallelujah because the
relationship is just not working out
between the both of us so now we’ve been
a half a lap later than when we checked
the rear camera in there you can see a
little bit of a speck in the distance
there of those TC RS that’s right on
board the nose camera here of the number
54 as you can see overshooting turn one
did not a couple of too many times here
in the race just want to keep a nice
rhythm here and now a couple of guys
have already came over the radio and
just said the T stars they’re a little
bit crazy today so that was one thing
that we were definitely gonna be keeping
out for here as we go through the first
round of TC yours is just just give them
the spot maybe just be a little bit more
patient then you loot usually I guess
you today but I give him about the same
amount of patience I always just be as
patient as I can and if they ever seem
like they’re ever gonna go for the spot
I let him have it
so now DG alexandrina sort of close the
gap on Robert Harley myself behind
pretty loose off the corner there
loosey-goosey if I had to say so but
yeah now coming through one of my
favorite section long struck so
technical this track is so much fun you
know coming into it I was like another
new track I got to learn but actually
this race was not as bad as I thought
this race was very enjoyable very fun
and yeah we’re gonna keep it ongoing
we’re gonna try and put on a good show
for the fans here who live there was
watching live or if you’re watching the
race of you here today now all the way
down in the second gear holding those
Kurds DJ Alice and rainy he’s getting
the closest that he has gotten to Robert
Worley I’m starting to fall off a little
bit because unfortunately my little bit
of some mistakes has started to bite
back on me now coming into the final two
turns these turns are so much fun at
Catalunya man they were gonna run the
regular Catalunya with the chicane but
oh my I’m so gods they ran this once
again splitting the kerb getting the
good entry and putting the power back
down and not getting an incident point
there as well so now in one lap we busy
TCR on the straightaway now they are
pretty visible so this lap will probably
be the lap that they will catch us here
and we’re actually gonna go to the blimp
camera angle here actually the blimp of
the chopper we are gonna go to the
chopper camera angle so we can get a
full view of all these cars and again
overshooting turn one not being as
consistent I was I’d like to be in turn
one now Elvis you gotta catch up there
buddy I want to get all three cars in
shot I now we’re we need all three cars
and shots
I need content come on now I only see
okay there’s two cars in shot alright
well hopefully I could catch up a little
bit there there we go there’s three cars
in shot and not just really getting a
little frustrated with myself as I’m
overshooting the corners over driving
corners and I need to just focus focus
focus just keep on going and now already
being caught by those TCR drivers Fred
and what worth he’s gonna try to make
the pass here being a little bit extra
patient he’s gonna make a clean pass on
through there into my favorite section
now gonna just try to get to that
straight on like can I please get to the
straightaway come over the radio say
women move away wait wait to the
actuator wait no guy sitting on the
corner there so I have to back it up a
little bit they’re actually a lot as now
here comes TCR mania here as first
second and third already getting their
way past and fourth is like you know
what I want a little sniff at that I
think but he did not get the sniff out
that here and now let’s see the 91 car
here is Robert Hall he goes very very
wide I don’t think you can catch it on
screen and it looks like a TCR driver
and whoa whoa did y’all say dreamy
entity CR number 14
sliding way off the racing line that’s a
promotion to pee number 2 therefore the
54 gonna try and keep it on going
through this race new second place and I
only sub Matthew manigott in that nwx
TCR he’s gonna try to keep his foot down
now as he goes to chase down the leaders
but now Robert Hartley out of sight he
is way in front of us here as now the
gap stands out about 1.5 seconds
Alessandra he he got a little bit of
damage frustration for that driver
surely here for a 90-minute race at de
Barcelona and the first time through
just gets absolutely ko thankfully he
was still able to keep on driving but
pretty soon we might see him trying to
make the pit stop the Lucas racing Lucas
forward in the Lucas racing picking
green gar I am a big fan of that car I
am definitely a big fan he is one of the
cleanest drivers out here so we got a
nice camera angle
it’s Tony Kernan he’s gonna try and
pinch the mx-5 there as he tries and
rotates with his TCR car an intersection
nelio Edgar Edgar Edgar making a great
pass there being nice and patient
waiting his time and he’s gonna be able
to get it done there now losing maybe a
tiny tab at a time in traffic there but
Robert Harley
lost a lot more time but the big loser
in this cycle of traffic DJ Allison the
now we’re gonna go ahead and
fast-forward two laps
sixteen here nope this is lap 16 here we
go lap 16 as you can see Robert Hartley
stretching out his advantage and wait
there’s no white car in the background
BJ Alice Andreini
has pitted he has decided to pit me and
Robert Hartley gonna go for the same
strategy that’s a little bit of a
crucial game so the two of us can pack
up and we can try and stay in the same
therefore the two of us in the same pack
with that little bit of extra draft is
