CYBER DRAGON BinaryX quick review – How to earn money with crypto PlayToEarn game – guide 23/06/2022

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If you are a fan of going on dungeon adventures to 
kill monsters, challenge bosses and seize treasure  
chests then we have an awesome game for you.
This video is a Quick Review about a blockchain  
based game called Cyber Dragon. In this game 
players can compete either in small dungeons  
(requiring only one hero) or large 
dungeons (minimum of two heroes)  
and win battle rewards. Besides battles, 
players can also engage in daily mining.
Let us get started.
What is Cyber Dragon?
Cyber Dragon is the project behind BinaryX, a 
play-to-earn game on the Binance Smart Chain.  
Initially, Cyber Dragon was a decentralized 
derivative trading protocol, but has since  
changed its concept to accommodate the boom in 
the GameFi sector. Now, BinaryX is building a  
metaverse game called Cyber Dragon, which 
is a classic MMORPG with DeFi elements.  
In Cyber Dragon players can create characters, 
collect rare equipments and challenge Dungeon.  
The final challenge is to defeat 
the ultimate boss,

the Cyber Dragon.
If this sounds interesting then let us go 
further, but before that a Short Disclaimer
I am not a financial advisor, everything 
in this video is for educational and  
entertainment purposes only. Always do 
your own research and consult several  
sources before making any investment decisions.
All the information about the game in this video  
can be found on the game’s website, in the 
whitepaper and several other sources on the  
internet. The information we gathered from 
these sources is intended to be accurate at  
the time of recording of this video. Please 
note however that the blockchain based gaming  
world is a very fast spaced industry and is in 
a constant state of development and evolution.
With our QUICK REVIEW series, we wish to give 
you a short summary of many blockchain games,  
highlighting some important features of the games, 
scoring and ranking them solely for orientation  
purposes and not for judgement. If you have 
already seen our previous quick review videos and  
know our scoring system, you can simply skip the 
next 2 minutes and continue with the video in the  
next chapter. At the end of the scoring process, 
an overall score will be created for each game we  
have reviewed. Our review and scoring system is 
very simple and answers the following questions:
1) Is the game already playable? If the 
answer is yes, then one point, otherwise zero. 
2) Is the game free-to-play? If you can start 
to play the game without any investment then the  
score is one point, otherwise zero.
3) What game modes are available?  
Is the game a PvP or a PvE game or both modes 
are available? If only one mode is available,  
it could be PvP or PvE then the score is 
zero points otherwise it is one point. 
4) Is the game a play-to-earn game? For the 
purpose of our scoring system the definition  
of a play-to-earn game is where you can directly 
earn coins or tokens through gameplay that you can  
directly convert to stable coins or “fiatmoney”. 
If the answer is yes, then one point. If, however,  
players can only use the in-game currency they 
receive as a reward to upgrade their assets or buy  
“NFTs” and cannot directly convert it to real 
money, then the score will be zero points. 
5) The fifth question will have two parts. One 
part is whether the game token is in the first  
1000 ranked by market cap on Coinmarketcap 
website. If yes than half a point, otherwise  
zero points. And finally, we can give half a point 
based on our subjective opinion of the game, where  
we take into consideration factors like, the game 
itself, network, team, activity, transparency etc. 
Overall, the maximum score 
a game can get is 5 points.
Let the analysis begin. First question.
Is Cyber Dragon already playable?
At the time of recording players can choose 
from 2 types of games of BinaryX. These are  
Cyber Dragon and Cyber Arena. Cyber Dragon went 
live in August 2021, also the release of Cyber  
Dragon battle mode in September 2021 and the 
first season of PvP gamemode from November 2021.  
According to the CyberDragon Wiki the requirements 
to start playing CyberDragon are a Binance Smart  
Chain compatible wallet such as MetaMask, 
and also enough BNB to pay for gas fees.  
So, all in all, the game is already playable, 
we give to this topic one point. Score: one.
Is Cyber Dragon free to play?
