back by popular demand we’re here baby I swear you guys all accused me of doing something to terara and I didn’t she’s here she’s I’m here and still alive what’s black and white and red all over that’s me ter this is of the reject Nation we are here

today for some child’s play this movie is referenced all the time see you no I don’t think that’s is that I thought that like there’s like horror like knifing is is there knifing I don’t know seen the doll and the stripes there’s a doll and stripe probably a

knife too I know that because we see his creepy face all over town like he this man has gotten more photos of him all over than anybody else I’ve ever met everyone knows what Chucky looks like uh but we somehow managed to not see this movie no I

have and I well I was adverse to watching horror movies when I was little but now I’m easy bit cing you know what I mean so I’m ready do they know what you mean no they don’t I don’t even know what I mean but like you guys get

the juice we know this is an ‘ 80s movie I might have when I was a little kid walked in on like my big brother during

some scenes I don’t remember anything from this if I ever did even see a glimpse so I’m excited to finally be able

to be part of the conversation with the people you guys join us for the conversation please like comment subscribe let us know what your thoughts are on Child’s Play ring the bell ring the bell she forgot that I do to ring the bell and now she loves it

she remembers now I love it and I love you so happy you’re here um I said I love it but this isn’t it this is Chucky this is this is a different creepy yeah this is no Penny wise uh thank you so much to prepper for helping us

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but first we’re going to do some child’s you know what’s weird I was going to be like we’re going to play with some and nope prepper cut it cut it no old school oh I don’t MGM what’s the last letter in MGM was that was that when it

used to be United Artists oh yeah baby old school I’m going to fist pumped you so many times oh I’m already feeling the Tom H Tom Holland was he directing when he was like four he wasn’t born B this the 8S God he’s that young I got the

Strangler W bash are we New York huh that was a cool shot yeah through the window to the walls oh nice stunt there you can’t tell me this doesn’t look like Seinfeld if they had guns and stuff right now it does a little bit I recognize him jack

get the help me leave him Jimmy Wongs is making me want Chinese food yeah that does sound good Playland o all the babes in Playland oh oh grazed his jacket okay that was easy yeah but now the cops are really going to be coming ooh this is a

great setting for what’s about to go down oh that’s the dude from a lot of things really I don’t recognize him I do hello Chucky blue-eyed serpent Catherine Hicks who ooh ooh that got him Chris sandon that must be who it is this guy yeah maybe he slipped

right out of that coat slippery snake are you recognizing any of these games Power Play Hockey absolutely not operation okay the dolls in the case are they’re weird me out she’s still an unbelievable working casting director I know right I’m going to get you for it I’m going

to get you and I’m going to get any no matter what that’s a intense thing for somebody who’s bleeding out to say yeah I got to find somebody oh Chucky you think maybe okay Tom Holland also wrote this from the womb give me the power I beg of

you waa so 80s yeah it looks awesome oh my goodness it’s like the Exorcist but with Chucky he’s not taking something out he’s putting it in yeah you think he’s dead but he’s Al Juju on a doll man do you think he put himself into Chucky or he

just gave Chucky his mission HH that’s a good question maybe his soul is in Chucky who are you I’m a good guy I’ve just come from the gu Clubhouse you mean you’ll be my friend now sure I will I wonder if that was a real cartoon cuz it

looks like ch% oh my God this kid making his own he’s so cute his outfit looks like Chuckies oh he’s obsessed that’s our Good Guy show for today but don’t go away because we’ve got a very important good guy message oh hi good guys boy have I got

news oh God you have to add sugar on top no good guys say three different sentences okay that’s terrifying hi I’m Oscar and I’m your friend to the end tidy ho wow he wants one every good guy has a name burning your toast bab get it kid not

a stroke you’re having mommy wake up oh he’s making it for her that’s so cute that is adorable oh it’s a beautiful day outside see oh my God he’s the greatest kid ever I love him how long you’ve been up birthday boy since forever come here come here

