CUBE 20" Compact Sport Hybrid Review – $3.5k Premium Compact Ebike

so it’s always fun to
share ebikes with friends and get some
different perspectives and i’m here with
my friend cheryl hi
and i was so excited to get your
feedback on this because you’ve done
like downhill mountain biking and you’re
you’re kind of like extreme off-road a
little bit yeah and so i’m really
excited about e-bikes because
us downhill bikers every now and again
like to have
a little bit of ease and a little bit of
help right especially when your muscles
are a bit sore
and i’m actually really considering
getting an e-bike
just so i have that difference of being
off-road and
being on my downhill bike and in the
dirt and fun but i want to actually get
around town
and i can’t really use my mountain bike
for that so that’s why i’m super stoked
and excited to like get on this e-bike
well this is a really unique one i mean
i just happen to have this and hopefully
we’ll do some more
like reviews together in the future but
um there are some downhill mountain
bikes actually that are electric so you
don’t even

need a chair lift right it’s
just so cool anyway anyway so
this is like this only the second e-bike
that you’re ever
have tried yeah all right the other one
had a throttle or something you were out
on vancouver island
yeah yeah and we’re just kind of buzzing
around on that i’m sorry i can’t
remember the brand of it but it was
um a lot of fun because i was like wait
a sec
i don’t have to work so hard to get up
this hill and it’s not going to prevent
me from actually going to a place that i
might not normally go
yeah so this is what’s so great about
e-bikes is i think that
now it’s going to give me more
opportunity to ride longer and actually
approach some things that i thought
might be too hard for me to do
by just pedaling well yeah and i mean i
don’t know how
into cycling your boyfriend is and stuff
but being able to go together and sort
of like
not worry about the terrain or if
someone has a knee injury or whatever
anyway i
i just thought that was really cool and
i’m excited to get you on like kind of
the mid-drive and this is a little bit
more european the way it’s set up
and uh it’s also it’s a compact i mean
that’s the name of the bike so being
you’re not like super petite but you
know a little bit lower stand over
height and stuff
um what do you think about this bike
just having not ridden it yet like are
there any questions that come up for you
yeah well the biggest question
i think i might have is i have a bike
rack and i want to know
i know how to lift my mountain bike onto
my rack yeah
um but anything heavier than that i’m a
little concerned about how i might
do this bike and how i would get that
there or for instance how am i going to
lift it
into my place up the stairs and and that
kind of stuff so that’s a great question
yeah so this is even though it is
and it’s a little bit shorter and stuff
you might save some space it still
weighs like 51.6 pounds
the battery pack right here i’m really
glad that they went with the bosch power
pack because it’s a lot lighter than the
integrated power tube
like bosch has a new one that’s right
inside the frame
and it looks cool but this is actually i
mean it’s 5.7 pounds versus like 7.5 or
something on the other ones and that’s
without even
adding a case a lot of them have like
covers so this battery and the way it’s
positioned right there towards the
center and then the
motorway this is like six and a half
a lot lighter the old performance line
cx that was 8.8 pounds so
i’m guessing i’m getting technical here
but i’m really happy to see
how much lighter this bike is
considering they had these other
heavier options to use and we were back
at the house earlier we were talking
about this bike and
you lifted it up and i mean i was a
little i was like be careful it’s
heavier than it looks
like was it okay for you well you do i’m
gonna try it again you’re gonna do it
okay kind of pretend that i’m gonna lift
with your legs
right and then i would just stow the
kickstand so
i guess the best way to probably lift
this guy would be to kind of use my
legs and come up like this actually this
isn’t bad at all nice it feels like i
can actually do that
yeah yeah and you mentioned car racks so
i don’t do you remember the kind of car
rack you have it’s like rocky mountains
yeah i’ve got a rocky mount um and it’s
actually pretty wide so i know that this
would actually fit on there
really well that’s really good because
these are i mean one of the things they
right with this bike is they’ve got
these smaller 20-inch wheels which
brings the whole thing down lower stand
over height
lower rack lower center of gravity that
way but a lot of times
comfort and stability are sacrificed
with these small wheels
because you have this higher attack
angle that just like runs into obstacles
instead of like smoothing them out with
a huge wheel
it’s always it’s always like a trade-off
and so what they’ve done instead is
they’ve got these
super moto x tires these are 20 by 2.4
so 2.4
is is like that the width of the tire
right there
compared to like 1.75 or something on
like a traditional road bike so i feel
like that’s going to give it stability
you can lower the air pressure on these
a little bit to give you some comfort
i think the psi rating here is like 30
to 65 so
depending on your weight and then how
much cargo you have on it you don’t want
to go too low because you can get like a
pinch flat and stuff
but first if you’re just riding around
and you want to be comfortable
these tires can do that and again
there’s no suspension on this
the seat post is pretty custom this is
like 430 millimeters
tall so there’s they’re trying to make
this frame fit a
wide range of users like if you’re tall
you can put it way up
you can raise the the stem there’s an
