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I’m your host Nate Ryan joined by Jeff Burton here in the NBC Sports. Charlotte Studios were talking on the Monday. After what should have been the Saturday night race at Daytona International Speedway? Instead, it was the Sunday regular season finale at Daytona. I don’t really want to cause PTSD here to remind you of how much rain coverage. We had to do with the tap dance through a lot of delays, but it all worked out yet, thanks for being here. And girl, that as fun to be here, we had we did we had the opportunity to

do over 13 hours of rain filled. So I hate I hate that for the fans that went there in person but it was you know but on the other hand we had some cool content. We showed some old races. We showed part of part of the race from from Saturday. We showed a lot of different stuff so you know that part of it was a I don’t know that just that’s just another opportunity to be involved in sport. So I’m not gonna complain about that but I will not lie when I got home last. Tonight.

I was exhausted. I had had enough. Yeah, I needed a break, I guess. I got a text from the tart late

last night of. I think you just sent a gift of like a guy collapsing, this couch and I felt for you guys, I did not go to Daytona but of course, I was watching from afar and enthralled with all of the action in Sunday’s regular season finale. As always, this turned out to be a barn burner, a lot of wrecks. I want to start with the winner, Austin Dillon, to critical moves that he made

Jeff. The first was the one that got him through the big wreck that happened, just before the red flag and that got Austin doing into the lead. Austin Dillon said it was instinctive that as he said, he just always goes to the bottom, he said that we find this. He said that he saw Daniel Suarez, get kind of turned in up in the air and so Austin Dillon’s. Immediate reaction was to get to the flat because I knew he was headed up the hill. You were hoping you make it far enough forward before that car

comes back across the apron. The bottom is advantageous because As you always have an out, but some of the hardest hit you’re going to take our also, when you get right, reared and shot into the fence from the bottom. So So let’s discuss that move because that was, I mean, it’s instinctive but at the same time I remember you came on the podcast recently and we’re talking about this about. I think it was a Jeb Burton decision during a wreck about all the things you have to do to get through Iraq. Knowing that you’re probably

not going to make it. Well it is instinctive and and sometimes those instincts, you know, they work and sometimes they don’t, you know? It. Every one of those drivers in that Rick we’re doing what just came natural to them by far the majority of them. It didn’t work out for because it couldn’t have You go back and watch that, rip that wreck and like nobody did anything wrong. That could have avoided the rekted didn’t. It’s just it’s just super hard to track gets blocked. I mean essentially almost the entire field was in the wreck. I

mean it was crazy and and so yeah there’s there is an element of luck there. There’s no question about it. There’s a there is Instinct but there’s also just there’s a time where he wasn’t surrounded by anybody. There wasn’t anything going flying by him. Like it wasn’t something to just inadvertently. Got him. That part of it is little part. The part that’s not look is when it is a decision to be made and you make the right one. But anytime you get through a when you’re in the middle of a big wreck at Daytona and

Talladega and you get through it every one of those, there’s an element of luck. Involved is what Austin says there. What he says there. Does that make sense that it does, maybe just be natural to? Just go to the bottom, go, the apron, go, the flat. Did you approach it? So it All you can do is look at what’s happening in front of you and respond to it. Yeah, I mean the two cards that I thought were that close to making it through was Harrison and Ty Dillon, they were inches away. They were on the

bottom. The track was it was early in the wreck. The track was clearing to the top and the track was wet. So tie spun and they were both on the bottom and then Harris is behind him on the apron and they both made contact and that made the way for the next guy. Hadn’t. Opportunity was was Austin. Harvick had an opportunity and the cold just closed up and you know, but if you go back and watch that big glob of cars, none of those guys had a shot. None of those guys had a shot to

me. It was Harvick, Austin, tie and in Harrison. Those are the four that had a possibility and only one made it through it. Yeah. And it looked like Harvick from when I could glean from the video. It looks like he kind of hit the gas and he did. Yeah. Look like he was gonna get through and then boom the cars just went like this. There’s a whole go you know and that’s And that’s the thing that I think did. It was really cool watching that because from being a driver I know there’s times when you’re

directed you have to accelerate you have to go against your instinct and accelerate. If it doesn’t work, now you’re going to hit him harder than you were going to hit them. But that was his only shot and he did accelerate. And then it just reminded me of, I’ve Had The Good Fortune to fly in the front seat of a lot of airplanes, and there’s clouds that you don’t like to fly through clouds if you don’t have to because, you know, what’s in them, and sometimes the clouds just You know what I mean? Next thing, you

