Dashboard Race Display Unit Led Display NSH Racing Unboxing Review ( Fr )

hello to all the hunters and today we find ourselves for a
new video dividend to a boxing press and life and today we are going to talk about the dashboard
and the clip of let nsh roots first of all I already wanted to say
a big thank you to our partnerships msh singh racing for providing us with this beautiful product
life in this video an ebook is after we will do the technical sheet part then
there will be the assembly of course on the chassis and after we will talk about the price gameplay
software and my personal opinion in the proof of this video go to right away
let’s go for the hypoxia and we will obviously start with the dashboard so we
receive our two cards in a big box it’s very very good the ball and that for transport
again there is no problem with that so we will start with the famous das pigs and
root monkeys some of which are very correct 1 we can see obviously we notice
keith who has inside obviously with the little drawing that can be found here on top so
here it is vis-à-vis the box it’s very beautiful it’s very simple but it’s really

very beautiful come on we’re
going to open it so once again sent it’s very very well protected so there we get the
dashboard we have screws and after that, as you can see, we have bubbles so
level of protection once again the two farms and so we have industry here for the landline is
obviously on your base so that we are going to put it aside then when you can see a very nice
packaging we are going to open it you have to unpack we find a nice dashbord here frankly it
is very design as we can see with the task for the fixed one is obviously on the base which is
adjustable so we have a one meter 80 usb cable so I find that enough to connect it
to the pc we had to have real carbon here in front as we see you and behind obviously is
done with a 3d printer but very very b onne quality responds touched I can tell you that
we feel it very very well so here is what this dashboard looks like we are going to remove the protection
from the screen hop here it is really more beautiful like that now we are going to go to the kit
of being so more or less the same box so here we represent what’s inside
obviously we don’t have the das beau since it’s here one side and here we go we value so
the packaging is well protected and we still find a lot of accessories in this one
, we can see that it’s very well stocked so we’re all going to take it out on the table, everything
inside will be much easier and now once out of the box we can see that we have a
lot of objects so we are going to take turns so here we are going to start with the case so
it is very interesting because here this letter system is connected by a single box so who
says a single usb cable so we have four connections so here we obviously have for the big office r we
knew from the left south better and am from the right of course so that we will look in the
technical sheet section then we have a hardware kit so there a bit of everything so that’s it it’s really
not bad so here we have everything the supports that we need honestly that it will be very practical
especially kinois who is calm profile to him so here are three supports so obviously we
will look at that after really fixed will be profile and reread and here we directly find a usb cap
therefore of two meters there as it is written so 1 m 82 meters is more than enough so we
find more or less the same sensor for the dashboards it is exactly the same so it must
be very good quality then we have a small box and I guess that it’s simply
the power supply here you are right so we recover a recess the power supply which will
seduce you to connect the small box so we have two connections here on each side and it
will be for the power supply because obviously everything the letter system will be connected to a single
box and that frankly once again I find it really very cool and then we
obviously end up in the big package all the sister supports of the ex so we have here the biggest one
which will display obviously the types of flags and several functions that I will explain to you a
little later in the video so on this display we find 64 it is so here
it is really a very very big this bigger it was a pure object so as I I said a little about
the flags and other functions that we will see later in this video is obviously there is a
protection when we are going to remove obviously not to damage the screen and here it is enough to remove it at
least there are no scratches well there are all my fingerprints that obviously we will do afterwards and if we
have the led system which will be placed above the dashboard at 16 let so here is even a system
protected by a small plastic film that we can pull them to not done no scratches obviously
it’s very well protected so we’re going to clean a little afterwards obviously so compared to the dashbords
it’s going to be fixed here like this but that we’ll obviously see in the technical sheet part
and then we find the two-letter kit on each side so of will is exactly five years old
you saw we can the task and there is a paste or so you can stick it with double sided
under your screens I think it’s going to be my system here it is looks really not bad we
will obviously remove the protective plastic like these obviously opts I think I have to
see the screws divided on each side to remove the surplus here is how we can see a it’s very
very pretty not a scratch nothing but fingerprints so here are my friends for the boxing hub what
we can find in the two boxes we really have the complete kit here now I
invite you to go to the technical sheet to obviously give you the dimensions of the dashboard you
give the details in relation to the net go let’s go go let’s go friends for the
more technical part of this dashboard only have a 4-inch dashboard it is 12 centimeters long
by 7 and a half high screen level we we have a graphic touch screen so the display
is at 480 x 800 pixels it weighs 0.5 kg so I can tell you that it’s really very very light
this dashboard is guaranteed for two years and it works with sim pub says rt and you are a dashboard so
here you have three software which is possible to make it work see currently I will
use it with six dies because good here it is the habit with six hours even if not
you can obviously use the other two software to make it work i guess
it should work wonderfully which is really good with these two purses which has the ability
to adjust the height you want so if you have an f1 style wheel where i was but
here you have the possibility té to move to see the screen just above the steering wheel and now
if you use a rumba steering wheel it will be displayed in the half moon so really for the adjustment
