Delilah Fields! ūüĆľ Rainbow High Series 4 Doll Unboxing + Review!

Hey y’all, welcome and welcome back! Very¬†
obviously we’ve got Rainbow High series¬†¬†
four today, we’re going to be doing a unboxing and¬†
review on Delilah Fields and y’all, I am so beyond¬†¬†
excited. I had put up a poll on my community tab 
about who from series 4 I should review first,  
and I really thought it was going to be Meena, 
but Delilah just kept getting more and more  
and more votes, so here she is, we’re going¬†
with her first. Couple of quick disclaimers,  
if I look or sound a little crazy in this video, 
it’s because I’m currently fighting off a sinus¬†¬†
infection. I mentioned this on my Instagram and 
then also in a community post, but like I still  
want content to come out, you know? Like I don’t¬†
want to just leave you guys hanging. I bought  
these dolls, and I’m very excited, and I want¬†
to unbox them and talk about them with you! So  
I’m doing a little bit better today, but if like¬†
this side of my face seems a little bit swollen,  
or if my voice sounds like I’m talking¬†
differently than normal, that’s why.¬†¬†
Also I am on antibiotics for the sinus infection, 
and I feel like they’re making me a little bit not¬†¬†

/> coherent? Like I feel like the words coming out of 
my mouth just don’t quite make sense. My husband¬†¬†
assured me that I was speaking in a way that like 
did make sense, so I’m gonna go ahead and film¬†¬†
this, and hope that it’s okay. But if I’m saying¬†
anything that’s like a little bit weird or off,¬†¬†
I really am sorry, I–I’m trying my best.¬†
I just kind of feel like a crazy person,  
but like I still want to enjoy my life, I still 
want to make content for you guys, I want to be  
able to talk about Delilah, so we’re just going¬†
to push through instead of waiting. Because like,  
I’m a very impatient person, so that’s what we’re¬†
going to do today is talk about Delilah. She’s so¬†¬†
pretty! From the moment that we started seeing 
photos from series four, I knew she was gonna be  
my favorite, like she’s just so beautiful. Series¬†
four is a really really big deal for Rainbow High,  
because with this line they’ve added a lot of¬†
diversity. With Delilah here, she does have  
albinism, which I think is really, really cool. 
Any more diversity to add is obviously great.  
I mean it is series four, so it took a while, 
but like we’re here, we’re finally here,¬†¬†
and I just think it’s rad that a kid who has¬†
albinism might see this doll and be like,  
that looks like me, you know? I just–I¬†
love that idea, I love the idea of  
dolls having diversity, and being able to 
spark more joy and like recognition within  
young people, so mad props with that, very, very 
excited for her. She is a creative writing focus,  
says in her little seal on the side here, which 
is cool for me, because I have always loved  
creative writing. Back of the box, very similar 
to all the Rainbow High boxes we’ve seen before,¬†¬†
just you know, it’s the series 4 art. This is¬†
kind of all old normal stuff, but obviously  
what’s going to be exciting is Delilah herself¬†
getting into the box. So I am going to unbox her  
off camera right quick, and then I will 
be right back with you guys to discuss  
quality and all the pieces that she 
comes with, and hopefully just have a  
lovely time! So I will see you guys in a 
moment. Okay, so Delilah is turned away,  
very sorry, but that way it’ll be easier for¬†
my camera to focus on all of her accessories.  
