Today I’m doing my first movie review video
so I selected beautiful thailand drama that was initially released in December 2020.
this movie has 7.1 rate in imbd and 83% of google users liked this movie. It is a romantic comedy movie.
”I fine, thank you, love you” famous comedy movie director also directed this movie
because of that reason this movie make you laugh begging to ending of the movie.
the main male character of this movie is a con artist.
the main female character got scam by her boyfriend.
she planned to get the revenge by using a con artist called tower.
famous thai actors and actress appear in this movie.
uniqueness of their characters give extra beautiful to the movie.
you can watch a beautiful love story in this movie.
there is a lot of beautiful comedy scene include in this movie.
if you haven’t watch this movie yet check out the movie trailer in description.
you can watch this movie on facebook as well.
if you already watch this movie then feel free to put a comment about the movie
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have a good day!!

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