CRYSTAL PALACE VS MANCHESTER UNITED | Man United Potential Lineup 4-2-3-1 English Premier League

hi guys Welcome Back to Football Maniac Manchester United will visit selhurst Park Stadium to face Crystal Palace although Jayden Sancho is back to first team training he is likely to miss this game Diogo Dallas is still recovering from a hamstring injury case Muro can’t get yellow card in this game otherwise he will miss upcoming Arsenal game in this video I would like to see how Eric 10 Hagg will line up his side against Crystal Palace 32 years old Spanish goalkeeper David de Gea 25 years old English right back Aaron Juan besaka 29 years old English

right center-back Harry MaGuire 24 years old Argentine left center-back Lisandro Martinez 23 years old Dutch left back Tyrell Malaysia 29 years old Brazilian defensive midfielder Fred 30 years old Danish Center midfielder Christian Eriksen years old Portuguese attacking midfielder Bruno Fernandez foreign 22 years old Brazilian right winger Anthony 18 years old Argentine left Winger Alejandro ganacho 25 years old English striker Marcus rashford alright this is the end of this video thank you for watching don’t forget to like And subscribe to our Channel thank you and I will see you in the next video cheers

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