there is really none of this especially since the dough is designed to transport fanatec simi cube
is currently there so magic then we will obviously switch to leds so here we have the box
with four sensors which we will have to take into account the connector is plugged directly into the box
and then we push in like this here so here it is going to be for the biggest fischer which is here of
64 is I think we can see them a little then we will take the one of 16 letters which arise
above the das bord and we will simply connect it as best as possible so it’s a question of common
sense one obviously the best for the dashboard and then from left to right for obviously my
left to right what there really is only the biggest one which is all alone above as we can
see then we will take the one from the right who is to and that we will obviously connect it to the right and
then we will take the last am on the left and obviously connect it to the sector which is on
the left of the box and fox effect in support and that’s it, everything is close and then it goes
you have to take the 2-meter usb cap that comes with it and plug it into the side and then
obviously the usb sector on your pc and don’t forget to put the power on to have a
better connection speed simply have a little more voltage in the card and we’re going to come
and plug it in here and here you are all plugged in it’s a bit of a mess like that we’re really going to
plug it in quietly on the set up then the letter system is really very well done
anyway I want but the little video on the side what will obviously be used for what gives
is so obviously we have the flag display so if there is a green flag blue
flag black or white flag checkered flag skeptical is hungry here are all those there will be be marked here
after we have the possibility of using it as a spotter therefore blocking abs or simply if we
finally passed here there are really a lot of modes that will be displayed here and also thanks to the two
small letters so for example if now your spotter tells you there is a car on the left
simply by these small letters you will obviously have a different color
but you will see flashing here and on the side here where is the car in relation to you so
left or right that I find it’s really very well done afterwards for the dab blocks
it’s simply it’s going to flash so we’ll know if we block and if we simply slip on
the game so the same for the traction control it’s going to be the same objective so it’s ok who noted a once
it’s going to skate in the back of the vehicle so we also have the drs system so it’s going to flash
once it’s open and once that charge reborn it’s going to suck so there you go and we
really have the crowd of options a ns compared to this kit of letters and that I find it really
not bad so here we have screws so it is to know how to fix the supports obviously so
we have different supports as I will show we have three of them exactly I think already
know which one to use so quite simply we will take the hall is 64 letters caen will
simply fix it here behind like this and that leaves you two city entries
to fix it on your profile must have or other I think that i’m going to use am there i the rose
on arrival other much more so here you have this one so we can have the ties on each
side or just have this one we obviously undo the mottos that are on it we come
their coming inside sister girl of course it will be here and you have the no vices
down for it displayed like this now here for the net ethics i think i put double
sided here and i will them integrate below the screen on each side tee so left and
right suddenly here you go friends it’s over for the technical sheet now I suggest you
go mount it on the chassis is obviously it’s going to take a little time to put the caps on
properly and it’s and we find ourselves directly afterwards for the price and the software
compared to those of a sport teams of the two eldest sage racing left part of the friends
and here are the friends the assembly if it is finally finished but we will move on to the prices and software of this
famous first with its kit of letters and on the site we will go directly to the button box
and displays and once that is done we will go down a little bit and there we will
obviously perceive the tage bord is obviously the clip of let so we will start with the dashboard its price
of housing and 249 euros I find it really not expensive at all in any case for a dashboard
then we will go down a little you got all the descriptions you need to know everything i
said at the beginning of the video so there we can see that with any steering wheel we can see the
card is obviously in front of our eyes so whether it is with a single-seater steering wheel or a steering wheel
which is round which we can see on the photo we can obviously see the display in the half-moon
after here explains the led system to us so all the flags all we can have the
dr is what we can see and if as I explained to you all at the time so we come back to the
tage bord once you have the dashboard or you bought it you had received
it at home just go here at the very bottom and obviously download the driver to use this
dashbord compared to its people so you have it downloaded you will have a file like this
you install it I am not going to do it because it is already installed and once installed we will
open if they choose we will go to a studio we will go into your bodies and once it’s done
I’ll activate it everything is already ins tallé so here I am they light up here I am on
the home page of the root messages and if you are not in the race but here you can
see that we can have the temperatures of the pc the processor the rarely end here it is is really
standby mode once you’re not racing once you’re going to start a game
but quite simply the dashboard will start up on its own here you really have nothing
to do and that I really don’t find that bad after now if you like having the same
dashbord as the car you’re driving if it just happens here that’s me I’ve
thought a lot about it here I really like having the dashbords with all the vehicles I’m driving
so here we select where I take the lmp2 it will be displayed and I will obviously have the dashbord
of the lmp2 once I am in the game obviously suddenly here we are going to put it back in
original mode and birth because here it is i haven’t changed i like it i the dashboard is really very very
precise so we will select the two manual edges and there we can obviously go back
to am original so that’s it for the dashboard it’s very easy now if you know
simup well you have the possibility to change still a lot of functions compared to
the display and more as it is acted well here if you now have dashboards with several