come here come here oh The Raspberries classic I wish we had moms still I know right we don’t we’re part of the Dead mons Club no more tummy raspberries for us that did last a long time yeah okay go ahead you think it is or isn’t the doll

isn’t well what do you think you need these clothes so badly uh yeah you want some toys don’t you not boring old clothes try the other one he just threw the card well what do you think I want a good guy to go with it but I didn’t

know about it in time this month to save up for it that kind of broke my heart the struggles are real you know that doll that you wanted for Andy and it cost hundred bucks yeah the good guy doll there’s a peddler in the alley behind the store

and I think he’s got one what would a peddler be doing with the dog who cares would you grab your purse and come on we can get a deal on it it’s the hex doll but why does The Peddler have just the random he the oh how much

do you want for it 50 bucks 10 and not a penny more 30 but we don’t even know if the damn thing works there you go lady made it bring you and your kid a lot of Joy oh his teeth yeah how do we know the damn thing

isn’t stolen huh steal this okay of course the thing is stolen what do you mean right care that it’s stolen Mrs how has taken sick and we’re short-handed tonight you’ll have to fill in for her I can’t I have to pick up my son at the daycare center

then I suggest chill out would you Walter huh I love this girl I’ll take care of Andy for you you can’t do it don’t be silly it will be the hottest date I’ve had in months I can’t imagine why okay he’s the worst and I love this dynamic

between these two besties yeah a good guy show me how he works okay hi I’m Andy what’s your name hi I’m Chucky oh god oh Mom thanks you’re welcome honey she must feel like the greatest Mom ever right now I’m so nervous for her why don’t we do

our hair like this anymore I like it I’m trying to get a perm after seeing this yeah Eddie Caputo reputed accomplice of Charles Lee Ray has just escaped the Michigan Avenue Precinct you’re not watching me want to play Hey time for bed Andy that’s what I’d be doing

eating all of his cake Chucky wants to watch the 9:00 news sure he does off we go come on Chuy oh no uh-oh is he going to be mad about the Hat I think just about the way he’s being carried and H there’s no world in which Chuck’s

good right he turn the TV on 9:00 news gated violence ISS recomendations to back to you Steve thank you Jerry that’s so creepy turning the TV on and putting Chucky in front of it when I told you it was time to go to bed I didn’t do that

oh no what a Chucky he do walk into the living room and turn it on all by himself sure did ant mag and not another word but I didn’t put Chucky in front of the TV enough she’s going to feel like so stupid one day yeah I’m loving

the casting with the kid me too kid is excellent great kid is really excellent we all need an auntie what’s her name I thought it was Aunt Maggie yeah yeah that’s right but I might have made that up no that’s right oh no oh this POV kills me

could be a dog just a random dog Andy no it’s me Chucky oh my God don’t you dare per my God I hit you in the face no but you did scare the out of me I have no Purge pillow I had to use my jacket that was

a good one she got me there yes oh uh she just got purged herself we’re purging today baby it is so scary when you hear noises at night and oh like this feeling cuz you and I are both solo dwellers I have a knife in my hand I’m

always like I sleep with a knife a taser pepper spray all next to my bed don’t mess with me flour she’s trying to do baked cookies easy bake coven what okay what is wrong with me he’s behind you I’m scaring myself half to death I don’t want it

oh my gosh that was fast don’t show her hit the ground don’t show her hit the ground is he going to come up to the window with his hair flowing I guess not a so what happens here she walks up and sees the broken window sees her friend

on the car probably yeah uh why are these cops not stopping her like hey lady uh you got to get through to your thing just ran through a a crime scene well miss who who what doing I live here okay well okay at least we we got it

we got it they they they brought it back are you all right oh I’m so glad I got so scared I also hate that pop-up clown in the background she had an excident what kind of an accident M Barkley I’m Detective Mike naris homicide could I talk to

you out in the hall they think that he hit her H that’s going to suck Miss Peterson’s dead Miss Barkley what she fell from your kitchen window you all right no what yeah like my best friend is dead buddy what’s wrong you uh got any idea what these

