Digimon Ghost Game review capítulo 3 (en 3 minutos o menos)

-The scribbles only affect parts that are important to people,
the hair of someone who cares about her appearance, the legs of
someone who plays soccer, and in the case of Ruli his hands with which he plays the piano.
-It does not matter if there is no enemy lurking or if no scene occurs in the dark,
the terror is palpable through the despair and mental deterioration of Ruli,
who has a limited time before something horrible happens to her,
powered by the scared of the woman who said super creepy things to her.
Fede: ah
your ***** mother, you scared me lady, watch out.
-Ruli is proactive and looks for solutions to her problems,
which shows that she is brave, but gives in to fear, rising to madness,
showing that above all she is still just a person, just a girl.
-It’s interesting that Hiro appears until the middle of the chapter and from Ruli’s perspective,
despite Hiro’s presence she is still the protagonist.
-Hiro talks too freely about Digimon but given the situation it’s justifiable.
-Gray Zenitsu is already desperate and is attentive to everything that happens
around him looking for something to save him, poor thing.
-he hurt Gammamon, he must die!
-That Dracumon

is genuinely evil, he was even willing to
seek and collaborate with evil people to do terrible things together.
-Angoramon: now I have a real body! Now I can….
Kill Hiro!
-Angoramon’s words were quite curious,
but I don’t know if he refers to Dracumon or something else.
-I understand that executing a living being is something that is not taken lightly, and Dracumon
deceived them into thinking that he no longer had power, but I think it was irresponsible to let him go free.
Dracumon: everyone is a fool except me.
-the next chapter looks damn good, and it fits the date perfectly.

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