DAY IN THE LIFE | productive work day, baking, book review, & summer memories!

Good morning friends i hope you are well it is currently monday when i’m kicking off this video and i’m quite thankful to say that i’m feeling motivated today i was out of town this weekend and sometimes that can be a little overwhelming to kind of get back in the swing of things but thankfully i feel like i have a clear head and i’m ready to make it a good day so very thankful for those feelings and the energy so i made a game plan of everything i hope to get done today so let me give

you the rundown so there’s quite a bit of computer work i need to get done so we’ll hang out in the office for a bit there’s a video i would love to make a good dent in i don’t need to completely edit it today but i would love to get the majority of the editing out of the way and then i also want to do a vacuum session i did the robot vacuum this morning but still it can’t reach every single nook and cranny so we’ll go around and have a vacuum party and then i

also want to make some hummus granola and a soup for dinner it’s kind of like a meal plan day so or a meal prep day

so we’ll make this soup so we have that for lunches for the rest of the week and we’ll eat it tonight for dinner and then hummus and granola are two items that i love to just have stocked up in the fridge and pantry so we’ll try to do that would love to do a load of laundry and oh this is gonna be lower priority but if we have time i would

love to go through my closet and give away any pieces that i’m no longer wearing i haven’t done that in a little bit so that would be great to do and then another random home thing i ordered another bird house for the garden because i just want to attract as many birds as we can create a little haven for them so i would love to hang that today i got one that can hang on a tree specifically which i i’ll show you the one i currently have in case you’re unfamiliar but we’ve had a birdhouse

in the yard for about a year and a half two years i think a year and a half and it hasn’t gotten any action unfortunately and i think the main reason is because it’s just in the direct sunlight and there’s no sort of safety net or shade area for the birds so this birdhouse i’m going to nail it directly on a tree that we have so it’ll be nice and shady and hopefully feel more like a shelter for them and it also has a place where you can put some feed so i’ll add some bird

bird food i don’t have any currently but i’ll grab that the next time i’m at the store so that’s the plan but i’m excited to spend time with you all here’s the birdhouse i love it i think it is so cute and it should be fairly easy to hang i want to go ahead and do that now before it gets too toasty outside i think i’ll just be able to put a nail in the tree in the trunk of the tree and then hang it pretty effortlessly hopefully and then here is the actual house part

so at the bottom of this it’s solid and then you can put the food right here on this tray area so i think it’s a cute little setup for them someone’s soaking up the sun this is the birdhouse that we currently have it actually since the bushes around it are growing it might be better for them this season and something else with birdhouses is that birds will notice if they’ve been there for a while and as time goes by and it’s consistently in the same place they’ll feel more comfortable making a home there that’s from

my research it is looking a bit dis disheveled a bit aged since we first put it out here naturally with the weather conditions but it’s still quite adorable here’s the tree that i’m thinking of putting the birdhouse on i will say the trunk is on the thinner side so let me just feel how secure i mean it’s definitely still quite secure it is at an angle too so let me just bring the bird house over and see how it’ll fit here it is it’s so cute i hope they like it and i hope it stays

on okay i just used one nail and it seems pretty secure so hopefully with the florida storms it’ll be all good i do see a wasp nest pretty close by so hopefully the wasps won’t make the birdhouse their home but we’ll see we’ll cross that bridge if we get to it let’s have ourselves a vacuum session i always love to gamify vacuuming as much as possible it is actually my number one favorite chore because of this i find it very satisfying so this is what our vacuum compartment looks like before it’s completely empty and we’ll

see how much we fill it up i have a strong feeling it can be filled up completely because of this cuties hairs that get everywhere but it’s all good and then the one one of the sections that i really want to focus on are the stairs because the puppy hairs and dust will collect in the corners and whatnot so that’s where i’ll start i’m actually quite surprised it didn’t fill up nearly as much as i thought it would it’s barely full honestly but i did run out of juice i still want to vacuum a bit

more but we’ll have to charge it up and have a round two later today i’ve been sitting here getting organized getting some work done and i wanted to give a review of this book i just finished it this morning actually this is the book that we read for book club this month one italian summer about halfway through i really wasn’t feeling it if you’ve read this book or if you do read the book you’ll know what i mean it was a little out there and so i was a little unsure it was still okay but

i wasn’t you know really into it but then i really really really liked the ending and overall i would say i enjoyed this book it the ending was super conclusive for me and i even got emotional which for me if i get emotional while reading a book to me that gives it extra points and it means that i’m able to relate in some way or i’m able to have emotions stirred up from the novel so i would give it a good review honestly i thought it was nice and it was a really pleasant summer read

because it takes place in italy during the summer so just being able to read that imagery and picture those scenes was quite lovely so that’s the review but i’m just gonna hang out in the office for a bit more and i wanted to thank squarespace for partnering with me for this portion of today’s video i adore squarespace i’ve been talking about them for years and recommending them because i have used squarespace to build and update my personal website for over five years now so it’s a product that i’ve been using for many many years and

i really love that squarespace has equipped me with a user-friendly platform where i can create a space that i can visually share my thoughts my work my life and i love that with squarespace you can display your social profiles on your website and you can automatically push the website content to your social media channels so that your audience and everyone who stumbles upon it can see it and share it which is an amazing feature and i also love that you’re able to sell products with an online store through squarespace and you can embed photos and

videos into your website so they really have so many incredible options to customize an online space to really make it your own and all of their templates are truly so beautifully designed and so professional looking and i just love squarespace and hope you do too so if you would like to try it out you can head to for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch go to allisonbickerstaff to save 10 on your first purchase of a website or a domain so we love that i actually have on my to-do list to

