Crazy Dog App Review – Easy Money Drawing Lines? (Real Truth)

Is the Crazy Dog app really an easy way to make money just by drawing lines or is it a waste of time? My name is Mikael and I’ve tested hundreds of different ways to make money online. And many viewers have recently asked me about this app. So I decided to test it. And in this Crazy Dog app review, I’ll give you an inside look and I will also show you some very important details you need to know about before you download and start playing this game. So let’s start by going over who can join the

Crazy Dog app. And it is available from more or less all countries as far as I’ve been able to find out. It’s just only available for Android devices so that’s what you need to know about when you look at the app page they actually don’t make any exaggerated earning claims or anything like that. But I have seen quite a few people um like seeing inside that they can earn and they have asked me about and all that. So that’s actually why I decided to test it. But it’s like you know always positive when they actually

don’t make any like exaggerated earn hundreds of dollars or something like that, you know, that that is just not true. But let us now take an inside

look then so you can see what it actually does offer once you download it. I have now logged into the Crazy Dog app. And the idea is that you have this dog here and you need to protect it from the bees. And here you can see the line you have you can draw a line around it. You can choose the color here if you want to. So you basically

need to draw a line and the moment you have like one go and once you have drawn on one line and you let go, it kind of drops and the bees come out. And you need to protect the dog so it doesn’t fall into any spikes or cannot get stung by the bees uh until the time runs out. So uh you know you basically uh just choose the brush there, you can choose any color you want that doesn’t really matter and then you need to try to find a way to protect it. And in this

case, you can see it protects it both from the spikes and from the bees and the timer is then then here. And it needs to be kept safe for those seconds there. And then you can see then that’s it I I pass that level and then I move on to the next level. Here I need to protect it from falling into the water and from the bees at the same time. So I could for example do like this here and you see again it protects it from it and and the time goes and you know

it can kind of be a fun fun game and it can be challenging, some of the levels also. But this is is you know this is what it is. This is all you need to do. It will just be harder and harder and there are many levels you can just keep playing it. But can you actually get paid? Let’s talk little bit about that. So the strange thing about crazy dog is that I have seen many people actually being able to supposedly earn in there. And I have received many questions about it also like does

it really pay. Well the thing is for some reason like my app doesn’t show any withdrawal methods. I cannot click anything. You see in the top corner here, if I click here uh you know nothing happens. I can click over here on the little icon there but here I I can’t do anything. I can just like get customer service or language settings or you know, but there’s no withdrawal method. And I don’t know if that’s just because of the country I live in or if it’s just because they’ve decided that they don’t make it available

until you reach like level 100 or something like that. But you know, that’s just something you need to be aware of you know. If you played it yourself like please let me know in the comments below, did you actually get any withdrawal method, uh how long did you play it before you saw all that. That would be great to hear. But the reality is just that it does not offer a payout method in all countries or for all people. But no matter what, I can tell you that from what I’ve seen and from what I’ve

heard from other people like, a game like this will earn you a minimal amount of money if you will actually ever manage to reach the payout threshold. It’s just not really worth it whether you have a payout option or not, in my opinion. But many people have asked me about it. I wanted to show you that well if you can’t find a withdrawal method, well that’s because that’s just how the app is. Then made it just is not possible everywhere. But no matter what, it’s not an app that I would use to earn by playing

games to be honest. So to sum it all up, I’m not impressed by the Crazy Dog app. I think it’s not worth it, of course, because it doesn’t offer any payout options for me. And even if it did, the rewards you could get would be minimal and just not worth your time, in my personal opinion. But if you do want to use different games to earn a little bit extra. I do have a list on my website of my top recommended options for that. I will leave a link to that below. But no matter what,

I hope this helped you and gave a good idea about what to consider and my opinion about it and then you can use that to decide for yourself whether this app is the right opportunity for you or not.

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