CUET Application Form Date Extended | CUET Latest Update | CUET UG EXAM 2024

hello everyone and welcome back to my channel so today I’m here with a very thrilling and exciting news for my dear students so the great news that I have to share with you all is that cu ug key last date Joy 26th of March 2024 has been extended

to 31st of March 2024 G last date extend 31st March 20124 because of reason and the time on that day will be till 9:50 p.m. please don’t wait for the last date now so please go for it and you must fill the form this news was given by

ugc chairman mamidala Jagdish Kumar through social media platform now let me tell you something about CU because I was just uh going through different uh channels and all and I found that there are still many students who don’t know yet about it so to tell you about C

ug it goes for common University Entrance Test undergraduate right to your program launch in the year 2022 the objective of this program is to provide unified approach to all the students all right who want to go up with the universities Central univ universities state universities be deemed your

private universities so there are around 322 universities famous good universities of a country who are under the umbrella of C Vish university university

of Delhi or we talk about University of alabad unity ad so you must go for your C right so that will be a common entrance

exam right so now if we talk about the exam paper it will be in 13 different languages all right and this exam will be conducted in 380 cities all right including 26 cities abroad dates to exam will be conducted from 15th of May to 31st of May 2024

right exam will be either in two or three shifts per day and when we talk about the uh result the result date is 30 June 30 June June is the last is the exam result date right June exam 15th May 31st of May and it will be in

hybrid mode hybrid M online and offline both right one more important change which has come here is that earlier the students were allowed to take maximum 10 subjects but now the count has decreased from 10 to 6 student maximum six subjects apply for further details please click on

the link which is given in the description and in case if you have any doubt any question you can send it through the comment box we’ll surely reply you and again as I said please grab this opportunity opportunity will not keep on knocking the door again and again

pleas EX right form fill ker and get the best out of this opportunity so please remember the last date that is your 31st of March 2024 and the time is 9:50 p.m. thank you so much for watching me stay blessed stay happy and all the best so with

this I would just like to say is do like share and subscribe and definitely your comments are valuable as always thank you once again

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