know your enemy and that thing just closed up so quickly and it’s just, there’s nothing you could have done, there’s nothing at all. Yeah. So as I mentioned, and you did mention that the track was wet, and we’re going to get to that eventually. But first, I want to handle everything that happened around as though the Dylan wind. So the second move, I said to critical movies by Austin Dillon that move got him in the lead. Then the red flag, comes almost a four-hour delay. They restart the race with Austin Dillon lead on the restart

he actually gets. Bye. Austin syndrich. Who ends up leading the next 13 laps and before Austin Dillon’s able to pass him with with three to go, he makes this maneuver Jeff in which he gets to him. And then in turn one, he makes kind of like contact. I’ll read you how Austin described it. Austin said, I kind of have been giving him the same shove each lap, I don’t know if I just caught more momentum, that lap than others but then he got free and I just kind of moved up the track. So, I won’t

say this was controversial but it was kind of different from what we normally see with a pass for the lead at Daytona. Being you know it wasn’t a bump and run like a short hair but it sort of looked like that a little so and I want so let me back up one second. Yeah, so I thought there was actually three moments. I want to add 1 to it. So on the restart you mentioned he had the lead and got past. Yeah he fell back like forth. Right? Right. And then he got down the back

straightaway. They got to run the the 77 car was behind him. With Landon cassill driving it. And I believe that that Kyle Busch may have been behind him. He pushed a 7777 pushed the three and then when Austin got cleared himself of the guys on the outside, he had a decision to make when he got to when he got to Martin Truex Junior and he instinctively just jump to the outside and was able to clear him and then get himself to S. So That move that ability to get that momentum down the back and then

get himself to Second. Ultimately led to him being able to take the lead away and then you could see him start to fullback, you know, trying to slow down, slow down to get some momentum. Austin Cedric said his post race interview. He was watching that happen and he was trying to drag the break and do everything he could to get back to them. To not, let them get momentum on him and then but he could wasn’t able to do it. And then, It’s hard for me to say that. Austin, Dillon intentionally. Pushed him out of

the way because how much push and do we see it Daytona right. All the way around. Yeah sure. I’d like to thank. It’s hard for me to imagine that Austin knew. He could push him and get him loose. Yeah. And drive around, he went outside without pushing him and spinning in front of him and taking him out. Also, you know what I’m saying? So I don’t, I don’t know. I don’t know that Austin intentionally did that, right? I can’t say that. He didn’t. Because there’s so much on the line, but it’s hard. It’s yeah, I

don’t know. I don’t know what happened there. I don’t know. I know he meant to hit him. Yeah. But we see, who would hit people all the time at Daytona tally. They Talladega. It’s not like, it’s like you said, it’s not like a bump and run another race tracks, right? I don’t know how you would have known. What the outcome was going to be by pushing a guy into turn one. That’s what stood out to me again. After hearing what Austin said, he described it the way you did that. It wasn’t like he meant to

give him that shove. That’s just what he’d been doing. Whole time and you just sort of slip free of him and went up the track and Austin syndrich, said that you know I got hit by another race car going 190 miles an hour. He is Racing for a playoff spot. I totally expected to get drove through is just a matter of time. I’m pretty bummed, I mean, he knew so he’s pretty sure he did it on purpose. I also stringent standard took it pretty well, right? Because he’s a forward with three Chevy’s behind him. It

was, I was surprised it took, as long as it did essentially, right? I mean they wait until 3:00 to go and they could have done it any time of 45 laps I think. Tend to go, they were lined up behind. I was Richard Childress. We played him on the radio saying wait till the last lap. Wait to the last lap and I’m like, no, no, no, you can’t wait to the last lap. You got if you get that run, you got to take it. Yeah. And that’s what again that’s what’s interested. Interesting to me is

that I’m not for a minute saying that Austin didn’t get in the back of syndrich trying to mess him up. I’m not saying that I just don’t know, that’s what happened. He could have taken that run and jump to the outside of him. Got the guys behind him. He pretty sure they would have gone with him. Yeah, but you know, I who knows, man. It’s just racing with a damn whole season on the line. I mean, really? Yeah, I mean you’re 32 go at Daytona and literally It’s your whole season, I mean, that’s crazy. Do

you think about it like that? I didn’t. I never really. I wouldn’t say I didn’t get in that situation but I you know, every playoff that we do and then the regular season that we do now that I’m on the other side of the fence, I’m just fascinated by what drivers teams can do. You know, I just it’s fascinating to me and then the Results of that effort. You know, your syndrich? You’re pissed off. If you’re dealing, you’re dancing to Victory Lane and you got life and you now have made the playoffs and that matters