adjustable angle here so it’s a pretty
versatile bike that way
but comfort is something that you can’t
adjust as much unless you get a shorter
seat post
and i mean finding a suspension fork so
and anyway i feel like those tires are
pretty good i’m glad that they would fit
in your car rack
because getting this places could be a
challenge like my car act didn’t
actually fit it super well
okay yeah i was like it has that front
clamp thing that comes down
just like yours and it didn’t go like it
just almost went but it wasn’t actually
pushing so i had to wrap bungee cords
around it and stuff like that
mine adjusts either way so i’m pretty
sure i could get that
um that on the front tire no problem
with this one other thing i have a
question about
yeah what if i’m feeling a little randy
and i want to actually go on a little
bit of dirt with this thing how does
this handle
on some gravel or dirt that’s a great
question i actually haven’t tried it
off-road but i’m guessing with
back to like the tire pressure lowering
it a little bit and being able to just
put your feet down
if you do start to slide out or
something we might be able to find like
there’s some
there’s some gravel up there we can mess
around on it sounds good um
yeah and actually i think these tires
we’ve got some puncture protection going
on and they’ve yeah there we go so these
are performance
down here there’s this little
performance green guard so there is
a layer of thicker like stiffer plastic
that stops thorns and stuff from
puncturing these quite as easily
and then the reflective sidewall so the
bike comes in two colors you’ve got
glossy white here or there’s this matte
blue with some red accents the white’s
going to stand out a lot more
the reflective sidewalls are great and i
love how they put the
the light so high like this because they
could have mounted it a lot of times
they do mount it way down here
but this is a smaller bike and if you’re
driving in traffic or something you want
to have that big
visual footprint on the side we’ve got a
nice integrated light
in the rear and i guess if you’re going
off-road you can kind of just like aim
this down
and then spot the trail and yeah go on
your adventure
say that like i love it that it actually
moves um
up and down because when you do come to
yeah they’ll be like yeah right you know
when i’ve done my night riding before
um so i’m always like trying to be
conscious of having it in a spot where
it doesn’t meet someone’s eyes
this one actually has like a nice cut
off on the top too so there’s there’s
the top of the beam is flattened out and
doesn’t shine up it only it kind of
spreads out
downwards and it’s flat on the top
specifically for that reason
this is a european actually cube’s a
german company and a lot of the parts
here a little bit more european where
i think their legislation is a little
bit more strict and considerate about
traffic and stuff so good good eye uh do
you want to hop on this thing
yeah yeah okay so go ahead and straddle
the bike here
how do we start this that’s a great
question i was recommending like
standing over it because just as a best
if the bike is on um we don’t want it to
get away from you
yeah yeah and actually the seat’s a
little bit high cheryl maybe we should
do you think that’s too high for you uh
yeah let’s let’s give that address
actually i’ll give it a shot myself here
okay yeah okay 27.2 millimeters on that
and again 430
i think it only goes down to there
without cutting the post because it’s so
long so if you’re someone who’s really
petite you might physically have to like
hacksaw that seat post yeah i think
i think that’s probably good there yep
we’ll do our best say i think it went
down a little bit one of the other
things as you’re getting on
uh these pedals cycle backwards and the
is kind of blocking so if you ever have
the kick stand down you’re backing this
bike out of a garage or something
that’s that’s something to watch out for
will you wheel it forward and kind of
kick the kickstand
sweet and then yeah if we straddle the
bike again then turn it on
we’ll just kind of have a control of the
bike right there’s a little button on
top of the
the purion display this display is
really simple
all it has is like a plus and a minus to
raise or lower assist
so you could start without any assist
and just pedal like a regular bike okay
and as soon as you’re ready for a little
bit of juice you just press that plus
button and you should feel it
it’s very dynamic the drive system on
this bike they
it’s like overkill they went with the
performance line cx it’s a mountain
biking motor
up to 85 newton meters of torque with a
recent like software update that bosch
has pushed out
and this thing is measuring your pedal
speed your pedal torque
and your rear wheel speed all three
signals over a thousand times per second
wow yeah
yeah it’s crazy it’s got shift detection
you got 10 gears and you know how to
shift gears right
yeah i like that the shifter on this
they actually have two-way for the high
lever so you can pull or push and that’s
great because a lot of times you might
leave your
your pointer fingers and stuff on the
brake lever and you want to just use
your thumb for shifting
so i feel like again they they really
went over the top with this bike it’s
kind of overbuilt in my opinion but
that’s great if this is the kind of bike
that you want to ride
i mean even the rack did you notice this
there’s like a rack mount on there yeah
yeah which is great because then you can
really i mean to me it’s like it would
be an excellent city riding bike
and just being able to zip around or
maybe you can commute to work on it
yeah totally it’d be great for commuting
i’m glad you mentioned the fenders and
the rear rack
but sometimes have you ever had like a
basket for one of your bikes
is that your thing yeah yeah okay right