So for now we’re just going to get a view of her¬†
hair from the back. Also it is raining outside,  
can’t do anything about the noise, and my cat is¬†
crying because of it, so like if you hear that,  
I’m sorry, this is what we’re working with¬†
today. Uh, I did take off some of Delilah’s¬†¬†
accessories so that we can get a clearer look at 
them, but I am going to go ahead and start with  
the second outfit that she came with. So starting 
with her pants here. I feel like these pants have  
been kind of controversial, I’m not gonna lie.¬†
A lot of people I’ve seen online have said that¬†¬†
they don’t love the daisies because from far¬†
away it’s harder to tell that they’re daisies.¬†¬†
I don’t know if like I’m just weird, but I–I¬†
thought it was pretty okay. Like I think they  
look really cute, I think it’s kind of nice¬†
that it’s subtle with like the white on white.¬†¬†
I don’t know, maybe that’s just me, but I felt¬†
like the like embroidery thread used was enough to  
like differentiate it. I think they’re very cute.¬†
It is all embroidered, which we love for detail  
purposes. There’s a little bee, which I’m obsessed¬†
with. We’ve obviously got all the stitching,¬†¬†
and the belt loops that we’re used to with Rainbow¬†
High, and then on the back one of her back pockets  
is stitched with “RH” and the other one has¬†
another little bee. And like, I don’t know¬†¬†
what it is with bees and butterflies, but I am 
obsessed, so major points with Delilah for that.  
Um however, her pants do have like this weird 
cut at the ankle, where there’s just like a¬†¬†
weird square cutout on both of them? That 
I don’t get, that I think is very bizarre.¬†¬†
I don’t really understand. It’s not bad enough¬†
for me to hate the pants, but I do think it’s¬†¬†
interesting. Then her second top that she 
came with is this little yellow number.  
It is like made a kind of a sheer 
material, but it’s double layered in¬†¬†
the bodice area, so it’s not actually sheer. Mine¬†
does have a few loose threads here you can see,  
but we’ve got loops of ribbon, and then on the¬†
back a little ribbon bow, which I think is just so  
precious. The puff sleeves are so cute, 
I just–Delilah’s style is not my style,¬†¬†
but it is one that I find very visually 
appealing. Like I just think it’s so¬†¬†
fresh, and summery, and adorable, and I don’t know¬†
if you’re gonna be able to tell in the course of¬†¬†
this video, but I’m literally obsessed. This¬†
is so stinking cute. And then her second shoes,  
okay, let me just grab one to like show you the 
details. I didn’t think I was going to love these¬†¬†
as much as I do because I don’t know, strappy¬†
heels at some point get kind of boring for me,  
right? Like they’re just more strappy heels. This¬†
is so cute, all of the daisies on these shoes  
I feel like are so immaculately painted with the 
different details in the center. We’ve got another¬†¬†
bee on the back of her heel. I’ll show you the¬†
other one so you can just see how well painted  
they are. I feel like these turned out 
unbelievably good, which I didn’t–like¬†¬†
I really didn’t think that those were gonna¬†
be a huge highlight for me with Delilah, but  
they’re so crazy. We obviously have her comb, and¬†
then the stuff that she did have on before. So  
I’m just going to get her other shoes out of the¬†
way, little like kind of cowboy boot-esque number.
Big apologies to my Texan mother, but like they’re¬†
not my favorite. I don’t think they’re terrible,¬†¬†
they’re just a little less my style. Um,¬†
that being said, I do love the boot option,  
just because like I said, a lot of these Rainbow 
High dolls come with heels, so like I like having  
the boot as an option. And these are also 
painted very beautifully, so quality wise  
excellent. I probably won’t display Delilah¬†
in them, but like they’re a great option for¬†¬†
her to come with, so I’m not mad about it. Then¬†
we have to talk about these glasses! Oh my god,  
okay, as someone who has to have glasses because I 
literally am so blind without them, it was awesome  
for me to see Rainbow High do a doll that had not 
sunglasses, but like actual proper glasses. They  
do have lenses in them, which I didn’t expect.¬†
When you put them on her, they do kind of blur  
her face a little bit, which on the one hand is 
like a little unfortunate, but on the other hand  
