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Okay dad I’m going, bye. -Where are you going? -I’m going to watch the Circus movie. -What?! Circus movie! -Yes But it got really bad reviews. People give any type of reviews, we can’t say anything about them. It must be a good movie, it is a movie of Rohit Shetty, he makes such good movies… And on top of that Ranveer Singh is the actor, I must enjoy the movie. I’m telling you the reviews are not good and it’s not a good movie. I’m a Rohit Shetty fan but still I’m stopping you. I’m telling you it must

be a good movie, people just say anything, just believe me. Don’t go, people came crying after watching that movie. No people just say anything, it must be a good movie. Take these headache pills with you. Don’t be tensed it must be a good movie. What happened? I already told you not to go. Did you enjoy it top much? I told you not to go to the movie. He is in a trauma, he can’t even speak. -I was telling him not to go already. -He watches all the movies. He just paid to get tortured. Sadly, Mukesh

couldn’t survive. I’m sure that if this movie is in theatres for 2 more days then there will be dead bodies coming out. I’m going to give you the most

genuine opinion that no one else can give you. Oh really! If you have too much free tome and you don’t hesitate to waste your time and money, Then you can watch the Circus movie, first thing. People say that, “Nishay your videos are lame and such” and I even agree to that. BUT! then I watched the Circus movie and realized that the videos are not that bad. See

firstly, my videos are of 12-15 minutes so much of your time would not be wasted. If your don’t find it to be good then you can close it and you didn’t even pay for it. You started it on youtube you watched it for 10 minutes or closed it at 2-3 minutes if you don’t find it funny. You write a comment, mentioning it lame with some abusives and you went on. It didn’t affect your life. But then one you feel like going to watch the movie of your favourite director Rohit Shetty. For which you go to

INOX and buy a ticket worth of 1600₹ and enjoy the movie on a recliner, And then you think that which was the unfortunate moment when you thought of watching this movie. Why did you I come to watch this movie? And then you think, “I watched the movie in foolishness”. But what did the makers think of while making the movie and what did the actors think while acting in this movie. And Ranveer Singh who’s one of the finest actors of India. Who did work in Padmavat, Bajirao Mastani, Ram Leela and many such amazing movies, why was

he in this movie? What kind of joke is this guys? Why Ranveer, why did you act in this movie? I need money! You know what’s the comic part of the movie… There’s no story so there won’t be any spoiler, if you think I’ll spoil the movie so let me tell there’s no story. There are two Ranveer and two Varun in the movie. Both Ranveer are named Roy and both Varun are named Joy. The first Ranveer and Varun are brothers, The other Ranveer and other Varun are also brothers. Roy-Joy, Roy-Joy are their names. Now one lf

the Ranveer is such that he can touch the electricity wires… He performs in Circus by touching 1000s of volts of wire and doesn’t get shocked as he is electric man, And think why isn’t he getting shocked? Think! Because the other Ranveer is getting shocked. This Ranveer touches the electric wires and the other Ranveer gets shocked. So while he is performing in the Circus and people are clapping for him, Then the other Ranveer is shocked on the other side. So when the other Ranveer gets shocked he makes a face like this. This is the comedy in

the movie. Let me show you the reviews of this movie on IMDB. -When will Bollywood learn? -Who knows?! The worst part of the fim was the double role of Ranveer and the best part was when the film ended. Reall when the movie ended I was like, “Thank god, the movie ended.” Thank God! You are alive. There’s not a single funny scene in the movie, the whole theatre was siting like this the whole movie. Peeing in the ocean don’t cause a tsunami. -Your dad is so weird! -You must be weird but we are weird and rich.

