Coffee Review – Fernwood Coffee Co – 1976 Espresso & Mile Zero Decaf || Grounds For Divorce S1E10

Hey Everybody, Rick Pedersen here, Goes To 11
Media bringing you another episode of
Grounds For Divorce and
obviously joined by my lovely wife Paula. How are you doing?
Pretty good, how are you? A real crazy day
and it’s five after nine on a Saturday
night we’re filming our coffee segment
which usually is done hours and hours ago. It seems like we’re getting
later! I know what’s up with that?
I don’t know I don’t know it’s getting later
though. Yeah, so it’s uh yeah it’s been one long day. Yeah.
So, what’s up with the “bite me” shirt?
Kind of
sums up my mood…lol.
I see.
You know what, yesterday we
had a really good time went in and saw
our friends at Lucky Bug Lures. Lucky Bug
makes incredible fishing lures and
everybody who knows me, knows I love
fishing. I was supposed to go fishing
yesterday…I was pretty heartbroken when I didn’t get to go.
I haven’t been out for a long time, so
anyways, stopped in to Lucky Bug and
what’s exciting is the fact that Lucky
Bug Lures is starting up their own
coffee brand! They’re gonna be doing
their own coffee roasting and so Lucky
Bug Lures is the actual lures and
they’re gonna call their coffee brand “Lucky Mug”!…I love it!
That’s neat…really cool!
So I’m waiting for that…I’m excited about that, so Sophie and Robert, good luck to you guys on that and we’d love to hear more.
What have we got on tap today so to speak?
Okay well the company is called Fernwood
and they’re located in the south of
Vancouver Island, Victoria.
Oh cool.
We’ve started doing a little theme going off to the islands lately.
We did Salt Spring.
And now there’ll be more coming up lol.
Cool, all right so what have we got here? So we
have an Espresso this is the 1976 I
believe and it is a Dark,
well Espresso Roast and then that is
also a Dark Roast Decaf “Mile Zero”.
Cool. I like the bags, they’re kinda cool. Yeah, they’re very classy looking.
Right well done.
Yes well done.
So, now you saw this, you’re in shopping and
this one popped off the shelf at ya?
Yeah, it did. Cool, cool all right, let’s
give it a go.
Alright, so will start with the Espresso.
Goodbye sleep.
Well thankfully that one’s decaf.
Is it? This one?
That one’s decaf. Oh yeah yeah.
That’s really nice mm-hmm rich but not
Nope, pretty even flavour.
Yeah, it’s it comes through right through the
whole sample…right, like it’s got a bit of
an edge to it but it’s not, it’s not
Ya know what I mean? It’s flavour.
There’s flavour in there.
You can taste the roast – it’s nice it’s good. Right on.
All right, let’s have this
one here now this one again this is
going to be a decaf. Oh yeah, right here.
It’s a
single origin okay I think from Peru…I
can’t remember.
Good grief let’s see…it doesn’t say.
It is from Peru.
Swiss water process mm-hmm.
Yes that’s Swiss water process is great!
mm-hmm love it I really do it’s really
That’s really nice.
It has some more of a
citrus…definitely more of a citrus.
You’re holding the cup again.
Yes, because…
I get one taste, two tastes maybe.
I’m just trying to be neat.
It tastes……..fresh. I don’t want to say it
tastes light, cuz it’s not a light.
It’s very mild, it is very mild to me.
It has a definite citrus to it for sure.
Yeah, it’s nice, I like it.
It’s not bitter.
No not at all no it’s it’s this is something that how would I describe it…you
could drink this in the evening as we are tonight…
but I mean it’s it has a real nice
very mellow flavour to it it’s not not harsh at all.
But I would say it’s got flavour.
It’s got flavour absolutely it’s definitely.
It doesn’t taste watery
if that’s what you’re saying, but it’s
not like that but I mean it’s just it’s
mild it’s not…this one here has a bit, as
I said it’s got an an edge but it’s not
sharp and this one’s got a little bit
more just neutrality to it to me but
it’s got the flavour still.
Let’s go in for the latte.
Now tell us what did you make the latte with today?
I’m not even filling in the blanks.
Can you guess?
No I’m not doing that! I’m not!….LOL…that’s like…that’s like fishing, eh!…OH, I GOT ONE ON!
mmm…it’s the 3.2%
lactose free Natrel.
3.25 I thought it was!
What did I say?
You just said 3.2!
No I thought I said 2 5
See! This is how she messes with
me every time! And then as I said in the
last episode.
I don’t even remember.
Yeah, I know. But then I’ll go 3.2 and you’ll go 3.25 Just sayin…
Oh creamy
goodness, that’s really nice mm-hmm oh
Shazam! I could slam that whole thing
right now, I wish I could but I would be
vibrating until 3:00 in the morning with
no problems but I kind of want to get some sleep tonight, I’m tired. This is the Decaf one here right.
Oh wow that’s nice. Again that
whole flavour palate with that decaf you
could enjoy that an evening time it’s
not acidic you know, I mean there’s not
an acid note ya know.
What’s nice is that
it has a tang to it though mmm like a
definite…it’s not overpowering it’s just
it’s there and it’s really nice.
It’s really different from a lot of the other
coffees that I’ve tried.
They’ve done a really good job.
This is one of the best decafs I’ve had.
Yeah. I have a few on my list but
this is probably gonna be on that list
getting up there.
There you go. You heard it here first.
All right so listen, you know what it’s
getting late. I still have more stuff
to do…I have more stuff to film tonight yet.
And then edit. You’ll be up till 3:30 again…I’ll be asleep.
Put this aside for me…put it in a to go
All right guys, thank you so much for
tuning in hope you enjoyed it. As usual
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Thanks so much and we’ll catch ya next time!

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