they don’t unfortunately fit court on on
my mountain bikes
but that’s that would be so cute and a
lot of my mountain bike friends would be
like we’re never riding with you again
all your stuff would rattle right out
like flying everywhere
yeah but yeah so what they’ve actually
done a really good job here mounting it
to the head the steer tube because a lot
of baskets the cheaper ones they just
kind of hang on the handlebars and
they’re bouncing around they
impact your steering if you park that
tips to the side so this bike
it’s like a it’s like a little utility
bike too i mean it’s
it’s cute i like it a lot anyway so we
we got distracted
so that’s kind of it press plus press
minus ride along be safe
okay and i’m excited to hear what you
think because this is really this is
probably more advanced than the last
bike that you tried yeah i think so yeah
there’s a few extra components on it for
sure but um i’m excited to give it a try
go get it awesome i’ll see you guys
yeah right on yeah she’s some little
gear shift in here
there she goes all right let’s go
i think she’s turning up the juice yeah
cheryl’s a pretty
capable rider and look she’s she’s
i think she turned on the lights
nice it’s got a good turning radius
did you turn on the light no i did
because your rear light was that went on
okay so check this out i didn’t mention
this i didn’t want to over complicate it
but if you hold the plus button
it activates the lights i wonder if you
were pressing the plus yeah your way
you’re all the way up in turbo you’re
having a blast
so yeah we might we might have activated
the lights we were talking about how
this one has like a cutoff on top and so
it kind of aims and spreads the beam
down before
but that rear light even though it’s
daytime it’s got two leds so i could
really see that when you’re riding
awesome what do you think how did this
feel you know the first thing was is
turning ratio on my mountain bike
compared to this i’m like
what i can like stunt turn this mad like
i could just make a really
quick turn um and it just started to go
but actually i what i like about this
bike over the last one i rode is that
i still feel like i’m doing the work and
it’s not as much of a
like kick off like it’s just like a a
little bit more of an assist which is
nice right so then that way i don’t have
to worry about
not getting my exercise and still using
it as a bike
but at the same time if i reach a big
hill like there’s one up there
yeah um i’d like to kind of try it maybe
up there and then that way when i
start to approach the hill i could just
use that assist a little bit more there
i love the turning ratio i love the fact
um i mean even though the seat post is a
bit long
i still i feel like it’s at a good
height for me
you were stable enough yeah it was
completely stable it was beautiful
but it’s a great ride fantastic yeah and
as someone
i really like the boss drive system it’s
got really good sensors in there so as
you shift gears it’ll actually ease off
a bit
so you don’t grind them yeah and for you
and you’re like
veteran mountain biker you know how to
shift gears appropriately but for a lot
of people if
if this if you’re just like getting into
cycling and you’re going to use this to
commute every day
and you aren’t shifting as thoughtfully
it can it can wear the drivetrain out so
the fact that they even
went with such a high-end derailleur
here this is the shimano z
it does have a one-way clutch which
tightens it up it’s a short cage
derailleur so it won’t hit the ground
it’s not sticking out too much so it
won’t hit curbs as much i mean there’s
still some it’s a bit vulnerable down
but they did the best they could and
then 11 to 36 tooth cassette with 10
speeds like you said this is probably
more natural
like a traditional bicycle but with that
that extra boost that assist to help you
you want to go give it a try i’m going
to go i’m going to go up that hill now
sweet sweet
good luck i feel like i’m cheating a
little bit though
i love it that’s awesome
oh boy
wow whoa nice breaking too
dime as well um really nice brakes on
here so
explain the braking system to me court
yeah right so it has these shimano
hydraulic disc brakes
and they’ve gone with a 160 millimeter
in the rear but 180 up front and
considering these are 20 inch tires or
20 inch wheels you get an enormous
mechanical advantage over them
so of course stopping is you might
almost want to be like a little careful
because i could see people especially on
gravel like
you know one of the things that i come
back to with hydraulic versus mechanical
and you might have something to add to
this as someone who
you’ve been cycling for a while have you
what are your thoughts i mean how did
the brakes feel to you well the brakes
felt like um
i felt safe using them abruptly and i
think that that’s going to be a really
big selling component for this bike
specifically for city riding exactly
is that you’re going to be behind a car
they’re not going to see you maybe well
they might with the bright white
you know and i feel that a lot of folks
at city ride
aren’t really conscious of the drivers
around them and i always want to assume
i also ride motorcycles too
so i come from that vein of thought of
just being safe
and being seen and also being able to
stop those are the things that are going
to keep me safe anytime i’m riding a
motorcycle or a bicycle
and now that you’ve got the motor
component to this and you can go a
little bit faster
yeah you could sneak up on a vehicle
very quickly and they might not see you
there right or just expect it they’re
like that’s a bike like they’re really
zooming on this thing so exactly on that
note i i like to hit the technical
spec so we mentioned 85 newton meters of
torque 340
assist feedback that means if you’re
putting out 300 watts it’s multiplied
