CB Traffic Bots Review Demo Bonuses~Watch CB Traffic Bots Review before you buy~

hi larry keane here
with the review demo
and bonuses for clickbank
traffic bots this is uh chris the titans
latest product
goes live at 9 00 a.m
eastern on september what is it
9th so
here we have the welcome screen
and the first thing you see is a
welcome and a invitation
to a webinar
the next thing we have is access to our
clickbank traffic bot software
and then we have
the training video for how to use
it which we won’t do quite yet
let’s see the software
okay so here we are in
the click bank
traffic bots
the dashboard
this is our campaigns that have been set
we haven’t put anything in to analyze
and we don’t have any new things to
we can select from uh
what is already here
now this will be
the social accounts
that we need to
add for our traffic
and here we have the training videos
and our help center
so there you have
the clickbank traffic bots
and let’s look at uh
that’s the embed code
this one i guess that’ll show it to us
this is one that somebody has set up
sending it out to facebook
and that’s to edit
and the next one is to put it in the
so we can add a video do the settings
and that’s how she works
add our products
and do any customization
and she’s done
we don’t have anything set up to send it
out on and that’s why
she gives us the error
okay so
that is the traffic bots now right below
this video we have
a link that will take you to my bonus
here we have a quick
review of the clickbank traffic bots
and a tell you
quickly again verbally what it’s all
the uh everything it’s done for you
and here’s the funnel the
front end says 17 but
if you get it get there early and you
faint to leave i will let you know there
a actual down cell
on that front end
on the upsell number one the unlimited
there is a down sell on that
on the autopilot edition which says they
give you
60 affiliate programs per day
uh there’s a down sell on that
they’re done for you edition where
they’re going to set up you a site
and all you need to do is put your click
bank id and you’re making money sounds
like a dream
and there is a down sell on that
and reseller edition you
uh get 100 percent of the
money across the entire funnel
and that also has a down sale
and upsell number five the mega
bundle edition you get access to
37 products from chris
and there is a down sell on that now
if you decide you want to purchase
even just the front end i have
five bonuses for you you click this bar
this is how she works any one of these
yellow bars
it’ll take you to the sales page see
that’s that three dollar discount that
you get on the front end but you have to
faint leaving
take that cursor out oops she pops up
okay and
you decide do you want to make a
here is the whole sales
pitch and
you decide you want to make that purpose
purchase it brings you back
to where you can pick up your
free bonuses so let me tell you about
first one is it’s time to change
affiliate tactics
you will be doing affiliate marketing
and i want to help you make the best of
bonus number two is blog posting power
now he says you don’t need a website but
then for 197.
he’ll build you one hmm i want to help
you build yourself one for free
okay and show you how to post on it
number three the fast content writers
we’re going to set that blog up and
teach you how to write it
and the most um well that ain’t the most
important thing but
one of the most important things that
you need
is a list that’s where your money is you
get the people on the list
you need to work with them
get them to know like and trust you so
we have the action list building plan
we want to get you started building that
list and then to work that list
to help get people on it bonus number
five is the secret to bridge pages
uh that will help you get people on your
so recap the bonuses
number one we’re going to help you with
your affiliate marketing
number two we’re going to show you how
to build
a site how to do blogs
how to write number four building your
and helping you build your list so
we have a complete package for you and
if you just click one of these bars
it’ll take you
to that sales page and
when you get to warrior plus
you click that blue button that says get
affiliate bonuses and i will send you
an email that looks like this
time to change affiliate tactics click
blog posting click here click here
those are your bonuses and that’s
how simple it is to pick up your bonuses
for free
even when you get the cheapest possible
front end price
you get all five of those bonuses
the uh front end is well worth it
the upsell number one
and that uh autopilot one
sounds real enticing so
there you go the click bank
traffic box any questions
put them in the comment section right
below this video
i would really appreciate and subscribe
and you’ll that way you’ll know
when i am recommending
something else i only do these for
products i recommend
or that i would buy myself and
i am buying this one

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