are Chucky feet they look like Footprints don’t they very small Footprints if somebody made those Footprints if not Andy then who I don’t know and I don’t care and I would like some time alone with my son who I’m sure is just as upset about this as I

am sorry tricky dialogue Great Performances with yeah I agree I I believ yeah it those are some hard lines to say yeah I don’t know and I don’t care you think was so important about my sneakers Chucky you don’t know either do you flower at the bottom because

uhoh Mommy I know who is on the kchen C Andy who Andy Chucky Andy that’s enough stories for tonight now come on back to bed now I mean it poor kid don’t get no credit I want that autopsy report on my desk first thing tomorrow yeah and anything

you can find out about Miss Barkley and quick aut anything else I can do for you sir oh yeah hours yeah no tomorrow morning that’s like 12 hours impossible possible murder weapon no the come on you kidding me they’re going to see that she didn’t fall hey you

are kidding me I really like that these shots are taking their time like that that led into the elevator there weren’t any Cuts close the door I I enjoyed that a lot Andy who are you talking to Chucky Chucky huh at this point if you’re the mom are

you suspicious at all yeah cuz like this kid is not acting himself so you have to be his real name is Charles way and he’s been sent down from heaven by Daddy to play with me he said Aunt Maggie was a real and got what she deserved he’s

made of of plastic and and stuffing now you don’t really think that Chucky is alive do you but he is Andy stop it it’s course of Aunt magy you’re yelling at me isn’t it this kid is so har like wrenching yeah I’m sorry I’ll stop making up stories

oh no it’s not made up honey I also love like this this mom she’s really good at getting like quickly emotional and I believe her she’s very very good and some of the dialogue is challenging yeah she’s making it so powerful I also like that they look the

doll and the boy look kind of alike look exact like but not this red hair blue eyes it’s not like they found a carbon copy of right right the right chck she didn’t believe me oh hi I like to be hugged cuz he could see her feet were

still there yeah now he’s going to snap oh or sleep oh or sleep this is just where my foot is now rest here Purge oh no oh no it’s back oh boy now she’s going there she goes all right off to school if you’re the mom at this

point you take the doll or no yeah oh God what all the kids have it so I hope he misplaces his with somebody else’s swap out this kid just knows how to get himself around town no Chucky’s guiding him I guess this I would but like would you

let him on the train that’s what I’m saying I’m like he’s so young just like with a doll did he have like I guess he figured it out like a pass or maybe just nobody’s like Hey where’s your mom yeah good uh fall the the snow crunching under

his feet yeah I’ll be right there Chucky oh Chucky is fast he is super fast he made it up those stairs rather quick quickly oh revenge is a dish best served with Chucky creepy e that hand uh-uh oh no D rats looked real okay so he turned off

the pilot light and he’s going to poison too this is why you need a carbon monoxide alarm works better than a gun 10 out of 10 times in these scenarios yeah it’s like you know you have rats man couldn’t the sound just be that yeah it’s not no

don’t run towards the bullets oh buddy yeah you almost just shot a kid this whole house is going to blow up oh where’s the kid I think he got far enough away whoa hey that looks awesome they look like they really okay they really blew up that building

I don’t know how to tell you this m Barkin tell me what they’re taking me away unless you say something please say something I feel so bad hi I’m Chucky and I’m your friend to the end he told me never to tell about him or he’d kill me

my name is Dr Ardmore I’m from County General maybe Andy should spend a couple of days with us they’re going to put him in the psych ward it’s going to have him Chucky mom’s got it now oh boy okay but at least she’ll finally see what’s happening then

they’ll just stick her in the psyart well we all know that all women and all children are crazy so totally absolutely I mean that’s where they belong I got to say I love her fashion game yeah she got drip and everything that 8 like the color scheme of

this the Browns the beiges like yeah as opposed to the Chucky red blue red and like bright yeah he wants you for a best friend oh B in him that’s a cool way of finding this out or like getting skeptical check his butt can he bite can he