by 3.4 times it’s really that’s that’s
the maximum support it can give you it
is a very capable motor especially in
that highest level assist
but there are these three other levels
you know eco tour
sport um before i get too much into that
with the brakes being hydraulic there is
this adjustable reach feature where you
can kind of bring the levers in a little
maybe if you have smaller hands i like
that this has these
sort of ergonomic grips and they’re
they’re locking and this comes back to
like the setup how did the saddle feel
to you by the way
actually it feels great i don’t think
i’d switch the saddle out on this bike
um i’m used to having um quite a hard
saddle because of
mountain biking and i also have a
dropper seat so nice as you can see i
actually have to stand because that
actually gives me
a little bit more bang for my buck too
especially if i want to
do a little bit of strengthening um and
and sometimes if i’m
going down a hill that’s always like the
kid comes out of me and i like like
pedals and you know and also another way
this is going to sound silly but another
way i test a bike
and the capacity of how it actually
steers is i take my hands off it and i
how safe do i feel yeah how is the wheel
going off wonky here on me
and i mean i do this on my mountain
bikes too so i did this on this one and
it drove in a straight line
it’s almost like i had a perfect wheel
alignment and i was like wow this is so
so that to me the safer that i feel that
means that the more i’m going to be able
to ride it in the city
and the more likability it would be that
i would get on a bike like this and ride
it around town
so well put and one of the things i like
to do when i’m doing ride tests and
stuff is that no hand maneuver and it’s
like i don’t want to be a bad example or
something but there’s something
you know we’re on a street there’s not a
lot of traffic it feels
pretty stable and you’re kind of testing
the bike you obviously you felt very
confident because you put your hands
like way out until right now like the
titanic right
yeah like on the front of the bow that
was pretty awesome
um so all of these great features you
know i mentioned
a couple complaints it’s like okay you
know their bike weighs a little bit yeah
um you got the kickstand placement and
but the fact that they got the water
bottle cage right here they didn’t skimp
on that and you could put a folding lock
or a bottle it’s within reach
or some mounts up here you got lots of
options for panniers or like a trunk bag
and it’s it’s clear the saddle
got the lights this is a really premium
and it’s it’s confidence in building in
that sense
but it’s also this is 39.99 usd
i mean is it is it worth it like who
would who would want to spend that money
for this
if okay i i would if i was specifically
getting this bike
only for getting around town or um
actually wanting to commute a little bit
and getting away from transit
i would i would pay the price because
i’m working at a place right now that
i’m able to actually do that and
i could commute but it’s like am i gonna
do that with my like
you know seven thousand dollar mountain
bike probably not
you know what i mean because there’s a
likability that um and that i’m gonna
wear my tires down it’s not designed
for me to be riding on the road but this
is designed for that and
i would actually i would i mean i think
working professionals would probably
spend the price although um you know for
for younger folks they might not
actually want to spend the price on
something like this
and go for something you know at a
better price point um or
student might um yeah but who knows
maybe if the student doesn’t have a car
at all and this is the way for them to
get to school quickly no license no
and not have to rely on transit totally
then it’s a it’s a great investment
could you actually see yourself right i
mean the battery on this
goes from something from like 30 to 80
miles per charge it really depends on
what level of assist and how much
the way you described this before is
like yeah i’m actually working
but yeah i mean you’re also up in turbo
and you felt like did it feel
like you could climb with this pretty
well just a minute yeah like absolutely
like not
not a problem at all i and i mean to be
honest anybody else listening okay good
um to be honest that’s the worst thing
for me as a mountain biker is that
you get that thrill and that joy of like
being at that top of the hill and coming
down but then if you want to go do
another run
you’ve got to like oh my goodness how
tired am i am i really going to do
another run am i going to either walk my
bike up that big long hill to get back
up to the top
yeah i would love to have some
assistance and you and i
we’re like night people we were just
talking about how waking up early in the
morning and then
i mean you’re all excited like i got my
new e-bike and i’m gonna commute to work
and then it’s like early and cold and
you’re like i got that hill and i got
the wind
with a very capable drive system a lot
of that
becomes less of an issue and you
actually can ride every single day
the comfort thing you haven’t you know
it’d be interesting to get your thoughts
like riding up these driveways or me you
know through the rocks a little bit
i speaking for myself i think these
tires are a little full right now it
just came straight from city cycles
that’s the e-bike shop they kind of load
me bikes to try occasionally and do
reviews like this
i would lower the tires but there’s no
suspension you’re coming from full
suspension mountain bike
if we’re talking about a 10 mile commute
by bike
which this is very capable again this is
capable of at least 30 miles
comfort wise you know do you have any
thoughts about that i i was probing with
the saddle and with the grips
yeah you know i ergonomically speaking
