Chef Reviews Kitchen Gadgets | S3 E1

(upbeat music) – Hello everyone. We have some kitchen gadgets suggested by you that we’re gonna get in front of our chef, Ben, and our normal, Jamie. Let’s see if they’ll blow their minds or they’ll blow their tops. (Ben and Jamie chuckling) Number one, give it a lift. – What we got Jay? – Oh, we have an egg timer-style jar. It is an egg timer, surely. It’s a sand. – I think I know what this is. And there is one pet peeve that I have that winds me and so many other chefs up and I think

this might solve it. – Now I’ve gotta say this carefully. What do we finger of Ebbers that he gets most irate about? – Most irate – Pickles. – A hundred percent correct. – Keep looking. Get your fingers in. It’s the best way. Your fingers in it. It’s the best way to do it. – Cut it on the side, yeah. – Don’t finger the pickles. – How are you gonna get the pickles out? – Yeah. – Finger them. – So many people have fingered that jar. – This is the WhiteRhino hourglass pickle jar. This provides pickle

lovers with the solution to handling wet pickles. Flip the jar and temporarily drain the pickle liquid from the main chamber. Allowing easy mess-free picking. Once picked, close the lid and flip

to restore the pickle liquid back to re-submerge the pickles. – It’s not gonna stop me fingering them though. – No, but the issue I have is that if you’ve got pickles, if they’ve been salted and pickled properly, they should still have that lovely crunch to them. When you put your fingers, which are covered in yeast and other bacteria in, it changes the vinegar activity. And

basically you end up with a soggy pickle and no one wants a floppy soggy pickle because you fingered it. – Okay. – I’ve seen it and at the time I thought, oh, that’s a bit over-engineered. However, having seen all of you guys- – Do the burger challenge. – Dip your dig into our pickled goods, I think this could be the solution. – Would you like to test it? – Yes, please. – Let’s give it a go. – We wanna make sure that this is accessible to all. So you have a long halved pickles and small

gherkins. – This could go very wrong. So you’ve bought yourself a jar of pickles or you’ve made your own. You’ve filled them and they store in your pantry like that. – We now have fully submerged pickles. – And they live in your pantry as crispy as anything until you want one. – In an initial test, how are you finding it? – I like it. It’s simple. There’s nothing to go wrong. It’s easy clean. There’s detachable bits of silicon, which means you can turn it over and it doesn’t slide from your table. – So it’s BPA

free. It’s a food grade plastic lid. It’s lead free. And the glass is food grade. Claims to be leak proof, but works with other items such as olives, pickles, or cherries. – Anything you want. – Anything, yeah. – You keep saying how much you’d love it, but you also have the other solution, which is use a fork, which everyone has. – Correct. – Or don’t care. – No, you do have to care ’cause otherwise you end up with non crunchy pickles. If you’ve gone to the effort of nurturing them for months, the last thing you

want is to come to it in two months time and for it to be mushy. – I agree. So when you have guests around, give them a fork. – So I think, Mike, this is the perfect solution in the studio when I know that you normals don’t have the discipline to fork it. – Do you think- – He’s so passionate about it as well, like a problem. – It’s like having a gate at the top of the stairs for a child until that child has learned that falling down the stairs hurts. You have to put

something as a barrier to stop that child from hurting themselves. – Do you know? I genuinely didn’t know that it makes a worse product. I thought it was a hygiene thing. And therefore I was like, we’re all friends. But actually now knowing it affects. I won’t do that, going forward. – Could lead to food waste and we know how important that is. – It’s fine. – Yeah, yeah. You’re just pulling out the food waste card. I do agree though. You’re not necessarily gonna buy six of these for your pantry. – Should we talk price? How

much do you think this retails for? – £9.99. – £8.99. – This is £21.99. – That’s a lot of pickles you’ve gotta get through. – That’s an awful lot for a problem that I don’t think really exists. – You don’t have to wind me up. It’s absolutely a problem that exists. I think actually we just need better worldwide education about fingering as opposed to £22 jars. – So the WhiteRhino hourglass pickle jar, does it tickle your pickle or is it a jar too far? – It’s a jar too far Michael. – It’s a hundred percent

both of those things. My pickle was tickled, but it’s definitely a jar too far. – My pickle was tickled. Excellent. Let’s move on to number two. – We’ve solved some of the world’s problems. – Yep. Well you wait. More of your problems are about to be solved now, Ebbers. Lift the cloche number two. – We’ve all been to the food expos. – There we go. – Yeah. This is the updated version of Mexican milk frother. Right? – It is like the Mexican hot chocolate milk frother. – What problem do you think this solves? – I

imagine it would froth a lot of things. They probably sell it as egg white or cream. – This is the Whizzy Whisk Pro. The Whizzy Whisk Pro is the big brother of the original Whizzy Whisk. Easy to use with minimal effort. Just push the whisk up and down and the whisk head spins. Great for egg whites for your meringues, omelettes, lattes, cappuccinos, mayonnaise, gravy, salad dressings, batter mixes, cake mixes, and no more lumpy custard. – At least from that description, we know that as soon as we get cancelled, we can get jobs on QVC. –

