Danny Murphy SLAMS Erik Ten Hag As 'NOT CAPABLE' Of Doing The Manchester United Job 😡

Manchester United against Newcastle is live in talk sport um I mean goodness only knows how this is going to work out um the big question is danan I said way back at 10 o00 will tonight Mark ten hag’s final Old Trafford bow is this going to be it

is this the last time you’re going to see him walk from the corner of the stadium out to the technical area take his seat do the same in Reverse at halftime then come back over the second half and then that’s it and that’s goodbye at the end of

it you don’t see him do that again well I I say this with no I don’t know him and no personal bad feeling towards him he seems like a nice fell but from a footballing point of view I’d be absolutely Gob smacked if it wasn’t his last game

Gob smack his last Premier League game at Old Trafford yeah you think this is it well you you just have to watch the team the lack of structure the lack of guidance the lack of effort the lack of commitment the lack of lead everything about it suggest he’s

not capable of doing the job with this group because they don’t play for him it don’t really ni set up a team how

to defend because they’re so easy to play against he’s learning on the job you know he’s come from Ax which although it’s a big Club

it’s not one L United he’s not dealing with superar he’s not dealing with all the different problems he’s had he’s not I know he hides behind the injuries everyone’s had injuries everyone Liverpool playing kids for God know how many weeks you go with what Wayne Rooney said the

other day or suggested in skyt sports that those who are injured May maybe might not be injured and just ducking the opportunity play that’s happened that there’s a there see some players at every Club since beginning of time that don’t want to play Under Pressure when they got

niggles and they make them last there’s some players who play with anything and there’s always some at a club normally a minority who you know who will drag out an injury because the Heat’s the heat’s on and you know they’ll you know they’ll drag it and that’s what

he’s talking about and he knows cuz he still knows some people there but 100% there’ll be players there dragging out injuries yeah cuz they they see the pressure that’s normal that’s not something new you might get more at one Club than the other especially at a club with

United’s pressure but not not all of them but you can’t put that on 10 height can you even if it is the case you can put that yes you can in effect because the manager sves them out quite quickly and makes it very few far between you start

realizing who your warriors are you know at United is very the one player who’s played nearly every game since he’s been there is Bruno now we can critic certain aspects his petulance and lack of leadership but his his durability and willingness to put his boots on and get

out there has been evident for everyone to see s the clock’s ticking where did you stand on this as we get towards like towards the last few minutes of the game tonight then the final whistle 10 hag walks towards you know how they go down to the corner

walk up the tunnel that do his Media stuff is that the last time we see him there well I I have been pretty consistent on my views on the fact that he’s a decent football manager but I don’t think he has the characteristic itics to be able to

turn man united round whether he should be given a fair Shake under a new regime I think if you put people like Rio Ferdinand onto a li detected Tess and asked him to ask the question I asked him again properly rather than the Diplomatic solution I think he’d

probably turn around and say that ten hog has run his course but for some reason these guys don’t want to say that they’d rather turn around and Tow up a particular line um I don’t think if I don’t think if I were in charge of Manchester United that

I would be considering ten hog uh as my solution irrespective whether he’s entitled to a better framework there’s nothing about the body of work that he’s contributed the players that he’s recruited the culture that he’s generated that would tell me irrespec of whether I get my end sorted

out and give him a better framework that he’s going to make a better fist of it yeah he’ll make a marginal better fist of it because I’ll be giving him an opportunity to do so but will that marginal change in him because I’m giving a better infrastructure take

me to the promised land no I don’t think it will so I waste my time you be delaying inevitable waste my time right right what do you think Jim seems pretty inevitable don’t it I’m not so sure I really am not so sure um I mean th those

who have got involved at Old Trafford may may think different so Jim we don’t know what we can’t be a mind reader we don’t know what he’s thinking about it if maybe ten hag knows already maybe that he goes maybe or that he stays who knows if he

does leave he’d be leav in a very wealthy man what we do know is it’s Manchester United against Newcastle it’s live in talks sport tonight yeah you know the forecast lightning and heavy rain is it in the early part of the evening so it I’d been then it

clears up around eight but you might have to watch the game depending where you’re sitting at Old Trafford soaked through you never know Danny thank you for everything mate great to see you get out that course and get down to scratch back tomorrow back on the T Danny

Murphy Simon I’ll see you tomorrow at 10 we’re coming up to one Jim White and Simon Jordan Monday to Friday mornings from 10: on a.m. on da via the talk sport app and on your smart speaker talk sport

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