i’m thinking that you’re pre you’re
you’re center of balance and you’re just
going to get on it for a sec you want to
do me a favor
yeah hold the you can hold this yeah
hold up for me there
and i’ll move us right here a little bit
and then if you just put the tire kind
of between your legs and brace it like
and then you just hold me upright for a
moment if that is able to do that
i’m just going to kind of get up on it
and then we’ll see here
see for ergonomics for my body yeah i’m
like five
six and a half 124 pounds so
it’s actually perfect for someone like
me wow ergonomics
wise because you can see how i’m sitting
here and then when you stroke down like
here you’re
you’re you’re basically your knee should
be slightly bent
yeah but not completely bent so a lot of
times people will ride their bikes like
this where their knee is
bent but then you’re not actually
getting the stroke and the ergonomics in
the body
yeah actually where the seat is for me
right now and where the hands are here
um i’m actually i’ve got my elbow
slightly bent
i still feel that i can come forward a
little bit but my center of balance is
actually right over top of the bike
fantastic steel is good for a lot of
and perhaps maybe my size as well sure
you do like massage therapy and
yeah i mean you have so many skills and
so hearing you talk about alignment
it reminds me when i got fitted for my
bike and i’m glad that this just happens
to work i could just kind of like
set it up you know just threw it
together before we came out here
um but yeah getting full leg extension
like you’re talking about
full leg extension i would like to have
my feet on the ground a little bit more
and that’s why so many people ride like
like a frog right exactly right i would
like to have them down just a little
tiny bit more but when you put take my
feet up onto the pedals you can see that
actually where it’s supposed to be okay
right yeah so
i you know when i work with beginning
mountain bike people always
say you know you’re going to get up on
the pegs when you’re when you’re coming
down and you can do the same thing with
the city bike
and then when you’re getting on and off
it i mean and because of this
this beautiful spacing we have right
here you can simply just draw yourself
forward and come down onto the bike
very very easy and lots of clearance
safety wise yeah
um the pedals i’d probably switch the
pedals out um these ones are
plastic they’re gonna get wrecked pretty
quickly um especially just
you know even though this bike has a
kickstand um i’m always one to
definitely get you see these little
knobbies on the pedals yeah these are
really great
for wearing um you know uh the
the mountain bike shoes that i have
because they’re they’ve got little
spaces in them that actually kind of go
and clip a little bit into these that i
will give you a little bit more grip
and anything that i say that makes you
feel more safe on a bike
is definitely what you want to go with
now if you get into the the metal petals
then you’re gonna probably get even a
little bit more grip off of them
with just everyday average shoes right
right now with these pedals i feel like
what i’m wearing here for runners yes
yeah um these aren’t
something i would normally wear but uh
for biking but i did this purposely
so that i could just see was this like
if i wanted to get to work
wear just a pair of regular runners or
if i wanted to ride around town and wear
a cute outfit for a date
yeah yeah right you know and you don’t
want to put that basket you know why
you know bring the whole mountain gear
out you know so and i actually feel with
the gear i’m wearing and
i mean i could actually feel like i
could do even more right so fantastic
yeah and so still in safe is a good
thing there’s there we just wanted to
make sure that
worked we got the fun signal yeah
um there’s more to cover on this there’s
a few more things it’s got the quick
release and we’ve got this really
cool like stem set up here that
telescopes up and down but it also
swivels and i just want to show that
because i got your help
cool so if we right here just a second
push this silver thing up
oh there you go i love it yeah so this
would be great if i needed to store it
somewhere then right
exactly or even you could
which you know what on the back of my
car rack i would put it like this
because that’s happened where it wasn’t
quite secure and then your bar hits your
and so this would prevent that or
fitting two bikes like your mountain
bike most mountain bikes have really
wide handlebars and sometimes you have
to like put them in different directions
but they’re still colliding a little bit
this is a really i mean it’s pretty
fancy go ahead and bring it back
but it’s it’s not uh just a little bit
more there we go it actually locks into
place you can raise those
right um that’s as high as it will go
right there so coming back to the
body types that this would fit um go
ahead and bring it down to where it was
comfortable for you was that that about
right yeah i’d say like you know just
for ergonomics wise you probably
kind of want to have your shoulders just
and then your elbows and your elbows and
your wrists probably in line
like this and this is going to prevent
you from
kind of um ergonomically speaking for
the lower back a lot of riders
actually might not ride bikes because of
lower back issues yeah so i’m thinking
on a bike like this
this is actually going to promote you to
stay in that really nice
um posterior spine so that you can
allow yourself to actually sit yeah a
little bit more evenly
on the center of the gravity of the bike
and then also not be hunched over like
this and rolling over into your text
yeah right a lot of us are doing all day
long with the adjustable stem i mean
again i just feel like they did such a
good job with this they use high quality