hi I’m Chucky want to play that roll under the couch was insane however they rigged that stunt it was creepy as hell to me like a magnet or something yeah like don’t go don’t put your face down there honey no no I think that’s a no I think

that’s a no o cool shot that feels like a whole different movie right now yeah H slow hand this point he’s he still said the right things though it’s like Reasonable Doubt like okay backup battery or what totally she’s probably thinking she’s going crazy talk to me he’s

looking tassled I said talk to me damn it all right then I’m going to make you talk all right all right Mom I said talk to me damn it or else I’m going to throw you in the fire you stupid you f with me oh my God oh

my God he can bite oh they’re a filthy look at his face morph oh my God I did not expect him to sound like that me neither I thought he was going to keep it that voice oh no but don’t leave your fire on girly oh what’s her

plan of attack here I I don’t know I guess at least now she has proof of his bite that they would only be able to match the the doll but will they be able Andy was telling the truth Chucky is alive and he killed Eddie Caputo I took

him home to my apartment I was about to throw away the box that he came in when the batteries fell out he came alive in my hand I I I dropped him and he got up and ran out of the apartment he also bit you show him the

bite I sympathize him I really do I hated what happened in there today but lying is not going to help son fine does this look like I’m lying okay there we go where you going to find Chucky how you going to do that I bought him from a

peddler where I work I’ll start there that isn’t a good part of town to be in at this time of night Mrs Barkley do you hear me she even car buddy she’s in a pedler where I work does he know where she no I don’t it’s not a

good area of town right I feel so dumb what city I don’t know is it Chicago I mean I’ve been to Chicago so many times this train that’s it’s messing it’s messing us up but we know we’ve got Bridges we’ve got Bridges a train Alleyways yeah yeah there

he is excuse me mister maybe don’t carry a big purse I know I’d shove that behind inside your jacket I bought a doll from you where did you get it what you give me if I tell you well I don’t have much but not enough what else you

got that’s all I’ve got all you got these guys are creeping up on her wait a minute where are you not alive no no the cop’s going to be there and the cop followed her good where’ you get the doll a burned out toy store on wild Bash

that’s where I got it he knows what happened at that toy store oh yeah cuz he yeah place where he said he got the doll Charles L Ray died there the lake shore Strangler the man who’s partners with Eddie Caputo yeah there we go well why don’t you

believe me it was struck by lightning the night that Charles L Ray died how do you know that because I was there I was the man who killed him putting the pieces together did he say anything anything at all who Charles le Ray yeah threatened to kill me

and Eddie caputa I know there’s something wrong with me but I ship them I want them to make out I get I know there’s something wrong with me I know especially from the beginning I was going to mention that how he was like kind of flirting with her

from the top you said you didn’t like loose ends well I’m a loose end you can’t just let go what I said tonight without checking it out for the Last Time Mrs Barkley good night except for the last time good night but it’s like you also followed her

yeah it’s your choice buddy I’ve definitely never seen this now she knows well just none of it looks even ve right not for me either except just knowing what Chucky looks like looks like yeah good night what is that voice it’s so great a he’s goingon to burn

him ow oh oh cool shot that may be what you were referencing he has no brakes I think you got to open the car and roll out yeah you got to abort buddy abort before you lose your ding oh my God not the knife and the crotch oh

oh no here we go okay cool car scene we haven’t had something like that yeah oh God you can’t hurt me but he did hurt you with the oh the way he runs it’s remember when he almost knifed in his butthole oh oh taking that knife he’s so

stuck I feel so claustrophobic for him uh-oh oh you really kind of can’t hurt him he just popped right back up well it’s not going to like HD an organ right just just a little bit of cotton loss that’s all after I talked to you last night I

decided to go back to the station sounds different I learned a couple of things his nickname was Chucky spent a lot of time with this man now all we have to do is find him before Chucky does how about and he tried to murder me right like so

