Classic Bell Tent Review | Snow Camping With Kids 2020

hey in this video we’re going to talk
about the classic canvas belton that we
just took to the snow
with our three-year-old toddler here’s
our full review
coming up
hey guys welcome to the dad ventures uh
today we’re doing a dad review
on this bell tent that we just purchased
and use
at the snow um hopefully this will help
people who’s looking into
buying a bell tent or a tent in general
so in this video we’re going to talk
about what came with the tent
the pros that we found um the real world
results that we’ve tested in various
the cons and our recommendations
so a bit of backstory i wanted to go
camping in winter so i’ve been looking
for a tent that sort of
meets our family needs so we have a
three-year-old toddler so he needs to
obviously keep us insulated and we also
wanted to put a camp stove in there
to keep us all warm and have a fire
going and
it’s pretty cool to have a campsite in a
tent right you know why not
so we ended up getting the canvas cam
bell tent the four meters
from side to side it’s called the
ultimate pro
400 or the 400 ultimate pro one of the
other so let’s go straight into it this
is what it came with
that was pretty cool the filming bit of
that that was pretty
if you guys haven’t seen the previous
video we went to mount kosciuszko
um we used this bell tent in mount
the campsite was snowed under so it was
a winter wonderland
it was amazing the link is in the
description box below so have a look at
this is beautiful
alright so after the camping experience
these are the pros that i found
firstly it has so much room in there
here’s a shot of my
self-inflating mattress that i have in
the tent you can fit about two of these
maybe three but there’s no camp stove in
there um
so much room our little girl loved it
she thinks it’s a nice fortress
second pro it’s really easy to put up
there’s only two poles to pitch the tent
so it’s quite easy number three the the
roof and the sides are made of 360
gsm full hundred percent cotton canvas
what does that mean it means it’s not
polyester like your traditional dome
which i have you’ll see images of the
sg4 which is the
black wolf tent that i’m comparing it to
from polyester to canvas worlds apart
honestly number four pro is the ground
sheet is
tough like really tough the one we have
is 650 gsm
i had a stove on there i had camp chairs
on there
i had a three-year-old toddler on there
running around like a
three-year-old toddler and no damages
we had this ground sheet on snow we had
this ground sheet on
in the backyard on grass on dirt
no damages whatsoever one of the cool
things about this cotton canvas material
is they
tested it with a cigarette they did the
cigarette test what does that mean is
yeah they got a cigarette and they try
to burn it
it didn’t burn we wanted to put a camp
stove in there especially with winter
with a three-year-old i wanted to have a
fire at least in the tent to keep us
warm so i’ll tell you the results of
that in the next section
all right so amanda is on fire judy
check it out that’s in the tent
that’s right that’s in the tent pro
number five six four
one of them the bag is amazing if you
care before you know that after having a
good weekend away the hardest part is
everything away well to me that was the
hardest part this bag that it came with
is amazing it’s it’s huge and
it didn’t take too long for me to put in
the bag i think the first time around
after i pitched up and put it down i put
in the bag
with ease like it was easy or so much
um probably wasn’t efficient when i put
it away as in i just
i didn’t jump on the canvas to push out
all the air and so forth i could have
made it a bit more efficient to fit in
the bag
but even saying that it fit in the bag
perfectly and there was no
problems with that also one of the pros
for this tent
is that it has a really nice headroom
especially when i’m about 1.8 i can
in the tent in most part of the tent
obviously it tapers down on the edges
but at least it gives me that ability to
when i’m in the tent same with my whole
family so
definitely a bonus did i tell you about
the spares bag it comes with a spares
just think about it it comes with a
spare bag that’s
designed for me like i lose stuff
it has a spares bag this tent was meant
for me
i wake up in the morning
hey all right so we’re going to talk
about real world results so these are my
it might be a bit slow or slightly
different to you guys but
i’ll try to fill you in what i did and
how the end result came about
so i’ve tested this in rain tested
in snow i’ve tested in wind
i think that’s all i’ve done okay so in
in rain
it was sort of a coincidence i pitched
it up in the backyard when i first got
i seasoned it with water that whole
as per the manufacturer recommendations
uh coincidentally the next day it rained
after about the third day or fourth day
i went in there was no water whatsoever
um and i left it out for like some
pretty heavy rain
it was good it had no problems
whatsoever so
um it passed that tick of approval
windy conditions so we went out camping
one of the nights it got to about 50
kilometers an hour
of wind speed and it went on for about
10 hours worth from midnight up to
maybe 10 o’clock during the day
the tent or the pegs was still good
it was still firmly pitched the tent had
no problems at all