parts that are really well labeled and
and everything like these fenders these
are custom so this is acid that’s like
done by cube that’s their accessory line
look how far down it goes
i actually was scuffing that on curbs
when i was going off
earlier and it in some ways it’s like is
it too long but it’s got really good
and it’s not vibrating whole lot it
connects directly to the rack in
multiple points
i i really scrutinized this bike before
came out here like what what’s the
trade-offs here and for me the biggest
ones were just the price and the weight
for for someone who wants this type of
bike i consider this to be like top of
the line right now
and that’s kind of it i mean i feel like
we’ve we’ve covered everything here is
there anything you feel like we missed
or you want to add
you know one thing i’d like to do and
i’m wondering if i can just do it
i’m going to go on the rocks i’m going
to go up on the rocks but those people
might come screaming at me outside the
house what are you doing on my property
there is there’s this field that’s it’s
kind of like a dirt lot over there you
could kind of ride through and get a
little bit of off road
do be careful i mean i know we’re having
fun out here and everything but
with the smaller have you ever ridden
like a folding bike before with the
small wheels this is this is this is the
first time i’ve ever ridden a bike with
small small wheels it’s just a little
jarring is how i feel about it so
approach carefully
this technically is not a folding bike
and that’s one of the benefits like a
compact electric bike like this
you’re getting some of the benefits of a
folding bike but you’re getting the
frame strength
and just the performance of a more of a
full-sized bike
and so with that said will you go for it
let’s do it take your time
and even just going up these driveways
here and getting a feel
not bad did the bike power off you still
support yep cool
i feel like i have pretty good handle on
things so if you do get any rocks or any
kind of gravel on the road or
a dump truck all of a sudden is in front
of you and a whole bunch of gravels on
the road
you’ll be safe i just made it through
those those treacherous rocks there
fantastic sure i’m so glad you could
make some time to meet me out here and
to help with this
uh she’s going doing some family trip
stuff hopefully in the future we’ll see
her again you’ve got so many great
you guys i love you i hope this helps
you to understand
the cube compact sport hybrid the cube
makes great products i think
and my goal is just to help you make an
informed decision and answer all your
questions so
ride safe out there check out for all the specs
the cube website didn’t really cover a
lot of them but i’ve measured them
by hand here we spent some time looking
at it back at the house
and that’s about it what is this class
one name oh that’s a great question
cheryl yeah
i’m just seeing a little sticker it says
class one 250
w 20 250 watt 20 mile per hour so
this is the most um legal electric bike
to ride there are three classes so class
one is 20 miles per hour pedal assist
in north america in europe it’s 15.5
miles per hour
but then class two is with a throttle
still 20 miles per hour that’s what you
about the island yeah that was it and
that just it felt so much faster for
some reason
i guess maybe because i’m used to riding
a dirt bike yeah and riding
street bikes that i’m used to that kind
of throttle action and i’m a little bit
um quicker to my timing this just takes
me a little longer
so actually this bike could probably
keep me more safe wow it’s so it’s
it’s nice that you know there’s nothing
wrong in my opinion with the throttle
it’s a nice way to get started because
as unless you have a bike like this that
is so responsive like
the second you start to put power like
leg power
into those cranks you really don’t have
to strain your knees or anything it’s so
responsive and and powerful with the cx
motor that
it helps you you know but for a lot of
bikes that have maybe a hub motor and
cadence sensors they’re just
you have to do that first portion of
work and with the sensitive knee like i
have from my injuries
a throttle is pretty appealing in those
situations but then it’s class two and
you can’t go on as many mountain bike
trails and things
and so if you want a bike that is
semi-off-road capable
or you just like that european like i’m
pedaling i’m engaging with the bike
class ones where it’s at
and then they have class three which is
like high speed commuting
which goes up to 28 miles per hour uh
okay yeah which
again it’s not it’s not allowed on quite
as many trails either so this is just
going to be the most versatile
universally accepted platform
i do want to mention back at there’s like a
comparison tool and i have a whole
category called compact
and so there there are some other bikes
out there that do have mid drives
that also have a throttle that’s compact
it you know in most cases it’s not quite
as advanced as the bosch system and i
want to point out that
even though this display it’s compact
it’s easy to read and everything
it’s got a couple extra things we didn’t
discuss here where if we hold the minus
we go from trip distance to total
distance like an odometer
hold it again we get range which
dynamically updates so we’re in turbo
and it said something like 50
45 kilometers go down to eco which is
the lowest level
now it’s telling us 105 kilometers so
there’s you know
you really can get a workout you can
just kind of like shave the weight of
the bike
by going to that eco mode and get long
range or you hit the hill and you just
click up to sport or turbo and you get
the performance so i think i was on
turbo the whole time wasn’t i
think you were yeah actually do you want
to do another you know if we if just
take it around on
