Committee to review Mayor Greg Fischer handling of Breonna Taylor's case

we want to head out live to Tyler at
Murray we just learned Mayor Greg
Fischer administration will be
investigated Tyler what’s the reasoning
well Kristen the chairs of the Metro
Council Government Oversight Committee
say this investigation is all about
transparency it’ll be conducted in the
public view with testimony to council so
that the public can see the entire step
steps of the process now the council
members that announce the investigation
today say it will look into the actions
of Mayor Greg Fischer administration in
regards to Brianna Taylor’s case but
they also say they want it to be broader
than that possibly also looking into
actions following the case that includes
actions with protesters use of police
force in the events surrounding the
death of David McAtee when asked if this
investigation is intended to force mayor
Fischer to resign
councilman brent Ackerson said no it’s
not and says they are not jumping to any
conclusions or going into this
investigation with any preconceived
notions who’s calling the shots and what
their thought process is so apology is
no longer look we need the truth the
good the bad and young and there’s going
to be all three right it needs to be on
the table the public needs to see it
now today is just an announcement the
council has to take a few steps to
initiate the actual investigation the
earliest they be able to pass a
resolution for it would be July 23rd
from there the council has the power to
subpoena records like Breanna Taylor’s
autopsy they can also call on mayor
Fischer to testify to the council
something the chair members of this
committee say they would be willing to

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