like that matters. Not only for today, it matters for tomorrow because you’re now a playoff team and that’s a tremendous amount of selling power for sponsorship, for your place. In the sport, has a driver. It’s really important. It’s very powerful. Yeah, and certainly for Richard Childress, and Richard Childress Racing which It has two cars in the playoffs, with Tyler Redick, Austin, Dillon IROC, said it after the race. It was, it was a million dollar move literally, like, literally that car getting the playoffs he said means it’s a seven-figure difference in, if Austin Dillon, doesn’t make

the play wonder if Wonder Farsi went and hugged Tyler etic after. Well, it’s funny you bring that up because that was the next thing I wanted to talk about was the fact that Austin Dillon had Tyler Redick riding shotgun all the way to the Finish. Tyler Redick was the good. Teammate. He pushed Austin, Dillon all the way he said he never intended to get out of line read. What would tie? The Riddick said he said, I made the right move at the right time. Austin made his move at the right time. It is perfect timing

to get to his back bumper. Anyone coming for the three was going to have to wreck the 8. So that was the Tyler. Reddick soccer. Yeah. What. And when they ate, what was the the roller skating thing when they do roller derby mother f…..? Yeah. It’s a good way to look at it and thought about that. So, so, the other thing is that your ad says to me the Tyler etic has the wherewithal and the self-awareness that I even though I’m leaving, Richard Childress Racing, I drive for Richard Childress Racing And the respect. T’ that

he showed on Sunday to help our CR get another car in the playoffs. Is a? Sign of his character. Now I know that Richard is upset because he’s leaving. That’s not a character flaw. It’s not a character flaw to make a decision that you think is in your best interest. For your career. That’s not a character fault. You can have a disagreement about it, but it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person and Richards. Not a bad person, either. I know, Richard really well. Richards are really good person, but feelings, get hurt and moments like that.

Is it good reminder that? Tyler etic understands his place, Tyler, Reddick, respects our CR and Richard. Now, after all that’s happened. Can now look at Tyler etic In a Different Light. And I think that’s good for the future of Tyler. Etic success, assuming something crazy doesn’t happen and he doesn’t leave at the end of this year. That goes a long way to helping that team. So a lot of things happen for our CR on Sunday afternoon, not just Austin, Dillon, winning that race. In my opinion. And you, I’ve said to you before, I think Richard

Childress, the best thing he can do for his company is put as much effort as he can into that 8 car. To win as many races, he can between now and the time, Tyler Riddick leaves because all that Richard Childress is doing is recruiting the next driver, the next crew chief the next tire Changers, the next sponsors, all that stuff. That’s what he’s doing with that 8 car. And you know how you do that, right? Yeah, you win with it and I think a lot happened on Sunday that was a really positive, very, very positive

parts of, you know, it’s a really good point with Tyler rhetta slated to leave. 23:11 racing in the 2024 season. That clearly as you note that, surely that was recognized by Richard Childress, that he has not forgotten that hey, I’m in the cup series because Richard Childress Racing gave me that ride after I went to this team and won the Xfinity Series championship in 2019. RC is the guy who put me in the 8 car in 2020 and that’s why he’s going to twenty-three-eleven racing. So it meant a lot to Richard. I want to get

your take on one more thing on that, Jeff. It meant a lot to Austin, Dillon, as well. He often don’t had this really interesting quote, after the race in the media center. He said when Tyler made his decision a couple of months ago, I called him and congratulated him for me, being an owner’s son. This is me being Austin, Dillon, being an owner’s son. Sometimes comes with caveats. I want to make sure that I had nothing that I had nothing to do with the reasons that Tyler Reddick was leaving when I called him. I was

like, hey man, I just want to make sure I’ve been a good teammate to you. He said no, you’ve been an amazing teammate. I said let’s go try and win some races for our CR over the next year and a half. And then, Austin Dillon said, the Tyler Reddick has been in a way inspirational Me to pick up my game because he has so much speed and he shows it constantly. Tyler has been good for me. So not only is this really good. I think you’re right for the company, but the relationship between these drivers

not that we question it, but obviously it’s solid, it’s important and and Austin is aware. He has self awareness to that, with being Richard Childress grandson. It’s a different ball game and and he always has to fight and Richard always has to fight the perception of favoritism the perception of those things. And Joe Gibbs will have to fight it with, with his grandson. It’s just, it’s natural. People are always well, he’s getting this, he’s getting that and they’ve got to go. They got a double down to show people that were not showing favoritism. And if

you are making decisions, is because it is in the best interest of that. Are not that driver because he’s my grandson difficult decisions have to be made and you just have to make sure when you make it on you making them for the right reason. It’s not for family. I don’t think Richard Childress. Is cut from that cloth. I think Richard Childress is willing to sit down with Austin and saying it had the tough conversations with him. I think Joe Gibbs is willing to sit down with his grandson. Have the tough conversations, but I don’t

