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what is going on there citizens of the reject Nation gonna do a first time watching today for a movie that I I know literally nothing about nothing at all called Coraline and I am joined today by returning co-host Michael from Omni media Michael how’s it going Mikey I’m running on coffee Greg running on coffee with Michael um and doing great band a bad man I’m running on no capping we’re gonna watch this dark movie all I’ve heard is that it’s an animated movie that’s a little bit darker than people thought let’s see whatever the heck

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there and see if I hit you up one day I think we’re good to go let’s uh let’s get this going are you excited let’s do

it let’s do it what we’re getting into Coraline Coraline let’s go Dakota Fanning Terry Hatcher I don’t know who that is uh yeah you lost me already weird I do find dolls fairly unsettling intro man oh my God this is disturbing well in the beginning of the movie ah what is wrong with this cat it’s barely alive I really like the animation though I know it’s beautiful and this music

man this is the kind of movie I normally zone out to on my couch this is like I would say like if you put just put this on while right now while you’re like trying to unwind like the music would just like put you out man wow holy he dumb pissed off that cat I’m just looking for an old well know it magic dowser show me well whoa what in those what is happening foreign erds or their cats he’s not really my cat of course I do feed him every night and sometimes they’ll come in

my window that cat is sick man yeah where’s the secret well you stop too hard and you’ll fall in it the mushrooms were a clue my grandma she owns the Pink Palace you won’t rented people with kids what do you mean oh I’m not supposed to talk about it I’m YB why below that YB short for why born not my idea of course that’s mean Coraline Jones hmm it’s not real scientific but I heard an ordinary name like Caroline can lead people to have ordinary expectations about a person sure definitely hurt someone why were you

born oh that’s mean it’s been a little unnecessarily mean here why because that dowsing Rod of yours it’s poison oak oh no that’s awful you can’t just wipe that off nope too late who knows maybe she’s lucky and she doesn’t have get a reaction from it yeah well today Mom I would have died that’s nice I think it’s perfect weather for gardening no Coraline rain makes mud mud makes a mess I can’t believe it you and Dad get paid to write about plants and you hate dirt Coraline some kid left this on the front porch

huh wow well that’s really eerie that’s oh like that look at that man’s neck why does this guy look like this specific character design look familiar to me what’d the boss say this house is 150 years old so so explore it go out and count all the doors and windows and write that down on list everything that’s blue just let me work oh she’s neglected oh life great thing about this animation is it really captures movement really well yeah in the world end up with your bare hands I know this pain I know her this

is too relatable man I’m Coraline no no no no no no no such a wonderful ethereal mood to all this what in the world yeah I don’t know about that huh there’s some neat shots yeah oh secret tunnel I’m really yeah with wallpaper my heart molts so many keys with a button shaped pommel on it damn you nailed down that one key it they must have closed this off when they divided up the house you’re kidding and they’re so small we made a deal you didn’t lock it it’s more like slime to me well it’s

slime or bedtime fuss pot now What’s it gonna be I think they’re trying to poison me like that a quaint little room with that little window outcrop it’s nice yeah that’s not for being a grateful Coraline oh my God yeah nah nah I’m good go through a Coraline yes oh my gosh she’s some alternate reality mom yikes no geez my mother doesn’t have buttons do you like them I’m your other mother silly now go tell your other father that supper’s ready the mitt has a button on it huh hello hello Coraline yep nope my father

no need to what this piano plays me foreign they’re like human puppets wait can they actually see though with the button nice ah yes he assumes it’s the gravy train I could have sworn for a second that was Tom was the Tank Engine just because the coloration mango milkshake what is this world a trauma responds to or neglect uh I could see that she’s getting everything she wants and the attention and everything as soon as you’re through eating I thought we’d play a game in the rain ah I better get home to my other mother

but I’m your other mother I think I should get to bed of course sweetheart it’s all made up it’s all made up now there’s a mystery what’s shaking baby interesting dream so wouldn’t there be an another Coraline they’ve got the bug in the eyes and all that so I’m wondering if somehow the doll is the other Coraline but ended up here and when the doll ends up and hit this world they end up as a doll because I have a tater’s rash on my um dude that dad looks like he’s decaying viserys Targaryen over here