Such an amazing joke, laugh on it you fool. I didn’t dislike any of Rohit Shetty’s movies ever. Golmal series is my favorite and then the Shigham universe and All The Best. I swear to God, only a few days I was telling someone, How ever Rohit Shetty’s movies are, but they are funny and you will enjoy them. Exactly, neither does this movie has story nor script and comedy is now where to be found. And I read a person’s review on Twitter and the guy wrote it so blatantly. That this is funnier that Golmal. Yes, this is

better than Golmal. So what else compliments do you want? Everyone was going crazy in the theatres, it’s funnier than Golmal. If you want to watch a movie with no story, no plot then watch this. Money wasted making this, I doubt it will recover. You know this movie earned 30 Crores in 5-6 days. It did earn that much? “Unbearable and boring”, totally agreed. This should get a oscar, full of suspense, romance, comedy and thrill, but very underrated. The best part of the movie was the item song when Ranveer and Deepika danced. Now I’ll tell you an

amazing thing about th movie. So, there’s a scene that one Ranveer and Varun, Roy-Joy, they live in Bangalore, And the other Roy-Joy live in Ooty. Notice my fingers now, so these Roy-Joy coe to Ooty. Okay, understood that. They stay in a hotel and the Roy-Joy who already live here in Ooty. Stay focused on the fingers as it’s going to get confusing. The Roy of the Roy-Joy who live in Ooty is having his anniversary today but he fought with his wife. His wife us upset of him. So these Roy-Joy went to a jeweller to impress his

wife. They want to buy a necklace for his wife so that she is impressed, so they go there. So when they go to the jeweller he asks them to come after a while and he will give them the necklace. So these Roy-Joy went to a bar and are dancing, In the mean time the Roy-Joy in the hotel are coming to this bar. These Roy-Joy were here only to dance and then they went back to the jeweller. And now the Roy-Joy in the hotel are now here and are dancing. But meanwhile the mother of the Roy-Joy

who went to jeweller is now here in the bar. She’s here to get food for his sons. So she sees that Roy-Joy are dancing in the bar so she takes them home with her. So these Roy-Joy are now in the home of the other ones and they are there buying necklace for his wife. So now these Roy-Joy think that this old lady has kidnapped us And then they hear firing so they hide in their house And in the mean time the other Roy-Joy return home with the necklace, now listen carefully… When they return with the

necklace they see the lights are off so this Roy thinks that… That because his wife is upset so she isn’t letting him in, so what will they do now? It’s his own house but still he says that let’s go and stay in the hotel. He returns home and finds the lights off and goes to stay in the hotel, And guess what in which hotel do they go to? The same hotel hotel in which the other Roy-Joy were staying. I’m getting nauseous now. So when they go to the hotel the manager thinks that they are the

Roy-Joy who were already staying there, But they are not them, but the manager sends them to the same room. So the Roy-Joy from Ooty when go in the room see that there’s stuff of someone else, One of the brother says that there’s stuff of someone else, so what the other replies is… -What did he say? -He’s saying that… That when the people will return we’ll go then, let’s sleep till then. So the other ones are now sleeping in their house and they are sleeping here in the hotel. Leave it, I don’t know what I’m saying

even I’m confused now. Even the script of Humshakals was better than this. Your respect for Humshakals would be more after wathing this. Finally, what I’m saying is the movie is the worst. Lamest is not even a word it’s most lame but this movie is lamest. I was reading that this movie is a remake of a hindi movie from 1986, Which was a remake of a bengali movie of 1970’s And that movie was a remake of a turkish movie of 1950’s. So much of confusion. So this was a remake of a remake of a remake of

remake which has been destroyed. Read what’s written, “Assault of senses, I don’t write reviews but the monstrosity that is this got me here.” See the words MONSTROSITY, “Nothing makes sense, the colours, the characters, the dialogues, storyline, humour.” I’m telling you the humour in the movie is all about… I think he went mad. This is the humour in the movie man. HOLY SHIT! what did I just watch! Limit of overacting, absolute disgrace to humanity. It’s a disgrace to humanity, well I won’t say that much about it. There are worse movies than this. “Was this supposed to

be a comedy movie?”, Really, was this a comedy movie, are you kidding me? “Didn’t expect this from Rohit Shetty.”, Absolutely not. And I’m feeling bad for Ranveer Singh and he is my favourite actor and… Seeing him in such a movie is very disheartening. Why did he do this movie? Complete disaster. Anyways, you get the point, Triggered insaan videos may be lame, unfunny, cringy but still better that Circus. So, like this video.

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