gonna help us pull away from that number
91 car but as you can see Eric violet
here after his pit stop he’s gonna go to
the inside of my car now he’s gonna have
to go and chase down Robert Lee and the
rest of those TCR leaders and now here
we come through this lap want to just
keep it nice and neat obviously we’re
approaching up almost a halfway distance
in this race obviously a two-stop race
but really this last bit of fuel
consumption comes right at the end so
now here we go as we come underneath
another bridge another amazing camera
shot that beautiful blue little kid
racing car now this point in the season
as the championship standings is we only
have two more rounds to go after this
I am currently I believe 30 or so points
behind the championship leader DJ Alice
and rainy which basically I need to have
a perfect night here at Barcelona I need
to win I have not won since round to
keep in mind which was at Interlagos in
Brazil the next the last podium shan’t
finish for me
Wow it was a while ago I believe it was
at Twin Ring Motegi
for round number five yes and we are
currently on round number let’s see I
think we are on around
six nine right nine I remember I set it
at the start round eight got it whoo got
it that took a minute but yeah we are
round number eight so only two more
rounds of the championship next two
weeks are the drop weeks now if you guys
do not know what the Drakh weeks mean
basically the next two races you can
replace two bad races
if you finish better than you did so
obviously at Brands Hatch with the
connection drop out and AB Roseville
with the little bit of unfortunate
contact there with Russ roduct now we’re
looking to put the foot back down and
get some points before heading into the
drop weeks at Lime Rock I am then not
looking forward to that with some TCR
drivers a minute lap times there at Lime
Rock make sure you guys stay tuned for
that race review coming out very shortly
now as we were coming through this lap
still doing very good we’re gonna change
up the camera angle actually let’s go to
thee no we’ve not gone on board robot
camera angle yet let’s go on board of
this car now Robert Harley starting to
stretch out his advantage not worrying
oh my god this is supposed to be the
prime line this is the pit lap this is
the lap that it’s all supposed to pop
off head it into the pits here for the
Rick motek sports car series and now to
try and possibly take the fight to
Robert Lee or each Alessandria pitted
early we’ll see if his strategy game
plays off
and now is here we go through my second
Elise for the pony I think I said yeah
second Lily’s favorite corner and now
coming through the final section the
cherry on top of the lap and now as you
can watch here as we come down the hill
Robert Hartley as we come down the hill
Robert Hartley is gonna take his number
three X like car and dive into the pits
and I’m gonna do the exact same Oh oh
there’s some contact contact between the
number 84 TCR and that is the day over
in the gravel rear suspension damage
let’s get another replay so as you can
see here is we get the replay I’m gonna
just quickly just put it on the rear
chase camera angle so as we watch Robert
Harley dive into the pits he kind of
started on the right inside and he dove
in so I called out my pit stop which I
will have evidence of right hold on here
this is me saying I am pitting I am
pitting so then as we come down through
here as you can see he does not hear the
call so he is gonna just try and do his
normal teach y’all thing and divert to
ride up the inside as I am as I am
turning to the pits and then barely
misjudges it and just ah that one could
have been very close to missing as you
can see he was on his brake lights right
at the last second as we both went on
our brake lights and then just spearing
off into the gravel and man that is
frustrating as you can see tapping the
wall there and just really frustrated
could not get back in the race with some
severe severe damage and that is the end
of the 90 minute endurance race here at
the barsa Catalunya so some takeaways
from this races there was a couple is
you know what that was the ideal pit
stop sequence and procedure that is how
we all practiced our pit stop you can
watch a bunch of the other guys pit
stops the fast guys at least and that
was how everyone executed the pit stop
unfortunately my execution and not go as
well here at the varsity Catalunya so
that unfortunately cost me a little bit
of time but I think if I would have went
I would definitely definitely definitely
not trusted ITC or not put all of my
marbles in the one hand and trust that
TCR was gonna check up a little bit or
stay to the right hand side and yeah Oh
two three tents maybe coming in the pits
or race over that is definitely what was
frustrating here at the Barcelona
Catalunya but unfortunately with this
race the championship is going to be
it’s gonna be so hard to win I don’t
think I’m gonna be able to get it done
but second place I think it’s still
doable so that’s what we’re gonna aim
for coming into the next to drop weeks
here at Lime Rock and Road America so
yeah I hope you guys did indeed enjoy
the race review here at the Barcelona
Catalunya I’m fortunate a little bit of
an unfortunate ending but I will see you
guys next week for Lime Rock Park and as
always guys if you guys liked the video
then hit the like button down below and
also subscribe so you don’t miss any of
my content and turn on that notification
bell – so anyways guys I’ll see you guys
next week at Lime Rock

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