somebody else lived there the whole time I think our mail got mixed up should I leave it outside or just go in just like Toby McGuire just go in Alan Tudyk what in the world new cheese samples yeah very clever using this mix up to sneak my home and peek at mush what is this Anatomy I don’t know what this guy’s really disturbing have beat make you strong that’s vadanya got a lie that dude’s like a fat praying mantis jumping mice mice they are seeing do not go through little door it’s all bricked up sometimes

the mice are a little mixed up like he looks like a strung out Dr Robotnik all right oh here we go are those dogs real ah sweet departed Angels couldn’t bear the part with them so we had them stuffed oh you should have buried them oh your tea leaves dear they’ll tell me your future drink up then go on her voice sounds really familiar you are intense table Danger oh what you’re holding it wrong see danger what see you very peculiar hand I see a giraffe never wear green in your dressing room acquire a very

tall step ladder and be very very careful one in the world these are really off-putting Neighbors it’s YB this juice played way too much siphon filter damn it’s really cool animation though man yeah that doll did you make it look like me oh no I found it that way old is his house probably come on blue hair my Swampers and raincoat dang check out slugzilla oh gross my parents they don’t listen to me either you mind no oh okay what you are a creepy ass kid I’ve never been inside the Pink Palace you’re kidding Grandma

kill me I think it’s dangerous or something dangerous that’s a common word today when they were kids Grandma’s sister there’s a real mystery of foot here yeah I know people were like this movie so dark doesn’t seem that dark I bet he’s hungry as a pumpkin by now you mean you’re better father yes it’s like manifestation thing it feels like it because it seems so far it only happens when she goes to bed too you know the sound design there gorgeous yeah I know it’s very Illuminating what in the world is that a praying mantis

yeah with wheels it’s very expressive this movie do we have like others of the whole neighborhood yeah hello why were you born hello oh my God he doesn’t talk I thought you’d like him more if he spoke a little so I fixed him what’d you do I like it what no you’re right along YouTube why can’t he talk why be so silent oh oh this is welcoming oh my goodness they spelled her name right you adjusted things really fast Coraline yeah yeah concerned at all that he was like physically altered for your pleasure line oh

what do the butter knives mean it’s like a world that she can control I don’t know puppets dolls that she can control she’s playing pretend I saw a real Mouse circus not pretend like the crazy man’s in our house maybe they’ll love the new catalog at least they’ll love my chapters wow rude you guys are super neglectful she really just you know you might have just nailed it on the head at the very beginning of the movie Michael is this just sad man yeah put them back my other mother would get them oh maybe she

should buy all your clothes maybe she should and then other mother will kill you and become the real mother the only mother what in the hell is this you can’t take care of the fridge had to go food shopping anyway you want to come along you can pick out something you like oh like the gloves if things go well today I promise I’ll make it up always say I’ll make it up I’ll you I mean it’s got to be hard but at the same time they’re not going a great job keeping a inner headspace Michael

with you and I not being parents I think we have every right to say what kind of parents they should be you are correct trash parents man abusive as hell quit all of your jobs and just focus on your daughter I don’t know there’s something that reads Sinister about this other side it might be the button eyes and the uh extraction of vocal that’s not quite it that cat’s honestly there’s some witchcraft Happening Here think and Miss forcible have invited you downstairs after lunch I hope you oh I wonder what they’re probably they’re like skinny

Jazz versions of themselves you must be the other cat whoa the other anything I’m me there’s Keith yeah she hates cat It’s gotta keep me up but she can of course hmm you probably think this world is a dream come true you’re wrong the other YB told me so what day oh the eyes and the people on the back are moving oh wow oh goodness I could go for Darkness I did not expect something that’s revealing oh no she’s a reverse mermaid now that did not seem like the ideal world oh whoa what the hell

they are their skinny selves in there and now you’re stuck this is such a strange film I’m mystified by it though hmm are you you’re creepy I don’t know about you Mom I don’t know about my real mom either one time little thing we need to do what’s that murder modernize butter nice black is traditional stay here so sharp you won’t feel it how far is this movie gonna go I don’t know man oh I just need to sleep on things we aren’t worried at all darling soon you’ll see things our way they’re a skewed