it kind of feels accurate. Like one of the things 
that bothered me when I wore a lot more makeup  
was that you could never see it because I wear 
glasses, so I honestly kind of love it. The shape  
is so beautiful, they’re so beautifully crafted,¬†
a little “Rainbow” on the side there. They even¬†¬†
have a different color at the tip of like the ear 
hook, I just–I know it’s such a small thing to be¬†¬†
excited about, but these glasses–it sounds so¬†
weird but like it genuinely means so much to me  
to have a doll that has to wear glasses. Like I–I¬†
just am obsessed. And then this little like over  
piece, I don’t know what exactly to call¬†
it, because it’s a little bit too short to¬†¬†
for me to consider it a dress? Like if she didn’t¬†
have anything on underneath it it’d be a little¬†¬†
too short, you know? But it also technically 
is a dress, like it doesn’t in the back¬†¬†
open up all the way, it just opens up that far. I 
don’t know. Also the belt does Velcro separately,¬†¬†
so you could unthread the belt from the 
loops here and just have that separate,  
which I do love detail wise. I think this 
is a beautiful, beautiful piece of clothing,  
definitely sheer. This one it’s kind of the same¬†
material as her second outfit top, except there’s¬†¬†
not like extra layering, so you can 100% at least 
in person see my fingers through it. I don’t¬†¬†
think on camera it’s showing up quite as bad, but¬†
that’s just something to note if that bothers you.¬†¬†
Obviously like she’s a doll, so it’s okay if she’s¬†
wearing sheer clothing, but if it bothers you,  
that’s good to know. Um, definitely a lot of¬†
loose threads as I’m spinning around here.¬†¬†
I love the lace detailing, but sometimes it is 
like kind of weird. You’ll see here like the under¬†¬†
layer doesn’t quite match up with the lace, and¬†
so it just kind of gives it a weird look to me.  
I would have preferred the under layer to be a bit 
higher up so that the lace could lay nicer. I hope  
that makes sense um, from a distance I do think 
it’s a beautiful, beautiful article of clothing,¬†¬†
but up close I definitely think that like the lace 
just has a lot of loose threads happening. It’s¬†¬†
very, very delicate, so I feel like it would get 
damaged easily if a kid were to play with this.  
I also have two buttons on this pocket, and 
only one on this one, so I do think I’m missing¬†¬†
a button there. There are real pockets though, so 
that’s cool. Overall kind of like half and half on¬†¬†
this piece. Personally I’m fine with it, I think¬†
it’s beautiful, I think it looks really cute on¬†¬†
her. If you have higher expectations for quality 
than I do, I don’t know that you would be happy¬†¬†
with it, so like that I kind of have to leave up 
to you guys. But I think it’s really cool. Like¬†¬†
even the flowers are 3D, which is kind of nice, 
but this one over here is a little bit messed up,  
so that you’re just gonna have to judge by¬†
yourself. But I definitely needed to point out all  
of that. Then actual Delilah time, let me get her 
off of her beautiful golden sparkly stand here,  
and let’s just start with her face right¬†
quick, because she’s so pretty! I love her¬†¬†
light freckles, they’re so beautiful, she’s got¬†
her edges. The white eyelashes are so gorgeous,  
like this doll is just such a pretty doll. I know 
series 4 overall has had a lot of issues with  
their lips especially in the face ups, so I was 
trying to go for the one that has the best lips,  
and I think she’s okay. The other ones at my¬†
store definitely had the red kind of leaking  
out of the corners a little bit, so be aware 
of that. I would say if you’re in a position¬†¬†
where you can get these dolls in store so you can 
kind of inspect them, that would be a good idea,  
because definitely there’s a few quality issues¬†
with the faces. Obviously if you can’t that’s not,¬†¬†
you know, on you, you can’t, but if you have the¬†
opportunity I would say go for it. She’s looking¬†¬†
mad cute if you can get one with a good face 
up. She does have two really adorable–please¬†¬†
focus, there we go–flower hair clips,¬†
of course daisies. The glitter in them,  
not perfect. Like this one you can see part 
of it is like not completely glitter-ed,  
this one’s a little bit better, but again,¬†
just something to be aware of. Her rooting…
I think is pretty good.