I believe you exactly that’s me Chucky what do you think when I came here learning all that stuff about how to beat Death I thought maybe you were pulling my chain not now only one problem this voice is amazing yeah last night I got shot know something it

hurt like a son of a it even bled why is that John blood huh you’re turning human what more time you spend in that body interesting more human you become you mean I have to live the rest of my life in this body no way you got me

into this you get me out this doll looks like so good you perverted everything I’ve taught you and used it for evil and you have to be stop that turned very fast I thought something like this might happen that’s why I prepared for it give me that sure

how do you want it broken leg oh how do I get out of this body I will tell you yeah oh no the sound oh no have to transfer your soul out of the D into that of the first human being you revealed your true self to the

kid oh the first person I let in on my little secret was a 6-year-old kid I’m going to be 6 years old again I need to know if this was an animatronic like I’m obsessed you have a date with death that was is wild I like that they

added that element in yeah made this like Supernatural but gave us an understanding explanation of what did happen here and how we got to this place it’s a lot of blood must save the boy you must stop him before he can sa the chair but how how how

his heart is Almost Human it’s the only way through the heart okay okay so through the heart oh my God creepy help me help me Dr adore Chuck’s here oh my God this poor kid I don’t see anybody but doctor Chuck’s here they come through the window me

oh this kid is so good pleas me please no no no Terra God it kills me keys keys keys ke that’s just for you Valley folks where is he hiding he put a pillow there right yeah he had to also he looks like he’s small enough to fit

through the bars no lock them in yes come on close the door good good job oh no wait a minute stop here this is a resourceful mother freaking kid yeah check the north Corridor oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no okay oh waa what a

shot oh no he’s got a knife in the Heart come on this little outfit is so cute he’s so Back to the Future yeah they’re going to Dr him up no no I hate it nobody here oh no he’s going to get the doctor before Oh oh my

God the eyes eyes and teeth oh that’s an unbelievable effect they really killed him yeah F until Chris with the electric shock machine and then he escaped uh escaped where we don’t know Chucky have you seen Chucky anywhere the doll kid doll the same one that was at

the Station House have you seen him anywhere what I going to know about doll where are you going that guy’s so bumbling and great what going to know about know about it all what about the people he murdered what murder the Chucky was here and that he was

looking for Andy well where would Andy go he’d go home I always told him to go there if he was in trouble come on we don’t have this time good job kid how did he get there this kid I know this kid he just he does stuff gets

it done I hope my kid one my future kid if I ever have one my my single ass says there’s more than one way to have a kid going home is a good idea however the problem is if he had gone anywhere else right like you’re like he

knows exactly where you went cool shot the big head looks so huge Whack Him real good maybe he does like a home alone thing where he drives a car and then he gets him to like follow it came through the chimney wait you came out of the closet

though I don’t know about that oh it’s all part of the plan maybe he needs his mommy a no dang it I really want him to be like extra resourceful like he has been but it does this is fair makes more sense I mean he’s a little kid

and he’s been able to do so much so far this guy has no qualms about killing a kid which is really crazy day do we dem oh boy no don’t let him finish the chant yeah run all the way up we don’t have time give me the power

I beg of you but he blocked off the door they’re going to have a hard time getting in oh right maybe not that cop use your legs kick it down big strong cop guy oh oh okay get him ah maybe don’t just throw oh waa because why did

you just throw Karen take this take it Mike it’s the final count I like how contained this is it’s like final showdown between these two people that we started with but we’re in a small space in that Bleak color palette check in the bathroom buddy oh really packs

it he has he really packs that much of a punch to all right got to do it in the heart what’s wrong gun jam oh my goodness that’s scary maybe don’t drop the gun oh the kids got to do it oh oh my God he’s like a rabid

animal good boy Andy no please we’re friends to the end remember this is the end friend yeah buddy this is the end friend see you later Charles oh no push him back can oh my good it’s a lot of money a lot of damage don’t leave the body

like we didn’t see that he was dead dead we saw he was burnt be the first a kid under the kitchen sink really fast okay no don’t have him run and get it what are you crazy know right mommy Chuy’s gone shout it babe yeah shout it Andy