vision of buttons fell out of their Coraline and I won’t be back what’s so bad about getting some buttons for us no no they seem to be fine foreign what’s happening if you won’t even talk to me I’m gonna find the other Whitey he’ll help me no point he pulled a long face oh my god mother controls all just like on the other side this is like everything everywhere all at once but nothing you didn’t like everything everywhere I mean on the other side her real father was all like you know it’s it’s she’s the

boss huh how can you walk away from something and still come back to it because that’s life oh my God what is happening here I don’t like rats at the facade of course chocolate never hurts like one no I’m okay oh my God yeah that was not Coco you aren’t my mother apologize at once Coraline no I’ll give you to the count of three no one two uh what are you doing oh no it’s like Cruella Deville what is she this is like a real case of the grass is greener on the other side then

you’re there and it’s all the same if not worse don’t remember our names but I remember my true Mommy this is like the black phone yeah through the little doll’s eyes and saw that we weren’t happy oh my God you could find out has she taken those two yes Miss and hidden them find our eyes mistress and our souls will be free or dead kids fly me yeah no hey what’s up with his mouth oh wow did he slice it open did she do this to you oh no she’s making him smile oh oh it

is a disgusting hole thank you YB what if she’s been gone for like 20 years oh my Lord that would be terrible your parents are dead no dollar I gave you um my grandma’s real mad says it was her sisters Grandma’s missing sister I think I just met her come on where are her parents yeah are there a bunch of other questions you’re crazy wow were they abducted or something I mean that’s what I’m thinking what’s it for well it might help they’re good for bad things those things April bad loss bad lost bad lust

I like to think every one of these choices have a meaning but some of it I think is just really random this is one of those uh movies like you gotta you probably have to watch a couple times let’s watch it again right after yes we don’t need to sleep oh you gave her the neck brace now you appreciate them huh to be fair she’s just wanted their attention this entire time anyway hello how did you get in do you know where Mom and Dad are oh you can’t now he went from disgustingly cute oh

my God they’re hanging in the living room what the heck oh I would not put that cat on the glass oh my God oh my God does that have consequences they were cold because they were under the bed now they’re on fire you know you’re walking right into a trap she may not play fair but she won’t refuse she’s got a thing for games it’s sort of a bit crazy to see in the theaters yeah where are my parents gosh I have no idea where your old parents are perhaps they’ve grown bored of you and

run away to France they weren’t bored of me you stole them oh wow yikes yikes what has become of him why don’t you have your own key oh God why don’t we play a game I know you like them you want to play a game called remove the buttons from your eyes my real parents and the eyes of the ghost children what if you don’t find them if I lose I’ll let you sew buttons into my eyes oh God in each of three wonders I’ve made just for you a ghost’s eye is Lost In Plain

Sight and for my parents hmm I don’t get it hmm oh yikes must be it oh geez this poor man oh tomorrow Papa he was so nice I like how the mom in both worlds is portrayed as just awful yeah someone’s working through some stuff are you foreign yeah they’re like I actually wrapped up one of those taffies or whatever um what is happening oh my God they’re wrapped up oh my God no they get stuck they’re gonna get stuck oh maybe oh I know she only cares about this YB I know is this what

you’re looking for uh-huh you think winning game is good team I’m gonna have great dreams tonight I can feel it so easy is he right now I don’t know a rat or a series of rats oh oh my God Michael you’re right oh these goddammers these tricky little bastards this movie’s wild man foreign what does the button symbolize oh God lost the game there’s still time Coraline it looked like you like you cool cat I there is so much asked of this Coraline what the with the realities distorting and breaking apart we’re in The Matrix

only the house is safe that’s that’s hmm unless this is just like it’s true for all really did itself going to the foundation you still need to find your old parents too bad you won’t have this you cruel-hearted lady I already know where you’ve hidden them they’re behind that door ah Detroit Zoo you’re wrong Coraline she’s so creepy yeah now no no no I’m why would you throw the cat she’s got needle hands the cat’s been so helpful foreign wow holy crap man where are you selfish brat yikes this is okay it’s pretty darn sweet

