Okay Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh my fellow countrymen and countrymen welcome
back hehehe hihihi together with me here Dhony priyayi accompanied by
my funny assistant whose name is Adek Adam very smart Okay friends so today I
will review toys yes toys because this is really… it’s really playable, now I’m curious about
what I’m going to review today, let’s just take a look at the toys,
hey ,
OK friends, so today I’m going to review a toy because I really like
DC, especially Batman, so this toy is still related to the best Batman superhero
Now, this playing expert means who I will review today.
Wow, the box is really big, friends, so what I will review today, friends, you can see
, so this is the output of Spin Master, which if translated into Indonesian means it is
an expert. The play box is really big, it’s a brown box and here you can see
that it says RDC all terrain batmobile. So here it is i is an RC or remote control, so let ‘s not be more
curious, we immediately open the box and as usual, to open the box, we use a cutter,
we just highlight it, it’s very complicated, if unboxing with children, we need
a srot

/> . the batmobeast made by Mcfarlane, so it looks
like the box doesn’t have a box, so it just looks like this so it looks like this
, my friends, it’s made by a spinning expert or Spin Master, so it just looks
like this, doesn’t exist anything and the coolest thing here
is that it says all terrain batmobile so this RC can be run on all kinds of roads
, it can be on the road in mud, on rocks, it can be in the snow and it can also be on the grass
and the coolest thing again it turns out that this car can be run on water, friends,
and in this car you can also put a 4-inch Batman figure made by Spin
Master too. Here’s the plug, he uses a USB, friends, and here
we will first see, here, there is a torn manual. Oh, it turns out that the bottom
is like this, my friends, it’s empty, and in the first section there is something like
this, it’s like a caution, like that and here friends, you can see us too, so
we can get the instruction manual like this, here it says the remote is not waterproof,
friends, only the car is waterproof and for the battery in the remote it needs 2
AAA batteries and the charging method is quite easy, so stay like this
, then we just plug it in like this friends, the LED flashes indicating the battery
is charging and the Solid LED indicates Full power connects the first remote Start
the car and place it on a flat surface hold the remote near the car press the
power button and wait until the power light stops flashing then we are ready to drive
Okay friends, now let’s open the car, friends, aren’t we here?
where does this come from instead of hop srot, there are so many seals, there’s a lot of seals on
the inside, it looks like a locking lock like this, friends, oh, just spin it around OK, that’s
why I’m the laziest to open these American figures or toys because it drains
a lot of Chakra Yes, first, the remote is like this, it’s simple, the car Wow uh nah, this
is really light, this is really plastic, yes, and the material, it turns out that the material is styrofoam, friends,
I thought it was rubber and this is plastic, all my friends, so this is what it looks
like batmobeast, so I just called him batmobeast because it looks like the batmobeast
in Batman Dark Knight metal. And it’s really big, friends, but one thing
I’m weird about .
inch, so friends, you can open here and put
the toys in. Here, the Batman is like that, friends, but even though it’s big , the
material is very It’s really light, friends, because all the materials are made of plastic,
all of them are plastic, but the plastic is very sturdy. My friends have played with
this, so it’s really fast, my friends, so if you press it a little, the
car will immediately tighten up, friends. this friend is a bit difficult to control for kids but my son
has hit it and hit it but the body of the car is still strong that’s why
i give a thumbs up it’s really strong and this is the first time i’ve bought a car yeah And the ingredients are
styrofoam so this car can do it Yes, it ‘s controlled on the water, friends, to accommodate the
car so it can run, they tricked it by using styrofoam tires and what I’m most
concerned about here is whether this styrofoam lasts long, that’s why we have to test it
further. The sharp material is damaged, right
, and he said here he can also pass through the rocks if the rocks are a little sharp,
I’m a little scared too, I think but we’ll try it later and what I like the most is the
remote, my friends, so this remote is a system, it doesn’t use a screwdriver, my friends, so you
just need to open it by pressing it like this, friends, you just
need to Look for things that can make it pressed, friends, and the cool thing is
here, he already has a battery charger system. So friends, just open it here, there will
be a USB cable and friends, just plug it into the power outlet.
we test in all fields, how cool is the car, we immediately test it

and friends, this is the last one, yes, so this is the comparison with Mario’s car like this, I
forget what brand it is, jakks Pacific Super Mario Mario Kart, friends, for example, the difference
is really big, but it’s much lighter.
it’s quite expensive than this, I got it at Tokopedia, in Tokopedia, it
‘s micmax, which for friends
who want to be friends, can go directly to Tokopedia. I think it’s still there. hit in the house
, yes, I thought it would break or break, but it’s not, friends, this is really strong and it’s really cool to
play in the water, friends, like friends, see in the video
of the cave, where the test is not strong and durable this is really tough, it’s really suitable for playing
with friends, so I recommend it and for the price it’s quite expensive, in my opinion, it’s
really worth it, okay, you know, so that’s the review Today I’m out, I think it’s a bad car made by DC Spin
Master and waiting for this Aspin Master to really do his best work for the DC line
, because this Spin Master, I’ve collaborated with this in the court for a few years, it’s not really
cool, I think the toys are all right, right? and unique, especially for the betmobile89 car
, OK, friends, so this review is hopefully useful and can be used as a reference
for friends who want to buy this radio-controlled car. And finally, I said, I’m
resigning. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh keep Collective action figures
because they have action figures because they collect remote controls are Jalan Ninjago and au

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