uh hello Andy oh wow Shout It come on Yell kid mommy whoa give me the boy and I’ll let you live do you hear me yeah that’s going to work she’s just going to give you the boy where’s the cop come on Mom you got to find a

weapon get that lamp get anything oh my goodness he looks terrifying give me the boy stab him through the heart where’s the cop come on oh all right nice nice head shot make a difference you got to got to be the heart almost we’re getting there this is

the slowest burn ever oh my god oh that’s creepy let me step on him yeah what the hell’s going on here hey hey hey hey hey D the kid was right the doll’s Alive come on what are you talking about you don’t believe me check it out in

the hall Cory he’s feel like he’s going to die right now oh God yeah he’s going to touch it oh my god oh what is going to happen I thought I told you not to touch it Mike will you be sensible come on look it’s as dead as

they come it’s dead oh all right mom at least now we’re all on the same page oh my goodness kill him kill him I can’t say he’s not resilient shoot him in the heart oh there was one bullet now that was the other gun oh okay I’m Chucky

W to play battery’s not included believe me now yeah but who’s going to believe me nobody oh that’s a great shot is that it oh really good really really really good I comp after watching that I understand the obsession shout out to aspro for sponsoring us so some

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like I’m on board like with Chucky as a character because now we’re in 2024 this was sometime in the 80s so we’ve been with I mean almost 40 years with this right like and that makes sense totally and that’s why there’s so many like Megan and there’s so

many doll and creepers like this really is this was a good idea this was I I absolutely agree I my whole head in the the whole entire time was like this was made in the 80s how did they make that doll look so realistic like I’m going to

have to go home and like research it was an an by D David Kush uh and executed by Kevin joerger what do you think executed me oh okay so maybe it’s an electronic I mean they did a really great J puppet kind of thing I don’t know know

man maybe it could be a puppet thing guys dang I’m sure that for most of you guys out there that wasn’t your first time watching it like it was for us but I we understand now where you all have been coming from uh if you enjoyed this reaction

if you’re listening on Apple or Spotify make sure you give us that five star give us that good good rating yeah like I don’t even know where to start with the this is one of the biggest horror franchises of all time yeah and that was like that was

really something it was it was like I from the top to like all the way through the end especially I think what really really sold it for me is the kid I mean the great casting on him kid okay we got to see what so believable what has

he done since yeah like and where is he was he in the other ones that I also haven’t seen because I am so on board with him and many of these are there like all of them really great believed uh all the performances which I think is so

important especially with this as you were saying earlier while we were watching it is that some of this dialogue is it’s not you know the easiest dialogue to make it realistic and they did a really great job and that kid five stars okay okay so here’s what we’re

looking at the movie was 1988 okay um and it was that little boy Andy was played by Alex Vincent who has gone on to do all he did Child’s Play 2 Cult of Chucky Curse of Chucky seems like he’s like most of the stuff is Chucky stuff he

has 14 credits total on uh as an actor and are they all Chucky almost all let’s see okay so his first credit is Child’s Play then he did a movie in ‘ 89 called wait until spring Bandini do you know what that is nope mean neither it’s a

it looks like uh Joe montna is in it but I don’t know it then he did just like in movies which was another movie that I’ve I don’t know I don’t know that but Allan rcks in it then he did Charles play 2 okay then he did my

family treasure which I also don’t know don’t know that one he did a movie Dead country a movie on the ropes house guest Massacre then back to Curse of Chucky in 2013 he did a a short called Sweet Tooth then he did Cult of Chucky in 2017 dark

military 2019 South of central was in one episode of that TV show and and then he did the Chucky TV series so I mean this dude like that’s crazy to me because that must be what he wants to do because otherwise this guy I mean he was he

could he so good he was so good he was so endearing and believable and like yeah it was and also interesting when you know at first we’re not hearing Chucky in the Chucky voice right we’re only hearing Chucky um in doll voice and he’s Whispering all the things

to him so the part of you is like is he saying to him and how much is this really true and then when we finally hear it so that little kid on set had to be playing off of nothing right yeah and he’s so great n that is

wild I mean that makes me want to watch all of the Chuckies if he is in them sign me up what a nice refreshing break too from like all the horror movies I’ve been watching recently that really are so scary yeah and this was really primarily fun yeah