A hundred percent. Yeah. Tell you- – Where does it go? – Hmm? – Where does it go? – What do you mean? What do you mean? – Where does it go? – It retracts into here. – Into there? – Which is why it’s not going to there, is it? – It’s like if- where does it go? – Where does it go? The only thing I do think is important with these things is you need a suitable vessel in which to Whizzy Whisk. – Yes. – Tall and thin is better. – Yeah. – So we have

some egg whites and some powdered sugar for you to knock up a meringue. We also have double cream, some vanilla. If you want to knock up something to stiff peaks. – I tell you what, it’s quick. I think we’re there. Do you wanna sweeten it? – Yep. – I’m pretty sure now less of an issue going meringue to cream as it would’ve been from cream to meringue. But we can tip that over Jamie’s head. No trouble. – I don’t think we can actually, I don’t. I mean you look at, no. – Yeah, but if you

do quick upside down. – Yeah. What? Like this? – Yeah, like that. But look how frothy that is compared to what it was pretty much there. If you wanted a a soft pour. If you’re looking for quenelle, another 10 thrusts. I mean that’s there now to the point where actually it’s leaving marks. – So I feel like we’ve tested that. What we wanted to do is test it in environments where using a traditional hand whisk is a bit of a pain. Is it any better? So what are your thoughts having played around with it now?

– I think it does whisk things quicker, but I think it gives you less control. So you can only whisk from the bottom. Yeah, I think is my biggest outtake from that. – And following on from Jamie. Therefore, it’s really good with relatively small amounts of stuff. It works really nicely. Like it gets there really quickly without any effort. – The 10 circles on the whisks head create the air, which makes for extremely powerful whisking to make your mixes light and airy. It’s dishwasher safe. Useful for people with dexterity issues and recommended by TV Chef

Rusty Lee. So boys, do you wanna talk price? What do you think this retails for? – Are we talking a special one-time show price of when it’s always discounted and you have to buy like four for the price of three and all that kind of stuff. – Brought to you by JML. – £16.99. – I had 14.99 in my head. – I imagine you could get two for 30 quid at expo. – Evers, you are gonna soil your pants with joy. These are £12.99, lower than both of your guesses. Are you flabbergasted? Are you blown

away? – I wouldn’t say flabbergasted. I’d say mildly impressed. – I’d say it’s gonna be a lot quicker than something like that. I think it’s good. I think it works. I still don’t need one because it is single use. – Question is, the Whizzy Whisk Pro, is it a whiskey purchase or does it make you whiz in your pants? – See the last one did both and this one doesn’t neither. I would say it’s a whiskey purchase. I’m not sure I need the pro. Maybe I just need the og. – It errs towards the whiskey

purchase. It does a job, but it just doesn’t do all the jobs that you’d want a whisk to do. – Lovely. Oh, what fun. Lift the clotter number three. What have we got here? – It’s one of those games, isn’t it? – You’ve been to the science museum where used to live, didn’t you? – I love how much that’s tickled Ebbers, and his pickle. – I’m staying quiet because I was targeted on Instagram not too long ago by an ad for this. So I think I know. – It has a very specific function for a

very specific thing that happens. – And it’s used that way up. – Ebbers knows what it is. – It feels like it could be some form of corkscrew, but- – Ah yes. Some form of corkscrew. But I think it’s for the smoother nut butters in your life. – 100% correct, Ebbers. This is the Nut Butt. – That was it. Now I, yeah. – Mixing natural nut butters mess free. At Nut Butt, we designed a stirrer that mixes natural nut butters efficiently by blending the nuts together with their oils. This is particularly useful when you buy

a jar of nut butter, which has separated and the oil sits on the top for stirring 360 and the equivalent upwards to mix the oils back with the butter. – Amazing. So this is for people that don’t own spoons? – Well actually- – No, no, I think- – Having had this problem, you put the spoon in. Think about it, and the only surface area of the spoon that mixes at the bottom, what you end up doing is just dipping a long thin piece of metal and rotating it in three quarters of the jar. – I

don’t think I’ve ever had this problem with nut butter, but I have had it with seed pastes like tahini. And you get that separation where the bottom, it’s really thick and at the top it’s very liquidy. – Whether or not it requires a specific Nut Butt to fix, we’re about to find out. – But look, even in this brand new jar, see, see, I mean that size isn’t gonna fit in that jar, but that’s the problem. You do not want that on your toast. So that’s too thin and down here is too thick. – Okay.

