Cha Cha Real Smooth Movie Review | Tribeca Film Festival 2022

hello hello hello everyone and welcome to my 
coverage at the tribeca film festival i saw  
some movies have some opinions about the festival 
as a whole because this was my first time going  
but anyway cha-cha real smooth is the sophomore 
film written directed produced and starred by  
cooper rafe this film follows andrew a 22 year old 
college graduate who has no idea what to do with  
his life or who he even is that is until he meets 
dakota johnson’s character and that’s all i’m  
going to tell you about the plot because that’s 
all i knew walking in and i want to give you the  
opportunity that i had to enjoy this film without 
knowing too much because i really liked cha-cha  
real smooth i haven’t seen rafe’s debut feature 
[ __ ] house but if it’s anything like this i’ll  
probably like that one too i got really lucky that 
i got to see cha-cha real smooth in a theater full  
of actually well-behaved audience members because 
i felt like we all went on a journey together  
and that’s what this movie is it’s a journey 
with these characters cut from the same cloth  
as the early films of richard linklater and kevin 
smith and greg mattola’s adventureland the main  

supporting characters are designed to make 
you fall in love with them and care about them  
and want to see what they do next and it helps 
that they are so well cast cooper rafe is magnetic  
on screen so insanely watchable charismatic and 
vulnerable dakota johnson has some questionable  
line delivery sometimes but overall you can 
feel her character’s history through her eyes  
and if you’ve ever seen her in a movie before you 
know the camera loves her face the cast is rounded  
out by leslie mann who is funnier in this than 
she is in her husband judd apatows movies and it’s  
nice to see brad garrett in movies every once in 
a while but we should see him more often the heart  
of the movie for me is vanessa burghardt as lola 
this is her feature-length debut this is the first  
film she’s ever acted in and her character gives 
her the opportunity to have all the qualities i  
described all the other actors with all bald into 
one performance there were a couple of times the  
camera did something more than just document the 
plot there were a couple of nice needle drops  
throughout especially in the opening scene but i 
felt like a lot of the scenes toward the end could  
have benefited from using no music at all and this 
is something that i’m gonna complain about in a  
future film from this festival that i saw but it 
felt like this movie made us feel so good that i  
think cooper rafe was afraid of making us feel bad 
and i don’t think he should have strayed away from  
that feeling at all but i think that’s something 
cooper rafe will hopefully learn in his hopefully  
subsequent films this will be on apple tv plus 
this week so you can see it real soon and i can’t  
wait to watch this again in a couple of years 
when i’m really sad because this made me feel  
pretty good and i’m giving cha-cha real smooth a 
seven out of ten could be a six in the future but  
we’ll see if you enjoyed this video hit the like 
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left there’s a couple that i probably won’t 
even make a review about i’ll decide later  
you have to get past the avengers and marvel 
[ __ ] at some point okay other people make movies

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