I absolutely agree like there wasn’t a lot of jump scares it wasn’t like I did feel tense in like a couple of moments but most of the time I was like this movie is a blast why do you like do you think that that was the the goal

the idea behind in the ‘ 80s I feel like there was so many major horror franchises being sprung onto us where it was like really like scary creepy horror and this was like a doll and still it’s I’m not saying it’s not spooky but and maybe because it’s

not the’80s anymore it really like it it it really to me this was yes we’re calling it a horror movie but it’s it’s almost like a horror comedy in some ways yeah I I agree I’m wondering if like maybe they were going for in seeing that doll like

in this movie coming out seeing that doll come alive and hearing him say in that voice would have freaked me out because for that time it would have been like we haven’t seen anything like this I guess except for like when it’s a Star Wars I guess there

was like Monsters animatronics stuff like that but for this specifically like a doll with that voice making that face going to kill people was so just not of the time that just that in and of itself was scary enough of just this creepy little doll I like dude

Chris Sarandon is Jack Skellington oh my gosh that’s cool that’s awesome that’s so cool how is that possible I love that that what a good one that’s a great one wow ah that makes everything even more fun like I agree that is just so great and and the

relationship you and I were both hung up on that relationship between the mom and the bestie too yeah uh I which I absolutely love I want to see what some of the like fun facts about this are honestly because this is the kind of thing where it’s like

you watch this movie and then you Google a ton of things like how do they make the doll what was actually happening here okay so am on IMDb Let’s do let’s look at some trivia Chucky’s full name Charles Lee Ray oh this is the one thing I told

you that I kind of had heard is dve from the names of notorious Killers Charles Manson Lee Harvey oswal oh so it is Lee Harvey Oswald and James Earl Ray oh the assassination of um Martin Luther King okay so that that’s interesting kathern Hicks and Kevin joerger met

on set and were married a year later so Karen and the Chucky Creator oh my goodness huh uh okay the film used various ways to portray Chucky including RC animatronics and little people or child actors various animatronics and cosmetics were used for every scene throughout the movie Chucky’s

Cosmetics transition from looking toy likee to more humanlike the film created multiple Chucky animatronics such as a flailing tantrum Chucky walking Chucky and a stationary Chucky the animatronic face was controlled by a remote control that a rig that goes on one’s face and captures facial movements dude for

1988 that is Advanced it sure is so that means that that animatronic went on a kid’s face or uh or a little person or a little person’s face and then it read those facial like movements movements yeah yeah that’s crazy this is a cool one too the original

working title in the film was batteries not included said before it became known uh Steven Spielberg was making a film with the same title it was changed to blood buddy before settling on Child’s Play Oh blood buddy is kind of weird blood buddy that’s too spooky for what

this is I like because there is like a childlike element to this I think that that is perfect uh in the scene where Chucky runs behind Maggie in the hallway Chucky was actually played by Alex Vincent’s younger sister oh okay that’s cool too yeah cuz the kids that

they’re do that’s I feel like Chucky was probably played by multiple I like that there’s probably multiple Chuckies within this one movie and she’s like my brother’s on set all day let me run right oh my gosh I love that that paycheck girl despite their long running collaborative

effort for br to to bring Chucky to life voice actor Brad dorf and special effects when a wizard Kevin joerger never met in person until they’re both guests at a horror convention in May 2018 what what what what H what this was the voice actor and the guy

who brought her to life never met until 2018 that blows my mind 30 years after they made this that’s insane that’s crazy oh my goodness okay let’s I’m going to keep going because I’m just the Chucky films have always been accused of inspiring violence and children that’s kind

of weird one case linked to the series was a gang in man Manchester kidnapping and murdering a 16-year-old girl oh my God what this dark quickly while they uh I’m actually going to skip the rest let’s skip nope just going to skip the rest of this one but