The first game of BinaryX Cyber Dragon is a 
Play to Earn Game based on Binance Smart Chain.  
Players can create characters, 
collect rare equipments and challenge  
Dungeon. The final challenge 
is to defeat the ultimate boss,  
the Cyber Dragon. A hero will receive the dragon 
treasure house rewards by defeating the dragon.
Cyber Dragon has a dual-token 
economic system of BNX + Gold.  
BNX is Cyber Dragon’s governance token. BNX token 
holders can participate in community governance  
and voting on major game decisions. Gold is a 
BEP-20 token; it is the main currency in the game.  
Golds can be used in most consumption scenarios in 
the game. For example, heroes need to consume gold  
to upgrade; gold is required for expenses when 
challenging dungeons and preparing the equipment.  
You can also use gold to hire other player’s 
heroes to form a team together, etc. Gold can  
be obtained by mining by participating 
in daily work after recruiting heroes.  
According to the Cyber Dragon gitbook to start 
playing the game you need to recruit a hero.  
You can recruit your hero 
through the hero recruiting page.  
You need to pay 1 BNX and 50 BUSD for each hero. 
Each hero will get a random class, attribute and  
talent. Each hero is in the form of NFT, and you 
can freely transfer or buy or sell the heroes. 
Some key operations of the game require 
consuming BNX tokens, such as creating heroes,  
forging rare equipment, challenging the 
Cyber Dragon dungeon and some top dungeons.  
Ways to get BNX tokens: buying from Dex such 
as PancakeSwap, Babyswap, challenging specific  
dungeons in the game, and participating in 
other DeFi products of BinaryX. Most of the  
BNX paid by users in the game will be used to set 
event rewards and eventually returned to users 
Summarizing the above information, 
Cyber Dragon isn’t free to play.  
Therefor we give this topic 
zero. Score: zero points.
What game modes are implemented 
in the game? PvP or PvE or both?
According to the Coinmarket website BinaryX is 
building a metaverse game called Cyber Dragon,  
which is a classic MMORPG with DeFi elements. 
For example, game props derivatives are NFTs,  
and players can choose from a selection 
of gameplay modes like PvE and PvP. 
In the CyberDragon Wiki you can read about 
the different game types of Cyber Dragon.  
These are for example the Adventures, which 
are the most exciting part of the game!  
Kill monsters, take on bosses, and seize treasure 
chests containing all your deepest desires:  
Gold, items, skill books, rare equipment, 
and so much more! Your hero can embark on  
two types of Adventures: Small Dungeons and 
Large Dungeons, which are PvE gamemodes.  
Small Dungeons can be challenged by lone 
heroes. When you send your hero into the  
depths of the dungeon, the system automatically 
generates random monsters for you to fight based  
on the dungeon difficulty level. You do not 
need to control the battle process manually.  
When your hero returns victorious, 
you’ll receive the dungeon reward.  
Large Dungeons can only be challenged by teams 
of two or more heroes. When you send a team to  
the Large Dungeon, the system will randomly 
generate monsters to fight with the team.  
The large dungeon may contain multiple stages, 
each stage has a boss, and at the final, there  
will be a final boss in the dungeon waiting for 
the heroes. Beside dungeons there are PvP battles  
as well. In addition to the bloody battles, the 
heroes also have their own daily life and work.  
When not on adventures, the characters 
can do some job to gain gold.  
You only need to click the button, and 
the hero will start to work and gain gold. 
Summarizing what has been said Cyber Dragon 
games have PvP and PvE gamemodes as well.  
So, we give this topic 1 point.
Is the play to earn format 
implemented in the game?  
Can you directly earn Coins or Tokens by gameplay?
CyberDragon gives players a range of ways to 
earn. It offers multiple levels of play in a  
variety of completely different ways, from 
which players can earn attractive rewards.  
BinaryX empowers users to trade binary 
options conveniently via its improved  
Automated Market Maker (AMM) Model. Through 
this model, market makers can earn token  
rewards by providing liquidity and becoming 
trading counterparties of option buyers.  