Ah that’s so creepy yes dead kids foreign oh wow that was scary are they Carline thank God we got a lot to celebrate you’re talking about your Garden catalog what else what’s wrong with you idiots bunch of dumbass parents you should have gotten butter on her eyes stay here stay there crazy lady it wasn’t a present or a mousetrap I couldn’t tell gloves the 25 gloves this whole thing was a black mold hallucination that’s hilarious it was all I could think of no what a forgiving cat but we still don’t like YB yeah whoa what

in The Starry Night your entire girl what we were done the key Miss there’s only one and the Belden will find it I gotta hide this somewhere somewhere she can never just leave it in the keyhole she would never say well oh the spot the the part where YB was showing her earlier in the movie with the well oh yeah the well the thing you pointed out oh my God it’s like Freddy man it’s gonna turn into a new nightmare here soon ah this is so wild man our favorite stalker oh my God that would

have been so funny if they just killed off why nice crazy that’s why we have any idea of what’s going on I don’t know man he was all like skeptical earlier and now he was like let’s murder this sentient hand Grandma showed me this picture after I called you crazy the sweet ghost girl the sweet goks girl we can tell her again we can you know I’m glad you decided to stalk me no woman has ever told me that I I don’t quite get to what’s a weird ending hello Mr was murdered in this house

very specifically to tell you foreign wow wow what if I went on a journey there I was just I was just like zoned out on that film the whole time that’s so good though so creepy oh wow dude that was a that was a Trippy ass film what we got stop motion rig ah that’s neat I I like that laughs something deeper there going back I’m sure jerk one all right well that was a a really vivid imagination down the subconscious corridors of abuse and neglect and neglect that I did not think I’d be walking

into today before we filmed we were trying to watch another movie we couldn’t get it to load and then we’re like well I got Coraline on the list and I was like I don’t know anything about Coraline and from what I’ve heard about it it sounds like I really gotta pay attention and I don’t know if my brain could absorb it and I really enjoyed it uh it was really haunting and very expressive uh but yeah there’s it’s like wow what a what a very thought-provoking movie that I was I was like warped into and

I I felt like I was just I think it’s like ethereal hypnotic abilities we’re sort of working on me throughout I was like okay yeah whoa I just I’m kind of like ready to it was one of those things like I’m ready to close my eyes and just let my mind just see the imagery in there I was getting sucked into this other world but what do you think Michael did you like it I really did enjoy it man and like you said like the I think that kind of surreal otherworldly like state it kind

of puts you in with everything going on with the visual effects like just the art Direction the design and all that it’s just and then that that score and it just like it creates this this mood this vibe that just kind of like lulls you into this like I almost want to say false sense of security oh exactly exactly yeah definitely and oh my Lord man which is uh which works on the on the themes of domestic violence you know got to be a little bit careful with our words but she’s like it it is

I keep trying to nail down what the hell the buttons represent I can’t or like I don’t even have a real interpretation for it um I mean I think it could be just you know because it’s not sewing your eyes shut like you can still see uh so that’s why I’m like I don’t know what it means I’ve been trying to figure that out do you have an interpretation yeah I mean the only thing like even remotely close but it still doesn’t necessarily explain the buttons itself is like there’s this kind of theme of like

because of the neglect that’s going on in the home for her with her parents having their priorities on everything other than her yeah at that point like forces her to kind of like she they just moved this places to her run down isolated there’s a bunch of weirdos everywhere there’s this stalker kid running around this cat with mange so like there’s this perception of like you know it’s this is we’re take at first glance we’re taking everything in as this negative like surroundings so like and then she gets this idea she goes to sleep and

she thinks of all the things that she would want to see and want to have and the house is brighter the garden’s full and Lively and her neighbors aren’t as we they’re still weird but they’re like not as off-putting they’re more welcoming so it’s like everything is kind of like this weird warped like perfect version at first of what she’s hoping this place would be with her family and then so I don’t even know what I’m trying to say at this point yeah I asked her so there’s like this I know but I’m just like

it I mean if I kind of wonder if the buttons mean something’s as basic as you know because like they talk about the mother the the other mother uh wanting you know someone to to love you know if there’s something that as a subject in my life of domestic violence is is a subject I’m you know know about for sure you know without going into too many personal details uh it’s it’s a subject I’m very much familiar with and and something I hold near and dear to my like you know I look into Charities and

and it’s often something with that so um yeah and and you know like there are those kind of parents where a lot of the times with like a domestically violent parent with this type of like gaslighting and narcissism and self-serving where it’s like this false sense of Allure with with love but then underneath that is it’s it’s all a big manipulation tactic of possession and if we’re looking at the buttons as a symbolic reasoning for the dolls it’s like keeping the whoever like by her having them putting them with the button eyes that keeps them

