Did Popeyes Release The BEST Fast Food Wings?

hello everyone this is running on empty Food review well hello ladies gentlemen and everyone watching welcome one and all to this newest edition of The Running on Empty Food review series I’m your host the report of the week always a pleasure to be here so I guess it’s uh the theme lately has been chicken because I believe the last review that I did was for that new chicken sandwich from Popeyes or not Popeyes I am trying out Popeyes so I guess that’s partially too true but from Chick-fil-A this time around now I am trying out

something from Popeyes there we go there’s a little Tongue Tied but nonetheless got the message out in the end so I guess that’s what that’s what matters most Popeyes has some new wings out though so no chicken sandwiches here just wings this is unique though at least compared to what Popeyes usually does because I mean Popeyes when you think about it liver chicken establishments they’re famous now for their chicken sandwiches of course but you could get other stuff from there as well and one of the limited time offers that they frequently release are chicken wings

and a lot of the time I’ve tried these before numerous times they’ll release these various sorts of wings that have a dry rub on them or they’ll have some sort

of special dipping sauce on the side but the wings themselves haven’t any sauce on them and I’ve tried that time and time again this time around though Popeyes they are going there they are doing the unthinkable they said you know what just imagine right if you had this sauce that you usually just dip the wings in but this time we actually poured the sauce on top

of the Wings and then served them to you that’s a bold idea but Popeyes they courageously went ahead with it and thus they are premiering their new sweet and spicy wings so it comes with a new sweet and spicy sauce the sauce though is already on the wings so these are actually Saucy wings as they say with no dry rub here which is which is unique for Popeyes anyway in many instances you just think of these as regular traditional wings but it’s new for Popeyes so they say the sweet and spicy wings you could get

them as a six piece and here’s what they say they say okay they’re marinated chicken wings this sauce has a blend of chili garlic and the ginger and it’s supposed to be slightly sweet slightly spicy not overwhelmingly either way but a nice blend of the two and the price for them six dollars for six wings so roughly one dollar per Wing that’s just for the wings themselves so pretty straightforward bone-in wings I should also mention and they say okay these are going to be crispy they’re going to have that sauce on the wings themselves slightly

sweet slightly spicy there was something that they were in the ad they were saying something about a grandma or something but I have no idea what they were what they were getting at with that something like maybe it’s it’s uh something that your grandma would like or uh some sort of home style flavor I I have no idea I’d probably sound ridiculous even trying to to summarize it anyway it’s not really relevant either way I was a bit surprised when I saw the packaging here I always thought that you know this would be in the

little cardboard box which it usually comes in but this time around it came in a plastic a plastic feeding dish I guess there they are maybe it’s because of the immense power of the sauce that it needs to be contained in that manner that’s possible but either way there they are six wings I think most of them are the flats as they say it might just be one drumstick yeah that’s what it looks like one drumstick and five Flats they do look Saucy though I’m going to hold one up I don’t know how well the

doesn’t seem like the focus is the best maybe it’s the color so I’m going to grab one hold it up and perhaps this will yield better results so let’s see oh yes there we go that’s much better now so now you can really see it and uh pretty typical chicken wing as the sauce on it fried and breaded slightly sweets like slightly spicy it’s a little bit of a tongue twister okay with that said may as well try it out now I think that’s all that I really have to say about it thus far let’s

give it a shot the sweet and spicy wings from Popeyes they’re going in just you could take a quick look there at the cross section I think even just even just by consuming This One Wing I think I already I think I could give a solid assessment here I’m happy with them I’m pleased to say very uh very happy with them this is one of those instances and I’m quite thankful for it actually that these last two reviews have resulted in items that are actually decent for once and I I say that not even with

any sarcasm there have been so many instances lately where things are just total garbage that just get pumped out time and again that these things are barely even classifiable as food and finally two reviews in a row it’s actually decent for once and it’s it’s it’s exciting it really is they did a good job here quality of the chicken first and foremost is very nice very tender it’s juicy you could obviously see it’s easy to eat it’s not tough at all the meat Falls right off the bone flavorful and I like that despite the tenderness