think there’s but but you got to go actual above and beyond because all those people in the shop, Unless you’re working on that specific team, everyone else which is by far the majority of people. They have to know that everybody’s got the same shot or you or it will erode it will erode and it won’t work long-term. Yeah, and also important I think that would tie the Reddick having two wins this year. Dylan now has one, I think probably maybe a little bit more belief in the number three. Chevrolet the way that Austin Dillon won

this race. This was his fourth cup win but I think it’s fair to say that. R3 had a few question marks. Mean the Coca-Cola. 600 was a mileage when he won the Daytona 500. I want to take anything away from that but he essentially knocked her arm roll out of the way on the final lap to do it and then he won Texas a couple years ago on strategy. So Austin Dillon was asked like, how important was it to get this win. How how much exercise faction did you have from having this type of wind

and was it more legit? And Austin, Dillon said, for sure to be able to looked to be able to be clutch and a moment that mattered is important. It’s important to all of us in sports, right to deliver when you have the opportunity to you to deliver this year. I’ve had some moments that were very close. Austin Dillon mentioned the Coke 600 this year. They didn’t sleep a lick after the Coke 600 because he felt like he had put themselves, put them in position away in and then they had that tire thing that kind of

costume that win. So this win and what it means for Austin. Dillon Square Jeff not just the fact that like he was able to Regain the lead as you detailed like, after losing it on the restart and essentially put things back to where they were before the red flag, but also just kind of seizing that moment showing like, hey, I can win in the cup series, I can do this. So it’s it is important. And, and the interesting thing about Austin is he one of truck Championship? Yeah, you want to going to be Championship, he’s

one of the Daytona 500, he’s one of the Coke 600. He’s won the coke, 400 Co 04:00, fair amount of prestigious events, some pretty big pressure situations, which again, I don’t want to take anything away. But at the same time, people are liars. And raise those. He is not had. He’s not had the success that some other people have had. Yeah. He’s also, I mean, I, I don’t think I’m not so sure that their equipment is good as entering Motorsports either. So, you know what I mean? So it’s You’re always going to be judged the

kids grandkids siblings of people in the sport are judged differently than others, it just how it is. I was judged differently because I raised her Ward. Jeb is Judge differently differently because his dad raced Austin is Judge differently because his Grand dad owns the race car. How many times you heard people say tie gives only has his right eye because of the grandpa. What? No crap. That’s the only reason he has his ride, but the reason he’s kept his ride. It’s because he’s succeeded, I’m saying, so. So guess what Kyle Petty got is right? Because

his grandfather, Dale Earnhardt got arrived because of his dad, right? The go through the Hall of Fame list. Go through the Hall of Fame list, Allison’s go through it. And look, there’s a lot of people that can’t, that did this and had success because their parents were in it first and they have to do it on their own. Yeah, and so Austin’s going to be judged because his grandfather owns a race team and he drives a 3 car. Let me, he drives the 3 car and that that those two things collectively, put a tremendous amount

of Spotlight on him, and he has not performed the way Tyler Reddick. this year has outperformed, Austin last year, they were pretty pretty close, but this year he’s outperformed doing Can Austin Dillon be the anchor driver? Can he be the anchor driver? That’s the question or will you will Richard Childress need to bring in someone that has as much talent as Tyler? Reddick to help. Carry that team, that’s the pressure on Austin Dillon. And it’s not without a tremendous amount on the line and Austin field. There’s no way Austin doesn’t feel that pressure works his

ass off. I know he’s got a great work ethic, he’s won over, he’s won races, he’s won championships. He’s under, he’s underappreciated, in my opinion. I’m not saying he’s Jimmy Johnson, but he’s underappreciated and listen, I never wanted Daytona 500. I mean, a lot of people, I know hadn’t won a Daytona 500. I never wanted Xfinity Championship. I never want to track Championship. I mean, he must be pretty damn good. Yeah, yeah, sure point. And I think you’re right. I think nepotism obviously comes into play when it comes to racing and guys getting rides, but

the genetics have to come into play to actually do well, eventually I mean, Richard Petty gets a ride because he’s Lee Petty son but that’s not get along with seven championships. Yeah, Buddy Baker, yeah. Exactly. Yeah, I mean, it’s a long list, a very, very long list, Davey Allison, so Dylan Austin Dillon steps up to win this race yet, but he wasn’t the only guy who was outside the playoffs came into this race and you can win and stepped up Erik Jones, LED 22 laps. We saw Justin Haley at the front. It was a gamble

by the team, but he, but he kept it up there. 48. Laps after he took a shot. Michael Mcdowell Bubba, Wallace, Chris buescher. They all LED laps, Harrison Burton was also at the front. It was It was a good to see, I guess when everything was on the line that it matters for these guys that they do step up. Yeah, I love to see Step Up moment. So if you go back and you look at, you know, one way I like to look at races and determine who ran will is you look at stage finishes.