Like there’s a few little spaces, like that’s¬†
a little thicker than ideally I would like for  
it to be, but overall I think once I get rid 
of her box hair, I’m not gonna see her scalp,¬†¬†
which is all that I could care about. She does 
have–you can’t hear it–a little bit of gel¬†¬†
in there with her curls. I’m gonna wash it out¬†
and give her a nice little like hair treatment,  
but I think that once the gel is out, her hair 
is going to be very nice quality. Editing note,  
this picture on the screen is the entire glob 
of hair that Delilah lost in the process of me  
washing her. I literally washed her hair the same 
way that I wash every other doll’s hair with just¬†¬†
dawn dish soap and conditioner, and a gentle comb 
through. Like I was not excessive with it, and I  
lost all of this. Thankfully like after she dried 
and everything she was still thick enough to like  
style and look nice and everything, but uh yeah, 
I definitely lost a lot of hair there. So that’s¬†¬†
a little bit minus points on the quality issue. 
She’s got little bumblebee earrings, which again,¬†¬†
if I can get her hair extracted from them–kind¬†
of–I am obsessed with, just so so pretty.¬†¬†
Uh, the top that she was wearing underneath her 
kind of like overdress thing is pretty simple.  
It’s actually a very, very thick material, the¬†
white here. I love the yellow lining at the top,  
I think that’s a nice detail with the clear¬†
straps, and it does just Velcro on the back. Same  
with her skirt. The skirt again, pretty plain, 
like I–I think it’s pretty clear that this is¬†¬†
meant to be worn underneath the other piece just 
to give it some volume, a little bit more length,  
but it does definitely serve its purpose in 
that regard. This I do think is well crafted,  
very cute. Then Delilah does have one 
little bracelet accessory. I can’t tell¬†¬†
if this is supposed to be the design, like 
it’s like half the flower’s gold half is not,¬†¬†
but I think that’s an error. I think that¬†
that glitter was supposed to be either more  
or less present than it actually is. I’m sorry,¬†
it’s really having trouble focusing on this.
So it’s–it’s not perfect. From far¬†
away it looks totally fine. I do love  
the design of the bracelet, I think it’s very¬†
cute. Sorry, it really was not focusing there,  
but again it’s kind of just if it’s something that¬†
the like details like that are very important to  
you, that might really bother you, but I think 
from far away in a display she’s gonna be fine.¬†¬†
And then lastly, Delilah came with these super 
cute little mesh and lace socks. I love these,  
like they’re so precious. I think the lace¬†
detailing at the top is really, really pretty.  
I think it’s better executed than what we¬†
got with the dress, I think it’s just like¬†¬†
a little bit more tidy. I wish we could have 
seen that level on the dress. I don’t know¬†¬†
if it’s gonna pop up in camera either, but the¬†
top with the lace is like slightly iridescent,  
which I love, so big ups on the socks. Which 
is like a random thing to have big ups on,  
I don’t know. So overall thoughts, I think the¬†
design of Delilah is absolutely stunning. I think  
she’s an unbelievably beautiful doll. Quality¬†
wise she’s really not bad, like I’m just kind of¬†¬†
pointing out all these things um 
so that people are aware of it.  
I don’t think it’s terrible at all, I¬†
think that with the intricacy of like,  
especially this is probably the worst piece, it is 
a very intricate piece on a very small scale. So  
I personally don’t expect absolute perfection,¬†
I’m 100% okay with her. I just think you know if¬†¬†
if you want like a 100% perfect doll–which¬†
like you’re paying money for it, so I understand¬†¬†
if that’s your expectation–Delilah might¬†
disappoint you. But if you just want a doll  
that on the shelf in a display is going to be 
beautiful, she’s perfect, she’s so, so pretty. So¬†¬†
for me, very excited, like she’s just gonna sit on¬†
my shelf, and I’m gonna look at her and be like,¬†¬†
I’m so glad I have her. So I’m very happy with¬†
her, please do let me know your thoughts in the  
comments below about Delilah and the rest of 
series four. I am gonna get my reviews on Meena  
and then Lila–I think those are the right¬†
two, they all have such similar names–Meena¬†¬†
and then Lila out soon though. And then I’m¬†
hoping to be able to pick up Jewel, my Target  
didn’t have her when I bought these three, so¬†
I’ll get there eventually. But yes, please do¬†¬†
let me know your feelings on Delilah and uh yeah, 
I hope you guys have a lovely rest of your day,  
or your night, or whatever it might be, and I will 
catch you next week in the next one. Bye, guys!

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