Chef's Path Airtight Food Storage Containers UNBOXING & REVIEW

Welcome to today’s video
where we’ll be unboxing
and taking a close look at
Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage bundle.
Who doesn’t love an organized pantry
where everything is easy to find?
Rhetorical question, right?
Or maybe you need better storage for your refrigerator or freezer.
The Chef’s Path food storage containers will
help organization no matter where you need it
due to the container’s transparent
design AND reusable labels.
I was really excited to start using these.
So let’s take a look at what’s inside the box.
With this particular bundle, you get twenty-four
BPA-free storage containers in various sizes.
You also get twenty-four reusable chalkboard labels.
One chalkboard marker.
One free measuring spoon set.
A letter from the owner and some
coupons for other Chef’s Path products.
This particular bundle comes
with six extra-large
containers that hold just under
twelve cups or just under three litres.
Six large containers that hold about eight
and a half cups or two litres.
Six medium containers that hold just under
six cups or about one and a half litres.
And finally, six small containers that hold
just over three cups or a little under a litre.
Chef’s Path containers are topped
with four-sided locking lids
with a black silicone seal,

an airtight fit.
When storing chips, crackers, cereal, I don’t
want to lose that crisp, crunch freshness
so ensuring food items are stored properly
after opening the original package is key.
A smart design feature from Chef’s Path is
that while the containers vary in size, the lids do not.
One of the frustrating things for me with
food storage container sets is that I have
to match a specific lid to a container size.
When I’m doing meal prep or packing away leftovers
I want to quickly snap on a lid without having to search.
This system is fuss-free when it comes to the lids.
As well, if I’m storing liquids, leftover
soups or broth, I have had spills in my fridge
when the lids weren’t fully fitting to the container.
And as you can see here, Chef’s Path airtight
food storage containers are just that – air tight.
No risk of spilling any liquid.
Flipping to the bottom of the
Chef’s Path Food storage containers,
each is adorned with the same, following symbols:
Dishwasher safe and
recommended for top rack use only.
Safe for microwave use.
Can be safely used in the freezer.
The BPA-free plastic is safe
for contact with food.
Number five Polypropylene icon denotes the translucent, tough and lightweight plastic that the containers are made of.
And finally, the containers are good
for use in temperatures ranging
as low as negative twenty degrees Celsius
or negative four degrees Fahrenheit,
and as high as one-hundred degrees Celsius
or two-hundred and twelve degrees Fahrenheit.
As mentioned earlier,
Chef’s Path food storage containers come
with a chalkboard marker and reusable labels.
I’m not sure about you, but I don’t always
store the same items in my food storage containers.
Sure there are some staples, but I also have
a lot of items that I’ll cycle through or
not have on hand at all times, freeing up
a container for a few months.
Being able to wipe away text and rewrite on
the label makes for a fantastic labelling system.
The various sizes of the containers make them
great for stacking and helped me save room in my pantry.
Not only do they look great and
provide a versatile storage solution,
but these food storage containers
do what they’re supposed to.
I’ve been using them for the past
few weeks and I’m very happy
with the freshness of the ingredients in the containers.
I can see what’s inside each container at a quick glance,
the lids are sturdy and airtight,
and the containers stack nicely and
make for an organized pantry.
Overall I’m very happy with these Chef’s Path
food storage containers.

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