If you look at the average finishes of state of the stages, you had a lot of guys that had Step Up moments and they brought in my opinion their best on that day and Eric Jones, he was out there driving his ass off and he had his hands full and you could see His hands full but he’s like, I got it, you know? And he was just committed to doing whatever he had to do. I thought in you just mentioned it nepotism. I thought. Harrison Harrison had he had a he had a really good day,

he was in there. Mixing it up all day long, made a lot of aggressive moves to get himself there came from the back, a couple of the three times came from the back. He had a strong day. So Justin Haley you mentioned him. He got up there and he stayed up there so I thought a lot of drivers that were in difficult situations. They brought their best and that’s great experience for them. Now it’s not as good of experiences was for Austin Dillon, but it’s great experience for them and I think it’s something that their

teams can look at. And say, okay, we collectively came into this event, with the deck, with the deck stacked against us, with a tremendous amount of line and we put ourselves in position. I think that’s I think that’s empowering for teams. That didn’t make the playoffs that Cuz you got ya. When he’s with this week, when you go to Darlington, And I don’t it’s Martin Truex ever experienced. This it’s been eight years, it’s been eight years since he’s been out of playoffs. It’s it’s going to be you are forgotten. We’re not talking about you anymore.

Sorry and like there’s no other way to say this but like I mean Gibbs is going to shift resources. They have to they have to if they’re going to give you the smart about they got to take. They got to take anything that they can do Pit Crews that kind of stuff. Anything they can do if you if there’s something that they learned. And they don’t have time to implement on every car. It’s going on those three. Yeah. And by the way, if somebody doesn’t make it through the first round, they get pushed aside to.

It’s just how it is. And you don’t, I don’t blame a team for doing that play. There’s Millions at risk. Yeah. When I was a driver and I got in that situation one way or the other, I completely understood. When I will could, I’m sitting here saying, I need this, I expect this. And then when it was the other way around and they came to me and said, hey, you got to give this a men, got it. Like you got to do what you got to do and we Should have made the playoffs, right? It’s

It’s it happens every day, it happens every day in every shot, the team that runs the best. Gets the most help because that’s when we decision has to be made, right? What allocation of resources are we going to put toward whatever it is? They don’t have endless amount of money, right? And when you put resources to a Kevin Harvick in a Rodney Childers and they deliver results where the resource is going and then it puts pressure on the other team. To say, hey, we do this for these guys and they deliver and how do y’all

got to find a way to do? It happens every day. Those decisions get made every single day, in every shop across the across, all erase Not just not just Cup racing every every race in it has teammates. Yeah, yeah. And like you said, those guys who came to Daytona and took their shot at showed the team, they’ve got something to work for maybe in that vein in the future. So as I mentioned, two critical moves by Austin, Dillon to critical calls for NASCAR. We’ll start with the good one. I want to give them credit, they

waited out this delay as we mentioned after the race got postponed from Saturday night, the race ended I thought as it should though the real Winner, remain the same, it did impact, the grid Truex would have gotten in if they call it on lap 139 as opposed to Blaney. So I thought the competitive integrity was was done a service here by ensuring that the race finished 100%. And and I think that listen, if it’s, that race would have started it Sunday night at 4:00 and we race for an hour and a half. And then we

waited a three hour, rain delay out and we’re not going to start again until 11:30 or midnight. Something, maybe the same decision is not made if it’s on a Sunday night, but you had yet a Sunday, right? Yeah. You started to race at 10:00 which gave you this tremendous window to keep digging. And I think the 100% especially being able to look at the weather. And by the way, you know, I’m up there with them. I mean, they’re in the booth right next to me. And when we have these long red flag periods, or pre-race

or post-race, we hang out together like we go and talk and they come over. And, you know, they have a full meteorologist, they have access to the National Weather Service. They have cool. They have incredible Radars like they work in their guts, out to make the, all the NASCAR officials have Iris to all of that in their booth. And so when they look yeah, and they’re like If this front gets through the way, we think it’s going to get through. We’ve got a big window opening. Then they’re going to wait it out. If that weather

report would have been it’s going to rain for the next six hours. It could rain after that to the same decision. Wouldn’t have been made. They had all that information. They took that information and he said okay we got a shot we’re going to take it. We’re saying is going to happen. Is we’re going to sit here for three hours and we got to come back and say we shouldn’t have done it but we owe it to the fans for them to see this race in under checkered. And I that’s a hundred percent, right? Call