also like there’s something wrong with you inherently if you watch this and you’re like and you’re like inspired by it no that’s bad that’s a bad one should have quit while I was ahead Let’s uh look at some of these other on yeah no maybe I’ll pre-screen these

next time that’s pretty much the fun facts I’m going to seriously when I go home I’m going to look for more information on the animatronics the kids that played them and I feel like we have to watch the next one is the next we you guys have to

leave a like you have to share this please comment the crap out of this so that they will make us watch all of them we are on board yeah straight up the whole the whole dang shebang and plus TV show if they if all the other reactions do

well I heard the TV show was good actually yes and it says that he’s in it as Andy so maybe he’s like the dad or something my gosh I can’t wait I mean I love this guy and I was I mean most child actors that you see they

don’t they’re like oh they have a family in Minnesota and they’re like doing a totally different job and I really appreciate that he is so young in this movie and still doing the thing it’s so that he is so good at it’s like him and Drew Barrymore yeah

yeah yeah this one scene when he like turns and cries and leans down brilant that was in the jail cell I was like he reaches the hand he turns around he slowly slides down with tears in his eyes Bravo any notes anything that you were like I wish

that they did this or I would want to see this in another one I mean there was a couple things that we were like oh yeah they they made up for it like when she was running through all the cops I was like come on the cops got

it come on but they did it later that bugged me a little bit other than that a little cheesy dialogue sometimes but but the performers were really good the performers made up for it like I would have hated to say the mom runs out to the car and

she says like all right and then she slaps the car and she’s like all right and then she tells him something else I would have hated just reading the all right all right blah blah blah blah blah but she did such a she did a great job they

they all did a really great job with some dialogue that I’m like is a little ex Exposition um of telling us like who Chucky is and you got to go get him and he’s alive but I mean I just I believed all of them like it was so

great this lights out for me yeah so fun and like I don’t have to go here feeling like I need to check under my car and my just that perfect balance of what a movie should be when you’re looking for a good time horror movie like this could

be a a October staple this is like a nice break from something really scary scary dark but still has those elements I wonder if in the 80s this played scarier and now because of all like I love the set design I love the muted tones I love the

costumes I wonder if now because it is so like I I’m gonna call it a period piece yeah because it’s like a period pie it is that like because of all that I’m Le I was less focused on being afraid more just like this looks like a beautiful

film right right I I agree CU that’s what I was mostly curious about back in the day of like oh seeing that doll that animatronic being so scary and hearing that voice for the first time I freaked out like I was like that’s what he sounds like it

sounded it it really brought me back to the ex ISM where I was like he sounds like the scary like there’s an exorcism going on and that freaked me out which I super appreciated that it was it was very very different um and awesome when he when he

gets all burnt up like and he looks like a burnt up little Terminator I just thought all all of the Practical effects in this were just five 10 a million stars yes him burnt up that was legit dude so good his face and his like one eyeball it

didn’t even look at all to me for any moment where I was like that doesn’t look good it was like it all looked A+ the scene with the car when he’s like stabbing at his junk yes yes it’s so it’s so good the knife coming through just the

seat of him knifing it through I so many things borrowed from this movie so many movies have borrowed from this movie I agree and the line of like your time your time’s up friend or oh yeah yeah your art the time end the you’re it’s it’s the end

friend for you it’s the end friend whatever comment what it is please comment the right line but we love that line okay that was great you guys have a job at home right now you have to please like comment subscribe ring the bell ring the pal you have

to do all the things because we have to see Child’s Play two is that any what it’s called is anyone what is that even what it’s called Child’s Play two I think so we have to see the next Chucky movie we have to we want to watch the

whole I mean I’m down to watch I have not seen any of the Chucky stuff at all so I’m down to watch all of them do us that favor please oh please we appreciate you guys uh chck out of 10 yeah straight up Chucky’s the ultimate reject yeah

so on behalf of Chucky thank you reject Nation we love you

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