eco for a second and then so and to stay
in eco it’s the bottom button
yeah it’s it’s there now so if you want
to change you press plus again but it’s
each click changes the assist level i
see okay and then the final thing to
show you is it’s the holding the minus
that’s what changes the readout so now
it says here’s
the level you’re in eco if we hold it it
goes trip distance odometer range so
those are the three
things if you want to change from
kilometers to miles hold minus and tap
that changes units so there are a few
things you kind of
it’s a little bit you know there’s some
steps because there are fewer buttons
the cool thing about bosch is they do
have like an intuvia display
kiocks purion is the one that we’re here
but they have another one called nion
that’s coming out
to the united states and canada in uh
later 2020 so awesome their system can
be upgraded which is which is you know
back to like yeah you’re paying
a lot but you have a lot of options and
they do the firmware updates for the
so if i just leave it the way it is now
and then
if i pedal it’s just going to basically
kick in same thing
just a lot less support so before you’re
getting up to 340 percent
85 newton meters of torque now you’re
getting 40 newton meters of torque and
50 support so it’s a lot less maybe you
could even play with tour and eco and
let me know what you’re thinking
okay so just if i just don’t touch
anything on here leave it on eco and
give it a try yeah
give it a try all right let’s see what
that says good luck i’m excited now
oh yeah this is a big difference for
sure she says big difference
but she’s still zipping along
looks like we got someone playing guitar
and singing in there
it’s pretty cool
it’s riding much more like a bike now a
lot more like a bike
a lot more like a bike try tour do the
next one up
okay this is it yeah so if
you want to work out eco yeah yeah there
you go right get to the hill
you’re tired uh but you don’t you still
want a bit of a workout definitely the
next one up and then
turbo if you’re just really tired sweet
sweet yeah there’s some good options in
there it’s nice to see you
i liked uh i like the fact that it has
those three options because then that
you can really choose um what you’re
doing like let’s say you want to get to
work you know you need to get there
just use the turbo option right totally
especially if you know you’re going up
hills the whole way there and when you
come home you can just put it on the eco
option and get a little bit of a ride in
a little bit of a pedal
that’s fantastic cheryl i know you’ve
got we’re probably making you late i
hope not but
thank you for spending so much time with
me today to look at this bike your
insights are
just phenomenal and it’s fun
invited out i want to do this again i
love this we’ll do it we’ll do more it’s
great we’ll get some mountain bikes how
about that
that’ll be fun let’s get some mountain
bikes with e capability on them
rock on well i’ll bring you back and
then i’ll hit i’ve got a few more
technical specs that i’ll do it a little
bit later
all right thanks court thanks take care
tons of fun
i love shell she’s just great so there
are a few things that
kind of skimmed over and i want to be as
complete as possible because this is a
pretty fancy bike
one of which is really nice rims here
and look at this we’ve even got those
eyelets and that creates even more
so the rims don’t crack as easily and it
makes it easier to adjust and true the
rims that is nice it costs extra and it
makes this bike a little bit sturdier
for carrying
heavier loads the way that the tubing is
set up here i already talked about how
it reduces frame flex and the way that
the rack the optional front basket rack
isn’t going to turn when you turn the
bike it’s going to it’s going to be able
to handle more weight
and this rear rack back here i’m
guessing this is rated for like 25
kilograms 55 pounds it does not say
but just going by what i’ve seen before
and it’s got the paneer hanger and then
little loop at the bottom for a bungee
cable if you want and a platform on top
with a clasp it’s a nice rack and it’s
positioned well and there’s enough space
for like probably a full-size
pannier to to hang down then notice this
this alloy guard okay it’s not a full
but it does keep your pant legs or your
your dress end from touching the chain
getting snagged getting dirty
uh the chain did fall off when i was i
think transporting it to my house on my
car rack because it was bouncing around
and i got to get my
hand a little bit greasy putting the
chain back on track but it did and
i i i think it’s pretty well protected
there at least it’s not going to fall
off to the outside
of that chain ring and this is a really
nice derailleur
this whole setup is is done really well
i love how
the cables are all internally routed so
it’s really clean they’re not going to
snag on anything
and we’ve got this like plastic shield
around the bosch performance line
cx motor it’s the new fourth generation
really compact
beautiful just everything has done
really well you can see the charging
port for the battery it’s a little bit
low it’d be nice if it was up higher
but the keys for the battery pack are
from abus
which they’re they’re the nicer one i
mean this is a it’s a pretty good
company they make locks and stuff
and actually these keys they come with
uh your plus
like a key code so you can actually get
a folding lock
that matches your battery and then maybe
you mount that right there
on the frame and that way you only have
one key to worry about
or check this out really easy to miss
but there are these holes right here
on either side and that’s actually for
mounting a frame lock which
puts a rod through the spokes here and
it basically secures the rear wheel so
someone would physically have to pick
your bike up and run away with it they
