Chase Ink Business Unlimited Card Review

Hey, WalletHubbers! Today, we’re talking about 
the Chase Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card.
In this quick overview, we’ll share 
the five things you really need to know  
about the Chase Ink Business Unlimited Card…
First, Chase Ink Business Unlimited 
usually offers a nice initial rewards bonus  
for spending a certain amount in the 
first few months your account is open.
Second, Chase Ink Unlimited is true to 
its name when it comes to ongoing rewards,  
giving unlimited cash back on all purchases.
Third, Ink Business Unlimited 
does not charge an annual fee,  
so there’s no pressure to use the 
card enough just to break even.  
When redeemed, the cash back rewards you 
earn are pure earnings for your company.
Fourth, Ink Business Unlimited offers an 
introductory APR, which is helpful with  
cash flow management and those large ticket 
purchases you might have planned for the  
year. But it’s best to pay the bill in full every 
month when the card’s regular APR is in effect. 
Fifth and finally, you need at least good 
credit to qualify for the Chase Ink Business  
Unlimited Card, which probably 
won’t come as a surprise…
…The surprising thing is that your 
personal credit standing may matter a  
lot more than your company’s credit when it comes 
to getting approved for

a business credit card.  
That’s true with small business cards from all 
major issuers, by the way – not just Chase.
That’s the short story. You can 
learn more or apply for the Chase  
Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card 
online by clicking the button here.
Or, you can stick with me for even more info.
For example, you might be wondering how  
Ink Business Unlimited compares to 
the other Chase Ink credit cards.
Besides the Ink Business Unlimited Card,  
there’s the Ink Business Cash Card 
and the Ink Business Preferred Card.
Preferred is the way to go for business owners 
who want to get the most out of their rewards  
when they redeem for travel. Choosing between Ink 
Unlimited and Ink Cash is tougher because both  
offer cash back rewards. The biggest difference 
between the two is that Unlimited gives cash back  
at a flat rate on all purchases, while Ink 
Cash varies the rate based on what you buy.  
Which you pick really comes 
down to personal preference  
and how well the Ink Cash Card’s bonus categories 
complement your company’s spending patterns.
Another thing you might be contemplating 
is cards for your employees.
Chase Ink Unlimited offers employee cards at 
no extra cost. You also get to set a custom  
spending limit on each one and track their 
purchases through your account.  
Plus, all the rewards employee cardholders 
earn go right back to the business.
Moving on, rewards credit card applicants 
are always interested in their options  
for redeeming what they earn.
Well, with the Ink Unlimited Card,  
you can redeem for cash back (via statement credit 
or bank account deposit), gift cards, travel and  
more through Chase Ultimate Rewards®. Best of 
all, your cash back rewards will not expire as  
long as your account is open, so you can save them 
for big redemptions or use them as you earn them.
Speaking of travel, is Chase 
Ink Unlimited any good for it?
It sure is. Chase Ink Unlimited is accepted all 
over the world. The downside when it comes to  
international travel is that Ink Unlimited charges 
a foreign transaction fee. If you’re looking for a  
card that doesn’t charge foreign transactions 
fees, check out Ink Business Preferred!
Finally, when it comes down to it, does 
Chase Ink Unlimited have good reviews?
Yes it does. Ink Business Unlimited has great 
ratings from WalletHub’s editors and users alike.
So with all of that, you should have all you  
need to make an informed decision 
about Chase Ink Business Unlimited.
But to learn more, and submit an application, 
you can head to this button right here.

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