the same call would be right. If the weather didn’t look like That and they said, hey, we’re done, it’s no way we’re going to get this done. That would have been okay to? Yeah. So the other big call that made or maybe didn’t get made. Of course, was the big 13 car pileup, that happened, right before the red flag for the rain. I just want to bring the subject because it’s the third time in two years that this is affected a race we had. Kevin Kevin Harvick at Texas and 2020 had What Might Have Been

a race winning car. Hit a damp spot on the track when there was mist and he crashed. Act last year at New Hampshire. Kyle Busch, Martin Truex, Junior Denny, Hamlin. All crash when the track sweat and NASCAR was a little late on throwing yellow. I’m unaware of any changes that have been made in the tower around the track since New Hampshire last year, but it seems like I don’t know what can be done, but it seems like Nascar has to do something to be a little more proactive because I understand that, you know, there’s only

so much you can do in terms of a two-and-a-half Mile racetrack and if it’s raining in turn It’s not interned for but at the same time you know, when you got all these drivers saying, hey this this was happening, this is affecting us it. If it impacted too many cars yesterday, unfortunately, So I agree with you. That clearly the result was wrong. Clearly, they drove in Adder 1 and attract was wet. It was raining. I do not compare what happened at Daytona to what happened at New Hampshire because what happened in New Hampshire was There

was a lot of information that the it was raining and raining rain was getting harder and a decision wasn’t made as quick as it should have been made. I don’t think that’s the case this time. Now there’s a video of a fan in the stands saying it’s raining. It’s raining. I’ve seen it. But I also had seen. No, in car. Camera views that showed a training. So I’ve been to people aren’t gonna believe me when I say this. I’ve been to Daytona before in the old cup garage, remember those? Oh yeah, and I’m standing on

the turn, one in the turn, one side of the garage and it’s raining. On the turn for side of the garage. And I’m talking about a garage that’s like two cars, go together like this, right, on this side. It’s not Florida weather. And it did that for about yeah. Four, three, three to five minutes, right? There, a little sprinkles over here, but it’s raining here. I don’t know, other than NASCAR saying. Rains coming. We’re going to throw the caution in this case. I don’t know with the technology that’s available to them today that something could

have been done different other than what I just said. The problem I got with other than what I just said is that if they throw the caution, Because rain is coming. And Chase Elliott is leading the race. What does everybody say? Yeah, it’s opened yourself up to a pretty big pile of conspiracy theories being tossed out there in favoritism and all that. I get it. Yeah so we the sport the industry. NASCAR’s got to find a way to not. Let what happened? Sunday happened again? There’s no in my world. There’s no if ands or buts

about that. But with every bit of information that I have, I don’t know how they would have thrown the caution before they threw it. In this case, this case is not the same as the case of New Hampshire. I vaguely. Remember the Kevin Hart, I remember it but I don’t remember it in full That doesn’t all my opinion is is my opinion but it doesn’t change the fact that there was a massive wreck in turn one because it was raining period, end of story. So what do we got to do to keep that from happening

again, in my opinion on Sunday? The only way to do that, would have been throw the caution before it started raining on the racetrack. Because I don’t believe it was writing on the racetrack on the racetrack until they got there. Yeah, yeah. So what do you do? You put a spotter? Where did where did where did the NASCAR spotters go? Like it wasn’t the, the pace car is somewhere between pit exit in turn. One. On the infield of the racetrack wasn’t raining in there. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now, I guess, so, I get it. It’s a

huge place. And I mean, there’s still a steak and a 1, right? And I’ll turn to either. That was the other strange thing and literally rained. It literally rained in this 100-yard. I’m making it up 100-yard section. It literally, that’s where it rained. It didn’t rain in front of it or after it when they were approaching turn one. It was not raining. It didn’t start raining until they got there. Yeah. From every in car camera with you. We saw, we even had spotters saying, hey, it’s starting to pick up. Keep digging keep digging. It wasn’t

raining enough for them to say, hey man, it’s freaking rain and you just slow down. You just like we didn’t hear that, right? So It’s it is they wrecked? Yeah, they wrecked. It was raining and they wrecked. So what do we do to fix it? It’s a difficult conversation to have because the reason I agree with you, they got address it. I want them to fix it and the but the reason I want them to fix it is also the reason they shouldn’t throw the yellow. That’s because there’s so much at stake that you don’t