This helps maintain a balanced rate 
of return among different users.  
CyberDragon operates on a multi-token economic 
system that uses BNX, Gold, and Crystals.
Game Mechanics
CyberDragon’s unique gameplay enables players to 
recruit heroes through the hero recruiting page.  
All characters and items in the game are 
represented by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). A  
hero is classified under a random class, attribute 
or talent. Underclass, seven roles are involved,  
including the Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Ranger, 
Knight, Priest, and Druid. Heroes get to kill  
monsters, take on bosses, and seize treasure 
chests containing all one’s deepest desires:  
Gold, items, skill books, 
rare equipment, and much more!
A player’s attribute is represented by six 
core virtues: strength, agility, constitution,  
intelligence, willpower, and spirit. With 
each attribute serving as an inner drive,  
players get to improve on their combative 
skills. Talent, on the other hand,  
is classified at different levels. Once a 
player creates a hero, the hero is given a  
random talent and gets the chance to level 
up its status. This upgrade is achieved  
by consuming a certain amount of Gold and BNX, 
which increases the hero’s combat effectiveness.
Another interesting feature to note is 
the “Daily Mining” function which presents  
different job types for heroes to work and 
earn from. All newly recruited heroes engage  
in mining Gold for their daily work. There 
is more opportunity for characters to make  
and gain more Gold if their attributes and 
levels fit into higher job requirements.  
Once a player quits from a hero’s job, they 
will never be able to participate again.
Extra Earnings
For such a game of adventure, there 
are extra earnings to be gotten by  
players through its ‘Lock-in Reward 
Rules’. The rule permits players to  
get up to 50% extra benefit ratio of 
the dungeons when they lock their BNX.
The extra earnings, usually gotten from dungeon 
rewards, can only be claimed once every 24 hours.  
In summary, the more locked positions, 
the more extra income a user can receive.
So, players have the possibility to earn BNX 
token directly as rewards by playing the game,  
which can be convert to real 
money on the open market. 
Therefore, we can give one point 
to this question. Score one point.
Market cap and Subjective opinion
As of June 2022, BNX is ranked the 
8th largest GameFi project on the BNB  
chain by token holders as well as the 4th most 
traded Metaverse project by volume. The game’s  
main token BNX is ranked 223 on Coinmarketcap 
website. So, the score for this is half a point.
As a point of interest, let me show you how 
the BNX has performed in the last four months,  
when most cryptocurrencies are in a slump. Let’s 
look at how the Bitcoin token exchange rates have  
changed since March 1st to June 22nd. The exchange 
rate has fallen to the level of a year and a half  
ago. Let’s look at how the BNX token exchange 
rates have changed since March 1st to June 22nd.  
Its price has risen from $25 to $140 in those 
three months, now it is $130.5 at the time of the  
video recorded. Let me also show you the change 
in the token exchange rate since the game started  
as of August 2021.
subjective score based on the 
game, network, team, investors,  
activity, transparency etc. is zero points.
Summary of our analysis:
1) Is the game already playable?  
Yes, it is. Score: one point. 
2) Is the game free-to-play? No, you need to pay 
1 BNX and 50 BUSD for each hero to start the game.  
Score: zero points.
3) What game modes are available in Cyber Dragon?  
In this game both PvP and PvE game 
modes are available. Score: one point. 
4) Is the game a play-to-earn game? Yes, BNX 
token can be earned by playing the game directly.  
Score: one point.
5) Is it in the top one thousand by market cap?  
Yes, it is, half a point. Our 
subjective score: zero points. 
The final score is 3.5 points out of a 
maximum of 5 points for the game Cyber Dragon.
We hope that our quick review 
and comparison method we have  
set up has helped you to get to grips 
with this game and that the analysis  
and overall score has helped you to make 
your decision to learn more about the game.
What do you think about Cyber Dragon? 
Would you like to play with this game?  
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