um yeah well well
all right so winter conditions
especially snow conditions firstly the
having the ground sheet on the snow one
of my worries was that it will seep
no problems at all so it was definitely
watertight the only issue is
it was very very very cold lucky we had
a few things on the mat that kept us
warm so one of the reasons why we bought
this cotton canvas is because
we wanted to make sure that the canvas
material kept
in the heat and it certainly did
um lucky we had a cam oven uh camp stove
cam oven stove camp stove oven ah one of
those you know what i mean
with negative seven outside inside was
about 15 to 18 degrees
so that was really good it kept the tent
warm it kept us warm so definitely a
bonus on the next night it was about
five degrees outside and it was about
the same about 15 to 18 degrees
so that’s definitely another tick of
approval fyi
one of the questions i had when i was
searching for a tent is i wanted to know
how long that heat stayed in there you
whether it stayed or night or a couple
definitely the latter so with these
tents um i’ve noticed that in both
occasions the heat wise only lasted
about a couple hours before it
sort of leveled about maybe plus five
from outside so if outside was five
degrees it was about
10 degrees maybe inside if outside was
negative 7 it was about negative 2
it’s probably our body heat keeping us
warm and keeping the tent warm
so after the camp stove turned off um it
kept us warm for a couple hours which
gave us enough time to get in bed so it
did his job
thumbs up
okay let’s talk a bit about the cons
with cotton canvas or poly cotton canvas
with all i’ve researched there is a bit
of maintenance involved
starting with one of the rules is you
shouldn’t be putting away or packing
away the tent
when it’s wet because it builds up mutu
so what it’s recommended is if you do
have to put away wet you have to take it
out within 24 hours
and dry it what i also found is
the size difference compared to what i
have now the canvas
to my previous tent is massive
not only the size but the weight as well
so this tent’s about
rough rounding up to about 30 kilos on a
normal day
that’s fine i can carry that but
chucking on the roof every time
it does get a bit strenuous so if you
have a u or trailer
perfect you have plenty of room in the
suv perfect you have plenty of
room in the four wheel drive perfect but
yeah i
for our trip i chucked it on the roof it
here’s a bit of work another con that i
found based on the circumstances i was
negative 70 degrees the zips were a bit
i wanted to not freeze my hand off and
just zip it up but
it took a while so that was my fault
because i was not patient you know that
movie with godzilla when the guy’s
trying to put the
tape in the the camera
if i had more patience um i would
definitely zip it in
and would have been fine but yeah that’s
a bit fiddly there another con
is the footprint of this tent my tent is
about four meters round
so and then if you add the guy ropes on
either side
it’s about an extra meter at least so
you’re looking at six meters by six
meters to
have this tent pitched up camping at a
national park i didn’t have a problem
with that because there was so much room
for the caravan park or the likes you
might need to
get a bit more room to fit the tent in
your vehicle so
just something you have to be aware
i wake up in the morning in this great
state golden fingers
caress my faith so does the pros
outweigh the cons
it really depends on you guys i
love the tent i really do our family
love the tent
we can use it not just for campy we can
pitch it out in the backyard
and when we have friends over we can
have a movie night so it’s so many
uh purpose to that tent and i’m planning
to take it to the beach and pitch it up
these tents you can remove the walls and
then you can open up and just has the
roof it’s
pretty cool idea there’ll definitely be
a video on that when summer rolls in
so stay tuned i think it’s very good
value for money
especially the type of materials we’re
dealing with cotton canvas versus
polyester tents so there’s also other
things that i would like to buy in
future for this tent
definitely consider this when you’re
purchasing your tent as well
i’m definitely going to get a fly for
the roof of the tent
firstly there’s so many birds around
that just on your
tent so um every time i have in the
i have to hose it off so definitely
going to get a fly just to protect it
for longer plus it helps with the
insulation so for winter camping so if
that’s something you’re into
definitely get a fly i’m also going to
upgrade my stove
the stove i have is sort of a cheapy
stove but
it does the job but i’m looking at
upgrading that as well so
those are the two things that i’ll
definitely do in the next couple of
months we bought it through a company
called breathe
bell tent which is
and she was very helpful her name is
i highly recommend her she got back to
me within like 20 to 30 minutes with
so much information so much valuable
speak to her her details is in the link
in the description
box below so definitely do that alrighty
that’s that’s our review for the bell
if you guys have questions by all means
ask it in the comments and we’ll answer
it as much as we can
guys if you like this type of video give
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