Clay: Your Personal Rolodex – App Review

today we’re taking a look at application clay it is a personal rolodex a private home for managing your relationships it’s sort of a productivity application but it’s something i’ve been quite interested in doing a review on for quite a while now and i have managed to have a play around with the application to give you my perspective so we’re going to be diving over major features personal experience and a score and summary near the end of this video so if you want to use the time stamps feel free to if you’re new to keep productive

welcome keep productive is a channel focused on helping you to find the best productivity tools for work and life so this is being called a personal rolodex the second half of linkedin as they’re quoting it on their website and clay has a beautifully designed ios and mac application which is why initially it caught my attention but this application is basically a way to see all of your contacts and relationships all in one so when you get started in terms of sort of major features you basically connect your services like imessage calendar email and even things

like twitter and it’ll basically pull all of that information to create not only a social history but updates and bios of that person in real time which is quite nice being

able to sort of have that all in what side of one application now the goal inside of clay is to keep in touch with your contacts so essentially it resurfaces them based on when you communicate with them and an algorithm around how often you should communicate with that person and it’s really interesting in terms of how the app’s built because you get this home feed

where you can see a full outline of everyone you’re communicating with but how and often you should start talking to them now the application does allow you to interact so for example you can go off into your email application write an email to them but you can also add notes allowing you to keep updated maybe they um you know for example you have a relationship that for example you wanted to write their kid’s birthday or something where you don’t remember it but when next time you call you’ve just got that to hand and sort of

information all in one so they also have a sort of social feed inside this application where you can see everyone’s updates and highlights but more in granular detail for example you can see when somebody changes their twitter profile and what they changed it to now from using the application some of my favorite things so far and the things that stood out for me was the cadence ability the ability to resurface people based on how often you’d like to see them for example if somebody you don’t necessarily talk to on a routine basis like every month

you may want to set that to every three months but you can change the cadence based and the frequency you speak to them based on each person there is also a really nice command bar which allows you to do some really fast abilities and as you said the ios and mac application is really stunning in terms of its setup so let’s take a look at clay as a summary so this application is priced a little bit steeper it’s priced at 20 per month and as you can imagine that is quite expensive for a lot of

people that’s why i think they’re probably targeting a lot of their work towards vcs investors and those very much relationship management experiences so for those who are in jobs that really require relationships first and foremost and being able to manage them it’s a little bit like superhuman they’re targeting more of a premium audience where for example with superhuman their email is primary use and used quite a lot during the day and this is probably the same exhaustive target market this isn’t necessarily a zoho or pipedrive competitor but it stands alone in the market as a

way to keep in touch with your contacts and build relationships this application is really interesting and in terms of its score i probably give it an a for what it does it is beautifully designed and i really like the way that it’s set up in terms of making sure you’re keeping in touch with your contacts one in particular recently when i was using it it resurfaced somebody that had changed jobs that was much more suitable for something i was doing right now in terms of being able to keep updated with them and it was a

perfect segue to be able to email them and see how things are going so i guess it’s really uh for a set target audience but at the same time i think the application is really well built and it definitely has an interesting place in the market so folks that was clay if you’re interested in more app reviews we’re doing them very soon so do check out the link inscription and be a subscriber today thank you very much folks and i hope you enjoyed today’s feature you

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