Club You To Death by Anuja Chauhan | Book Review (spoiler free!)

hi fam and welcome to a new video today 
i am going to be filming a book review  
and i am really hoping that i don’t get as many 
hate comments as i did for the last one because  
i just — i i don’t — i don’t want that anyway i am 
here to review Club You to Death by Anuja Chauhan  
this is actually finally my first ever Anuja Chauhan.
i’ve been meaning to read her for a while now  
a lot of my friends love her writing and have 
loved her books and Anuya and Sharin actually  
call her the Chetan Bhagat that we deserve 
and after reading this book i kind of see what  
they mean. Her writing from the very beginning 
disarmed me with this charm. In the first chapter  
itself I got to hear words like choot or ghanta or 
BT(bad trip) which just reminded me of things that like  
i usually say so it was very clued into like gen z
minell minell — millennial yes millennial lingo.
and yeah oh wait but wait i haven’t told you 
what the book is about so um this is i think Anuja   
Chauhan’s sixth book and all of the other previous 
books have been romance books primarily so  

this was her first foray into the mystery, thriller, 
murder sort of situation. So the book is set about  
this murder that takes place in this clubhouse 
or like this club which is like a very fancy  
gymkhana in Delhi and essentially this very 
famous and beloved trainer dies or is murdered  
and then the cops are called in to kind of 
solve it and the cop who comes in is this ACP  
Bhavani who refers to himself in the ‘royal we’ 
and like looks at his knuckles and radiates like  
calmness and sympathy (??) and then this other guy 
who’s a subordinate who is Padam Kumar or PK who’s  
sort of like this chauvinistic but very delhi sort 
of fellow who’s looking for a bride and they  
are called in and asked to basically solve this 
murder super quickly because this murder actually  
happened on the eve of a very important day for 
the club which is the elections. So basically  
through this book you get to see a bunch of 
people and their perspectives. You get to see  
the suspects, you get to see the people working the 
case. So you also get to see this perspective  
from this one guy called Akash of Kashi who is a 
lawyer who also gets involved and helps kind  
of solve the murder. There is his ex flame whose 
name is Bambi, there is a bunch of other people  
and it’s just very very interesting 
and why i say is interesting is because  
these people in the book are not very 
likable and they are also very very real  
like we know that there are people like this in 
south delhi who talk like this who behave like  
this who have these sort of thoughts um and i feel 
like she did such a brilliant job of like bringing  
this to life. so like i was constantly reminded 
of um these comedians called Kusha Kapila and  
Dolly Singh — I don’t know if you know them but if 
you don’t I will link their like profiles/videos down  
below — you should definitely check them out they 
do these characters of sorts of these south delhi  
women and girls and it was just on point 
because one of the girls actually in the book says  
“i am so dhanya, i am so blessed” who 
says i am so dhanya i’m so blessed?? but  
i am sure someone actually says this so yeah who 
does to Anuja Chauhan for actually like bringing  
this flavor into the books and all of these 
characters are different shades of sexist, racist  
classist, colorist, just all the “ists” – but it’s 
also just very true of society especially in delhi.
i found myself laughing, rolling my eyes and 
just also trying to like guess and conjecture  
who possibly could be the murderer what was 
possibly going on and hey i have to give it  
to myself i figured out who the killer was in 
like chapter four but i didn’t quite know  
why. like the ‘whydunit’ but i figured out the 
‘whodunit’ that’s cool but yeah i i don’t  
know i didn’t have any like hypothesis per se i 
just had like this feeling in my head that this  
person is shady, so i just feel like happy and 
proud. And as i said earlier all the characters in  
this book were extremely unlikable except perhaps 
ACP Bhavani who from the very beginning is made  
to look like this very astute, knowledgeable, 
sympathetic, empathetic character. All the rest  
of them were just pure as*hOl*s in my honest opinion 
with like shades of grey like everyone  
you know — essentially what Anuja Chauhan 
did through this book was essentially show  
the mirror to society and make you see that how 
these people are because these people were vile  
and disgusting but also this was very real and 
very true. you got to also see various aspects  
of society like how the political world 
is being shaped in our country or  
what’s happening with news media outlets or 
even like how people are ‘pseudo-woke’ but inside  
they just have the wrong intentions or just end 
up doing the wrong things or they say something  
outside but then actually feel and do something 
completely different. and yeah i just thought  
that she brought up these very interesting topics 
that you kind of thought over as well. however, 
apart from all of these great things there were 
also a lot of things that troubled me i felt like  
there were a lot of inconsistencies and like 
plot holes in this book. i also felt like  
just things that happened in this book i don’t 
know if it would actually happen in real life like  
for example if a policeman actually does take 
the victim’s phone back home and then it’s like  
scrolling on it and to check out stuff on the 
phone of the victim who has died while like on  
his bed before he goes to sleep?? i don’t know — that 
just felt really really weird to me. it was also  
sort of frustrating to kind of see everyone else 
put the pieces together after you had kind of  
put the pieces together but i do have to say 
though that the end was something that i was  
not expecting. i mean as i told you i had 
guessed ‘whodunit’ but ‘whydunit’ was  
something i definitely had not figured out 
and i do not think that it’s actually very easy  
to figure out whodunit – it was actually like 
it she just kept giving you these hints of like  
this one could be the murderer or this one could 
be the murderer and in the end it actually was  
like kind of like a homage to agatha christie 
wherein the lead detective kind of brings all  
the suspects and the people together
into the room and like tells you about how  
the case unfolded and what happened and there are 
things where he’s like oh and he also solved the  
mystery of something else that happened with some 
other person and that person may look like ‘oh this  
person could be the killer’ but no not really it’s 
this other person ‘let me solve this part of the  
like something that happened’. so yeah it just 
was like a very Agatha Christie-esque sort of  
thing which i appreciated because it just took 
me back. but yeah it was that sort of  
end if you get what i mean. in the end i gave this 
book a three stars i really enjoyed the journey  
however i felt like there were a little too many 
inconsistencies or just small things that i got  
annoyed with for me to kind of let go of that 
but yeah i would definitely recommend this book  
still i think that it is a great like time pass 
read it’s a book that you can definitely read  
before or after a really heavy read or if you’re 
like get feeling slightly slumpy or whatever  
this would be actually a great way for 
you to get out of that slump because it’s very  
fast-paced and it’s very very desi so yeah 
maybe that could help. but yes please keep in mind  
it has some very annoying characters so 
i think that’s it for my book review.  
i have tried to give absolutely zero spoilers 
so i hope that this was good for you.  
let me know if you want to discuss this book you 
can always DM me on my instagram if you have  
read this book or like comment down below 
with your thoughts if you have read this book  
let me know if you plan to read this book 
also this was my first ever Anuja Chauhan so  
um i do definitely plan to read more of her 
because i want to see what her like romance novels  
are like as well so if you have a suggestion of 
like a book that i should start off with let me  
know in the description — i mean not comments. whar 
is my head okay basically i’ve just been feeling  
migraine-y and that’s why i have the dark lipstick 
because i’m feeling like dark on the inside you know  
what i mean? but yeah that’s it for now 
i will see you in my next video okay bye  

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