want them to presumptively or preemptively, throw the yellow and have an impact, what the playoffs. So like I get like they’re in like this is the ultimate rock and a hard place. Relation in some ways, especially dealing with unpredictable Florida weather, and the size of this racetrack. I just, I just I think that they’re going to have to say, here’s how we’re going to attempt to address this or fix this, but maybe with the the understanding that as you’re saying, there’s there’s only so much we can actually do we can? Well, do the conversations are

underway about, okay, what’s the next step? And you know, I know they’re underway as they should be like what is the next step are there sensors are They’re right. How sensitive do you make the sensors, huh? I know these are things. I really don’t want to die, I’ve stood. So here’s what even makes it more difficult. I’ve stood at race tracks before. With my son racing in a late model or a Cayenne car or a truck. Hell, we’re at Martinsville. I think it was pretty sure his Martinsville and I’m getting wet. Yeah. And they’re racing

like hell and nobody like it’s, I don’t like they got an article in Dave’s, right? Most unwise fun. Nobody had any problem. I don’t know. Like how do you put other than if you get any moisture at all, you have to do caution other than that. I don’t know, man, it’s just a complicated thing. There’s just been so many times. We raced When there was moisture in the air. Even a little bit of rain. And other than just saying, okay, we’re gonna put some sensors out there and if we get any moisture at all, we’re

dropping the caution. I don’t know, it’s just, it mean to your point. I remember erase the Denny, Hamlin. One of Martin’s going 2008, when it was a Mist for three hours and you guys you were in that race, you just got through it, like, it didn’t shed a want it, we all remember the fact that attract enough. But yeah, you probably should have no regulation that race but I know it. Should remember every Reston Virginia Tech up race. Just kidding. All right. Well this wait, hold on a minute. Now, we had a caution. We had

a caution and then there was controversy about how the cars get lined up. Yeah, you want to come? We have to comment on my we can’t just gloss over this. How about it, man? I know that you got some feedback on this so happy. So I don’t. I understand a race fan at home. We have a lot of rules and they’re confusing. Racing’s more complicated than people realize. It’s not just cars going in circles. I mean it fairness, they’re confusing. Yeah. And it’s football is confusing to I hell, I don’t understand half of that. When

when the caution comes out and you can’t maintain speed. They don’t take a snapshot picture of you and you’re sitting stopped in a racetrack or going slow on the racetrack and people keeping maintaining reasonable speed and they put that guy back in front of you. That’s not how this works, right? So you use Loop data, you go to the latest Loop. But if you if you can’t maintain Pace, then you lose that spot and you blend in wherever it is that you blend in. Right. And I don’t know why drivers and teams, don’t know that

rule. I think it’s got confused because in their heads that was the finish of the race, right? And they were thinking That caution locked the race in because it was over it froze. The field NASCAR’s going to look at video and determine where everybody was at the time of caution, but that was gosh, it was, yeah, it was a caution, right. It wasn’t the start-finish line. If you if you go cross-checking, the start Finish Line at the end of the race. That’s what his checkered. That’s absolute. That’s blocking are wherever you are. Yeah, that’s absolute.

That’s like my the caution to your point is reasonable speed and it’s not reasonable speed for like, Sorry to the 4 car, it’s not reasonable speed for like 30 feet and then you stop. When you hit two cars, it’s reasonable speed, it’s a 3 bar. If this re car would have had to slow down, grind his brakes, slow down, before comes out ahead of the three, the four can maintain Pace even with a wrecked race car. The force of leader, right? I won Darlington with a car that was wrecked eyebrow rain, same, damn thing. It

started raining. They didn’t get the caution throwing in time. I’m leading the race. Big wreck off. Turn four. I plow into the wall. I mean, it’s destroyed. I’m stood in the gas kept that thing, going. Maintain Pace. Got to the pace car was able to stay behind the pace car won the race. If I would have pounded the wall and could not have maintain Pace, I wouldn’t have won the race. That was 1999 or something. You know, you’re not Darlington spring, rains, not nothing. Changed right, right? The loop data is the loop data, right? But

nothing’s changed in regard to maintaining pace, and I just think people got in their head that this was the end of the race. So, you’re going to lock me in wherever I am and but that’s not how it works. No. And so there’s not a conspiracy theory against Kevin Harvey. Was not a conspiracy theory to get Richard Childress the 3 car in Victory Lane. It was the rule. Yeah. It was the rule. Yeah. And oh, by the way, when they restart the race, the for was out and none of it really ended up, mattering it

just with some welcome back for a few. But that doesn’t even matter to me. Yeah, they’re the rules. There was no controversy right if they never would have got going back green. There was no controversy. The only controversy is if people don’t know the rule. Well that’s not Controversy that’s not understanding what happened. Controversy is two drivers driving in the corner and apply on Crash each other and one guy comes out you’re like well he wrecked me you wreck me controversy is NASCAR changing the policy controversy is throwing the caution before it rains, right? Right.

