Consort Yu: Yun Ni Que Ling Ver. by Myethos || Unboxing & Review

Hello guys and welcome to another video! So you can see actually a bit of my reflection here but it’s  
finally time to unbox this wonderful figure from Myethos. This is Consort Yu from the Chinese  
Mobile Game “Honor of Kings” if i’m not mistaken. it’s just like… I think it’s closely comparable to  
a chinese version of “Mobile Legends” if I’m not mistaken. So here is our box, as usual Myethos packs  
them very very simple with the transparent parts but with like… you can see maybe mist or maybe  
water effects over here. And then on the back, you would see this wonderful wonderful phoenix  (it’s actually a peacock).
So I’m sorry I don’t know this character as much. I bought her for the sake of her design.
What actually um made like my biggest surprise was that this small hanging keychain thing that  
they are recently releasing in Good 
Smile Shanghai (if I’m not mistaken…?)
So I’m going to open her right now for us to see. Simple packaging and if you’re going  
to be buying this and shipping this um through a third company / party you might want to ask them to  
um put it in another maybe like have 
additional protection because my ethos  
this box is actually like the plastic that they use is very

soft it can easily dent I get I think…?
because as far as I see from experience from my 
favorite collection some people who buy from my  
Myethos gets or they receive like boxes with like 
vents or it’s like crushed inside from the past  
from the from uh it’s like crushed from 
past boxes i’m not sure about recent ones  
I think they are good especially with the Miku one 
that they released so anyways we have here like  
an assembly manual which is kind of new I think or 
I think not but as you can see here they tell you  
about the main body placement and then there are 
parts that you would see which are her weapons  
crossbows I think and then of course you have 
there the complete figure so you only have the  
main body or the main figure and the left hand 
and weapon and the right hand and weapon as for  
the back you will have here maybe I think her 
history or her character description right here  
i can’t understand um Chinese so i’m sorry but 
here it is for reference for those who can though
so i’m going to be opening this up i’m 
going to carry her out of the box like  
this okay it’s really tight um give 
me a sec. Let me push this a bit out.
Oh! And to check is legitimacy you can 
find I forgot before I put this away, at  
the very bottom of the box you will see like a sticker of my ethos over there like it’s shiny  
and this one so it has Tencent sticker which is holographic so here we have the figure um  
to make her stand up I’m going to be okay this one’s useless I don’t know why they even have that  
but here is the small keychain so it’s a keychain but you can also hang it if you’re not using it .
It’s of the Consort Yu with her skin with the skin and she looks really cute with this. She’s  
she’s sleeping. If you’re wondering if they have this like um they have the hooking part here  
they do it’s right over there at the… inside let me open it up to show you so this is going to  
be like assembled here on the base and then it would be like that so you can choose to hang  
her how do you have here the keychain for the option but here the hoop there you could just  
clip it right over here and then it would just hang like this basically if you want to display it  
with a figure that would like it would look really cool now let’s take a look at the figure itself
and here we have Consort Yu. So at first glance I think um the promo photos  
has done her just she looks so beautiful at least from how I see it and her weapons are all here  
at the lower part. So here we have the weapons that we will be using it is covered with like  
tissue paper tissue here and i will do this later on let’s get her first out of the box
so here she is we can safely tuck her out from that packaging let’s take a closer look we have  
here her base which is nicely nicely done it has the good like water rippling effect with the  
shading of blue and like light green so it’s not pure blue which is really nice it’s covered with  
plastic so it won’t be damaged or scratched during transit the wing of the phoenix-ish  
uh phoenix-ish peacock is our peasant peacock I think because peacocks are they have the  
beautiful markings here um it’s very very nicely painted with the um with the shadings of wine  
and then going to dark blue here at the very tip surprisingly here I didn’t expect this one  
but at the tip of their tail it has this glitter effect which is not too bad because it’s not that  
shiny so it’s it doesn’t take away from the main figure which is concert u so here we have more  
beautiful feathers let’s take out the plastic as well softly and gently take that out  
and then the easiest one is right here at the back  
right over here for her clothes this one i need to move very carefully and here we have concert u
and then take out this plastic on her base
so now we have here her weapon let’s take this out of the packaging now so here we have  
her weapon number one so it has already the arms attached to it so you won’t be doing any attaching  
anymore so if we take a closer look you have here metallic gold sorry it’s not even like gold  
it’s more like brown bronze bronze bronze-ish goldish but anyways this one though is very  
interesting it’s like the tail that they did 
it has a little glitter and the top part is  
actually kind of translucent as you can see you can see my finger shadow over there  
and then here it’s already matte 
solid everything else is solid as well
we have here the other crop  
crossbow stylish weapon that she uses
same style basically but it’s like mirrored is it yep very the same this one over  
here on top oh and then there you have 
her she looks stunning with her mixture of  
metallic and man all over especially with her weapons her clothes her clothes are only matte  
though but it has this like pearl-ish finish and I like the gold linings that they have over here  
they really did I actually took a look at the skin that this was inspired by and I really liked how  
it uh I really like that they chose this specific design because this is great this is like a skin  
so they can actually choose which one to do as a figure but I appreciate that they chose this one.

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