Challengers Review – Zendaya Sizzles And Will Win An Oscar For This Role (Spoiler Review)

what makes you think I want someone to be in love with me hey I love you I know zindia sizzles and ladies and gentlemen what is always my standard for movies I’m a 40y old something plus grown man man with two young kids under the age of three

did I or did I not fall asleep on this movie cuz it was 2 hours and 11 minutes rated R Challengers and guess what I did not fall asleep let’s dive into this review I’m up the come out everybody iside the kers come out youin eating you just

act I’m impactful dozen funerals in a month I got that P I will give it to and all rap now alls that’s right people you in the building with Y all knowing or loving all feeling all seeing all powerful just damn all everything the sexi as Hell host

of this channel that’s me Lamont Tyson bringing you my Challengers movie review and just like I said when I did the trailer breakdown Zenia will win a Oscar for this award I mean will win an Oscar for this film and I thought it was going to be one

of them kind of holly berry type winning the Oscar when she gave Billy Bob Thorton some good loving like I said the Larry it

wasn’t even like that Zenia nailed it and this is a Oscar performance for her let’s get ready to do it please be sure to

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it out when I first thought about this movie I thought it was going to be some kind of erotic Thriller and it’s more of a new term I’m going to Dove I’mma call it Ecom drama and er rodic somewhat comedy drama about uh thropple who all have some

flaws and each bring out the worst and the best in each other and like I said Zenia sizzles she’s cold she’s calculating and this performance by her just took her to be in a grown woman’s status and for those of you in the LGBT community this thing is

written by people in the community and they did an outstanding job it’s written by Justin I don’t want to pronounce his last name so forgive me Justin and directed by Luca God forgive me Luca big supporters of the LGBT community and that’s another thing I love about Zenia

if you didn’t know she is one of my top five favorite people in Hollywood because she’s an outstanding talent but also what she does outside of work outside of Hollywood she stands up for marginalized communities she wears it on her sleeve and she’s not afraid to do so

and I’m love to see that and another thing y’all this movie is rated at R and um I just got to go ahead and warn some people this is a spoiler review and with this being a spoiler review let me go ahead and tell y’all something that some

of y’all might not like this movie has a whole lot of male nudity and a whole lot of grown men eating bananas and pointy things all toti Frutti and so if that’s not your cup of tea hey it’s such a great movie I’m going say go see it

anyway but still I just want to go ahead and warn y’all you’re going to get a little bit of that and some of the things that went on in this movie that I know that the community is going to love the score on this movie at times seem

like they misplaced it in certain places but as you sit and you see and you hear it you understand why they put the score where they did and the score just added to the height and the drama and the emotion of what was going on with the characters

it was more the type of thing that the LGBT community is going to love those kind of Beats and I think that it was well done as well and the way they dropped the score in at certain points just added to the height of this movie well done

Community well done and as we get into the bits of the movie it opens with a match between art and Patrick and Zenia plays Tashi and that same match that you see in the very beginning also is the last thing you see now what’s going to throw some

of y’all for a loop is that this movie the main storyline is 2019 but it flip-flops between 2019 all the way back to 2006 and in between um Tasha she’s married to Art and they have a little baby so this is a grown movie for Zenia and for

me tends to be hard for me to see grown see people who played roles of children and now they’re trying to cross over to the adult usually it’s hard for me to see that um not because uh mostly because I’m so used to them playing those roles but

with Zenia her Talent takes her to a place where you can see this maturation and what I loved about their little daughter there was one point in the movie where the daughter mentions she wants to go watch the verse which is an Easter egg to Zen playing in

all the Spider-Man movies and I thought that was cute and this couple Tashi and art are a power couple they are a tennis power couple and they have great endorsement with as Martin and all this and the thing about them these two is that art is completely in

love with Tashi and you know what she’s in love with herself her ego and tennis there’s going to be a segment when they first when you first see them where he’s like I love you and she’ be like I know just damn dismissive it was crazy and then