So I just, I mean, I should know better than look at social media. I’m looking at social media and I’m getting all this but Jeff my God but Jeff my God but Jeff my guy and I’m like, so that and so I applaud Scott Miller for coming over during our broadcast live. Here’s how this works. Yeah, and and, you know, the one thing that I the one thing he said that I didn’t that thought muddied it up a little bit, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the wreck, even if Austin Dillon hadn’t have hit anything

and he came in there and he had to slow down to keep from hitting something and somebody else. But crashed up against the wall, It comes out in front of him, and they’re able to maintain Pace that crashed car. Still the leader, right? As long as he could maintain Pace, right? What about being in the record or not? It’s about being able to maintain Pace, right? All of that will be written into Daytona lure. Certainly another memorable race. And you’ll remember it. Yeah. And that brings us to a quote today about Daytona. It’s our motor

mounts of the race, presented by eBay Motors. This is a new feature in which we talk about a notable quote from the race. This one was from Austin. Dillon Austin. Dillon was asked that in 2019. He was actually leading the Daytona summer race when a big wreck happened. He pitted. Justin Haley. Stayed out and Justin Haley. Got the win. Because then that race somewhat. Ironically. Coincidentally we started ligament has something to say about it stopped because of the lightning strike. That’s right there. There are a few guys who probably could have won that day. So,

Austin Dillon was asked how Furcal full circle This moment felt three years later that now he gets the win because of a big wreck also in turn want to Daytona. Austin. Dillon said, that’s actually very funny about Daytona and I didn’t even think about that. But I’ve always thought about I tore down the fence here. That was probably one of the worst wrecks in NASCAR history. In 2015. I come back and win the Daytona 500. 2018, it’s cool how this place is. I don’t know. There’s just something about Daytona when you pull through the tunnel.

Things just happen here. It’s an exciting place. It always creates some kind of drama this. Is just another chapter of Daytona history. So much has happened here. So you’ve been going to Daytona for a very long time. What’s your Take On The World Center of racing its place in NASCAR history? I mean it really is people talk about Indianapolis Motor Speedway. But as you just heard, Austin, Dillon say, when you go through the tunnel Daytona, it’s that similar sort of feeling. It’s, you know, to me Daytona in Darlington or the You know, they’re the two

Hallmarks of NASCAR and and what makes what makes Daytona. So crazy unlike Darlington is that anything can happen? Darlington, if you look at the list of winners, it’s it’s almost a Hall of Fame right on me and Daytona offers much more opportunity for strange things to happen and it’s just you know ever since the restrictor plate or the reduction in speed high already, it is you do that. It’s a new ball game just changed its changed the world in regard to Super Speedway racing and the Daytona being the birthplace of A scar. It just it

just adds to the folklore just adds to the history and anything can happen. And it’s and it’s real we say that every time we go there but it’s real. There’s there’s There’s so many people that can win that race on Sunday, that it was all real. And we’re not going to have that many people this Sunday at Darlington. They could say that it’s just Super Speedway racing is bizarre. It’s just bizarre, always memorable that was our motor mouth of the race presented by eBay. Motors at eBay Motors. You can be your own pit crew. With

122 Million Parts right at your fingertips, get the right parts at the right price, get the right parts, at the right prices, eBay, let’s ride. Okay, so you’ve got to do, NASCAR America, motormouth right here at this very desk. So before John Barnes yells at me, I better get us out of here, but don’t worry about it. You brought up Darlington. We just left Daytona Darlington next to open the playoffs. How wide open are these playoffs Chase. Elliott’s got 40, playoff points and first Kyle Larson’s and second with 25. But then you and I

were talking for the show Austin Dillon Zinn 16th with 520 points separating second from 16. So it feels like there’s these are pretty wide open, it is really wide open and then you look at the three racetracks, you’re getting ready to go to Southern 500, Kansas and Bristol. And Kansas is super wide run all over the racetrack. Bristol was Bristol Southern 500 7,500. You better bring your A-game when you when you Wake up Saturday morning and you’re rolling through the gates at Darlington, you better be. You better be ready to go because if you’re not

they’re going to hand. They’re going to hand your ass back to you and that racetrack will do that to And so you start right off the bat with perhaps the hardest race track there in the robe, or the two hardest race tracks, in my eyes on the circuit and you start race one of the playoffs, Southern 500, go get you, some, I’ll get started. Sunday, I NASCAR on NBC, Jeff. Thanks for. Thank you, buddy. Enjoy it.

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