can’t ride it away
that’s really nice and i reviewed
another bike with a frame locker cafe
lock recently and someone in the
comments had said
you know oh they mounted it on top of
the seat stays
which is more vulnerable if someone
comes at it with a hammer or something
so you really want to mount it below and
that’s what cube has set this up for
totally ready for um a frame lock
now they are even though they’re giving
you the nicer power pack 500
high capacity they’re giving you the
slower 2 amp charger compact
this weighs like 1.2 1.3 pounds but it’s
only 2 amp versus 4 amp
which means it’s going to take a little
bit more time to charge that battery
and you know not probably not the end of
the world this is still a very efficient
system but
considering they got the cx motor which
uses more energy
it’s nice that they went with the higher
capacity battery
so i’m going to insert the key twist it
and then i want to be careful here that
doesn’t fall off because
there isn’t like a retainer mechanism it
just sort of comes off
we got that loop you can take this off
5.7 pounds
take it with you charge it off the bike
or on the bike
it’s a pretty good setup again the
charging point right here is
it’s kind of in the way of that left
crank arm but so is the kickstand so i
guess with compact bikes there’s only so
much space to
fit all that in and frankly i think
they’ve done a good job just with
and it’s got a little cap and everything
when you put the battery back on just
make sure you hear it click
right and then maybe even pull on it
because i have ridden off before
and had the battery just fall right off
which is like such a bummer it kind of
breaks your heart you don’t
these are expensive and you don’t want
to you don’t want to damage that
okay guys you’re connected to that 27.2
rigid seatpost you could always replace
it with a suspension post
it might be hard to find one that’s as
long as this so if you’re someone who’s
really tall and you’ve got that
all the way up you know keep that in
mind i do have the
minimum saddle height maximum saddle
height stand over height all those
measurements back at
and my goal is just to help empower you
if you get this bike you can set it up
perfect for yourself
and there are suspension posts like
thudbuster they have
like a longer version so instead of 300
or 350 millimeters which is kind of
standard for posts
you can get something that’s closer to
this which is again 430.
44 tooth standard steel chainring with
that nice alloy guide up front to keep
your pants clean
in the back we’ve got 11 to 36 tooth 10
cassette really nice setup there almost
compared to what you really need for
just riding around the city especially
with such a powerful motor
the crank arms by the way they’re 165
instead of 170 so they’re a little bit
shorter and i think that’s to reduce the
potential for
pedal strikes which is when your pedal’s
down and you turn and it hits the ground
like that so
they’ve done a really good job with the
drivetrain same thing with that
shimano z derailleur in the back the
short cage
it’s got the one way clutch this is one
of the nicer like mountain bike rated
derailleurs i’ve seen on any electric
again it feels a little bit like
overkill but maybe that’s how they were
able to get the
the short cage and i mean i might as
get that upgrade if the bike’s going to
be costing a little bit more like this
i’m in turbo level of assist because
that’s going to make the motor more
pronounced you can get an idea of how it
uh i have noticed that when i stop
pedaling there is that clunk feeling
right like i’m pedaling pedaling i’m
getting a assist and then when the
assist shuts off
i feel clunk like that like into my foot
it might just take a while for the motor
to break in and
feel a little bit smoother i welcome
your feedback on that but it’s something
i’ve noticed with all of the newer
full-size chainring bosch motors there’s
no reduction gear here
you can cycle the pedal backward
actually cycles through the drivetrain
which is good for
maintenance and chain lubrication and
stuff but there is that little bit of a
so it’s a minor gripe just something to
think about let’s go
surprisingly quiet i’m always really
impressed uh i’m pedaling at like
a medium cadence here but this thing can
go all the way up to 120 rpm which is
great especially if you’re approaching a
hill and you downshift to make it easier
to pedal
but then your cadence speeds up you
don’t want the motor to cut out on you
and this is the cx it’s the mountain
bike motor
very capable so i’m going to try to
demonstrate that i’m going to go to a
lower gear
and a pedal fast and give you an idea of
how fast that motor actually contributes
interesting i mean i think i was
outpacing it a couple times you could
hear it kind of easing back
but some of that might be a factor of
like i think we’re at 20 miles per hour
there you go now i’m going to climb a
hill a little bit and shift through the
gears you can
try to listen for the shift detection it
is software driven it’s not perfect so
there’s still some banging it’s a good
idea to ease off when you’re shifting
gears just so that the drivetrain
shifts smoothly doesn’t damage the teeth
or the chain
very nice very responsive well guys i
think that’s finally it this was a fun
went extra long because it was cheryl’s
kind of second time on ebike and i like
to get those first reactions and
just different insights everyone has a
different experience i feel like i
learned something every time i go out
and i wanted to share that with you all
this is the cube compact it’s the sport
and uh i enjoyed it i think it’s a
really cool bike i hope you did too i’ll
be covering other bikes
in the coming weeks and months and years
and i love you guys ride safe
we’ll see you next time

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