as their their dolls a thing to control like anything to control so it’s like the most basic thing because I’m like that’s what the movie feels like it’s telling me yeah but I keep writing going like zero like something deeper about the buttons themselves that I’m not showing your eyes shut yeah I don’t I don’t quite know um but I imagine like I feel like the former is a part of it but that’s one of the cool things about this film is like you said it while we were watching it there’s many ways of like

revisiting this would allow one to get to know where it’s going would it’ll make it easier to kind of interpret certain choices or interpret certain meanings and perhaps pick up other Clues and whatnot because it doesn’t really take the full like horror direction or or the the true unveiling of what’s going on in the other world until like close to an hour into the movie it takes a while before we before we actually find out for that it’s just sort of this Insidious build to like I knew something messed up is going on but I

don’t quite know what’s messed up that’s going on so it really puts you in like Coraline shoes of yeah why would a nice day here look at this this is amazing um but then it’s not and it’s also like you know a lot of praise and a lot of feelings of loneliness and wanting to belong um and in some ways generational trauma of like that’s what the other mom wants and Coraline is also very lonely and wants uh wants someone to connect to because like you said neglect so yeah there’s some there’s some deeper there’s

some deep happening here is what I’m trying to say yeah I like to go and put your go on to what you were saying like that build up like when she’s going into that other world there’s this idea of uh like looks can be deceiving you know everything looked great but like even for like from the other side you know sometimes you might look at that other family or look at that you know other person in your life whether it be a friend family member whoever maybe it’s like oh man if only my life was

like theirs or whatever but you have like no idea what’s going on on the back side of that exactly so it’s like what happened there where she’s like oh this is great look my dad’s awesome here my mom’s awesome here and then when she goes back the dad is like literally a meat puppet yeah at the wheel of this other mom and all that it’s like the things start to kind of show themselves the cracks start to form the more she’s around it and it’s also like she’s a life or sucker and uh yeah like

this smothering energy that will just drain you the eyes are the windows to the soul that she’s clogging that up or taking that yeah trapping them but that’s another way to doubt it look at it yeah oh my God I couldn’t work my brain I could make up foreign and it also taught us a valuable lesson kids it is okay to be a stalker it’s okay to be a stalker if it leads to you being a hero in the end every young man’s dream is to stuck and then be rewarded uh that’s what I would

want the black cat was cool I mean everything on like it’s easy to look at this film and want to like kind of deconstruct all its deeper meanings but I think on like a technical level it’s just it’s as outstanding animation like this is 2009 and it’s still so so striking um like I love the movement because it’s a stop-motion and one of my favorite Parts about stop motion is is capturing the movement and the movement is so it that’s one of the biggest alluring parts and I do like that it leans into this Whimsy

eccentricity about it it’s it’s a strange film and every regard and like there’s a lot of things I’m just like I don’t I don’t even care to try to figure out what it represents I just think it’s weird uh like the like the tubes imagination yeah the imagination of it all just kind of creeps in and the way that it just kind of uh both within the story and just within the art Direction as a whole creates this like dreamlike quality of the whole thing right they’re not really you know Bound by being hyper realistic

or anything like that it allows them to really kind of free flow and do some really interesting stuff with the shots the Angles and the expressions and all kinds of really fun stuff and plus it’s just a fantastic Art House man so like they knocked out of the park with this one this I mean it’s like some of it I didn’t like like I feel like the the main themes of what is they’re going for I’m picking up on but there’s other things that I’m like look I don’t I don’t know what the mice mean