we meet his best friend Patrick in a hotel and his CL his card declines we learned that art is down on his luck as a pro tennis player and his confidence is Shook and then we go back and we get the backstory of Art and Patrick they have

been friends for 12 years I they have been friends since they was 12 years old and they play tennis together and they’re really good they go to a match and they see tshi who is a dominant high school player going to Stanford both guys find her highly attractive

and invite her back to their hotel their roach motel rather after they go to a party at tashi’s house when she defeated somebody and this is when we learn tashi’s playing to go to Stanford and that artist going to Stanford in this roach motel both these two dudes

art and Patrick they were like kids in the candy store candy store Kashi decided to come to the hotel when she got there she played both of these white dudes like French fiddles she got them talking they revealed that Patrick taught art how to masturbate and Tashi was

just all into the story and in my theater which I’m located in the Greensboro durm Area North Carolina First first of all that was packed and I went to a 1:45 p.m. showing and it was packed when they was going through this whole scene in the hotel about

the masturbating and all that that was comedy I guess because people in my theater was busting the gut I wasn’t because it wasn’t funny to me but the people in my theater was busting the gut and at the end of this scene when Tashi had these two dudes

basically kissing each other and said she didn’t want to be a home recer and they wind up being played by her they asked could they get her phone number when she was about to go and they was going to have a tennis match with each other the next

day she said whoever wins can get my number Well turns out Patrick won but art is the one who’s really in love with Tashi and when you think about art and Patrick Patrick is kind of like the if you can say a bad boy he would be the

bad bad boy of the two and art and I would say Patrick is extremely confident art is more unsure of himself kind of needs to be Leed and throughout this movie You’ seen this through the the different trials and tribulations the movie put in front of them and

I guess in modern day terms the young people would definitely call Art a s in today’s terms and so now Tashi goes on to Stanford as I said so does art and she breaks her leg in a match playing uh trailer par trash white girl and her career

is over not before she had a chance to fuss out art who wanted to talk to her about her relationship with Patrick and she fusses him out because he basically tells her look art doesn’t I mean Patrick doesn’t really love you and she’s just like whoever said I

wanted to deal with love I didn’t care about no damn love and told all right he’s a bad friend and on that same weekend Patrick comes over there to see her before her match and this is when we learn that she don’t she don’t really care about Patrick

she is all obsessed about winning and she basically draws a BRI a wedge between her and Patrick by acting like an telling him how sucky he is on the tennis floor tennis court and how good she is and what she needs to do to win and on that

same weekend trip Patrick and art they have words about him running to her and just telling like look why you go tell her that I Patrick don’t love her and you would think Patrick would be mad at Art but at the end of the day Patrick was cool

with it because he felt like that helped toughen up his buddy art and throughout this whole thing you you get this weird vibe that these two kind of like each other like these two might want to sleep with each other and you for sure definitely get that from

Patrick because he has a Tinder account and on that tender account he’s got it set for men and women and as we jump back in modern times in 2019 tshi puts her husband art in a tournament called Challengers because he’s been failing in the pro circuit and this

Challengers tournament is basically a tournament for scrubs and she’s doing this because she feels like her husband can get his confidence back by beating these scrubs and the issue here is again tasi is all about her ego she’s all about vicariously living through her husband and playing and

keeping his tennis career going forever because that’s what gets her off it’s not the love of the husband is not her kid is living vicariously through him in tennis cuz she’s his coach and eventually Patrick wants her to coach him which is the former best friend and this

just becomes a thruple hot mess and the deal with Patrick you’re going to notice he has Rich Kids syndrome his parents are filthy rich but he’s running around here like he’s poor as hell and he wants to pretend like he’s poor and lives out of his dirty ass