of the meat itself there’s still that Pleasant juxtaposition between that and the crunchy exterior of the wing and it says nice very nice texturally so as far as the chicken itself is concerned I’m very happy with the quality there I definitely quite good as far as wings are concerned and uh so far so good so now that we have the base established right the wing itself we know is okay it’s all right what about the sauce now they describe it as being slightly sweet slightly spicy I do notice both of these notes however the interesting

thing is that they hit at slightly different times so when I take that first bite I’m eating it I’m chewing it noticing the first thing you’ll notice is the flavor of the chicken and the texture thereof then what hits me first is the sweetness the sweetness is almost more it almost resembles in a way honey ask sweetness not quite though but it does have that sort of stickiness as well and the sweetness hits you immediately and you’re able to taste the ginger right away as far as the sauce is concerned that is and you’ll notice

that for a couple seconds where it’s just going to be sweet and you’re going to think to yourself just as you’re thinking well these taste sweet but where exactly is the spice and right as you are about to complete that thought and the amount of time that would probably take to try to have that sort of realization then the spice hits and I especially noticed the chili you could really taste that and the spice hits and by then you know it’s going to start in the back of your mouth and actually work its way forward

now the spice is not overwhelming nor is the sweetness I would say that that description is completely accurate where all right it’s slightly sweet slightly spicy and it’s not overboard on either of those so then as the spice begins to increase the sweetness begins to decrease but at the same time those two flavors complement each other quite nicely and as the spiciness increases you notice that chili note and like I said it is most prominent as a spicy aftertaste so it’ll linger through a little bit not terribly long but you’re really going to notice it

in the back of your mouth that’s why when I was taking those sips of water I could almost like feel it in my throat at a sort of spiciness but it wasn’t to the point where it was unpleasant or anything to that extent but you’ll just notice there’s a lingering spicy aftertaste and uh I would say the spiciness is definitely more prolonged than the sweetness but still it’s quite nice these aren’t the most spicy wings in the world nor are they being marketed as such but again the spice is noticeable for those of you who

are I would say quite sensitive to spice I might recommend having a a Cool Drink Along with this of sorts but it really shouldn’t be all that overwhelming I would describe both flavors both the sweetness and the spiciness as being flavorful it’s a flavorful spiciness flavorful sweetness very nicely executed they complement each other nicely and I think it makes for some most enjoyable Wings the sauce as well is potent this is one of those cases where you will see at times some of the Wings aren’t totally covered in the sauce and you know personally I

would like them to be fully covered but nonetheless even when you see that you’re still going to get more than enough flavor and if it’s in one of these sorts of receptacles like this there will be some extra sauce on the bottom that you could I guarantee dip the wing in so you’d be all set there so I’m happy with them good quality good execution flavorful enjoyable the only thing that I notice here is that they say garlic in them and I don’t notice any but that’s the only thing so if you get these and

you’re thinking oh I really want that garlic note then you might be a little disappointed when you don’t really taste it but that’s the only thing and to me that’s not a problem that doesn’t bother me any but if you look at it and you think where’s the garlic that’s the only thing but aside from that very happy with it I’ve no complaints you could get some sauce on the side you got some ranch try it out real quick I’ll just dip it in see what I notice comes with a sauce this is complementary and

uh let’s just try it out real quick even though they Market these as having a sauce on the side included I believe that these are flavorful enough on their own that no sauce is really necessary there’s nothing to me that says this needs a sauce I don’t see that at all and the ranch does not uh really work all night well it’s like you could get it for free what does it really matter but in the end personally I think these Wings would be best just as they are on their own that’s my opinion but

uh if you really want to get that sauce go ahead but the ranch just it doesn’t work it clashes it’s just not um not the best combination and again I think that the existing sauce is more than enough so price wise yeah a dollar per Wing it’s slightly overpriced but in the end your decent Wings still you could get six of these as a snack 12 of them as a meal good quality though no matter what so therefore out of ten I am going to be giving the sweet and spicy wings from Popeyes and 8.8

out of 10. very happy with them get them all the kittens good because I think Popeyes did quite a good job here that’s all that I have for you thank you for watching and until next time I’m your host the report of the week

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