– Pop your Nut Butt in. – So you kind of, it churns it. – It churns it. What I think is genius about this, is it’s a piece of metal that someone has branded to sell you at a price. And then that gets stuck on there. And do you know what? It’s really difficult to get off unless you got this. – No way. – As single use items go, for a very specific thing, I’m not sure there’s many things more effective- – Than a Nut Butt. – It’s clean your Nut Butt. – Okay. Thoughts? –

Can I have a spoon please? Now I would say this is a bigger jar. Probably gonna use a bigger spoon. – Fair enough. – It does a similar job. The problem with the separation of something like even tahini, is how solid the bottom is. – Don’t lean back like that. – Do you see what I mean? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. That is hard. I will agree with you that that is hard. – And before I churned this, this was probably also a little on the hard. – Hey Jay, how you gonna clean that spoon? –

Well now that is the thing that I think is genius about the Nut Butt. – This was advertised to me as a foodie. I imagine I follow enough food accounts that they thought I am their target market. – Or you’ve just been searching butts. – I chuckled to myself because it was called a Nut Butt, and I thought that’s the kind of thing we should probably do on the show. And then I forgot about it until this moment. – The little card thing is a bit that really makes it clever for me. And I can

see it does work. It’s just another single use thing to have in the kitchen. – Would you like to have a guess at the price? – £6.99. – Well, it comes with a little card thing, doesn’t it? I think that’s gonna add another three quid. I think it’s £9.99. – 13 pounds. – Oh. – So, the Nut Butt, is it nut to be missed or the butt of the joke? – Very good. I remember seeing it with its name and I have to be honest, I scrolled on by. So it’s the butt of the joke.

– It’s the butt of the joke there. – But it works so well. – But you don’t need it. – Two different ways. Fine. We can agree to disagree. Let’s move on to number four and our final gadge. Lift the closh on number four. I’m really hoping that this is brilliant. – That is not a toaster. – Okay. We can work this out Jamie. We can work this out. It’s a cylinder, which I imagine spins and/or gets hot. We cook things on the inside or outside of it. – It feels like it rolls off this

way then ’cause you’ve got like a printer out tray. – Any guesses, boys? – Is it an automatic pancake maker? – Ish, but a little bit more specific. – American pancakes. Crepes. – This is the EvoChef Dosa Maker. – Oh, oh, okay, right. – Dosas being the thin, crispy, savoury crepe style dish from India. – Yeah. – Yeah. – Ebbers, we sent you to Hoppers to learn how to make them in an hour. – It’s all about a gentle, careful, controlled movement with a little flat bottomed ladle across a hob. Very difficult to replicate at

home without that hob set up. – Until today. – So India’s greatest dish made easy with the automatic dosa maker. Simply add dosa batter into the batter tank. EvoChef Dosa Maker will print sheets of fresh dosas anywhere, anytime with anyone. Would you like to give it a go? – Yes. I really would. – I’m still quite confused by it, but yes. – So we have some pre-made dosa batter. – You’ve given me a bat in a bag. – So made of fermented rice and dhal and I think it has some spicing in there as well.

So fill up your batter into the tank up until the fill line. On the front there’s a panel and an on button at the bottom of the front. Hold that for three seconds and then you can choose your cooking time, the number of dosas you’d like this to print and the thickness. – Middle timing. 80 seconds. And we’re gonna print two. – It’ll now take three to five minutes to preheat. – So while we’re waiting for this heat up, a couple of things. It’s not- – We’re off, Ebbers. – Hold that thought. It’s doing a

thing. I don’t understand how he gets it from here to, it’s literally printing. – Now cooking. – I mean, I’ve heard of like 3D printers for food, but that’s essentially what this is. – It’s peeling away. – Yeah, now it’s peeling away this side, which obviously was 30 seconds after your side. – Yeah. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. – It’s now gonna make sure it’s back up to the correct temperature and then it’s gonna, you just leave it. You just leave it to its thing. Holds it there, it is stringy and

kind of stretchy enough. And then a clean break. And it honestly, that is so clever. Just flops it on top of the last one. I have to be honest, Mike, you have outdone yourself with this gadget. – It wasn’t me. I can’t take any credit. – I selected three. – It obviously thinks it’s hot enough this time. – Would you like to try your dosa with some wonderful South Indian dishes? – Yes, please. – Oh yeah I would. – So here you have a coconut chutney using fresh ground coconut, garlic, ginger, curry leaves, red chilli

and mustard seeds. Aloo masala, so spiced mashed potatoes, and sandbar, a thin lentil and veg soup. – You do you. – Thank you. – And you just use your dosa to mop up all of that deliciousness. – Cheers. – Cheers. This is sensational. – And idiot proof. – Oh my goodness. – I know you can make the dosa batter from scratch, obviously, but how easy is it to get hold of the pre-made stuff in the UK? – The dry stuff’s really easy. You just mix it with water. Most supermarkets have it even in the world

food aisle. I think to get the wet stuff pre batter, you might have to go to an Indian shop. This, it’s just mesmerising. – Boys. I hate to interrupt your fun, but let’s talk price. – The equivalent of 180 pounds. – I had 200 in my head. – Okay, we paid 13,999 rupees. Which is £132.35. It’s astounding how smartly some mechanical technology has been put together and the result that that produces. – And yet it’s so simple. – Yeah, exactly. I guess to summarise, guys, when you’re walking home this evening and you think back on

the EvoChef Dosa Maker, are you thinking dosa really good or they could be batter? – Dosa really, really, really good. – Dosa really good. – Well over to you guys. What did you think? Comment down below what you thought of all of those gadgets, whether you thought they were great or maybe rubbish and keep suggesting other things like this for us to get into the studio and try ourselves. These are the best videos to film and hopefully for you to watch so also give it a like.

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