Dil Bachera||English Review with subtitles||Bollywood review||In English

*Dil bechara*
Dil bechara is based on a novel “fault in
our stars” by john green
The story begins with kizie bashu a young
and pretty girl who is fighting against her
thyroid cancer.
All she wanted is to have a normal life like
rest of them and be normal without tubes around
her nostrils .
She was all alone even in her college ,that’s
when she met Manny (Immanuel rajkumar junior)
in her college fest where Manny performed
for dil bachera which is the title track of
the movie beautifully composed by ar rahman
Manny and his friend JP wer in the thought
of making movie ,Manny himself a great fan
of superstar Rajinikanth wana act like always.
Manny approached kizie for heroine role in
their movie but kizie declined the offer as
Manny seems to be talkative and easy going
in nature
Anyhow Manny managed to be her friend and
they started spending time together
Later kizie come to know that manny had a
brush with osteosarcoma and lost his leg
Kizie was a huge fan of abhimanyu veer and
loved his ” me thumari” and was curious to
know the aftermath of that song and suggested
Manny to hear those songs.
Now both wer so curious to know what after”me
thumari” so Manny

mailed to abhimanyu veer
and came to know that he was in paris
Now kizie was so determined to visit paris
and meet abhimanyu and know the rest of the
But her health condition was not so satisfying
But Manny who convinced her family and with
the doctors advice kizie’s mother accompanied
Manny kiZie and her mother flew to Paris to
meet abhimanyu
Yes finally the day has arrived and they met
abhimanyu but that was not at all what they
expected he behaved rude and said there was
no aftermath of “meh thumari”
Even though the meeting doesn’t seem to be
satisfying the time they spend and the things
they realised was enough for Manny and kizie
Manny reveled that his tumor cells wer increasing
and the doctor had given him days to live
They returned india and days passes by Manny’s
health was too bad
And had aches with abnormal situations to
Manny who called jp and kizie to the church
to and ask them pretend as his funeral and
wish to hear their words
This scene was enough to melt everyones heart
, i mean to see his funeral before his death
and the words from kizie and jp made us weep
with a melting background score.
Manny left the earth and his movie he shot
with jp was telecasted
This is wer the reality gives its touch ,as
we know after sad demise of late sushanth
singh rajput this movie Dil bachera was streamed.
Rest in peace shushanth! Who knows …what
if death may not be the end and just a fault
in our stars !!

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