I don’t know what the two like creepy theater ladies have dog audience really means I’m just like watching it going that’s just strange like that’s all I got for you it’s it’s strange or I don’t know what it means it’s just freaking weird it’s all like there’s someone much smarter than myself out there who has decided to do a whole bunch of research and read the book to compare to the movies and then go and this is what it means and I watch it on my first go around and I’m like I don’t know which

is bizarre like that’s Dogwood dog wings and Taffy like I don’t I don’t care what it means being stuck in this world or something like I I don’t know why dogs specifically or bat dogs like it’s a really strange thing snowing gaming like everything probably has like a very specific purpose yeah well that’s like an Alice in Wonderland Vibe too yeah always yeah for sure but yeah it was gorgeous it was gorgeous and scary too it’s like pretty scary at times dude if I if I saw this like when I was a kid that’d probably

be pretty freaked out I mean there were some freaking alive man there were Parts in the I was imagining like what if I was as an adult watching this in the theaters I’d be like this is pretty freaking horrifying you know like it escalates into something that that gets progressively scarier you know and uh I can’t imagine being a kid watching this like when it’s rated PG and I just I don’t know I don’t see it I don’t see it man I feel like it’d be about 13. ah well man it’s also very important it’s

very unpredictable too and um and and uh yeah so I’m wanting that sense of belonging yeah I I thought it was actually kind of beautiful and creepy you know it was like right wonderful color palette throughout uh it was awesome it was so vivid like the entire way through um and Terry Hatcher was the mom yeah she did a great job on that um and great Dakota was Coraline I’m assuming yeah and uh I think I think Ian McShane was uh the babinsky yeah yeah yeah yeah I I Heard it Through the voices yeah um

another thing I think like she was turning we saw like him riding the mechanical mantis or whatever and then she was kind of turning very mantoid at the end and the man and mantises the females eat the males okay I’m just like still like making a dude I mean hey if you’re probably right man like I don’t know I don’t I’m like I don’t know about these animals to know what the hell they representing at the end of the day man bare minimum bare Bode straight forward it’s a great story it’s a great story with

the the whole like to me I mean the most obvious correlation is it is a correlation of like a of a like neglect is a form of abuse and it is and it is like a of a big correlation of an abusive household and whether or not it’s uh I mean to me the movie takes a takes a a choice to be literal you know instead of taking the choice of is this in her head is it not in her head to me it took the choice that no this is not in her head especially

when you got like I don’t know how the book uh plays out obviously but with uh with YB you know um fighting the hand at the very end right I want to introduce grandma and stuff like to me I’m like okay this is definitely because I was still like questionable about it uh you know when the when the parents come out through the broken snow globe and they’re like honey we’re home and they’re and they’re just disregarding yeah I’m like okay maybe it’s still in court that could be a coincidence yeah yeah no but like

their food was like all rotted and uh so I don’t know um what but was it uh because our keys were also still in the car and the car was still at the house that when that happened so it’s like it played that line while that’s happening in the middle I think it’s fair to say that who knows what’s going on but like by the end of it I agree with you I think they really kind of like cemented that yeah all this stuff definitely happened at the end yeah and I like I I respect

rather taking a choice um in in that regard like I just like just make a choice and I like that they made a choice to like I’m gonna stick with this is this is this really did happen so especially with her why be happening and you know a lot of times like kids can be more open to things that are greater than you know life like don’t be like Thinking Beyond The Realistic quote unquote right delving into the imagination and how that imagination can be more real and attainable for through the youth eyes I think

is a great call and also just had a great sense of atmosphere too I gotta point that out it was a one yeah it was a really this is a hard film to make like thinking about stop-motion like that this film must have been a to put together because yeah this amount of crew that it had to assemble this and then adapting Neil gaiman’s work I can’t imagine is the easiest thing in the world you know to make something that’s really cohesive unless you got Neil Gaiman on staff like Sandman was he uh was he

part of this uh because he didn’t say that he wrote it um um book obviously but right I’m not sure like if he actually had like a producer’s credit or anything of the sort uh I don’t know I don’t remember I just saw that it was based on his book yeah um well yeah I don’t know it’s a good question I don’t know I don’t know but I like how the parents didn’t learn anything in the end though yeah I know but she learned to appreciate them and go it’s okay that they kind of ignore

me neglect is okay it’s okay because I went through there’s a much there’s something much worse out there um but you know it’s I I I got the impression rather than telling I got the impression that it was an adult working through childhood trauma versus an adult telling kids how to react to their parents right because you know like that’s often what happens is you know you might go through some some things that were traumatic and then when you get older you start to kind of be pissed off at your parents for what happened to

you and then you get a little bit older and you’re like well they didn’t really realize what they were doing and they were doing their best at the end of the day to take care of me and they still loved me you know and then there’s a lot of things that you learn as an adult that you’re like oh okay I see what all they were also dealing with while also trying to deal with me so there’s like a level of understanding that you develop too as you get older exactly that too exactly which are

