Ciblerie Electronique Stage Training System ! Review & Test. (n°303)

No, you don’t throw bbs
One is there, the second is there and the third os here…
Pomegrenade white pine cones !
The now it is…
Naudnaud explain the application !
No? You want explain? And you?
Yes i can
Wait i put the camera back it’s crooooked
Yes it’s Juraman, croooked
Hello everyone and welcome to this new video
today something i’ve never done in video.
We will review and test an electronic target system
I’m with Vever’s from Expérimental corp airsoft
I put the link to their Facebook in the description,
so…. You tinker with a lot of things
We try yes, we try to develop accessories to enhance, precisely, the parts of airsoft but also to discover equipement a little in this style, to either do drill…
Make the game a little more alive…
That’s it! Of scenario and other yes
So, today we are going to test the system of at Stage Training System.
It’s a whole système of electronic target that allows training drill,
funny little games and I think it’s going to be pretty fun.
So the system from what I understand consists of all this kind of box.
You buy to start a master target and two slave targets, the base pack is that
and then you can add targets to the unit.
yes, knowing that the system is particularly well done, intuitive controllable via smartphone.
All with Wifi
You can do the standard scenario or custom
we can also do it in manual
Yes it’s funny, but you? You haven’t explored everything yet?
no, we are still on the discovery and testing part.
So, let’s talk directly about the price…
let’s talk about things that annoy.
Yes, that’s because a system like this quickly comes back expensive
on average it’s 150€ the starting batch for the master target and the two slaves and 50€ per additional target, it’s a budget.
Yeah, but it’s worth them, frankly, it’s worth them. you don’t have to go pick them up. Everything is automatic
knowing that a master can control up to thirty-one slaves
power level everything loads, everything works via a micro USB port.
it’s that it’s two 18650 batteries that are there in battery, its works with one but if you want the autonomy you can put two and the it keeps a good day
someone who wants to install it in a store this system may very well not put batteries and directly connect them but the system is portable on a day it’s really autonomous.
no, the system is economical and it’s well done, intuitive to take in hand, even the application that we will present is beautiful, everything is automatic, it takes a few seconds to set up, it takes no place to store
it’s a system accessible to the general public, even the person who wants to put it in his garage, in his airsoft room to have fun, he can.
all the cases are made of plastic and covered with aluminum.
The housing is fully protected, that is to say that even with a powerful replica there is no risk
the rotation system is also protected. Can you lift a target? Thank you.
ah! you touched her she fell!
Yes, it is sensitive
the target itself is made of aluminum,
the arm that holds it also and it is removable via two screws to be removed.
I think the alternate targets will be here soon or if they haven’t already.
If ever a person who works aluminium will have no problem to redo it. It’s solid !
So for the application, graphically it is superb
yes it is modern
we immediately see that it’s for target shooting,
several integrated game modes, standard, random, custom and setting which allows you to see the connected targets,
their batteries level and you can lift them manually.
The custom is more difficult to understand, but we continue to play with it to master it.
The little we understand is already very fun. I’ll make a selection,
I launch on “GO”, the targets synchronize and there’s just to start the scenario.
Once finished, we have the time displayed and the detail between each target. like IPSC’s shoot timers.
Yes and the app gives the start with a “beep” too.
Here we have the random mode…
Naudnaud told me that the app also detects missed shots.
Apparently yes
In random mode we choose with the symbols the number of cycles of the targets.
we throw and voila, as for the other, the “beep”…
time to shoot the target
there is a way to do something random completely it’s fine, it’s random or programmed or even in standard mode, all targets rise at the same time and just shoot it as fast as possible
standard mode, all targets rise at the same time and just shoot it as fast as possible
yes, 3…2…1… “beep” and that’s the end result.
The app is nice, there are ways to have fun
and there we have only five targets. imagine with ten! it’s a budget already,
on a complete course, all controllable with the phone, we spend a crazy day !!
and wifi range ?
we tried on 10 meters, no problem. beyond we do not shoot, we must be gifted and seen the size of the targets
It’s great, I love it
so after this small phase of tests, we get to the end of the video,
in short: a system a little expensive but it’s really worth it because it’s fun, interesting
funny, interesting, intuitive, I continue with this adjective qualifier… I have some vocabulary, watching.
otherwise, it’s a system that can easily have a place during your games, even during competitions.
drill, in a shop for demonstrations, discovery, in fairs, events.
we are at the end of the video,
I thank again Experimental corp airsoft for coming here,
even if it lacks Obelix, we display a compromising image.
thank you very much for watching this video,
if you have any questions, comments, if I can help you it’s with pleasure.
Thank’s for watching, subscribe, like and share this video…
that’s what I was going to say, the thumb, the sharing, the little bell too, important the bell
it’s good….
we don’t have a YouTube channel but we know how it goes
thanks again to you and see you soon friends

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