pages just press the screen and it goes to the next obviously so that’s it for this
famous das bord now we will pass howlett to start for the letter system
obviously turns on the site of hatred and sage racing and the price is 220 euros for the complete kit
so the let that comes above the dashboard both using will is obviously on each side
is obviously the largest of 64 letters it’s really the total with the box finally here is
really the total kit as I showed you it has 220 euros and this purchase is made directly
here d so here it is 219 euros there I will take the electronic box is obviously the rpm
so am at 4 p.m. which comes above the dashboard the rest I don’t need it I say no
so it comes back to me for 128 euros for the electronic box and the system of letters above
the dashboard after once you have made your purchase you will receive an email which is
done automatically with several profiles so there will be a dashboard profile there will be a
letters and arts profile has a matrix profile so it’s the biggest box of 64 letters tina
you go directly to the bottom of the site and here you can download the complete manual
which will simply explain to you from a to z how to install the letters frankly
if you follow the tutorial of the people who provide the pdf but you really won’t have any trouble getting
lost and here we are again raising our eyebrows to install the help kit we will obviously
extract the three files which are available by mi once the purchase is made so the first is
the dashboard we have already installed it as you have seen just click on it
to install and here you can delete it directly or keep it in a corner of your pc
if you need it suddenly here we end up with two files so there is one it will be
for the letters rpm so above and on each side and here it will be for the matrix of which that
of 64 is therefore to start we’re gonna go into arduino and we’re gonna go into my hardware and
once you’re in my low hardware just connect it months it made itself so
now if you have any complications just do multiple dunod brands and one
when you do a search and he will be on his own so there we have the right one so
a racing message let display hop he is connected it’s nickel now we’re going to go back to let
fgb we’re going to go to manager two profiles I had this deleted there as
if there was nothing here normally you should have this makes you load a file we will
go to the office we will take the 1st have had them opened have had them loaded and here you have all
the LEDs which are visible but there you can modify them change color change style
me personally it’s very good like that I think it’s very well configured for
those who don’t know too much well here he just installed his and ifi nothing more everything will be displayed
in the game and that really I think it’s really not bad and for the fgb matrix it’s going to be the same
thing so pro it’s been a month I deleted like that you’re going to have the same thing by the way we
take the second file have it loaded and that’s it played as you can see
in a little message to try and message it’s really very nice because it’s displayed right
here below and you have to do that there’s nothing more to do installation
is finished you just have to choose your game is left to play and everything will work perfectly I
guarantee it to you suddenly friends here is for the price and the installation of the programs but here I
propose to you that we are going to do a little gameplay on ira st and that’s good because I have
to go m train for the 24 hours of le mans and we will test it directly with the lmp2
of course on the le mans circuit and at the end of this gameplay I will give my personal opinion
in relation to this dashboard and the dalet de hatred kit and its racing sister come on
let’s go here we
are friends gameplay is over we will move on to my personal opinion compared to this
dashboard which delettes nsara if first of all frankly the dashboard for the price of 149
euros I find it really very nice redo and the mounted and in addition we can come and adjust
as we want thanks to its fixing so I remind a little obviously the mounted on
fanatec trans masters is put ass and even if he told me as you can see so
level installation very simple very easy island as I showed you there is a manual which is really
very well explained lin first by default which provides you is really very good there is
information which needs and does not need any more this moment after here I will not hide from you
I like to ride with the same talent on board the car that I’m riding so after
that it happens you don’t know if you know simup just go download on different
posting sites that you want and come and inject them directly people’s eyebrows and after the
turn is played so the very clean fury we can see that it is ultrasound and in addition it is acted
so suddenly for this first at 149 euros I the valley which has no problem we feel that it
is rare quality we will obviously go to the one that gives and which is very very interesting I
really want to emphasize because there is really the possibility of having several settings on it so
when you could see the different flags so yellow green blue black the White
the checkered flag there these little ones because there are road blockages I find that really not bad
because for me it defines when you block or when you skate is the most interesting for me
in any case smile at his headlines he’s the spotter because that it signals you the cars on the left
or on the right even before the spotter of the game is worth saying so you really save time
knowing where what it is either on the left on the right and that frankly I find that really
very nice so do not hesitate if you are interested in these two products you go
to the site that I would obviously put in the description and as a gift well you have the right
to have a promo code of -10% which is displayed just here below like that if you are interested in
the dashboard or in the letter kit or simply talking about you have a discount of – 10%
on both articles and frankly I find that really a lot of hits I wanted to say one
big thank you to a racing message for having me provided these two products to allow me to make this
video because I think they do a good job honestly it was really very hard work and I
personally like the clip of let me a lot especially the display let’s be an athlete he is
really very very beautiful and on top of that it really makes a very beautiful style on the chassis
so friends it’s the end of this video don’t forget to click share and obviously like
this video and don’t forget you can join my different social networks especially and in the
destruction and we say see you very soon for new adventures of cing racing go ciao

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