like which is kind of what I said earlier in the movie when I was definitely giving the parents the benefit of the doubt yeah yeah if they don’t do what they’re here to do like there won’t be food on the table so like we used to catch 22 situations so like I get it it’s just like from the point of view of the kid like that’s kind of where you’re they’re putting your head space in with the film at first yeah because even the way she sometimes is with like other people and stuff like Coraline

you could see sort of morphing into her mom in some ways yes and and uh the way she’s with especially with YB it’s like I like the one who doesn’t talk you know uh she is she learns to sort of perhaps because the thing with generational trauma too is you have to kind of learn to break that cycle so I could see a version of this where it is her breaking the cycle while being a film about wonder and Whimsy and being what weird you know it says it’s it’s inventive man it’s creative as it’s

really it’s really it’s really awesome stuff um I wonder if it was made for 3D because there were parts of it that felt like it should have been 3D it’s a little bit around that point where 3D was popping yeah yeah well we did it man we tried sounding smart the best we could do is try is try to pull some out of your ass and connect it but yeah it was released in 3D it was okay there were shots that looked like it was there were shots that looked like it was in 3D um

that I was like I wonder uh so yeah that makes sense fascinating man just reading some fun IMDb facts here alrighty well there we go everything on a technical standpoint from music the sound design to obviously animation was great some wonderful voice performances brought to life felt like they’re real performers and um you know I did a lot like I only really enjoyed two characters which were the most since Coraline like that yeah if there’s one thing that was kind of missing for me was there’s there’s other characters you’re coming around too and I didn’t

really care about any of them other than Coraline and the mom the other mom like there were the two and the cat I like the cat too uh like they were the ones I was most I I really enjoyed being around but the other ones that well there’s always like this sort of distance with me right you’re just like bizarre I don’t really I like I like quiet I mean I’m kind of a Coraline I like quiet YB I don’t really care for talking and wiping why being like quiet you know mouth Zone he’s mildly

endeared to the father but I’m right there with you on everything else all the tertiary characters were just kind of like oh that was they’re weird they were fun to visit for a little bit they’re eccentric but you know I don’t really care about them like they’re cutting down all them at the end like I don’t really I don’t it’s not really doing anything for me when they’re showing all of them at the end but hey I’m just happy Coraline’s happy you know all right guys well that’s it um what do you guys think about

Coraline do you like it leave your thoughts down below be sure to subscribe and leave a like follow Michael buy omnimedia over on his YouTube channel where he’s doing reactions at the time of filming this what is the latest things you’ve reacted to let me see this let me see this I’m currently going through Umbrella Academy For the First Time congratulations uh if you want more Neil Gaiman I did the Sandman nice you’re doing season two of that coming on yes we are both doing Chucky Titans Titans is doing literally you you asked me and

like my brain went blank I was like what am I the Midnight Club oh is the Midnight Club good I haven’t seen anything for it I really yeah the marketing was terrible for this thing man every time I saw the marketing for it it was just images of other Mike Flanagan stuff and I didn’t understand I was like is this just like a recap of his work I don’t know what this is um think of it like it it’s a I don’t even know how to describe it it’s anyway it’s it’s good it was a

lot of fun it’s a little more younger skewed um compared to some of his other previous series at least but I think it like as far as like the subject material and all that I think it was pretty pretty solid but it yeah it’s uh I think it was hoping for a season two but I don’t know if it’s gonna get one your Doctor Who reactions popping there’s the yeah what else do you got here how was the last season of The Walking Dead now I’m just talking to Michael it is okay oh they they

they’re playing with the hole they dug themselves in two three seasons ago so bad it’s so fun but like there’s a lot of it that just feels missing with everything that it kind of was outside of their control at least and it’s the last season what are you gonna do yeah but there’s like 18 spin-offs coming so it’s not really done those are still going uh uh two are still green lit and then a mini series with Rick the movies that were planned with Rick are now a limited series that’s stupid instead I feel bad

for him I’m sure he was excited to have a movie it was supposed to be a Trilogy I think from what I remember yeah what are you gonna do um all righty well buddy I will talk with you soon see a reject Nation bye

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