CRV we learn that he is possibly bisexual as I mentioned ear ear year his Tinder app and he actually finds a woman who’s 38 years old goes on a date with this woman and they’re at the hotel and while they’re at the hotel he sees tassi and he

leaves this woman and this woman knows he’s running over there to be talk to tassi and in true desperate form he leaves her go talk to TSI TSI DS him and then he’s able to run back to the woman who easily accepts him back and lets him come

spend the night cuz he needs somewhere to sleep at because he’s tending to be poor I’m telling you this Patrick he was a damn mess and as we move on with the story and the challengers tournament the heat has turned up when we see art really wants to

retire from tennis and live a simple life that’s what he tells his wife and Tashi says to him if you lose that match this marriage is over see what I’m telling y’all because he told tasi he wants to retire live a simple life she’s like hell no we

if you do that this marriage is over she’s living vicariously through him y’all and you feel that through this whole movie but here’s the thing about her being the master manipulator that she is to help ensure that he wins this match Zenia sneaks out the night of the

match meets up with Patrick and guess what she does gave him some of them Z panty draws in exchange for him losing the match damn now let me tell tell y’all something about Zenia you going to see her booty cheeks a whole lot this film and let me

tell y’all something she definitely be in that gym doing hip thrusters and doing some squats because when she turns around and she’s got on them thongs you would never imagine that she got that much wagon she dragging them zindia panty draw panty cakes let me tell y’all something

zindia is one of my top five best in Hollywood I got her right up there with John Carlo Esposito and I go down my list another day but she’s up there and I knew that she took this role not because it was going to be erotic I knew

it had to be something about it and this thing is a mental Thriller because you’re exploring three people who are trying to play each other one of them being a s and a follower just just having his life yo-yo by his wife and the other guy who thinks

he’s a master manipulator manipulating himself into believing that he’s poor and Zenia who all she car cares about is vicariously living and winning through tennis and her ego one thing that happened in this movie that I want y’all to pay attention to earlier in the movie we learned

that art has this weird tick every time he serves the tennis ball which he’s holding the tennis ball in a certain area of the tennis racket before he serves and when Patrick first start dating tasi played by zindia Art wanted to know if they messed the right and

that’s when Patrick explained to him look if I do this weird tick that you do that means we did it and he did it back then well by the end of the story he did that weird tick to show art that he slept with his wife the night

before and let me tell y’all Something art had a pury damn meltdown ladies and gentlemen and he let out a scream that was very similar to The Scream tasi L out the first time art and Patrick seen her win her first match when she was in high school

and I thought that was brilliant by the writer and the director just brilliant and ultimately art won the match but he won the match in a manner where he jumped in the air hit the ball won but fell into the arms of Patrick after they had some dialogue

now and it ended right there it ended leaving us to imagine what was going to happen next now that art knows Andi slept with Patrick is he going to free himself and go back to his best friend divorce her or what so you know there could easily be

a part two of this and if they do it I think it’s going to be a big hit and just based on the size of the audience in my theater I think this is going to be the biggest release of the weekend and as I’ve already explained it’s

going to be an Oscar winner for Zenia acting quality on this thing I’ve never seen the two guys that were playing um art and Patrick but they did a damn good job and of course the homies Z Dia knock this out the part visual quality 10 out of

10 sound with the score shout out to the people that did the music you get aend because even though it was melodic and hypnotic type music and I felt like at times it was misplaced by the end of the movie you get why you placed it where you

placed it you get why certain times you heard certain beats of Music why certain characters were saying and doing certain things because it just it it elevated your blood pressure to let you know what those character was feeling so overall ladies and gentlemen on a life gain scale

this movie gets a solid nine out of 10 for me that’s going to do it for this video don’t forget to like the video comment subscribe go get yourself that life gang definitely go check out my home girl Zen Dia as she nailed this kned out the part

great great movie I knew it was going to be more than just some kind of erotic love film but if you want to see Zen in a grown woman Road the way you’ve never seen her all the Rotten Tomato scores being so high for Zenia on this one

they were correct because she nailed this and until that net sex as hell video I’m out

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