update my website later to add it was just in west palm beach last weekend so i want to add all of my recommendations for that on the travel page i have so hopefully i’ll get to that later today but yeah i’m just going to wrap up a few things and then i want to do some meal prep so that we’re set we have all the snacks and yumminess for the rest of the week foreign i’m wrapping up a bit more work and it looks like it might rain i think an afternoon rainstorm would be quite

lovely also i tried to do some cute latte art today wasn’t super successful but that is absolutely something i want to add to my autumn bucket list is to successfully learn how to do latte art and learn how to use my bottomless portafilter correctly so whether that means taking some kind of course or a workshop at a coffee shop i don’t know but it’s been a dream of mine to be able to make a beautiful and true at-home latte so i want to spend more time trying to make that happen and speaking of bucket lists

i wanted to pull up our summer bucket list that we made and see how much we’ve completed so far i feel pretty good about it i can think of a few things off the top of my head that we haven’t done or a couple so let’s take a look the summer bucket list is on my website and we will be making a fall one of course oh the first one weekly game nights that did not happen we did game nights but i don’t think it was weekly maybe we missed a few weeks okay a beach

bonfire with s’mores did not do that i did a s’mores night at home but not at the beach okay so far not good oh no try hot yoga didn’t do that we gotta squeeze in these things before summer ends a themed board night we did that and in case you missed it themed board night what we mean by that is that we did a game night and each group of people or each couple brought some kind of themed food board so when my friends brought a taco board one of my friends did a mediterranean board

and then i did a dessert and fruit board so that was fun go for a morning swim i’m gonna do this tomorrow morning i ordered goggles so we’re gonna swim laps in the pool tomorrow morning and cross this one off palm beach weekend getaway we did that grab ice cream and go for a sunset drive we did that but i definitely want to do that again that was another idea that i kind of wanted to do every single week but it didn’t happen start rollerblading we did that go snorkeling didn’t do that have a picnic

we did that make homemade lemonade we did not do that we made key lime pie sort of dance in the rain i feel like i did that but i can’t remember an exact moment i’m gonna cross that one off though because i feel pretty good about that backyard movie night we did that twice diy slip and slide in the backyard did not do that that sounds really fun stargaze we did that yes i i do that whenever possible okay so we did not do as well as i thought we did oh no well there’s still

really good ideas for the rest of the summer so i will keep those in mind but it’s always fun to make those lists just to if you have a free night and you’re not sure what to do have something to reference with just a plethora of ideas so i love that and honestly one of the reasons that i feel extra motivated this week is because i’m so excited to start creating autumn videos and to decorate our home for autumn and to start channeling that time of year so i feel like that’s just added a pep

in my step especially when it comes to creating videos and everything so i am now actually going to create a bit of a mood board a bit of an inspiration board because i’ll be shopping for autumn later this week so i’d love to have a sort of imagery to use as a guide if i’m unsure if i want to purchase something i can be like hey does this fit the overall feel i’m going for then hopefully that’ll help so i’ll work on this a bit and then show you once it’s done foreign here’s the autumn

inspo also i never showed you were watching my mom’s dog jessie hi jessie she can’t hear very well anymore she is 17 years old so she’s still kicking it but a little differently but we love her plumber especially loves her and is respecting her by giving her space right buddy anyways here is the quick little mood board i put together just all those fall dreamy color tones a little moody i love it i love it i know i will spend lots more time on pinterest to getting some inspiration just like that it’s time to make

some dinner tonight i’m making a tortellini soup which i’ve never made a tortellini soup before but i feel like it’ll be a great filling option so we’ll make that and then we’ll have that as leftovers for lunch for the rest of the week so we’ll see how it turns out and then i’m also going to make or begin the process of making i should say sourdough croissants look at our sourdough starter it’s so happy um i’ve made chocolate croissants before and that was such a big process but i found a recipe for just regular croissants

with sourdough starter and it still is a process but not nearly it doesn’t seem as nearly as intense of a process so we’ll see i’m a bit naive now because i’ve never made them before but that should be quite yummy hopefully do yummy do so hello hello it is actually later in the day as you saw we went on our morning swim this morning which was so uh it was a phenomenal way to start the day very invigorating just being in the sunshine and jumping in the water it was very great i only swam 10

laps and i was only out there for 10 minutes so it was a very short and sweet time but even just doing those 10 laps it absolutely was such a great way to get my heart pumping my blood flowing and it felt like a good workout so i definitely want to do that more often i will say the problem with it is i don’t i kind of have to plan it around when i’m going to wash my hair because of the chlorine i don’t want to you know you have to have time well at least

i would prefer to have time to shower and everything like that so it’s been a good morning and a good day so far i have been working on the croissants which those are doozy they really are a doozy it’s definitely i read through the recipe and it’s definitely been a bit more what’s the word i’m looking for a bit more layered than i expected so we’ll see what happens they are looking a little funky i think they’re gonna be delicious especially since i know how much butter is in them there is so much butter so

i’m gonna bake them tomorrow morning and i’ll insert here if they turned out good or kind of good or great we’ll see i think regardless they’ll be tasty they might just not look like authentic layered flaky croissants but we’ll see i could be wrong i could be wrong i’m happy to report that the croissants turned out absolutely delectable we have some nice layers which is what we like to see that’s what i was really unsure about of course i could use some more refinement on my shaping as well but they’re nice and flaky and we

have those beautiful layers and it tastes like buttery goodness so very happy about that so we’re gonna work on that and call it a day so i’ll go ahead and end the vlog here but thank you guys so much for spending time with me i love and appreciate you all so much and cannot wait to see you next

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