I’m telling you guys right now.. This new
rendition of “Cursed”,
will curse you..
Hello Movie Lovers! Welcome to elisays.
I’m Eli and in this video you’ll be
seeing me..
NO! NO, you’re not!
I’m reviewing Netflix’s new
medieval series “Cursed” with
How I’m gonna do that?
I guess you need to figure out yourself!
For those who are familiar with
Arthurian legend in the early centuries.
King Arthur of Camelot, The Legendary
British Leader
and his famous Excalibur Sword
given by Nimue, aka “The Lady of The Lake”.
And you think you know the story to it?
I’m telling you guys right now.
This new rendition, “Cursed” will curse you.
Sets from the Lady of The Lake’s point
of view,
Nimue, a young headstrong Fey girl
born with magical powers
destined to be female warrior that leads
her people
and at the same time juggles with war,
conquest, love story and a famous destiny
in bringing the sword to the rightful
That’s basically summed up the whole story.
fantasy lovers, get ready to buckle up
the seat belts.
These 10 episodes is quite a show to mend
your yearning towards that
kind of

The show kicks off with a
promising start and
impressive battle sequence
fails to grasp on the story’s direction.
Best way to put it,
it’s a good try but the complicated
makes the viewers freaking confusing.
I’ll tell you why.
First of all, good basic story.
First of all, “Cursed” portrays a good
background story based on
Arthurian Legends.
The Excalibur or as
the show calls, “The Sword of The First
How it came into possession of a young
Fey sorceress named Nimue
and how she is destined for
a great adventure
alongside Arthur, Merlin, Gawain, Morgana
and squirrel…
Sorry! I mean “Percival”. Those,
names are well-known influential names
of the Arthurian Legends. But,
the story line was pretty messed up for
due to the disconnected, complicated
storyline that viewers cannot assemble
Probably, Arthur’s stories has been
many many many many times to echo the
concerns of the age.
That’s why, I kind of felt this version a
little bit
off in the earlier episode but
it gets better throughout the season.
show does a lot of teasing here and
and then at the end leaves us with a lot
of questions unsolved.
For example, why Nimue is the chosen one?
Why Nimue was chased & scarred by demonic
Why Nimue is half fey
and half druid but didn’t show any
resemblance of a Fey like “horns”,
The origin of the sword?
and a long long
long long list of other
Furthermore, the pace of the
story was off.
Sometimes, when you go too much into
detail on other
unimportant things & force compact it
10 episodes, it feels like the story are
moving too fast,
too compact that you tend to ignore
other important aspects of the story.
Second one, great castings but…
Cursed line up some great castings, some
of it
are familiar faces we have seen from
other shows.
Katherine Langford from 13 Reasons Why,,
Devon Terell from Ophelia,
Daniel Sharman from Teen
Wolf and The Originals.
What a lineup you guys have!
The show
chose to do a different archetype and a
character built up for the character’s
For example,
Nimue, Lady of The Lake supposed to be
strong, powerful,
even with such unbearable upbringing.
That’s supposed to make her
even stronger than ever.
I mean she’s the
main character after all.
No offense! Katherine Langford is
wonderful she nailed the strong willful
but her character, you know sometimes looks
clueless and make quite numerous absurd
decisions throughout the whole season.
One second she’s powerful and next
second she’s hopeless.
The other character, Arthur supposed to
be “The King”.
a loyal, trusted, noble, wise leader
worth of owning the
“Excalibur Sword”.
But, he’s the complete
opposite in the story.
He started off as untrusted mercenary
with lots of family issues who’s longing
“King of England”?
I have no idea for that.
Probably, they’ve been saving for the
next sequel.
Next character that i’m
so disappointed at is “Merlin The Great
Wizard’s” character.
I mean
he’s the great wizard.
Why else he’s being
named for that?
He started off in the story as
a cunning and useless old drunkard who
lose his magical charms.
Why are you guys portraying Merlin like…?
The only reason I’m binging is to watch
King Arthur & Merlin you know..
And you gave me these?
Luckily, we are blessed with Gustaf Skarsgard’s
presence. Do you guys know which
character buildup
saves the show?
No! This squirrel!
The Weeping Monk. They both killed it.
Third, Great Cinematography and
I personally love those comical
transitions seriously it really blends
well with the show’s theme.
Those magical animations are great!
effects to match up with enchantment
and fight scenes were fantastic!
But the storyline to associate those
wonderful magical charm
is not emphasized enough in a
such magical fantasy story.
The show
fails to show how
“”cursed”the Cursed is to its maximum.
It fails to highlight what they should
have been highlighting in the first
Another thing is they’ve been
experimenting with a lot of things you
Combining viking vibes with the presence of the Red Spear,
Cumber the Ice King.
Lord of the rings
aspects on the way the sword can be
only by Fey Fire and
The Game of Thrones
vibe because
probably they have the “Ice King” too as a
For whatever reason the show is
setting for R-rated due to violence
portrayed throughout the show,
I think it’s best for the show to stick
with a young adult drama for younger age
viewers rather than going into
Game of Thrones “Gory” territory because
the gory they’re showing
is not as much as what happens inside
GOT okay.
Moreover, there’s too much to
show in a short time.
The main character, Nimue needed to bare the
weight of personal growth, her losses, her
cheesy love life,
and her untrained and don’t want to be
trained kind of attitude,
with various sets of enemies like “The Paladins”,
“Uther Pendragon”, “Cumber the Ice King”.
& “Trinity Guards” coming along her way for
the sword…
to gain power.
You get me when I say it’s
too much. Hm
Despite its confusing plot and
complicated mythology that’s sometimes
quite cheesy,
there’s a watchability to CURSED S1
because luckily the showrunners managed
to make the show highly engaging for me
to finish watching it.
For those who love a rainy sword fight
with wolves, scheming nuns, magical
fantasy vibes and historical settings
Cursed is definitely made for you!
I’m giving it
a 5 out of 10.
Good try but it has the
space for improvement to work with for
the next sequel.
Oh Snap!
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