Cuties Complete Care Diaper and Wipes Review

Hi mamas , welcome back to the Truly Mama
YouTube Channel. I’m Jillian and I’m here
today to talk to you about Cuties Complete
Care Diapers. Now, before I had a baby of my
own, I really thought that all diapers were
kind of created equal. I did know before my
son was born that some diapers are made for
longer babies, shorter babies, chunkier babies,
slimmer babies, and that finding the right
fit was really important, but I didn’t know
just how much they really varied from brand
to brand.
So, today I’m going to be giving you my review
of Cuties Complete Care Diapers and wipes.
These are the diapers right here and these
are the wipes. I’m going to tell you all about
them, what you need to know before you decided
whether or not to try them. And I’m going
to let you know how they stack up against
some of the bigger diaper players out there.
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So, first we’re going to talk about Cuties
Complete Care Diapers, and the first thing
you need to know is that these diapers are
hypoallergenic and dermatologically proven
to work fantastically. What I learned recently
about Cuties diapers that was great to know
was that they’re made with natural wood cotton
fibers instead of the wood pulp that you’ll
find in competing brands. This is so important
in truly locking away wetness from your baby’s
skin and making sure that they stay nice and
dry with their skin is protected. And in addition
to those cotton fibers, it’s also really important
to know that these diapers are actually made
with 5 different layers. Now when I found
out that these diapers had five layers of
protection I was blown away. The diapers are
actually really, really thin, but the great
thing about how thin they are is they really
do provide the snuggest fit possible for your
baby. Now a few important things to let you
know that are right on the package here is
that these diapers are free of chlorine, bleaching,
latex, lotions, and dyes. They’re clinically
proven on tests to skin and they will give
you up to 12 hours of protection. And another
great feature that these diapers have that
lots of the competing brands also have is
that wetness indicator turning from yellow
to blue if it’s time for your little one to
be changed. So let’s dive into my family’s
experience with Cuties Complete Care diapers
and wipes.
I’m gonna be totally honest with you on my
first impressions of cuties diapers. They
came in absolutely adorable packaging. This
multi-colored, kind of cuties vibe, picture
of the baby is adorable. Now when we open
up the diapers, the prints on them are absolutely
adorable, not only is there a little animal
on the front but there’s also a tail on the
back which is so cute when my son actually
has these on. But as cute as they were they
felt really thin. I just didn’t know how this
was going to work out, like these are the
thinnest diapers I have ever touched in my
life. But we went ahead and we gave them a
shot anyway and I have been very pleasantly
surprised. The products that they use to make
up these diapers are so carefully selected
that it really gives you, in my opinion, the
best diaper possible. The diapers are are
truly just so well designed that the best
ingredients possible, that you just don’t
need that extra space and padding that a lot
of the competitive brands will have that give
your baby kind of that diaper butt look, if
you know what I mean. Now when Louie has these
on, they’re so snug that they almost fit him
like a little pair of underwear. You don’t
have that big bulky puffy diaper look when
you have these on your little one, which I
really loved. They fit around his waist nice
and snug, the tabs are also crazy sticky.
I absolutely love the tabs, they’re very very
sticky so that we never have an issue with
Louie kind of ripping his diaper off or it
coming loose in the middle of the night. I
just feel better having these diapers on him
as compared to other brands because they just
seem to fit so well. I know if I was to be
wearing a diaper I wouldn’t want one with
a whole bunch of extra padding and feeling
like I had a diaper on and I really feel like
he just feels a lot better in these than he
does in the other ones.
Now I can’t tell you whether or not these
diapers truly have 12 hours of leakage protection
because I just would never leave my son in
the diaper for 12 hours. But what I can tell
you is we’ve never had a leaking accident,
it’s never come close to a leaking accident,
and I really love the way that this diaper
just seems to absorb everything. So based
on my experience, every single claim that
cuties makes is absolutely true and valid.
Now when it comes to the wipes, we are very
picky wipe people. So again I didn’t know
how the wipes were going to go. To us it’s
very important to have a wipe that is very
very wet because otherwise you’re just kind
of smearing things around, rather than picking
anything up. They’re not the wettest wipes
that I’ve ever felt in my entire life, but
they’re wet enough to do the job. But what
we really love about these wipes and I don’t
know if you can tell through the camera they’re
patterned or texturized. They have a little
square texture pattern across them which really
provides that extra grip when you’re wiping
a bum and if you’re anything like me and you’re
little one is busy on the move, the faster
you can get that pickup and get going the
better off you are because we all know about
the diaper change alligator roll and it’s
not a good thing. The grip on these things
and how efficiently and effectively it allows
you to get in there and change a bum, I am
Now when it comes to the pros for the Cuties
Complete Care diapers and wipes, in no particular
order would be, the snug and fit of the diaper
on my son is absolutely fantastic. I love
that these diapers are so absorbent and that
they don’t get all puffy when they’re wet.
And number 3, no diaper rashes! There is nothing
more heart-breaking than when your little
one has a sore red bum and is completely beside
themselves and I love that it seems with cuties
diapers we have left those days behind, and
I hope we are days we never see again. Now
when it comes to the wipes the only con I
would say is that while they’re wet, we love
a really wet wipes and these are like they’re
wet, but they’re not soaking wet. Now some
people may not like uber wet wipes, however
with that said the texturization on these
wipes completely makes up for the wetness
factor and then some.
So with that said when it comes to Cuties
Complete Care diapers and wipes, while they
may not be as well known as some of the main
competitors in the diaper industry, in my
opinion they blow them out of the water. Cuties
Complete Care diapers and wipes have absolutely
surprised me by becoming my number 1 go-to
brand when it comes to diapers for my little
one. So with that said I hope today’s review
help you learn a little bit more about the
Cuties Complete Care diapers and wipes whether
you are looking for a review because you’re
on the fence as to whether or not to try them
definitely get off on the other side of the
fence, they are totally worth it. Or perhaps
it’s just not a brand that you’ve heard of
yet or considered trying and I would totally
recommend these. I’ll be sure to leave a link
in the description box down below so you can
find out where to find some cuties for your
own cutie. And of course if you found today’s
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