COACH Limited Edition Pink Bucket Bag Unboxing + Review

hi guys welcome back to my channel so
today i have exciting unboxing to share
with you guys and this time around is
from coach it’s not a limited edition
design for the month of august because
apparently in the asia culture there’s
this ancient folk tale about how this
special day is a chinese valentine’s day
so this edition comes out in pink just
for this special day so without further
ado let’s get right into the unboxing
so let’s get right into the unboxing so
it comes in this push
um packaging and actually find me which
i’ll insert the video later but i
already took out the ribbons and stuff
to look at the things inside and snap
some photos
so yeah it comes in this coach box and
then when you open it up you use coach
dashboard as well so yeah
and the other spike is not what i’d
expected because usually the one i
bought like kenzo fula or prada it comes
in the velvet kind of aspect but this is
more of a plastic kind of like dust bag
so yeah let’s open it up and i already
took out the text

as well
so this is how it looks like
this is their coach um linga edition
august one i’ll show you guys a close-up
right now so you guys can get a clearer
idea of what to expect if you were to
get this back so yeah
so this is how it looks like when you
arrive it comes to the whole ribbon and
so when you open it up it actually looks
like this the retail sa actually tied
really nicely so i love it a lot and
inside like i show you
it’s just this plastic glass pack with
the coach new york and inside you have a
bag which i’ll show you the detail right
now so yeah so this is the bag that i
got done in this pink color that’s the
reason why i got it i really love the
contrasting color so i’ll show you guys
the detail right now so this how the bag
looks like close up
so you have the america’s original coach
new york house of letter
and the reason why i gotten it is
because of this monogram design in pink
color which i find really cute
and i always wanted a small mini bucket
bag like you know i really love mini bag
i think it’s like the cutest
so i also love that at the bottom it
comes with this danny so the bottom part
will not be scratched and then perfectly
fine on its own like this and yeah
at the side it has this really cute
heart shape like i said it’s for the man
of valentine’s day
coach it says and here as well it’s in
pink i really love these small details
and this thing is adjustable as well
contradict the popular belief this
bucket back actually can fit much more
than we think inside it looks really
tiny if you see like this but it’s
really spacious inside
and at the back it looks like this
i love that it’s not all like monochrome
design there’s this meter part that
actually makes it look more chick and
it’s adjustable as well so yeah i
haven’t take out my tech yet so
um that’s the price point let me show
you guys
so it’s 695 sing dollar
and inside it comes with these straps as
well i’ll show you guys right now so it
comes in this additional straps where
you can strap it on
you can like hold it like a long strap
bags if you want to carry on your hand
which i don’t think i’ll use because i
prefer it to carry it denty and cute
like this so let me show you guys inside
the inside looks something like this
it’s quite spacious you can put like
your full makeup pouch wallets and
maybe a mini bottle by comfy and ipad
for sure
and yeah inside inside here it says
coach as well so yeah and there’s a mini
pocket to put your cuts
or your loose change which i think it’s
really really nice
so yeah i think i’m gonna use it today
and you can even secure it like this
you go out you won’t be afraid that
people reach in and get your stuff or
something like that so it’s really cute
and i love it i’ll show you guys how
it’s like when you wore it so yeah
so this is how it looks like if you
carry it like this which is very dancy
and cute i will usually carry it like
this around
or like this which is really adorable so
like this outfit doesn’t really match it
because it’s too flowery
but nevertheless it looks really cute
so you just carry it like a back
side back like this it looks really
dante and cute
more like this
i’ll show you guys how to strap it on
right now so with this
you choose to like strap it here
and the other side i strap it around so
it’s in this maroon color and the
texture itself is really take kind of
like texture thicker than the material
that they use for the back which is
interesting so yeah if you strap it on
it’s gonna look something like this
so you can carry it like this like when
you are like just tired of carrying it
on your hands
i think it can be really this strap is a
bit too thick for my liking
or you can just like um
strap it like at the side
it’s adjustable as well so if it’s too
long you can always adjust it to become
shorter let me show you guys you’re
making a shuttle
to feed your bum may well like how i
like it it’s like this
and if you strap it across after making
it shorter it looks something like this
i think it’s a very interesting color
combination i think it’s even better if
it’s in like pink color or white color
so it matches better
nevertheless it looks really lovely and
cute and i just love this um
limited edition valentine’s day design
so yeah thank you for watching to the
end i hope you guys enjoyed the video do
let me know what you guys think of this
limited edition coach pack so yeah see
you guys next time bye

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